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Preserving Family Traditions!

27 Oct

Preserving Family Traditions!

Coosa River


My family and I have just recently gone on a little mini vacation that was so much fun. We took our travel trailer/camper and headed up to a little place in Georgia that we have absolutely fell in love with. This year alone we have stayed there three times. Why, you may ask? My answer is simple: I only have a limited number of years with my children to create long lasting values and wonderful family bonds. We spend time together, doing what we love to do. I am so thankful for so many wonderful childhood memories, that I want to create in them the same kind of wonderful times. I feel that I am passing onto them, what my parents gave to me. So with that said, the following memories that I am sharing is what I am trying to imprint in my own children…………

When you come from the country it is always great to get back to the country. When I was a child we always lived on a farm. Growing up in the country and farm living was hard work, but it is work that builds something on the inside of you. We worked hard but we also played hard as well. As a child we were rarely inside the house until it got dark. There was always something to do outside. Whether it was playing hide and go seek, tag, or something that was popular is our neighborhood was playing softball. Our neighbors and cousins would all come over for games of softball in our huge front yard. If we weren’t playing softball, we were fishing, either in our own pond, or in nearby creeks. When we did come inside, after we eat our supper and cleaned up, we played card games until bedtime. We watched some television but it was very limited as again we lived in the country. We never had cable, so we usually only received one channel, which I remember was terrific on Sunday nights as a Walt Disney movie would come on. Our whole family would gather in the living room and watch.

My Dad and Mom loved to fish. We had wonderful times in the creeks fishing and swimming, but also on the creek banks as we could always have cook-outs. It is amazing how wonderful food taste when you cook it outside. The real treat came when my Aunt Jessie and Uncle Donald came to visit us from Ohio in Kentucky as it meant that we would camp out. They too loved to fish, and so they planned summer vacations to come and spend with us. It was a wonderful vacation as the adults fished all day, we cooked out and set around the campfire talking and visiting. For the children, it meant tons of swimming, hanging with cousins, and eating good food. It is sad that these times we now live in, visiting with relatives seems to be a thing that only occurs at a family reunion or God forbid funerals, but when I was a child, our cousins were our best friends and we visited and hang together all of the time. It was a wonderful childhood. These were precious family times that I remember, and so my husband and I try to do the same or at least create the same kind of memories for our children. Unfortunately we do not live close to our children’s cousins for them to hang out with often, but they have cousins that come from Ohio at least once a year to do exactly what we did when I was a child. They bring a camper, we take ours and we head to our wonderful little place in North Georgia that I mentioned that my family and I just returned from. The guys go fishing and the girls go do what we really like to do, but then we meet back at the campers. We cook wonderful food and play card games until bedtime. Our children love these times and look forward to them every year.

The point is that childhood memories good or bad help develop who we are. My parents have both gone to Heaven now, but what they deposited on the inside of their children and grandchildren remains as a precious treasure. My husband and I are simply carrying on a wonderful family tradition that in my opinion would solve so many of our society’s issues. Get our kids off of computers games, out from in front of the t.v. and spend time creating wonderful childhood memories with them! They will forever be grateful, as these are lifetime gifts you are giving to them.

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