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FREE ON KINDLE: Called to the Nations God’s Promise to a Little Girl!

29 Apr

FREE ON KINDLE: Called to the Nations God’s Promise to a Little Girl

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I am so glad to announce my wonderful and inspiring friend’, Nancy S. Murphy’s (Nancy Smith Murphy) latest Book:
Called to the Nations God’s Promise to a Little Girl! I am also glad to announce that she is giving it away as a FREE GIFT! GET YOURS FREE ON KINDLE NOW >>https://amzn.to/2J1VzTB

If you have ever become discouraged while waiting on your promise from the Lord to come to pass, this book is for you. Nancy S. Murphy shares her wonderful testimony of how God put it in her heart as a little girl to go on missions and how He proved himself so faithful to her as she has currently been on 29 mission trips! Nancy’s book will encourage you with wonderful true stories of God’s faithfulness to her and miraculous testimonies from the first mission trips to Israel, Mexico, and Guatemala! This is an amazing book of hope, that no matter your age it’s not too late, God’s promises are Yes and Amen!


Dreams Do Come True

21 Sep

Dreams Do Come True!


Do you know what it is like when you have dreamed of doing things for as long as you could remember and you actually get to do them?  Well, you are talking to the girl that has just had a few lifelong dreams fulfilled!  I’m totally blown away because I’ve gotten to experience a bunch of “first” in last six weeks of my life that I’ve dreamed about practically my whole life. From becoming a #1 Bestselling Author with my latest book 5 Steps to Birthing Your Dreams A Spiritual Midwife’s Manual, to flying on an airplane for the first time, to my most recent lifelong dream being fulfilled which was a whirlwind trip to New York, New York!

My girlfriends and I had planned this trip to New York City for a few months but it still didn’t seem real to me until the day we went to the airport.  It was amazing how God truly showed us divine favor as all of the pieces fell into place in a way that was easily affordable for all of us to be able to go!  One of our friends had actually lived in Brooklyn, New York and would graciously serve as our tour guide!

Just travelling to the airport, knowing I was going to board my first airplane caused me to feel a whole range of emotions which all included joy, excitement and happiness! I truly wasn’t scared, as I had dreamed of this my whole life it seemed. Now you have to know that I am a country girl, okay?  Can you imagine what it is like for a little country girl who lives in Georgia, originally from Kentucky, to step into the airport in Atlanta, Georgia and see the scheduling board that says New York, New York?  I could feel a tear stinging my eyes as I realized that I was actually going to be fulfilling lifelong dreams! As we boarded our flight, my friends let me have the window seat! When we were soaring through the air and I looked out onto the vast beauty of billowing clouds and what lie below me, I pinched myself to make for sure that I wasn’t asleep and dreaming.  Nope, it was all awesomely real!

We took a section of New York by storm!  Taxi’s, Pedi cabs, Subways, Buses, and Boats and of course walking the streets and avenues got us around the Manhattan District.  We soaked up and savored the experiences! Vender hotdogs, Authentic Greek, Chinese, Italian, and Mexican cuisine, Broadway Theater and my favorite Central Park and a Twilight tour of the beautiful city! I will not tell of all of our adventures today, however, I’ve actually been working on another book that I’ve been writing for several years about a Kentucky girl who moves to New York! I am so grateful that I now have real experiences to paint a true picture of what this Kentucky/Georgia girl had experienced and can finally fill the pages of a new book!

As always thank you for reading and connecting with me!  I always want to encourage you never, never, give up on your dreams! God will give you the desires of your heart!  I am living proof that dreams can and do come true!     Blessings my friends, until next time!

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Tell the Enemy To Scat!

16 Jun

Hello Friends!  I’m giving my  Ebook Tell the Enemy to Scat! away  because I am grateful for all of you that have chosen to hang in here with me!  Thank you so much to all of you that have  chosen to follow my blogs.  I am truly honored to connect with you and simply want to bless you!  Even if you choose not to follow my blogs, please accept my free Ebook as my gift to you for taking your time to read what I’ve got to say or for simply visiting my blog page. 


Part 42 If Oak Trees Could Talk!

25 May #inspiringonedreameratatime

Part 42 If Oak Trees Could Talk!

