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16 Mar

A Blast from the Past

old man winter

In my neck of the woods which is right outside of Atlanta, Georgia our winter season has been practically null and void.  We’ve had warm days practically all winter with just a few exceptions which amounted to a week or two.  So we are lulled into thinking the wonderful days of early Spring were only going to get warmer and more beautiful as the jonquils, crocus, wild cherry trees and Bradford pears were all bursting with vibrant color and blooms.  The azaleas were hanging with full bodied, fragrant blooms as well, when right in the mist of our early spring utopia celebration we have the arrival of an unwanted visitor, a Blast from the Past whose name is Old Man Winter! Isn’t this just how life goes?

Life is like a weather pattern!  Some days are warm and sunny with nothing but blue skies and happiness.  In those times you are more productive and you finally feel as if you are making steps forward in progress toward your Dream Future,  But……Yes a big old But comes creeping in. Suddenly you’re Old Man Winter arrives out of the dark shadows to lie to you and tell you that you can’t go any further.

Your Old Man Winter may have another name such as Old Rejections, Old Defeating Mindsets, Old Defeating Habits or Old Regrets but Regardless of the names of your dark days or demons, they are a blast from the past that tries to hinder or delay you right now and in the future!

When the blast from your past arrives how do you handle it?  Do you relive all of the mistakes in your past, all of the habits that have kept you going around the mountain like the Israelites in the wilderness?   Do you then beat yourself up and say, “Well, evidently I wasn’t meant to have anything better.   I wish I would have done things differently, but this is how I’ve always been and this is how I have always handled things.”

Aren’t you tired of going around and around in circles?  Do you want to seriously go forward?  Do you not recognize the demons of your past that only serve to hinder, delay, lie to you and ultimately blind you to  what God has really placed inside of you to produce which is a wonderful life and future?

Jeremiah 29:11 (King James Version) For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.

One of the first steps to walk out of the past is to recognize that you have an expected end created by God himself just for you! That you are not alone and that God loves you! You do not live in the past!   You are priceless to Him! You are valuable and He thought you were so worth it that Jesus laid down His life for you so that you could have a new bright future! I hope that you will accept what He has done for you.  If you do, I promise you, your life and future will change. Once you accept Jesus into your heart, you will have the courage and the authority to finally put your past behind you!

You have the authority and the courage to finally deal with the enemies of the past.  God’s word will break off old mindsets, habits, defeating attitudes and lies that have hindered you.    Declare the scripture about your future because God’s word does not return void or idle to Him

Tell the enemies of your past, “I absolutely am not going around that mountain again! I declare, “Jeremiah 29:11 (King James Version) For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.”  I fully intend to live out this expected end or my life, now go from me and never come back in Jesus’ name!”

Finally life is about seasons, but you must know what season you are in.  Realize that even in the winter seasons you are indeed making progress, but that it is much more difficult to see because all of the processes of a winter season are usually buried under ground or in our case in our (heart).  However, do you not know how hard the seeds of all you planted toward your future are working to burst forth for a brighter future for you?  It takes the winter season in our lives for the seeds to become strong and hearty.  You can’t see the process, but it’s happening, like our early signs of Spring!  We get to experience the warmth of early Spring days to keep us encouraged of what is coming!  So I encourage you, just because you do not see or maybe do not know all of the processes a seed takes to shoot forth and produce what is in it, doesn’t render that seed null and void.  All the good things you’ve sowed toward your future will arrive when you realize that you are worth it and that God Himself has it for you!
I hope this article serves as an early spring day and has warmed up your day and heart!  Great things are yours!  Be blessed!


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Life Just Happens!

14 Feb

Life Just Happens!

Have you ever been living life where it’s a wonderful, joyful adventure that causes your heart to race in your chest, and your mind to reel with exciting anticipation?  I’ve had times such as these, where life seemed to be going in warp speed and great and marvelous things filled my life.  These are the times that make you realize that God is good and that He has you!  But what happens when Life just happens, you know, the messy, raw kind of life that instead of your heart racing in excitement, you are now groping your chest because of a reeling pain. When this happens, can you still say that God is good?

I’ve had both kinds of life: the fun, fast and fantastic kind of life and on the other hand the sad, slow, and serious kind.  I can honestly say that God is good all the time!  As a matter of fact, if it had not been for my faith in God through some of the most painful times in my life I seriously don’t think I could have made it.

You may be asking, what is your point?

My point of this blog is to share that regardless of sunshine or rain, God is for us. Every good and perfect gift comes from him.  He does not cause horrible things to happen, but again, unfortunately horrible things do happen, even to those that serve the Lord with their whole hearts.  Again Life is messy at times!  It is in those messy times that your faith is tested the most.  However, God is ever faithful.  He stands at your hearts door ever ready to comfort.

I hope that this is finding you on a day of Sunshine, but if not, maybe the Lord wanted me to write this just for you today!  He wants you to know that Sunshine is important, however, rain is needed also for things to grow!  May you find His comfort today and grow in His love and grace!


Christine G. Hornback, Wife, Home School Mom, #Bestselling Author, Artist, Art Instructor, Inspirational Speaker, Spiritual Midwife/Coach

Steps to Birthing Your Dream Live Conference Call!

6 Feb

Attention all Empty Nesters, Women who feel stuck, Baby Boomers….You are invited to my Steps to Birthing Your Dream Live Conference Call!  Tonight 7:00 p.m. Eastern…. Would love to reac…

Source: Steps to Birthing Your Dream Live Conference Call!

Steps to Birthing Your Dream Live Conference Call!

6 Feb

Attention all Empty Nesters, Women who feel stuck, Baby Boomers….You are invited to my Steps to Birthing Your Dream Live Conference Call!  Tonight 7:00 p.m. Eastern….

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