I’m Leaving A Path for Other Wanna Be Authors to Follow!

23 Nov

I’m Leaving a Path for Other Wanna be Authors to Follow!

Follow those who are doing it!

Christine Gilliam Hornback, #1 Bestselling Author, Artist, Inspirational Speaker, and Owner of Birthing Your Dream Author Services! PURCHASE ALL OF MY BOOKS On My Amazon Author Page: amazon.com/author/christinehornback

I’m Leaving a Path for Other Wanna be Authors to Follow!  I am not being arrogant when I say what I say, but I am posting evidence of my books, journals, planners, diaries, etc.  Listen, believe me when I say to you that I understand the mistrust in Publishers, as I personally used a publisher that went out of business.  However, things like that can make you bitter or better.  This didn’t deter me, I simply had to find a way to continue doing the books that worked for me.  Yes, this may sound crazy, but when I was released from my publisher, I feel like it was a key to my freedom as I can now publish a book anytime I desire without waiting a year to do it. I can also market without permission and again waiting for approval!  I will always be grateful to my publishing company experience because they taught me the leg work that goes into publishing and how to create my best manuscripts to put into books!

So, I may not have had much knowledge at the beginning of the Publishing Process way back in 2005, but over the years, I have honed my craft. I’ve learned more and more about the process and will continue to be a student especially with all of the new technology that is available to authors!  However, because I have carved out a path for myself, I can and desire to leave it for others to follow and to learn.  This is why I have helped Authors do their books, to help them learn how to put in the leg work and give them their own publishing Freedom!  Below is another list of Books, Journals, Planners, etc that I’ve so enjoyed doing in that it lets me design and use my own artwork in many of them!

Christine Gilliam Hornback's Journals, Diaries, Planners, and Puzzle Books

Creating and Designing Book Covers using my own Artwork is a blast, this is just another perk of knowing how to publish my own books and having a wonderful time doing it! When you do your purpose, it doesn’t feel like work! PURCHASE ALL OF MY BOOKS On My Amazon Author Page: amazon.com/author/christinehornback

Do you have to know all that I know to get started!  Absolutely NOT!  As a matter of fact, I tell Authors if you have an idea of what you want to write about, write it, let it dump out of you onto pages.  Regardless of errors etc., simply get it down.  Worry about perfecting it afterward, so that the process will not be hindered!  I also encourage them with, “Hey, done is better than none!”  When I tell them that, it doesn’t mean that I recommend they put out trash, etc., Absolutely NOT!  It means they have to start and finish their first manuscript! Again, regardless of errors, or even researching, all of the perfecting and editing will come later, simply get it down!

I’m Leaving a Path for Other Wanna be Authors to Follow!  In this path are Fourteen years of experience in writing, self-publishing, marketing, creating, and designing.  If you are an Author, what path do you want to go down?  The wonderful thing about being an Author is it’s your choice to choose which path you’ll go down.  I highly recommend you find others whom you do trust and learn from them.  You do not have to invent the wheel, simply learn from those who are carving out the pathway for you to follow!  Blessings and Happy Writing!

<img class=”alignnone wp-image-5018″ src=” I would love to Encourage you by giving you one of my most popular  FREE Resources Below:DOWNLOAD MY FREE GIFT TO YOU_ 180 Day Scripture Cards all designed with one of my original paintings.  I am a firm believer that the Word of God has all of our answers and is full of sound wisdom to help us!

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Christine Gilliam Hornback

Wife, Mother, #1 Bestselling Author, Spiritual Midwife/Coach, Inspirational Speaker, Creator of Inspirational Programs and Authorship Programs, Artist and Art Instructor!

Hello Friends!  I do Live Webinar and Facebook Live Events to Group Coach and Encourage! If you have been stuck or overwhelmed in pursuing your passions and God-given purpose, I would love to help you to go forward!   If this is something that you know you need, I would love to be your coach! 

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