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Creative Juices are Flowing!

26 Jun

Creative Juices are Flowing!.

Can Anybody Relate?

1 May

Blossoms from the Same Garden 002Misty Morning 004Sunflower Galore 001

There’s nothing like being able to do what you love! 

I’m learning to do different kinds of Paintings with different painting techniques. I am stretching myself like one of these

painted canvases, I have painted all of these paintings this week! …Gotta get out of my comfortable place in order to grow as an Artist, but even more

importantly being stretched  to grow as a person!

Made Available in Paperback “Tell the Enemy to Scat!”

18 Apr

Made Available in Paperback "Tell the Enemy to Scat!".

Made Available in Paperback “Tell the Enemy to Scat!”

18 Apr
My New Paperback Book

My New Paperback Book

I am so excited to annouce my latest book in paperback “Tell the Enemy to Scat!”


Authored by :  Mrs. Christine Gilliam Hornback
Tell the Enemy to Scat is a compelling victorious true story of a couple’s twenty year journey of faith to receive their promise that they would have children. Go down faith’s road with Christine as she opens up her heart to share her most inimate struggles, discouragements, disappointments, greifs and finally triumph as she battles against a true enemy of her soul and wins. Smile with her as she shares how God used the smallest things to encourage her and let her know that he heard her hearts cry for children. Rejoice with this couple as they craddle their children in their arms and give their Heavenly Father all glory!

About the author:       Christine Gilliam Hornback is a wife of thirty two years and a mother of two young boys, ages twelve and nine.  She homeschools her children and is an author, artist and an inspirational speaker. Christine has lived in Douglasville, Georgia for twenty seven years. She is originally from a little rural town seated in the foothills of Kentucky on the Ohio River.  Christine grew up in a very loving family which included both her parents and five sisters.  Her childhood holds a wealthy bank of memories that Christine draws from as she writes. Caleb’s Cereal released in April 2012 is Christine’s latest Juvenile Fiction. The pages of this book are action packed as three young boys, Caleb, Colin and Tan go on an elephant riding, cliff hanging, and crocodile snapping adventure into a magical oasis to destroy evil poachers. Caleb’s Cereal is sure to please young readers everywhere. Also released in 2012 is Tell the Enemy to Scat an Adult Inspirational Ebook that tells Christine’s personal and  encouraging true story of being blessed with two boys after going childless for twenty years.  The paperback is also available for “Tell the Enemy to Scat”   Finally, Christine’s first published book Jenny Lynn’s Secret Mission, voted best Juvenile Fiction by http://www.christianstoryteller.com in 2006 is a heartwarming story about a little eight year old girl who discovers the true meaning of Christmas by performing a secret mission for her community. Please check back often with Christine as she has many more books of various genres to come!

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