Welcome back to my Video Blogs of If Oak Trees Could Talk!  I hope that you are having a wonderful and productive week!  My week has been awesomely blessed to be able to do what I do!  When your passion and your profession meet there is such a wonderful coupling to walk in.  I hope that as you read along with me or “tune in” that you are enjoying this story!

Today we pick back up in Chapter 19 Henry the Spy!

Nurse Applegate was startled.   She had read Henry’s charts which read that he was diagnosed with amnesia.  Henry’s amnesia was also classified as amnesia with functional causes which meant that his type of amnesia was psychological in nature.  Henry’s type of amnesia occurred because his brain put up a defense mechanism to forget the painful and traumatic experience of Helen’s leaving him. The good thing about Henry’s type of amnesia however, is that his type could possibly mean a full recovery.   Earlier today when Nurse Applegate had met and talked with the family Henry seemed much more alert.  She considered his actions now to be caused by a lack of his medications.

            “Mrs. Tyler, I will bring Mr. Tyler his medication back first, before going to the cafeteria, as it seems as though he may need them now.”  Nurse Applegate stated.

 Helen agreed with Nurse Applegate even though she didn’t really understand what Henry was up to.   She was as surprised herself when Henry suggested that he go with Nurse Applegate.  Helen didn’t like it. She never wanted Henry to leave her sight again for his safely, nor did she want to be alone without him for hers.

“I’ll go with you, Nurse, Henry stated.   Henry rose up immediately from the bed.  He walked around the side of the bed and was ready to go with Nurse Applegate to get his old friend which was his picture of course, that Amelia had gotten for him.  Nurse Applegate did not know about his friend.  Henry thought that it would still be in his old room.   He wanted to go and get it to assure that it would not be lost. However, once he had gotten this reaction from Nurse Applegate, he decided to take full advantage of the opportunity to let the staff at Glenview continue to think that he was not at all well.  Henry knew that he wasn’t completely well, but he was well enough to know exactly what he was doing now and what he needed to do to try to trap Mr. Hodges in his dirty dealings.  It worked out exceptionally well since Nurse Applegate did not know him.   She assumed he was talking out of his head, which played right into what Henry hoped would happen.  He wasn’t going to reveal that he had gotten a lot of his memory back to her.  He intended for Mr. Hodges to still think he was very ill. 

As Nurse Applegate walked out of Henry and Helen’s room, Henry went in the opposite direction pretending to not know where he was.  He then turned and followed along beside of her.  Nurse Applegate tried to carry on a conversation with him but he let on that he never understood her.  It was actually very difficult to act, for Henry knew that he was in a dark place like the one he was portraying for far too long. He was ready to talk, whether it was to a stranger or not.  He longed to shout and let the world know that he was coming out of a dark tunnel into the marvelous light. Henry never enjoyed deceiving anybody, but he felt this gave him an advantage over Mr. Hodges.  It let him roam and investigate without really drawing a lot of suspicion.

Soon he and his new nurse rounded the corner to a corridor of rooms where he and his sweet Helen had lived for what seemed an eternity.  He ran into his old room ahead of Nurse Applegate to find his old friend hanging right where he left her!  He grabbed the picture off of the wall and began laughing like a school boy.  “There you are my old friend!  I am so glad I got to go home and see you in person.  You helped me so much!”  Henry said as he was hugging the picture like it was a real live friend.  Just as he was hugging the picture Nurse Applegate come in.  Yes, again she concluded that he was definitely an amnesia patient or at the very least a mentally challenged patient.  Henry wanted to explain to her that he wasn’t crazy, well not as she considered him to be crazy, but again it was best if he let her assume that he was.

“Want to go on with me to the cafeteria?”  Nurse Applegate asked, “Or do you want to walk back to your room first?”

