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FREE ON KINDLE: Called to the Nations God’s Promise to a Little Girl!

29 Apr

FREE ON KINDLE: Called to the Nations God’s Promise to a Little Girl

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I am so glad to announce my wonderful and inspiring friend’, Nancy S. Murphy’s (Nancy Smith Murphy) latest Book:
Called to the Nations God’s Promise to a Little Girl! I am also glad to announce that she is giving it away as a FREE GIFT! GET YOURS FREE ON KINDLE NOW >>https://amzn.to/2J1VzTB

If you have ever become discouraged while waiting on your promise from the Lord to come to pass, this book is for you. Nancy S. Murphy shares her wonderful testimony of how God put it in her heart as a little girl to go on missions and how He proved himself so faithful to her as she has currently been on 29 mission trips! Nancy’s book will encourage you with wonderful true stories of God’s faithfulness to her and miraculous testimonies from the first mission trips to Israel, Mexico, and Guatemala! This is an amazing book of hope, that no matter your age it’s not too late, God’s promises are Yes and Amen!


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22 Jun

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I am thrilled that you have connected with me! I simply want to bless you with a Free Gift of 6 months of Scripture Cards! The Lighthouse is a painting that I personally painted and thought it would be perfect to share the light of God’s…
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