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FREE Writer’s Template: Story/Book Ideas!

1 Apr


Get my Free Writer’s Template: Story/Book Ideas!

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In talking with people who want to write books, the #1 reason they give me as to why they’re not doing it,  is usually because they do not know how or where to start.  I decided to solve that issue and actually take away the excuses.  People need to hear your story! I am a firm believer no one can tell it the way that you can!  Please, don’t put it off any longer, use this FREE  Writer’s Template: Story/Book Ideas, to help you quickly draft an outline of your story/book.  

Story or Book Ideas

Yay, I am excited to offer you this simple tool to help you.  I have been an Author practically all of my life but honestly did not know how to do much of the things that I now coach and teach others to do.  I am now a 5 x Bestselling Author, which came with a lot of trial and error believe me!  However, persistence and the right help paid off for me and I desire to help other writers do or find the same kind of guidance! 

 Please check back often as I am creating awesome new content that will focus on specific areas that Writers or Authors may need help with.  If you are one of them and have a specific question, please leave it in the comments and I will do my best to answer it!  Do I know it all? Absolutely not, but I have many Author friends who have gained a wealth of wisdom and I love that I can glean from them when I myself need help!  

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