Henry just shook his head, as he thought he needed to investigate the cafeteria area to see if there was anything in there that he could possibly use or need to get into Mr. Hodges office.   He walked along beside her and never said a word.  Occasionally he would look up to the ceiling for no reason because he had seen other mentally challenged patients do it a lot in Glenview.  Nurse Applegate pushed open a set of double doors and Henry followed.  He judged from the distance they walked that the cafeteria was almost parallel to Mr. Hodges office.  There was one long hallway of patient’s rooms that separated them.  He looked up to the ceiling again, but this time it was to see if he could find any heating or air conditioning ducts running through the ceiling.  Sure enough there was.  Henry took note of where they were placed, how many of them there were.  He also noticed that in the far wall there was a huge built in pantry shelf with a huge ladder to make the top shelves accessible.  Perfect he thought.   He could actually use that to do what he needed to do.  He noticed the cafeteria staff.  All of them that worked the line were wearing white.  They were all women, however as he walked through the line with Nurse Applegate, he noticed the workers in the back who were wearing black and most of them were men.  They were loading supplies from a back door into a back room that must have served as a supply closet.  He could see what he thought was extra uniforms folded neatly on the shelf in the entry way of the supply closet.  He felt like he had seen enough to at least formulate a plan to find out what Mr. Hodges was up to.  Because he was looking around so intently he never drew any attention from Nurse Applegate.  She knew that patients such as Henry were prone to look confused.  His trip was very productive indeed, Henry thought!

“Are you ready to go Mr. Tyler?”  Nurse Applegate asked as Henry walked forward but was still looking back.  She had no clue that he was actually counting how many steps it took him to get to the door.  Again she just assumed that it was the behavior of someone with his problem. Every step represented seconds. Henry calculated how many seconds it would take him to get from the door to the counter.  He was spying out the land so to speak and without any suspicion.  Of course Henry was still carrying the picture of his old friend with him and it somehow seemed perfectly natural to all of the staff at Glenview.  He was grateful that he could remember what he learned when he was in the service. He was overwhelmed and grateful that he wasn’t just another patient at Glenview, but that he was going to help his neighbors and friends who had been placed in Glenview for various reasons.  Henry thought it sad that their families probably were deceived by Mr. Hodges just as He and Helen were.  He hoped that he could help get Mr. Hodges out of Glenview before anyone of them would ever have to find out how ruthless he was.

When Nurse Applegate left the cafeteria she then walked a little distance down the hallway to a closed room with windows to where you could see everything and everyone inside.  This was the room where all of the medications were housed. She took keys out of her pocket.  She turned to Henry.

“Mr. Tyler, you must stay out in the hallway.  Do you understand? You cannot follow me in here.”  Nurse Applegate tried to explain, but Henry did not let on as to whether he did or didn’t understand.  He pretended as though he would go in with her, but had no plan to really follow her. Nurse Applegate put her hand out and placed it on Henry’s chest as he acted as though he would go in.  She held him back and he obeyed her.  He then waited patiently until she came out.  He was becoming a little nervous as he did not want to be caught out in the hallway by Mr. Hodges.  He had no clue what time Mr. Hodges left for the day.  That was something he made a note of in his mind that he needed to follow up on.  Nurse Applegate opened the door and she and Henry walked around the corner and down the hallway where he and Helen was now staying.  As they had walked, Henry surveyed the front desk in proximity to their room, then to Mr. Hodges hallway, and then the distance to the cafeteria.  He was formulating and calculating as he walked merrily along with Nurse Applegate.  She was none the wiser and neither was anyone else. The “Ghost” roamed the hallways of Glenview!


Thank you once again for “tuning in” or reading along with me!  It is my hope that you have been enjoying my Romance/Suspense novel, If Oak Trees Could Talk, for it has been my pleasure to share it with you!  As always I would love to hear from you.  I want to thank all of you that have begun following my WordPress blogs.  Please continue to “tune it” as we are moving right along through the book.

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Tell the Enemy to Scat

21 May

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Part 40 If Oak Trees Could Talk!

12 May #inspiringonedreameratatime

Part 40 If Oak Trees Could Talk!



As Mother’s Day has just past and Father’s Day is coming next month, the characters of Henry and Helen in If Oak Trees Could Talk remind me of my own parents who have now both passed and went on to be the Lord, but will forever live larger than life in my heart! In writing this book, I wanted to honor my parents who not only gave me life, but taught me about how to live life!  Once again thank you for reading along with me or “tuning in” to my video blogs of If Oak Trees Could Talk!   I really hope that you’ve enjoyed this book as it is very dear to my heart!

We will finish Chapter 18 The Detectives!

