Keeping Traditions and Memories Alive!

20 Apr

Keeping Traditions and Memories Alive!
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I had worked all week doing laundry and bedding to pack into our camper. We loaded our little camper with all the necessities that we thought we would need for an entire week and off we went to one of our favorite camping places in North Georgia, where we met up with my nephew, his wife (my niece) , and two small children.
My husband and our boys are lovers of fishing, so I knew what the week would hold for them and my nephew. The guys fished practically every night, and on two separate occasions went on excursions to fish for trout and finally hit gold the last day. Rainbow trout was what was for supper the last night along with smoked sausage and sauerkraut for those of us who are not necessarily fish lovers! As the guys finally found their little pot of gold, so did my niece and I.
My niece and I on the other hand always go scouting for  different kind of gold nuggets. We love to visit unique little towns full of antiques and thrift stores. This year we found a wonderful little southern town that played out like a fairy tale. The people were very genuine and exceptionally friendly. They asked us if we had visited their natural springs, and suggested that we take water containers to the springs and get all the pure spring water we would like. No charge of course as it was a free resource that the little town was thrilled to have and was built upon! We ate at a little hole in the wall restaurant which immediately became a favorite. This little town so left an impression on us that we returned with our families with water containers in hand, and of course revisited the little shops and yes you guessed it, even the little hole in the wall restaurant that had real southern foods, for example: a bowl of pinto beans, cornbread and collards, plus a drink for a whopping $4.99. This was a town that I will frequent as my family only lives about an hour and a half away from it. Amazing how little nuggets of gold are right under your nose, but if you do not look for them, you probably will not find them.
After dinner, each night we would all gather around to play card games such as Canasta, Skipbo, Uno, and a fast favorite Monopoly Deal. As we took turns gathering in each of our campers, it gave us a great sense of satisfaction as we know that we are creating wonderful memories that will last a lifetime. We hope that we are instilling a love for simplicity and tradition into our children and possibly into their children’s children as this is what our parents instilled in us. The most wonderful memories were of my parents taking us on trips such as these and simply spending time with us. Oh how I wish they were here to see how their grandchildren and great grandchildren love the family traditions that they began with us way back when we were just children.
So what is my point of telling you all about my vacation or why that I thought you would possibly be interested? Simply to encourage you to create memories with your children, grandchildren, and possibly even great-grandchildren that will shape their future family vacations. Create times that will spark beautiful and happy memories in them as they too sit around a camp fire, or gather around a picnic table, or possibly like my family get in a late night of card playing and tell wonderful stories that keep my parents with us and their memories alive!

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