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Powerhouse of Health Benefits!

7 Apr

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Part 10 If Oak Trees Could Talk!

23 Jul

Part 10 If Oak Trees Could Talk!

“Inspiring one Dreamer at a time!”

Welcome back to my Video Blog If Oak Trees Could Talk.  I am so pleased that you chose to join me this week! 

As always, I want you to feel at home, so I hope you have gotten you a tall cold glass of sweet tea or your favorite drink and have gotten yourself all comfy as we continue reading today in Chapter 5 Gleaning Wisdom!


Chapter 5

Gleaning Wisdom

As Amelia and her parents sat outside on the warm terrace, Amelia became silent herself. She again thought of how her parents loved one another. She also thought of how much she loved her own husband, but wondered if what she had with Robert could possibly compare to the kind of love and passion that her parents shared over the years. One thing she did know for sure was that her life wasn’t full of adventure the way that her parent’s lives were. As Amelia continued to think upon her life and compare it to her parent’s she suddenly realized that she must glean from them. As the sun continued to shine on their whitening heads, Amelia felt urgency in her heart that she had to learn how they kept the passion and adventure in their marriage? She needed to know now! Just as she turned to ask her Mom a question, a nurse interrupted her.

“Ms. Amelia, it’s time for your Mother’s therapy now.”

Amelia disappointed, turned to her mother and kissed her.

“I’ll talk with you later okay Momma?”

“Yes dear, we’ll talk later. You had better take your father inside, the sun is becoming very warm and your Daddy’s fair skin will burn.” Helen suggested as she always had her husband’s wellbeing on her mind.

Amelia took her mother’s suggestion and before she barely had gotten Henry back inside, he made a suggestion of his own.

“Let’s go see your mother!” Henry said with a devilish grin.

“We will, Daddy, she should be out of physical therapy pretty soon!”

Amelia pushed her Daddy down the hallway and made several loops down and back as she stalled for time until she thought her mother would be back into her room.

“You know she spent the night with me, don’t you?” Henry said with a smile that told more than Amelia wanted to know.

“Daddy, you and Momma are going to get in trouble!”

“Ah, What can they do to us, kick us out? We only wish to be in such trouble as to receive that kind of punishment.” Henry stated with a defiant little chuckle.

“Daddy, I know you and Momma want to be home. It will happen, Daddy. It really will. I promise you Dad, I’m working on trying to get both of you back home.”

“I know dear, this has been as rough on you as it has been on us!”

“I’m fine Daddy, I’m just happy for our conversation today! I truly believe that you and Momma will be home again soon!”

With those words said, Amelia knocked on her mother’s door. She pushed her Dad inside and the room seemingly lit up as Helen smiled widely and so did Henry.

“You two act like teenagers!” Amelia said with a giggle.

“Nope, not really, your mother didn’t care that much for me when we were teenagers!”

“Now Henry, that’s not true! I just wanted to make for sure of my feelings before I agreed to go steady. My goodness, you kept me scared to death as all you talked about since we were kids was marriage!”

“I had to wear her down, Amelia!” Henry said with a giggle.

“Well, I’m glad she gave in!” Amelia replied as she shook her head and giggled as well.

“Tell me, how do I keep passion in my marriage the way that you two have?” Amelia asked.

“Why honey, that’s easy, we’ve always just put each other first. In doing that, we’ve never wanted for anything outside of what we have together!”

“Surely Mom, it’s not that simple!”

“Yes dear, it’s that simple.  It’s not always easy, but it’s that simple.”

“See your Daddy, wouldn’t even let me be sick first that he didn’t follow me right into this place!”  Helen stated with a chuckle of her own.

A knock on the door interrupted the laughter and the best conversation that the Tyler family had had in a long while.

“Hello Tyler family, I’m sorry to interrupt the party, but Mrs. Tyler has more therapy and Mr. Tyler is due for his meds!”  Nurse Wanda stated as she looked at Amelia.

“Okay, Momma, I love you, I will see you later.  I’m going to keep things simple,” Amelia said as she blew a kiss to her mother.

“Come on Daddy! Let me get you back to your room for your medicines.  I hope that you will have a whole book of memories written down for me the next time I see you.”

Thank you so much for “tuning in” or reading along with me today to If Oak Trees Could Talk! It is my pleasure to spend this time with you each week. Again I would love to hear from you. All of my videos are archived both on my Youtube channel if you would like to Subscribe, or on my Blogs! Feel free to comment on either site. Thanks again, “Tune in” next week!

Part 6 If Oak Trees Could Talk!

