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Pathway of Healing!

23 Mar

Pathway of Healing! Jeremiah 30:17 (KJV)For I will restore health unto thee, and heal thee of thy wounds, saith the Lord

Trying new things are usually always exciting, but not often easy.  Many times we would rather stay in a comfort zone or routine where we are not really happy rather than try something different!  This week I am beginning  an 8 week course that is challenging me to think differently about nutrition and about lifestyle in general.  As a wife of thirty-five years and a mother of two, I have become very aware of the need to make drastic lifestyle changes.  I am a firm believer in complete healing, spirit, soul, and body!

Most people make changes by choice.   However, sometimes circumstances force us to make changes and choices that we were not prepared to make. For instance, just because we know to eat healthy and to exercise etc. doesn’t mean that we do or will.  However, when symptoms of sickness began showing up in the body, it suddenly becomes an alarm to seek change and hopefully make healthier lifestyle changes. I know that this blog is rather lengthy, but I am writing to sound an alarm so that maybe you the reader can make a choice for change, rather than have sickness and disease make the choice for you.  I am also writing this to share a very personal story that has had my family seeking new and better ways to live.  Life should not be drudgery, but rather a joy.  However, when sickness tries to dominate a member of the family it is a battle every day to fight for a life of joy!

One day in December 2007, my husband went outside to work on a truck of his that had something wrong with it.  As he had done many times before, he climbed underneath it.  However, this was a day that would change our lives forever.  As he lay beneath the truck, he felt something very strange like gushing water race through his body and hit his lungs!  It was all he could do to crawl out from beneath the truck and get into our home.  This day sent our family into a tailspin!  He of course immediately made a doctor’s appointment and was treated for Bronchitis’s.  He was given inhalers, and antibiotics that seemed to help.  But as soon as the antibiotics were gone, he was right back to where he was, if not worse. After that day, he could not take a deep breath into his lungs.  His oxygen count remained really low, especially when he would try to do anything physically. He became very weak and frail. We then embarked on a long journey of seeking a doctor that could find out what was wrong with him.

A long story shortened, we visited many specialists, many of which immediately through labels like COPD, or Obesity.  They placed him on oxygen and sent him home to die. One rude specialist basically told my husband that all of his symptoms was a result of being “Fat!” When my husband went back to see him for a checkup, he literally said “Oh, I am really surprised that you are still alive!”   Don’t get me wrong, my husband was obese, he knew this, but he had always been heavy.  Yes we knew that weight was an issue, but not the issue. My husband proceeded to lose fifty plus pounds and felt better but not well! In 2012 my husband was placed in ICU.  He had a battery of doctors to see him, and we honestly met a sweet and compassionate lung specialist that my husband still goes to.   However, when my husband goes for his checkups, the lung specialist listens to his lungs and has said, “It’s crazy, your lungs sound as good as mine!”  But still his oxygen count would drop every time he tried to move!

We finally went to a Holistic Naturopath at the recommendation of several friends we knew. She did a number of tests on my husband and found out that he had several food allergies!  Also that he was very toxic.  He had worked in a shoe factory for several years around many chemicals, and then went on to become a diesel mechanic where he not only handled diesel fuel on a daily basis, but also used chemicals in the parts washers etc.  So it made sense that it could be something to do with toxins, or allergies.  She began a detox regiment and advised him on what foods to avoid.  Immediately he seemed to improve, but still struggled with his oxygen count dropping.

Finally we have gone to an allergy doctor that also done a battery of allergy test to find out that my husband is allergic to many environmental things such as trees, pollens, molds, grasses, etc…Really things that you can’t change.  He is proceeding at the recommendation of the allergists to take allergy shots, which again has helped, but has not taken care of the issue of his oxygen dropping. Well I know that I wrote a very long story to simply get to this short point!  We are seeking answers that we know are out there for us. Many years of trying various things to find healing has gained us a lot of knowledge in natural approaches to healing and wellness.

As we learned to do certain things, we have implemented them to the best of our ability, to cause our whole family to be healthy.  We feel as though we have gained much wisdom and great strides.  We’ve learned that the body is a wonderful creation that God placed our spirits into.  We’ve also learned that given the right nutrient dense, natural and raw foods will cause many issues that occur in the body to be taken care of naturally which really gives us power!  Finally we have learned that as God has helped us time and time again in our pathway to healing, He has given us a desire and a compassion to help others along the way!

Arts and Crafts in the Woods

23 Oct

Arts and Crafts in the Woods.

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