Soon the boys were finished eating and helped clear the table.  They went outside to play as Robert and Amelia cleaned up the kitchen.  Amelia told Robert of the day’s horrible events.   He now understood why his wife was so upset.  He became angrier as Amelia told him what Mr. Hodges had done and attempted to do with her parents. 

“He is pure evil, Robert!”  Amelia stated as chills ran through her.  “I fear for my parents, but they insisted on staying there.  My Daddy is going to play detective which is even more terrifying to me.  Mr. Hodges is not playing here!  He is out to save his reputation and the facade of Glenview no matter who he hurts in the process.  I felt like I was in a nightmare today and just needed to wake up.  This is like a horror movie, but it’s not a fake movie, it is very real and right here in Mason Creek!”

Robert could see that Amelia was very scared.  He again pulled her into his loving arms and just held her.  He assured her that he would not let anything happen to her or her parents.  “We will get them home!” Robert promised. “I will go get them now if you want me to!”  He declared.

“No, Robert, Mr. Henderson has to have a little time.  He’s going to the state attorney in morning, in the meantime I need to go and meet with Nurse Applegate to see if she can tell me more about what is going on.  She seems to be legit.  I can only hope that she is!” 

“I’ll go with you!  We can drop the boys at my sisters!” Robert suggested.

“I don’t think that is the best thing.  Nurse Applegate is probably as afraid and untrusting as I am.  She may just close up and not share anything if you come.  I believe I need to go alone.   Don’t you?”

“Maybe you’re right, but I don’t like it.  I just want you to be extra careful.  If you suspect anything, I want you to promise me you will call me immediately to let me know!  I will come to you, okay?”  Robert ordered.

“I promise Robert! I love you with my whole heart!”  Amelia said as she leaned into Robert to kiss him tenderly.

“I love you Mrs. Steele!” Robert replied and gently kissed Amelia on her nose.

They laughed and went outside to be with the boys.

            Soon Amelia kissed the boys and Robert as she sped out of the driveway.  She wanted to run by Glenview and check on your parents one more time.  As she arrived in the parking lot she glanced up to Mr. Hodges office.  She could see lights on, so she assumed that he was probably still at Glenview.  She became nervous as she once again thought of her parents being harmed by him.  Amelia practically ran to get inside the building.  Once inside the nurse at the station was on the telephone, so Amelia smiled and went on toward her parent’s room.  She gently tapped the closed door.  However, there was no answer.  Amelia almost in a panic, immediately pushed the door open to find both her parents snuggled up tightly. They were sound asleep. She watched them awhile. Her parents seemed so peaceful.  Amelia thought to wake them, but instead she smiled tenderly and backed out of room.

            When she backed out of their room, she headed down the hall when Nurse Applegate came around the corner.  “Well, hello again!” Nurse Applegate said with a friendly smile.

            “Hello, I was just checking on them! They were sound asleep.  I couldn’t bring myself to wake them to let them know that I came by to check on them. They just looked so sweet and peaceful” Amelia stated.

            “Yes I know, they seem to be exhausted as I checked on them a short while ago. They were resting. They are so sweet. I noticed that they were all snuggled up together.”

            “Nurse Applegate, you will never find another couple so in love as my parents are with each other!  They act like teenagers!  They can’t keep their hands off of one another!” Amelia said with a chuckle.  “I am glad that they are together.  If they weren’t I would move in here myself whether Mr. Hodges liked it or not!” Amelia stated rather defiantly.

“Don’t worry, Ms. Steele, I will take good care of them!  I promise!” Nurse Applegate said as she too seemed a little defiant.

“Thank you so much.  I feel a little better knowing that they have someone as caring as you!  Amelia replied, as she found herself really liking Nurse Applegate.  She then whispered, “How soon will you get out of here? I have a few errands, but will be at the place we talked about.”

“My shift ends at around Nine o’clock. I will meet you as soon as I can get there!”

“That sounds wonderful!  Again I want to thank you for taking good care of those two lovebirds in there.  They are two amazing people. I would love for you to get to know them better!  Maybe after all this mess is over, you can!”

“I would love that!” Nurse Applegate agreed. “Go, get out of here and run your errands.  They are fine!”

