3 Dec


Jenny Lynn’s Secret Mission is a humorous and heartwarming story of an eight-year-old that stumbles upon the true meaning of Christmas and reminds a community of Christmas’ true meaning as well. Jenny Lynn will cause us to step back to a place and time where family, church, and community were almost synonymous. She will take you to small-town USA where the beautifully displayed Christmas windows of the local Ben Franklin’s Five and Dime Variety Store, beckons you inside. She also invites you to an annual church Christmas program which will bring the whole community together and will reveal to you a little girl’s heart. Come away with her on this wonderful Christmas journey and let her reveal Christmas’ true meaning to you. Perhaps if you already know the true meaning and why Christmas should be celebrated, then simply let Jenny Lynn help you to rekindle the Christmas spirit in someone else who has possibly forgotten.

Jenny Lynn's Secret Mission

#1 Bestselling on Amazon Christine Gilliam Hornback

Jenny Lynn’s Secret Mission was the very first book I ever “called a book!”  I would handwrite Jenny’s story in a notebook for about two years to complete it. I rejoiced when I knew it was a finished story and had a whopping 128 handwritten pages.  At the time I never knew anything about Word Documents etc. but taught myself how to type it into a Word Document to have a Digital Manuscript to send it publishers.  That was way back in 2005, and it was published immediately.  However, that publisher went out of business, which was honestly one of the best things that could have happened as I republished Jenny Lynn’s Secret Mission and immediately it went #1 Bestselling on Amazon.  As with Jenny Lynn’s Secret Mission, the moral of my story is never give up, simply find another way to do your dream!  I say all of that to give this FREE EBOOK on KINDLE to you today and to wish each of you a Joy-Filled Merry Christmas and A Wonderful and Prosperous New Year!


Christine Gilliam Hornback


If a Christmas book isn’t your thing, I  have a whole Library of other books on my Amazon Author Page that would make a perfect gift as well!

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