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Be Encouraged to Walk on!

11 Jul

Be Encouraged to Walk on!.

Be Encouraged to Walk on!

11 Jul

Never apologize for who you are!

In the world that we now live in it is so easy to feel like we are running to keep up.  I am involved in a lot of activity, but really I have been stepping back and evaluating what I am actually doing and if I am accomplishing anything that will be lasting.  I wear a lot of hats, but I have been taking a few of them off that I have found unnecessary to wear.  The last thing I want at the end of the day is to have a day wasted doing something that I should not have been participating in and my energy all spent.  It is very easy to become discourage when what you are doing is much larger than what you perceived it would be when going into it.  Honestly, however,  that is usually how I know that I am on the right path.   I also know I am on the right path if I am actually enjoying my walk even though it may be difficult. Also I can feel confident about my path when I know that I am  being led and not driven.  A man’s heart deviseth his way: but the Lord directeth his steps. www.biblegateway.com  Life is challenging and the journey may be a little or even a lot difficult at times, but if everything was so easy that I could do it strictly on my own, then I personally believe that it may have just been a good idea and not a “God Idea!.” When you think of how we actually come into the world, it is with struggle, babies struggle to make their way out of the womb and that mother labors to bring that baby into the world! So as I journey, fall and get back up over and over again, I learn.   I am being changed into who I really am!    I have failed many times  when trying to accomplish these larger things of purpose, but  the most important thing is to “GET BACK UP!”  Regardless of how many times you feel like you have tried, if you know that the Lord is in it, just be encouraged to  Walk On!

Creative Juices are Flowing!

26 Jun

Don’t you just wish sometimes that you could just stop everything and do the thing you love to do?  Well for brief periods of time, I’ve been able to get the old creative juices flowing and try some new painting techniques and new subjects that I normally would never have tried!  Love the time spent on the following pieces as they represent lessons learned from each painting!

Mountain View 003?????????????????????Raining In Paris

Can Anybody Relate?

1 May

Can Anybody Relate?.

Yay! Feeling like I’ve Got Somethings Accomplished!

5 Apr

Hello All,  It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged so I missed really taking the time and doing it!  I have been a little busy bee lately and it is wonderful but takes me away from my blog at times. 

This is my “Something” that I’ve  gotten accomplished!


My New Paperback Book

My New Paperback Book

I have had  my latest Adult Ficion book, Tell the Enemy to Scat on an Ebook since July 2012, but I wanted to do a paperback version to take do booksignings with ! Which by the way I have a huge event coming up On April 13th as per the following:  Everyone is Invited! 

Neva Lomason Library Book Festival will be hosting local Author Christine Gilliam Hornback along with 30 plus other authors as she speaks and signs her Juvenile Fiction books entitled Jenny Lynn’s Secret Mission and Caleb’s Cereal. Christine will have her new book entitled Tell the Enemy to Scat as well! Come out and support local Authors and your local Library.  710 Rome Street Carrollton, Ga 30117, ph (770)836-6711

I also was able to finish all the edits on my Audio book from my latest Juvenile Fiction Caleb’s Cereal! Below is a sample of the audio from Amazon.com which I thought was so COOOOL!



Juvenile Ficion released April 2012

Juvenile Ficion released April 2012

Finally I’ve been teaching painting lessons to a couple groups of children and adults.  I’ve been doing a Sip-N-Stroke painting class usually the 2nd Saturday of each month.  I also teach at the GMKS and Beyond Arts Center in Douglasville, Ga every Thursday, and then at a homeschool group on Monday’s so Yay! 

My normal days of course include taking care of my husband of 32 years, and  raising 2 boys ages 12 and 8 and getting them homeschooled.  Have you ever tried to feed two growing boys?????It is a full time job, believe me!   I love my life, GOD is so very good to me and my family….Looking forward to walking through some long awatied doors that he has just recently been opening!  So Yay!  Today is my celebration of getting somethings accomplished!

Painting for Therapy

5 Mar

We all need a time to just relax and to clear our minds, My time was yesterday!

I was so blessed to actually be able to take the day and paint to my hearts content.

I love to try new techniques and some I get down and some I still need alot of work on,

none the less it’s therapy for me, it’s good for my soul!Lighthouse Sunrise on the LakeSpring on the Farm

Dreaming with GOD

29 Jan

Dreaming with GOD.

Dreaming with GOD

29 Jan

You are never too old

Dreaming with GOD may sound like a wild notion for some of you, for others it makes perfect sense.
My Pastor has been teaching on dreaming with GOD or really seeing yourself as GOD sees you. Dreaming with GOD, also means that you have what GOD wants to get to you. Why? The answer is so that only GOD can get glory out of your life and your life’s purpose will be fulfilled the way that GOD planned for you.
So many times we see ourselves in the light of how we grew up, what our parents said we were, or maybe how our friends
saw us, or our teachers etc. Unfortunely, our images of ourselves are usually so distorted that when the
Lord begins to show us a different image on the inside we have a difficult time seeing past what others told us that we were.

When I first became a Christian I was going to a very “traditional church.” By traditional, I mean it was the Bible belt south that
preached that hell was hot and if you didn’t walk the line that it (hell) would be your eternal home. Don’t get me wrong I do believe that
the wages of sin is death because the scripture states if you sow to the flesh you will of the flesh reap coruption, however the scripture also
says that we can sow to the Spirit and of the Spirit we reap eternal life. When? When do we recieve or reap eternal life? Many would say when we
get to Heaven, but according to scripture that is not true. The minute we are born again we crossed over from death unto life. We became the
sons and daughters of GOD; He adopted us into his family. So, if we have become His children, do we not have access to what Jesus
died to give us when we accepted what he did for us? We have eternal life the minute we accept Jesus. Yes there is an eternal everlasting life “in the sweet by and by”, but we don’t have to wait it is ours now!