Amelia smiled as she came around and corner. Immediately her smile left as Mr. Hodges was at the nurse’s desk.  At first Amelia was going to wait to see if he left, but then she thought to herself that she wanted him to see her.  She wanted him to see that she was on her guard.  He would not be able to do anything without going through her first. 

As she walked down the hallway to the nurse’s station, she never stopped.  As she kept on walking both hers and Mr. Hodges eyes met.  The glares from both of them were cold. Soon Mr. Hodges’s developed an evil glint as he grinned a devilish grin while Amelia walked by him.   She never slowed up and acknowledged his presence. She continued walking out of the sliding glass doors, down the sidewalk to the parking lot.  She could barely put her key in the door because her hands were trembling so badly.  However, once inside her car, she took deep cleansing breaths and calmed herself down. 

Thank you once again for “tuning in” or reading along with me!  It is my hope that you have been enjoying my Romance/Suspense novel, If Oak Trees Could Talk, for it has been my pleasure to share it with you!  As always I would love to hear from you.  I want to thank all of you that have begun following my WordPress blogs.  Please continue to “tune it” as we are moving right along through the book.

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Part 38 If Oak Trees Could Talk

28 Apr

Part 38 If Oak Trees Could Talk!

Hello Everyone, I am so glad that you chose to join me again on my Video Blogs of my Romance/Suspense Novel If Oak Trees Could Talk!  I love all the new people that have found me and made comments.  Thank you so much for “liking” the Video Blogs.  If you‘ve just recently found me, I wanted to say these blogs were really just me trying something different with my Romance/Suspense novel.  I personally just wanted it to be read, so I thought I would read it myself and video blog it.  I wanted to send out a big Thank you, again to all of you that have hung in here with me since the Part 1 of If Oak Trees Could Talk!  You are amazing and I am so grateful!


Today, we begin in…..Chapter 18 The Detectives!

The doors to Glenview opened to allow Amelia to walk outside.  The humidity in the air was thick and heavy and felt moist against her skin.  The heat seemed to hit her in the face when she stepped out of the air conditioning.   A warm brisk wind was blowing and Amelia could see that there were several storm clouds gathering in the westward sky. She ran quickly to her parent’s vehicle as rain began to fall.  When she climbed in the front seat she started the car and put it in gear.  Suddenly there was a tap on the passenger side window.  It was Mr. Henderson from the Mason Creek Times.  Amelia immediately bent over the front seat and opened the door.

“Hurry, get it!” She ordered.

“Hello, Ms. Amelia, how are you doing?”  Mr. Henderson asked as he obeyed Amelia. “I’m sorry that I am soaked.  I should have listened to my old knee this morning! Every time it is going to rain, my knee will act up.  

 Mr. Gerald Henderson and his wife Sophia were also lifelong friends to her parents.  Henry and Mr. Henderson had known each other since they were young boys.  They had gone through twelve years of school together.  Mr. Henderson’s wife was the Mason Creek Elementary School librarian.  Surprised that Mr. Henderson was at Glenview, Amelia was a little curious as to why he seemed to be waiting to speak to her.

“Hello Mr. Henderson, I am sorry but I was a little startled when you knocked on my window.  This has been a crazy day. May I help you with something?”  Amelia asked, but just as she asked the question she looked up to see Mr. Hodges staring at them through his office window.  She became very upset.  “Mr. Henderson, we can’t talk here.  I am sorry.  I do need to speak to you on an urgent matter, but not here and not now!”  Amelia said as she looked down as to pretend that she had not noticed Mr. Hodges.

“Amelia, I know about your concerns. It is quite alright.   May I possibly meet you at your home?  I do not want to meet at my office, for I have the same concerns that you do.”  Mr. Henderson stated.  “Your husband told me that you needed to possibly speak to me.”

“Yes, but I am supposed to meet someone that works at Glenview.  I just met her today, but she wanted to meet with me.  I can possibly meet with you tomorrow!”  Amelia suggested.

“Tomorrow it is.  I will call you tomorrow morning and we will go from there!” Mr. Henderson agreed. 

