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FREE  5 Day Turn the Page to a New Chapter Challenge! 

24 Oct

FREE  5 Day Turn the Page to a New Chapter Challenge!

CLICK HERE to Sign up now for the FREE 5 Day Turn the Page to a New Chapter Challenge 
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Dear Kingdom-Minded Authors and Storytellers ages, 45-75+

Do you relate to the ’70s & 80’s music?  One hit song I could relate to was by Bob Seger called, “Turn the Page”?  He told a wonderful story in that song about doing what he loved but was real about the reality of doing it.   Have you found yourself wanting to Turn the Page to a New Chapter but haven’t because the reality of doing it is honestly freaking difficult sometimes!

Maybe you have become overwhelmed when you have tried to Turn the Page for various reasons such as you are technically challenged, you believe to publish a book would be too expensive, or marketing it would be too difficult, or no one would want to read your story, or you have “writer’s block” which basically is fear of rejection…blah, blah, blah…..

I don’t make light of your reasons for not going forward because I’ve been right there with you!  However, I was miserable and had to make a choice to Turn the Page and push all of the excuses aside!  What I could do I did, but what I didn’t know how to do, I found someone to help me.  Now I have 15 years of experience, 37 books published, 5 are #1 Bestselling, and have helped other authors Turn the Page to a New Chapter in their lives.  I want to encourage you if we did it, so can you!

This is why I am offering the FREE 5 Day Turn the Page to a New Chapter Challenge!  Please don’t get me wrong, although the 5 Day Turn the Page to a New Chapter Challenge is a FREE Challenge, it is not cheap and will cost you something to do it!  But haven’t you already paid too much in time, in pain and in frustration by not taking action?  May I be real and honest with you?  The only way you will Turn the Page to your New Chapter is to make a choice to do it!

CLICK HERE to Sign up now for the FREE 5 Day Turn the Page to a New Chapter Challenge 

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Christine Gilliam Hornback

Who Am I?

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Teaching Authors & Storytellers how to Tell their Stories

Wife, Mother, #1 Bestselling Author, Spiritual Midwife/Coach, Inspirational Speaker, Creator of Inspirational Challenges,  Programs and Authorship Programs, Owner of Birthing Your Dream Author Services, Artist and Art Instructor!

Hello Friends!  I do Live Author Challenges to teach Authors how to write and to publish their books online! I do Webinars and Facebook Live Events to Group Coach and Encourage! If you have been stuck or overwhelmed in pursuing your passions and God-given purpose to write and publish your books, I would love to help you to go forward!   If this is something that you know you need, I would love to be your coach! 

Please connect with me or contact me through one of the links below for more information on how I may help you! 

Christine’s Amazon Author Page: https://amzn.to/3bx5ImI

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AuthorArtistMomOf2/Website: http://www.birthingyourdream.com/

FREE Writer’s Template: Story/Book Ideas!

1 Apr


Get my Free Writer’s Template: Story/Book Ideas!

Click>>>>HERE<<<< to Download it FREE

In talking with people who want to write books, the #1 reason they give me as to why they’re not doing it,  is usually because they do not know how or where to start.  I decided to solve that issue and actually take away the excuses.  People need to hear your story! I am a firm believer no one can tell it the way that you can!  Please, don’t put it off any longer, use this FREE  Writer’s Template: Story/Book Ideas, to help you quickly draft an outline of your story/book.  

Story or Book Ideas

Yay, I am excited to offer you this simple tool to help you.  I have been an Author practically all of my life but honestly did not know how to do much of the things that I now coach and teach others to do.  I am now a 5 x Bestselling Author, which came with a lot of trial and error believe me!  However, persistence and the right help paid off for me and I desire to help other writers do or find the same kind of guidance! 

 Please check back often as I am creating awesome new content that will focus on specific areas that Writers or Authors may need help with.  If you are one of them and have a specific question, please leave it in the comments and I will do my best to answer it!  Do I know it all? Absolutely not, but I have many Author friends who have gained a wealth of wisdom and I love that I can glean from them when I myself need help!  

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