24 Jun

Part 6 If Oak Trees Could Talk

Book Cover for If Oak Trees Could Talk

Welcome back to my Video Blog!  I have been so thrilled with the response that I am receiving as I am attempting to do something new or at least new for me! My hope is to truly Inspire One Dreamer at a time!  I hope that you are that dreamer! This past week was Father’s Day!  Even though my characters are fictional in my books I always model them after people that have impacted my life!

In the main character is Henry William Tyler, I wrote this character based on my Precious Dad!  My Dad was a loving, passionate, larger than life man that I loved with all of my heart!  As I wrote the characters of Henry and Helen, it was my hope and desire to honor my wonderful parents!  So again I thank you for taking the time to “Tune in” or to read along as I continue to read today If Oak Trees Could Talk beginning in Chapter Three entitled Henry’s Homework!

Chapter 3


Henry’s Homework

The morning light came in unusually bright and Henry found himself awakened early and alone. His precious Helen had awakened even earlier and went back to her room before the nurses came to their rooms.  Henry squinted for a moment until his eyes adjusted themselves to the light. As he sat on his bed, he remembered some of what the Oak tree helped him to remember, but he really did not know if he had actually remembered it or if he had only dreamed about it.  Regardless, Henry decided to take action and regain some of his life.  He rang the on-call button frantically and impatiently for a nurse to come to him.

“Well, aren’t you up early and raring to go this find and glorious morning?  What’s your big emergency that you hit that button a dozen times or more?”

At first Henry did not recognize Nurse Wanda, but then he answered her.

“Pencil and paper, I want pencil and paper please.”

“Now why do you want a pencil and paper Mr. Tyler?   Are you fixing to write yourself a letter?”

“Yes, a letter sounds good.”  Henry answered with an urgent plea in his voice.

“Okay, Mr. Tyler, if you want a pencil and paper, then a pencil and paper you’re going to get!”  Nurse Wanda said as she was glad that Henry seemed to want to do something besides sit and stare.

It wasn’t long until Nurse Wanda returned to Henry’s room with his medicine, breakfast tray, and of course, a pencil and paper.

“What’s this for?”  Henry asked.  “You want me to do homework or something?”

“It’s for your letter that you were going to write.  Do you not remember asking me for a pencil and paper so that you could write a letter?”  Nurse Wanda probed.

“Yes, Mrs. Stone, I’ll take them home so that Mom can help me with my homework.”

“Yes Sir, Mr. Tyler, you just let your Momma help you okay?”

As Nurse Wanda left Henry alone once again, he stared at the blank piece of paper.  He thought as he looked upon it, that this is how his life had been, just a blank space that he couldn’t remember.  What kind of homework was he supposed to do? Henry wondered.  Before long, he found himself with pencil in hand.  He put the pencil on the paper and even to his amazement he began drawing a picture of his dearest friend.  As he drew, he drew branches extended wide and a huge trunk to an old tree.  He thought of how his friend towered above the others and so he drew it the entire length of the sheet of notebook paper.  As quick as a bolt of lightning, the memories from the night before came flooding back to him.  Henry began writing what he had remembered. As he penned the events of the night before, more and more thoughts kept coming into his mind. He wrote as fast as his stiff hands and fingers would allow him.  He wanted to capture every memory before they vanished away, possibly for forever.

At first the memories came just as a flash of something that seemed to be real.  However, then another image would come and still yet another one until finally Henry once again had enough of the pieces to realize that he had  real memories of a  whole event.  Every one of them always involved his old friend.   He frantically wrote down what he could see in his mind’s eyes.  He tried to pen down all the emotions as he experienced the events again, so that when Helen and dear Amelia read his letters, they would know why what they were reading was important to Henry.  Henry felt hope for the first time in months.  He felt as though he was reclaiming some resemblance of his life.  He knew that in his memory bank was a treasure chest of precious hidden treasures.  For whatever reason, the old Oak tree was serving as a key to help him open his treasures to share with others.

Thank you once again for either Listening or Reading along with my Video Blogs on Youtube! I hope that you will subscribe to my Video channel so as not to miss any! 


Part 4 If Oak Trees Could Talk

15 Jun

Part 4 If Oak Trees Could Talk

If Oak Trees Could Talk!  Inspirational Romance/Suspense

If Oak Trees Could Talk!
Inspirational Romance/Suspense


Hello Everyone!  I’m so glad that you chose to take the time to join me again either to read or to listen today for

 Part 4 If Oak Trees Could Talk! 

I have just finished doing a local  Art show and a book signing event this past weekend of all my books!  I love getting out and meeting new friends!  I am doing this video blog in hopes of gaining new friends as well! 