By the time that Mr. Henderson had gotten into the car with Amelia, the sky opened up.  It was a typical summer storm in Georgia which consisted of strong gusty winds,  roaring thunder that shook the whole ground, vivid flashes of lightning and  torrential rains that pounded the ground so hard that water ran orange from the muddy Georgia clay.  The run off of water quickly flooded the parking lot of Glenview and continued to run out into the streets.  Amelia was going to wait it out, but when she looked up Mr. Hodges was still watching her and Mr. Henderson from his office window.  It wasn’t long until Amelia saw Sheriff Eugene drive by the main entrance of the parking lot.  She wondered if Eugene’s driving by was meant to intimidate her.  When the rain slacked down a little bit, Amelia backed out of the parking space. 

“Where’s your car parked Mr. Henderson?”  Amelia asked.

“Well, Ms. Amelia, frankly I never drove, I walked!  Guess I should have paid attention to the weather huh?”  Mr. Henderson said with a little giggle.

“No problem,” Amelia said.  Where do you want to go? Do you want me to drop you at the Times building or home?”  Amelia asked as she drove quickly out of the parking lot. Either place that Mr. Henderson chose was on her way home.   Just as she was pulling out, Eugene drove by rather slowly.  It wasn’t good because he could probably see who was in the car with her much better than Mr. Hodges could through his office window and the rain

“Well Mr. Henderson since we are together anyway and I’ve got to take my time, why did you come to see me?” Amelia asked as she drove very slowly on the rain slick roads.  She noticed that Mr. Henderson kept looking down at his side mirror.  She felt he too was concerned about Sheriff Eugene seeing them.

“Ms. Amelia, I have heard stories for years coming out of Glenview. I understand that you and your parents had a run in with Mr. Hodges?  Well, young lady, I do not wish to worry you, believe me.  Let me just say that he is not at all a nice man. If you’ve crossed him then I am sure that you’ve already found that out.  He’s always kept all of his dealings covered up pretty good but lately he has been pretty sloppy.  For one thing he has that idiot Sheriff Eugene in cahoots with him who has let this Sheriff’s job go straight to his head.  Both of these men are power hungry! Mr. Hodges is just like Glenview’s building. From the outside everything appears to be all pristine and beautiful but on the inside it is full of rot and disgust.  I intend on exposing him for what and who he really is! Ms. Amelia, I need to hear about everything that you know!”  Mr. Henderson stated.

Amelia still looking ahead said, “Frankly, Mr. Henderson, how do I know that I can trust you?  I don’t know who all is in with him on this thing?  I, of course, am concerned about all of the residents in Glenview, but my parents are who I am most concerned about.  I tried my best to get them to come home with me today and never return.  When I looked upon Mr. Hodges face, I saw pure evil. I fear for my parent’s safety!”  Amelia stated with tears in her eyes.

“Ms. Amelia, I understand your concerns, and yes you should be very concerned.  I have known your parents longer than you have.  Henry is a dear friend of mine. I want to put Mr. Hodges behind bars where he belongs.  I, however, need evidence and proof that he is doing what we both know he is!” Mr. Henderson convinced.

Thank you once again for “tuning in” or reading along with me!  It is my hope that you have been enjoying my Romance/Suspense novel, If Oak Trees Could Talk, for it has been my pleasure to share it with you!  As always I would love to hear from you.  I want to thank all of you that have begun following my WordPress blogs.  Please continue to “tune it” as we are moving right along through the book.

If you are interested in obtaining your own copy of If Oak Trees Could Talk or any of my other books, please visit my Amazon Author Page here!  Also If you are new to my Video Blogs and would like to catch up on the story from the beginning please check out the archives in this blog or simply subscribe to my Youtube Videos as they are numbered and in order!  I am also a weekly contributor to The Lakeview Times.   All of my videos are published each week at http://www.lakeviewtimes.com

Early Signs of Spring!

11 Feb

Early Signs of Spring!


With early signs of spring bursting forth out of the ground, I can’t help but think of newness!  This very morning while sitting on my front porch, it was Sixty degrees.  Even though it was raining this morning in Georgia, the change in the weather was beckoning me to go outside and enjoy, which I did thoroughly.   It amazes me how that when summer is ending  and autumn temperatures fall into the Sixties the air feels so cool, but after a long winter the Sixty degrees of early spring feels warm and inviting!

