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Passing on a Bargain!

7 Nov


Women are usually very smart when it comes to finding a bargain! They also like to brag about it haha   Well, I wanted to share a little bargain I felt like I found and that I thought could benefit many of bloggers on WordPress! Please hear my heart, if I didn’t think this would benefit some of you I would not be posting this. I found an online newspaper that runs weekly classified ads and will place a pay button right in the ad!  I just think that this is so cool…Anyway, like any grateful shopper, or smart business person I wanted to pass the information about www.lakeviewtimes.com on to all of you.  If you are  an author with books or freelance writer, artist, musician, photographer, or if you  have a service or product to offer,  then you know how expensive marketing can be, but this is a wonderful bargain.  The Lakeview Times is running special bargains right now on different size ads!  I highly recommend them!  If you choose to check them out, tell Greg that Christine Hornback sent you.


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