Dreaming with GOD usually begins with simple desires. The scripture states in Proverbs that if we keep our eyes stayed upon him we will have the
desires of our heart. The scripture also states that a desire fulfilled is sweet to the soul! I believe the scripture in Jeremiah 29:11 I know the toughts I think toward you, says the LORD, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope. I love this scripture because it shows us that the Lord already has a wonderful plan for our lives, so what are we waiting for? The scripture also says he does exceedingly, abundantly, more than we can ask or think. Have you ever
just thought or imagined how much that is…if you have then you are Dreaming with GOD!

Dreaming with GOD is not some mystical thing, it is simply thinking and meditating upon what he has done for us and what he says is ours now that we have come into a heavenly kingdom. Jesus taught his desciples to pray Our Father which art in Heaven, Hallowed be thy name, Thine Kingdom come thy will be done.
Where? On earth as it is in heaven.. What is available in heaven? Everything, everything that we could possibly imagine or hope for, right? He has made it available to us through Jesus’ death and ressurrection, we are not orphans who have nothing, NO, we are Kings Kids and we have a Kingdom that we can access by faith…! How exciting to know that what things soever you desire when you pray you shall have them! The limits are off!

The dreams that the Lord has given me persoanlly are things that I cannot fulfill without him! He wants to co-labor with me to fulfill his purposes in our lives. If I could have done everything on my own then I would not have had need for a Savior! But, I can do nothing unless I am connected to the vine. The vine is Jesus, He is my lifeline! He is my door to the Kingdom, he is the only door to the Kingdom! Dreams fulfilled by GOD only come by faith…All of what the Father has for me can only be obtained by faith in what Jesus has made available to me. The Bible says that hope deferred maketh the heart sick, but a desire fulfilled is sweet to the soul! It gives our Father great pleasure to give his Kingdom to his children…Won’t you begin dreaming with GOD today and let him
cause your dreams become reality!

I wanted to encourage you that its never too late, you are never too old to dream.  If you have dreamed a dream and it did not come when or how you thought it should have, dream again.  Don’t quit until you see your desires come!  Get up and walk toward that thing whatever it may be, just don’t quit!

Where’s the Christmas Party?

10 Dec
I'm dressed, now where is the Christmas Party?

I’m dressed, now where is the Christmas Party?

Oh Christmas Tree!

5 Dec

‘Decorating the Christmas Tree

1. Start with a live Christmas tree and think about the tree that was used to crucify our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
2. Notice the trees wonderful fresh fragrance and aroma. Think about his precious anointing and presence in your life.
3. Place the tree in it’s stand and water it well to keep it nourished. This is what the blood does for us. If we stay saturated in his blood we are always nourished and refreshed. We will never fade or fall back.
4. As you wrap the tree in bright lights think about his power in your life and what you can do in him and what it was like in your life before you knew about his power. How many times did we struggle in ourselves to try to be “good” or to try to break free from chains that kept us bound? Thank God now all we do is rely on his power through the Holy Spirit and let him be God in us. He sets us free and places us in good standing with him.
5. Now as you take the time to examine the branches, think about the Lords loving arms around you. How many times has he picked you up and loved on you? His arms are always outstretched like the beautiful branches of the tree. As the tree’s branches hold treasured ornaments so does the Lord’s loving arms for he counts us as a precious ornament that he himself has fashioned.
6. Next, bring out the heirloom bulbs. These are usually ornaments that are safely tucked back into their boxes each year and when brought out you reminisce all of the past years that they were used. These ornaments are ornaments of grace. As you look back over your life and reminisce where you started, hopefully you can see how far the Lord has brought you and cry “GRACE!” God’s enabling ability on your inability to do what you could not do yourself. It was his wonderful unmerited favor that opened doors of safety for you and closed other doors that could have meant you harm.
7. Then of course there are those very special personal ornaments that you treasure. These ornaments are the testimonies of what the Lord has delivered you from and what he has delivered you to. Everyone of us have these special ornaments in our lives and only you and I can tell what God has done for us and do it justice. These ornaments stand out on the tree and attract attention and so do the testimonies of the saints, after all we overcome by them. Hopefully every year we add more and more of these personal ornaments or treasures on the tree.

8. Now it is time for the garland which is God’s mercy. We have all sinned and fallen short of his Glory, but thank the Lord you or I did not get what we deserved. Instead as the accuser bellows “Guilty!” We have a wonderful Savior that we have been hidden in who resounds the word “Mercy, Mercy!” all over heaven. We deserved his justice but have obtained his loving mercy! His mercies are renewed every morning which tells me that we cannot exhaust his glorious supply.
9. For the final decoration let’s place the beautiful shining star on the very top of the tree. The shining star represents God’s word or direction. His word should always be at the very forefront of our thinking. How do we do anything without first knowing what direction to start. His word is a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path. The star pointed to Jesus and showed the Kings of the East where he was, and so does the star of his word. As you read through the pages every line and every passage points to Jesus, for the word is Jesus. He is the bright and morning star!
10. After the tree is decorated we place beautifully gift wrapped packages underneath. So are the fruits of the spirit beautifully wrapped in different packages. These fruits operate in our lives to help us win others to Jesus, but they also are given for our benefit and when yielded to will help us to live the abundant life that through Jesus was made available to us. Just as all of the beautifully gift wrapped packages have wonderful things inside, we also possess wonderful treasures inside placed there by the Lord himself. Jesus is the gift that keeps on giving and giving and giving!

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