Part 3 If Oak Trees Could Talk

3 Jun

Part 3 If Oak Trees Could Talk

  Hello Everyone, Welcome back to Part 3 If Oak Trees Could Talk!

I am excited about the response that I’ve received so far from this book and video blog! I feel as though I am sitting across from an old friend, sipping coffee and just having a nice visit!  My hope is that you will feel the same way!  I hope that you will continue to listen or read along! 

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“Inspiring One Dreamer at a Time!”

Part 3 If Oak Trees Could Talk
  Chapter 1 Henry William Tyler Normally when Henry was given his medication, sleep came to him quickly, however his mind continued to revisit his dear old friend and he felt exhilarated because he was able to remember the entire fireworks event from his early boyhood.  He was anxious to find out what other events the old Oak tree could help him with.  What other fragmented pieces of the puzzle of his life could she help him put together? He wanted to see and talk to his dear sweet Helen.   He wanted to let her know that he remembered a whole event in his life and that regardless of what memories came and went, that the memory of their lives together had not gone as so many other memories had.  Henry knew that Helen had been hurt by his memory loss maybe more than he had been, but he was determined that he would regain it back. He and Helen would go home where they belonged.

Henry and Helen were residents of the Glenview Residential Home for the “Elderly”.  The home served the small rural community of Mason Creek’s elderly and handicapped.  The home came fully staffed with a couple of on-call doctors and nurses.  Helen actually came to live here about six months before Henry came.  She had fallen and broken her hip, which was tragic enough because of her age, but as she had to undergo surgery to repair it, Helen then had a mild stroke.  The stroke left her partially paralyzed on her left side.  She could walk with a walker and was left with a slight slur to her speech.  What was ironic was that Helen’s mind was still quick as a whip.  Henry on the other hand came to live at Glenview because frankly he could not live without Helen by his side.  After Helen had her accident and was placed in Glenview for what was supposed to be therapy, Henry could not handle what was happening to her.  Her accident was so traumatic to Henry that the only way he could deal with her being away from him was to go somewhere else in his mind.   The doctors basically diagnosed him with what they called functional amnesia due to a broken heart. They told Helen and Amelia that when Henry was ready to come back to them that he could.  However, once both Helen and Henry were placed in Glenview, Henry seemed to go further away.

As Henry thought about his boyhood and the event of the Fireworks he was anxious to share his memories with Helen, so he pulled his legs over to the side of his bed and searched for his bed slippers with his feet.  He was going to visit the love of his life, regardless of who liked it or disliked it.  Henry never understood why they would not let him and Helen live in the same room together.  He viewed it as a conspiracy to keep them apart and he was not going to just lie in his bed all the time and put up with it.  Helen felt the same way as Henry did.  She felt that if they were together they both could get well and get out of the Glenview Residential Home for the Elderly!  Both Helen and Henry felt as though they’ve aged more in the past six months than they had in their whole lives.  Both of them were determined to leave Glenview together and as soon as possible!                 It was as though Helen had read Henry’s mind somehow, for when Henry had made it from his room into the hallway; there stood his sweet Helen to meet him.  They quickly darted back into Henry’s room before they were busted by one of the nurses.  Henry helped Helen across the room with her walker.  She then climbed into his bed.  He gently lay beside her and wrapped his arms around her in a tight embrace. He never wanted to let her leave his side.  Henry softly whispered a promise to her while he pulled her even closer, “We will be whole again and when we are, we will have the life we had before Glenview!”

Again, I am so glad that you have chose to join me today!  I hope that you will return and “Tune in Next Time for If Oak Trees Could Talk!  

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