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A Little Kindness Goes a Long Way!

27 Aug

A Little Kindness Goes a Long Way!

1 John 3:17 (KJV) But whoso hath this world’s good, and seeth his brother have need, and shutteth up his bowels of compassion from him, how dwelleth the love of God in him?

Recently I was privileged to watch a video that showed a gentleman simply helping people in his neighborhood.  I loved the video because the gentleman wasn’t rich but yet he would give some money to a little girl and her mother who begged on the street every day.  He gave food to his elderly neighbor and to a little dog that came to visit him every day.  He used common sense as water was pouring from a spout onto the street every day, but he would place trees under the spout so that they could be watered and the water would not go to waste. He would also help a little lady who had a heavy food cart, push her cart over this one hump every day. He would also give his seat to a woman who stood on the bus each day!  In the meantime, there was an old man who watched him and would just shake his head in a disapproving manner.

What is so wonderful about this video is that eventually because of just one man’s help people’s lives were being changed.  The trees and other plants he placed under the spout grew beautifully and bloomed! One day as he went to give money again to the mother and her little girl, who begged on the street, the little girl wasn’t there.   As he looked at the mother, he was afraid that something bad had happened to her, but just when he didn’t expect it, the little girl walks toward him completely dressed in a school uniform and smiling!  The old woman that he gave food to invites him in to share it with here and gives him a huge hug.  The dog follows him around everywhere, and the lady who owns the food cart begins feeding people who cannot afford it.  The look on the old disapproving gentleman’s face was priceless as he realized that one person can make such a difference!

In the video of course the gentleman gets to see the fruit of all that he gave into, and unfortunately we may not always see the fruit of sewing into some bodies life, especially on this side of heaven, but we will see it!  I wanted to share what happened in the video because it was so inspiring!  I know there is a movement called “Pay it forward!”  However, this concept is not new as the Lord as always asked up to “pay it forward!” It is such an awesome opportunity, however, to give.   Do you know if you did just one kind thing a day for someone, you would do 365 kind things a year!  Think about it!  It doesn’t always require giving money or some grand gesture! It could be as simple as smiling at someone who thinks that they are all alone in the world!  Do you know what that smile everyday could do to help them know that they are worthy of a smile every day?  It may seem like a small thing, but it could make such a difference in someone’s life!

I am not trying to boast or to brag but I am going to share a true story about something that happened to my son and I every week.  This happened several years ago when I used to do the books for my church.   Every Monday morning I would go to the bank to do the church’s deposit!  Next door to the bank was a huge parking lot for some businesses but it had a concrete lamp-post toward the street.  There was a little lady who sat on the base of the concrete lamp-post every Monday when I went to the bank and she would have a sign up asking for help.  I knew by her appearance that her little face wasn’t developed correctly and she wore extra thick glasses.  It would be the middle of summer and she wore a huge overcoat and had a small little gym bag of sorts placed safely beside her.  I knew that I couldn’t do much, but every Monday I began giving her at least enough money for lunch.  Eventually, we learned her named and befriended her.  I had even driven her a few places when she needed me to. Every Monday, before we ever got to the bank to make the deposit, my son began asking me if I had money for this little lady!  This went on for many Mondays, until one day we drove to the bank and there was a little memorial set up at the lamp-post for her.  We were heartbroken as she had passed away.  The only comfort that I had, was  that my son learned such a valuable lesson in giving to those that were less fortunate than we were.  He was four at the time and couldn’t wait to give her the money we gave her each week!

I don’t know necessarily how that little bit of money each week really changed her life, but I know it changed mine and my son’s life.   I was so grateful to have done something for her when I saw that little memorial set up for her!  I wished that I could have done more, but I gave her what I had!  I didn’t do this for a reward.  However you can’t give to others that you yourself will not be blessed because of it!  I hope that this will inspire you to do something! This is all the Lord requires of us!  Do what we can do to help others and let Him do the rest!

An Act of Kindness!

17 Jun

One act of kindness to one person a day would add up to 365 acts of kindness in a year!

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