Chapter 2


A Momma’s love!

As Henry lay upon his bed holding his precious Helen, she quickly drifted off to sleep.  Henry too should have been sound asleep by now especially after taking his medication, but he began to think of his daughter Amelia and then his little precious mother.  Suddenly tears filled Henry’s eyes as he once again visited the old Oak tree.

“Why should I even want to remember my Momma’s funeral?”  Henry questioned.  “I would much rather remember how loving and kind she was. It makes me sad that I can hardly remember what she looked like.  It’s been so long since she passed.  I remember she always smelled like vanilla, or lemon or one of those spices.  Bless her heart she probably had no choice as she lived her life in the kitchen cooking for folk.  I remember she was usually the first one to take food over to a neighbor if they needed something.  She was a Godly woman, she truly loved everyone.  I don’t recall her ever saying an unkind word about anybody.  These are the things old friend that I want to remember. Not the pain of my heart shattering into what felt like a million pieces when she left us.

Do you know what I remember old friend? One time I fell and scraped both of my knees up so badly that they bled and bled.   Every time I would bend them they bled even more.  My dear Momma carried me around for probably a week, with my Dad telling her all the while to let me down and let me grow up.  She took a lot because of me and my brother Gerald.  Gerald, I wonder where he is? I remember folks kept telling me to get her a wheelchair when she got so weak, but I insisted on carrying her where she wanted to go.  I guess it was because she carried me.  Anyway, yes old friend, I remember when we put my Momma in the ground, right underneath one of your outstretched branches.  God love her heart.  I ached all over with pain of missing her.  Yep, I came running to you over and over again just like I had always done. I was heartbroken and didn’t know how to deal with my Momma’s passing away. Do you know what old friend? I think I’ve always come to you because you’ve always been like my Momma.  You never done anything but listen to me regardless of what trouble I got myself into.  I always found comfort by telling you my thoughts when I was hurting.  It felt almost like the kind of comfort that my Momma gave me when I scraped my knees.  After we buried her beside you, I sort of felt like she was there every time I came to you.”

Thanks again for “Tuning in!” I would love to hear from you!  You can either contact me through my website http://www.covenantessentials.com/  or simply  comment after you watch the Youtube Videos of If Oak Trees Could Talk! Until next time, have a great week!

Part 3 If Oak Trees Could Talk

3 Jun

Part 3 If Oak Trees Could Talk.

Part 3 If Oak Trees Could Talk

3 Jun

Part 3 If Oak Trees Could Talk

  Hello Everyone, Welcome back to Part 3 If Oak Trees Could Talk!

I am excited about the response that I’ve received so far from this book and video blog! I feel as though I am sitting across from an old friend, sipping coffee and just having a nice visit!  My hope is that you will feel the same way!  I hope that you will continue to listen or read along! 

Also check out DIY Mama for other blogs and DIY recipes!  Have a wonderful day!

“Inspiring One Dreamer at a Time!”

Part 3 If Oak Trees Could Talk
  Chapter 1 Henry William Tyler Normally when Henry was given his medication, sleep came to him quickly, however his mind continued to revisit his dear old friend and he felt exhilarated because he was able to remember the entire fireworks event from his early boyhood.  He was anxious to find out what other events the old Oak tree could help him with.  What other fragmented pieces of the puzzle of his life could she help him put together? He wanted to see and talk to his dear sweet Helen.   He wanted to let her know that he remembered a whole event in his life and that regardless of what memories came and went, that the memory of their lives together had not gone as so many other memories had.  Henry knew that Helen had been hurt by his memory loss maybe more than he had been, but he was determined that he would regain it back. He and Helen would go home where they belonged.

Henry and Helen were residents of the Glenview Residential Home for the “Elderly”.  The home served the small rural community of Mason Creek’s elderly and handicapped.  The home came fully staffed with a couple of on-call doctors and nurses.  Helen actually came to live here about six months before Henry came.  She had fallen and broken her hip, which was tragic enough because of her age, but as she had to undergo surgery to repair it, Helen then had a mild stroke.  The stroke left her partially paralyzed on her left side.  She could walk with a walker and was left with a slight slur to her speech.  What was ironic was that Helen’s mind was still quick as a whip.  Henry on the other hand came to live at Glenview because frankly he could not live without Helen by his side.  After Helen had her accident and was placed in Glenview for what was supposed to be therapy, Henry could not handle what was happening to her.  Her accident was so traumatic to Henry that the only way he could deal with her being away from him was to go somewhere else in his mind.   The doctors basically diagnosed him with what they called functional amnesia due to a broken heart. They told Helen and Amelia that when Henry was ready to come back to them that he could.  However, once both Helen and Henry were placed in Glenview, Henry seemed to go further away.

