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Invitation to The 5 Day Creative Journals Challenge for Profit

25 Sep

Authors, need to sell more books for Fourth Quarter?  

 Maybe drive new interest to an older published book? 

Need a new creative idea?

Ever considered a  Creative Journal? 

If not, now is your chance to learn how creating and publishing Journals can possibly revive Interest and sells to your already existing books.   journals  also make wonderful  gifts  which  have the potential to add  profits all year long as stand along books.

The past few years I have had to be creative to get my published books more attention and get more sells.  One way I’ve found that has worked for me was to create Journals to add alongside  my Fiction and Non-Fiction books.   I   have a full bookshelf of 38 published books

I would love to share with you how you too can be creative and possibly drive new attention get more sells for your books!


The 5 Day Creative Journals Challenge for Profits Create Interest for 4th Quarter Profits

Christine Gilliam Hornback

Wife, Mother, 5 x’s Bestselling Author, Spiritual Midwife and Self-Publishing Coach, Kingdom Entrepreneur, Consultant, Creator & Host of Book Challenges! Artist, Art Instructor, Inspirational/Professional Speaker

Teaching Authors & Storytellers how to Tell their Stories!

Please connect with me or contact me through one of the links below for more information on how I may help you! 

Christine’s Amazon Author Page: https://amzn.to/3bx5ImI

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AuthorArtistMomOf2/

Website: https://authorartistmomof2.com

Why Be A Movement Maker?

23 Mar
Sorry I missed you yesterday…..But you have a second chance….Yesterday Pedro Adao shared, in detail, WHY you should become a MOVEMENT MAKER.


And he’s going to deliver another amazing lesson today (and every day this week).

Do you know why it’s important that you become a MOVEMENT MAKER?

You might have missed yesterday, but Pedro has made the recap of yesterday available when you join his Movement Maker Challenge now.

You can watch that recap and then join today’s lesson live.

CLICK HERE to register for Pedro Adao’s Movement Maker Challenge now!
There are people who are hurting, looking for the answers that you have locked up inside of you.

Isn’t it time to go and make the difference, the one that they need?

There’s a void that ONLY YOU can fill.

Register now for the Movement Maker Challenge and watch the Day One recap then continue the challenge with the rest of the 25,000+ registrants.

Now, GO!  Become a MOVEMENT MAKER.  I believe in you.
I’ll see you inside!!!

Yes, I Want to Join The Movement Maker Challenge Now



Move the Needle With a Challenge!

17 Mar

Challenges are all over the social media feeds right now! Curious to know why?

The main reason is Pedro Adao, the “Challenge Guy”!

He has run 47 successful challenges in a row and is teaching thousands of people

just like you and me how to launch, grow, and scale their businesses with challenges.
Join me in Pedro’s upcoming challenge to learn how one challenge does what years ofmarketing can’t do!

JOIN: FREE 5- Day Movement Maker Challenge




Rockin Christmas in July 7 Day Book Challenge

21 Jul

Rockin Christmas in July 

 7 Day Book Challenge

Jingle Your Christmas Book

All the Way to Publishing

Christmas In July

Jingle Your Book All the Way to Publishing

Hello Joyful Christian Christmas Authors,

Who doesn’t like a great heartwarming Christmas Story?

Do you have wonderful Christmas memories that you have written in a book or books to share with your children, grandchildren, or nieces or nephews?  Or perhaps you have written a Christmas Fiction, Inspirational Romance, etc.

Have you ever wanted to get your Christmas Book/Books published, but never knew how to get started or felt as though it would be way too expensive?   Have you dreamed about opening up a book that was filled with your own words, your memories, and your emotions?

If so, please click below to see how you can not only learn how to publish your Christmas book/ books but also how publishing it early gives you ample time to share your beautiful book with family and friends. Publishing early also will give you plenty of time to market, and promote your new Christmas book for others to purchase as gifts for their families.

Rockin Christmas in July 7 Day Book Challenge

Jingle Your Book All the Way to Publishing

You can connect or follow Christine:


Christine Gilliam Hornback

Who Am I?

Wife, Mother, #1 Bestselling Author, Spiritual Midwife/Coach, Inspirational Speaker, Creator of Inspirational Challenges,  Programs and Authorship Programs, Owner of Birthing Your Dream Author Services, Artist and Art Instructor!

Hello Friends!  I do Live Online Author Challenges to teach Authors how to publish their books!  I do Webinars and Facebook Live Events to Group Coach and Encourage! If you have been stuck or overwhelmed in pursuing your passions and God-given purpose to write and publish your books, I would love to help you to go forward!   If this is something that you know you need, I would love to be your coach! 

Please connect  through one of links below for more information on how I may help you! 

The Challenge Link: Rockin Christmas in July 7 Day Book Challenge

Christine’s Amazon Author Page: https://amzn.to/3bx5ImI

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AuthorArtistMomOf2/

Website: http://www.birthingyourdream.com/

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