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15 Aug


5 Steps to Birthing Your Dream

A Spiritual Midwife’s Manual

5 Steps 3d_birthing_a5

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Have you lost your passion to see your dreams fulfilled? Christine offers you a step by step guide to help you go from a place of barrenness to breakthrough! However, Christine gives a big red Warning!

“Birthing, although the most natural and beautiful thing God gave women to do, is not a pretty little job whether in the natural or spiritual.  No Mam, it is a dirty, messy job!  It requires you to pull strength out of a place that you never even imagined you had.  It also means that you will sweat and wrestle within and without to get relieved of the thing that you longed to see and hold more than anything just hours before labor.  It is a process where there is no turning back baby!  You will give birth to that “Holy thing”!  After you deliver, Oh my, how your whole entire world is rocked forever!”~Christine Gilliam Hornback

What others are saying about Christine’s latest book:

5 Steps to Birthing Your Dream was an amazingly easy to read book written for women but men will love it too!”~

“Today is a brighter day, because He gave birth in me, delivering me from the agony I was walking in.  I am now, back on the narrow road, to birthing my Dreams, and walking in His footsteps. I highly recommend 5 Steps to Birthing Your Dream to the saved and unsaved, in need of a deliverance and renewal.”             ~J. C. Beaver, Author

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