As Henry thought about his boyhood and the event of the Fireworks he was anxious to share his memories with Helen, so he pulled his legs over to the side of his bed and searched for his bed slippers with his feet.  He was going to visit the love of his life, regardless of who liked it or disliked it.  Henry never understood why they would not let him and Helen live in the same room together.  He viewed it as a conspiracy to keep them apart and he was not going to just lie in his bed all the time and put up with it.  Helen felt the same way as Henry did.  She felt that if they were together they both could get well and get out of the Glenview Residential Home for the Elderly!  Both Helen and Henry felt as though they’ve aged more in the past six months than they had in their whole lives.  Both of them were determined to leave Glenview together and as soon as possible!                 It was as though Helen had read Henry’s mind somehow, for when Henry had made it from his room into the hallway; there stood his sweet Helen to meet him.  They quickly darted back into Henry’s room before they were busted by one of the nurses.  Henry helped Helen across the room with her walker.  She then climbed into his bed.  He gently lay beside her and wrapped his arms around her in a tight embrace. He never wanted to let her leave his side.  Henry softly whispered a promise to her while he pulled her even closer, “We will be whole again and when we are, we will have the life we had before Glenview!”

Again, I am so glad that you have chose to join me today!  I hope that you will return and “Tune in Next Time for If Oak Trees Could Talk!  

Part 2 If Oak Trees Could Talk

27 May

Part 2 If Oak Trees Could Talk.

Mama’s Coconut Favs!

5 May

Mama’s Coconut Favs!.

Mama’s Coconut Favs!

5 May

Sometimes I feel like a nut or maybe I should say Coconut or “Coconut Oil” to be exact!   Oh my goodness, what to say about Coconut Oil?  I am going to sound like Bubba Gump from the movie Forest Gump because just like Bubba came up with many ways to use shrimp, I can say that much about the many uses of Coconut!  I honestly am not an expert that can prove  Coconut or Coconut oil to be a super food, but this Mama says, “Coconut Oil is Super!”  Although there are hundreds of uses for Coconut Oil, I wanted to share my top 10 uses.  I’ve also included another one of Mama’s Concoction Recipes using Coconut Oil! I hope that you will enjoy it!

My top 10 Uses for Coconut Oil!

1.  Coconut Oil is great for healthy cooking! Fry or bake, as replacement for all vegetable oil and   margarines. 

  1. Lotions such as my favorite Mama’s DIY Lavender Moisturizing Lotion
  2. I love to use it as a moisturizer in Mama’s DIY Soaps Body wash!
  3. Excellent Mama’s DIY Shaving Cream!
  4. Soothing Mama’s DIY Mandarin Orange Body Scrub to soothe and exfoliate the skin.
  5. Coconut Oil is my #1 carrier oil for use with my Essential Oils!
  6. Mama’s DIY Toothpaste
  7. Mama’s DIY Deodorant
  8. Coconut Oil is excellent by itself for Chap Lips but is even better mixed with Lemon or Peppermint Essential Oil
  9.   Wonderful chemical free sunscreen! Coconut has a SPF of around 4-6 by itself by mixed with either Carrot Oil or Raspberry Oil it raises the SPF to around 25-40!


Mama’s Mandarin Orange Scrub


1 cup                             Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

1 cup                              Sugar

2 to 3 tsps                      Orange Juice

5 drops                          Wild Orange Essential Oil (Doterra Essential Oil)

1                                      Glass Container ( I use pt Canning Jar w/lid)


In a glass bowl combine Virgin Coconut Oil with sugar and mix well with a spatula.

Cut Mandarin Orange in half and squeeze juice ( usually yields about 2 to 3 teaspoons) directly into the bowl

Pour in  the 5 drops of  Doterra Wild Orange Essential Oil and continue to mix.

When all ingredients are mixed well pour into glass container or jar and enjoy!

I love to double the recipe and give keep one and give the other as a gift!

Simply tie a Ribbon around the jar and Voila!  ( I love the little Embellished Jute Ribbon)

As you can see Coconut Oil is so very versatile.  I love the fact that I get the wonderful benefit of replacing it to replace a lot of the unhealthy chemicals that are in the products that my family uses every day!  If you have enjoyed my blog post and Mama’s DIY Recipes I would love to hear from you!  Until next time, I hope that you to will feel like a “Nut, or at least a Coconut!”

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