I filled my coffee cup, threw on my hoodie and parked myself in my rocking chair.  I simply sat quietly and thanked the Lord for the sound of the rain on the roof, but soon while sitting there, I listened and watched as several different kinds of birds rushed in to my newly filled bird feeder, took a seed and chirped as if they were saying “Thanks Lady!”  I also saw a Robin this morning which is always a wonderful sight to see. The gentle clinking of my wind chimes combined with the sound of the rain and the chirping birds made a beautiful harmonious glad song.

Something familiar began to bubble up inside of me that reminded me of when I was expecting my children. The expectation of something new and exciting was rising up!  It was an overwhelming feeling that made me know that a change is on its way!

Isaiah 43:18-20King James Version (KJV)18 Remember ye not the former things, neither consider the things of old.

19 Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert

Many people do not like change, but we are always going through seasons in our lives!  Some seasons bring more change than others, but regardless, God never wants us to become so comfortable that we stop expecting to see His goodness! We are to go from faith or faith and from glory to glory!  When we give up on expecting new things we become stagnant and critical of others. We revert back to an orphan spirit.  Although we may never verbally say it, when we see others blessed we think that God loves them more than He does us. God never withholds anything good from his children.  He’s made everything available.  If He led the Israelites to a land flowing with milk and honey, how much more does He have for us? But like the Israelites, we have to stop looking back and move forward in order to walk in God’s best!

Let me encourage you my friend when the Lord walks you through change, it is always good for you! Let the deadness of winter fall away.  Expect to feel the warmth of the Father’s love embrace you and gently usher you into the newness He has for you.  Get excited about the change and expect to see His goodness, I know that He will never disappoint!

We Must Do the Work!

29 Jan

We Must Do the Work!.

We Must Do the Work!

29 Jan


  “Inspiring One Dreamer at a Time!” 

We Must Do the Work!     


Well here we are almost at the end of January, I was just wondering if you’ve made any resolutions at the beginning of the year? If so are you still working on them or have you already grown discouraged and gave up on meeting them this year?  I know how exciting it is to make New Year’s resolutions during such an emotional high!  However, when all of the celebrating and partying is over the real work must begin.  For many of us, we totally regret ever making those resolutions during the hype of all of the emotional clichés.

I am not writing this to try to discourage you further.  I am writing instead to encourage you to do the work.  Yes it is hard and grueling, but it is well worth every effort!  Do you know why?  Because when you made the resolution, emotionally or not, there was something that you wanted or desired on the inside so much that you said it out loud!  I am here to celebrate with you again!  Let’s pretend like the “ball” just now dropped at Time Square!  Do you remember the power you felt inside as the ball had dropped less than a month ago? Well feel that power again! It is what will spark your hope that you could make changes, dream new dreams or set new goals?  It is still with you, you haven’t lost it!  I am here to help you fan the flame as it were to cause the spark to erupt into a full blaze!  Come on you can do this thing!

Just wanted to give a brief update, my number one goal or resolution was that this year I wanted to do something with all of my stories “books” that I’ve written and left buried in my computer document files for many years?  I had to ask myself “what are you waiting for?”  So I began editing three of my stories and decided to do a little short story book entitled Mazy’s High Flying Adventure!  I am so excited to say that I finished the book and it is already available on Amazon, etc.  NO this is not a sales pitch where I am trying to sell my books, but I wanted to simply share that in order for our dreams to come, we have to put in the work! Even though I had already worked hard at writing the stories, to turn them into an actual book meant some long nights of editing, cropping pictures, etc.  Whether we feel like it or not, we must dig inside and find the reason that we desired to reach the goal in the first place.  I’ve just begun, but wanted to start my year off with success as soon as I could so that I could encourage myself to continue on!

I just wanted to encourage you to shake off all of the doubt and discouragement and go forward! Finish one of the goals that may take the least work so that you can see a measure of success! Prioritize!  Maybe you’ve been trying to do something to reach your goal that isn’t quite working!  Hey I’ve been there and done that many times, but the main thing is that you don’t give up on your dreams because what you tried didn’t work.  Go for it at another angle, or a different way!  The old adage “where there is a will, there is a way” applies here.  Come on my friend you can do it! I can hear the fireworks of celebration can you?





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