Peace with Technology 5 Day Challenge

20 Sep

Attention Authors, Coaches, Entrepreneurs:

Technology doesn’t have to hinder you any longer from doing the online business that you desire to do! Learn how to move forward with what is in your heart and hands to do, without feeling fearful or intimidated. Come and learn how to take down your tormenting digital giant like David took down his giant, Goliath, by using what was in his hand! Overcome the chaos in a peaceful way!

Ronda Umphrey has been a wonderful help and mentor to me to help me go forward in my online business and she will help you to take those peaceful steps of progression that you desire as well!

Join me in Ronda’s FREE 5 DayPeace with Technology Challenge, Sign up FREE here:>>>

Christine Gilliam Hornback

Wife, Mother, 5 x’s Bestselling Author, Spiritual Midwife and Self-Publishing Coach, Kingdom Entrepreneur, Consultant, Creator & Host of Book Challenges! Artist, Art Instructor, Inspirational/Professional Speaker

Teaching Authors & Storytellers how to Tell their Stories!

Please connect with me or contact me through one of the links below for more information on how I may help you! 

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