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Three Steps to Change!

27 Oct

I do not know who it was that posted {Three Simple Rules in Life} on my facebook

Timeline, so this is not my original idea, but it really rang true to me.  If I want change in

any area, then I must be the one who moves toward or presses into what I



No more Reruns!

25 Oct

No more Reruns!.


No more Reruns!

25 Oct

No more Reruns!

This Church billboard of course is not mine, but I loved it.
I once read that Insanity was defined or quoted as “doing the same thing over and over and expecting change!” I’ve done way too many reruns because I didn’t have to do anything or was too afraid to turn the channel. I sometimes even let others hold the remote of my life, but now it is time for me to get up and change the channel! I am starting with this little blog just to hold myself accountable!

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