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The Year is Winding Down Fast!

4 Nov
Challenge Secrets

Have you Moved the Needle in Your Business With a Challenge?

Are you finally ready to take action in the right direction?

Do you want the rest of 2021 and your 2022 to look and feel amazingly different than your previous?

You’ve probably heard about Challenges, possibly have participated in one, 

but have you  created and ran one yourself  to scale your own business?

I ask again?

Have you Moved the Needle in Your Business With a Challenge?

Challenges are all over the social media feeds right now! Curious to know why?

The main reason is Pedro Adao,  the “Challenge Guy” 

He has run 49 successful challenges in a row  where he has created Massive impact and and well over 8 figures in income,

……and is teaching thousands of people just like you and me how to launch, grow, and scale their businesses with challenges.

Recently Pedro has created a simplified version of his signature $2000 Program/Course
Crush it with Challenges called Challenge Secrets Course  

He did this power packed course to help people get faster results. 

In Fact, it’s so powerful some of the top entrepreneurs of our time are using the Challenge Secrets model to take their businesses to new levels of success. Guru’s that we’ve listened to and followed for many years are now being advised or are partnering with Pedro Adao because of the massive success Pedro has had with Challenges!

The Challenge Secrets Course

Implements the #1 Marketing Method in 2021 to Grow and Scale your business!

Now It’s YOUR TURN To Crush Your Business Goals In 2021…

Get ready to level up your business and life with guidance through the exact steps you need to know to successfully build, deliver, and launch your first or next challenge…
The bonuses you will receive with this CHALLENGE SECRETS COURSE are unbelievable, but Pedro’s generosity is amazing…You really need to check them out….

Christine Gilliam Hornback

Wife, Mother, 5 x’s Bestselling Author, Spiritual Midwife and Self-Publishing Coach, Kingdom Entrepreneur, Consultant, Creator & Host of Book Challenges! Artist, Art Instructor, Inspirational/Professional Speaker

Teaching Authors & Storytellers how to Tell their Stories!

Please connect with me or contact me through one of the links below for more information on how I may help you! 

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