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Part 22 If Oak Trees Could Talk!

12 Nov

Part 22 If Oak Trees Could Talk!

Hello Everyone, I’ve been out and about quite a bit the past month, but I want to sincerely thank you for your patience and for hanging in here with me as I continue reading and Video blogging my Romance/Suspense Novel If Oak Trees Could Talk!

Chapter 12

No Place Like Home!


Suddenly, the boys came running around from the side porch and frightened her!

“What are you doing, Momma? Are you going in or not?” Dylan asked, as he walked over and lifted up a potted plant to find the house key placed underneath.  

“Yes, sweetie, I was just having some wonderful memories!” Amelia whispered.

“We have always loved it here too, Mom, we miss being here. Can we just come over some time to hang out like we used to?” Rob asked.

“Well, I don’t know why we couldn’t! After all this house is like a member of the family, it needs to have life in it!” Amelia stated with a smile. “Now, let’s get in here and get what Gramma needs for her picnic!”

“Gramma’s having a picnic? Will it be in the gardens like we used to do?” Dylan asked with excitement.

“No, I’m afraid not, boys, this is a special picnic just for adults, okay?” Amelia replied.

“Yuck, it’s one of those kinds of picnics. Don’t worry we don’t ever want to go to that kind of stuff anyway!” Rob said with a wrinkled up look on his face.

As the three talked they moved forward through the door of Amelia’s childhood home. Everything was neatly in its place, just as it was when Henry and Helen left, but the house never felt the same. It never smelled the same either. Before Helen’s accident, the home always seemed so warm and inviting and smelled of wonderful scents of fresh baked goods. Helen loved to cook and bake for not only her own family but she was always fixing meals or baking breads, cakes, pies or other delectable sweets to take to neighbors, shut-ins, or even the residents at Glenview Residential Home for the Elderly. It was ironic that she herself became one of those residents!

When her parents were well, Amelia brought the boys over every day to see their grandparents. Henry would take the boys outside into the garage or down by the creek or down by the Oak tree. He was always telling them funny stories and helping them to become who they were going to grow up to be. Helen, of course, always spoiled the boys rotten. She always had fresh baked muffins or cookies with hot cocoa loaded either in marshmallows or with whipped cream with cherries on top. Helen would have the cups ready, the hot cocoa made and waiting for the boys when they come through her door! No greater parents or life could Amelia have asked for.

“Man, there it is!” Dylan let out a shout!

“There what is?” Rob asked his brother.

“That pocketknife that Gramps gave me, I’ve looked all over the place for it! I remember now that Gramps said that he would sharpen it up for me. He always said that a dull knife was actually more dangerous than a sharp knife. He was going to sharpen it so that he could teach us how to carve. Gramps always taught us things like that. I sure do miss his yard trips!”

“What are yard trips?” Amelia asked

“They were trips that Gramps would take us on and we would explore. We never came into the yard that we never learned something new! One time he showed us this big old worm moving through the grass. He said that you could tell if there was going to be a good or bad winter by the color of those worms.” Dylan said as he opened and shut his pocketknife. He checked to see how sharp it was by seeing if it would shave the hairs on his arm.

“Woolly Worms, That’s what he called them! He said they were Woolly worms!” Rob joined in.

“I remember that the Woolly Worm he showed us was browner then it was black and he said that the winter wasn’t going to be bad! He told us if the worm would have been blacker than brown that we could expect a bad winter. He started giggling when he told us about the bad winter. He winked at us and said that if we were to have a bad winter, then that would just have meant that we would have to blow up some tire inner tubes to sleigh ride down to the old Oak tree in the side yard. He also said that it meant that we would just get special treats! He licked his lips and told us to bring on the hot spiced apple cider or hot chocolate with extra marshmallows! Dylan continued, as everyone giggled while picturing Henry’s impish grin.

“Okay, we’ve got to hurry and get what we came in here for!   I am sure Gramma is probably wondering about us! Dylan please search in the pantry closet and see if you can find a picnic basket. Rob would you go upstairs please to the linen closet in the hallway, and get a blanket?   It doesn’t matter what kind, just a blanket. I will go get Gramma her radio and new batteries.

They each headed off in different directions to get the supplies that Helen had requested that they bring to her. As they met in the living room, each one of them had the same thought.

“Shouldn’t we get some kind of clothes for Gramps to put on?” Rob asked with a giggle.

“Yes, I suppose that we should,” Amelia agreed with a slight grin on her face as well.   “I will go and get him something, whether or not your Gramma can get him to put them on will be questionable! Wait just a second boys, I’ve got to go to the wine cellar as well! If Gramma is having a romantic picnic, than they’ve got to have wine.   I’ll be right back. We should all go together to give these things to her!”

The boys waited patiently in the living room where they had spent so much of their time. Pictures of their parents and themselves lined a wall that Gramma and Gramps called the “Wall of Fame!” The boys stood staring at the pictures as they told a wonderful story about a happy family that seemed to have everything.

“Man looking at this wall is sad!” Rob blurted out.

“I love looking at all of the old photos, especially of Gramps and Gramma! Even at Mom’s pictures when she was young. Look at that goofy grin. Who poses like that?” Dylan said with a chuckle.

“You do, look at that picture of you! You look just like Mom in that picture, look at you’re goofy grin. Oh wait! Look at Gramps in that picture! I take it back you look just like him with his goofy grin!” Rob said as he became more and more excited while looking at the pictures and stating something that had not really appeared so real to them before.

“Goodness if we look like Gramps when we are young……Don’t even say it!” Dylan ordered. “Don’t even say it!”

Suddenly their humorous revelation of their family portraits was interrupted when their Mom walked back into the room.

“What’s so funny, boys?” She probed as a smile come on her face seeing that the boys seemed happy about something.

“Believe us, it is nothing that we ever wanted to talk about Mom!” Rob answered as he threw a punch into Dylan’s arm.

“No, Mam, me neither.” Dylan agreed as he socked his brother back!

“Well, okay, let’s move it out! Gramma probably thinks we’ve gotten lost like Gramps today! Let’s get this stuff to her!” Mom ordered. “Just leave the door, we will come back up and get it later!” She continued as she walked toward the front door.

Thanks again for reading along or “tuning in” each week to If Oak Trees Could Talk!

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Dancing and Prancing Leaves!

4 Nov

Dancing and Prancing Leaves!

Autumn Walk

Hello Friends, I know that this week I am changing it up a bit from my usual Video Blog If Oak Trees Could Talk.   The reason is simply because I  live in a virtual golden and russet forest this time of year and I love it! I’ve included a video of this rainy autumn morning in Georgia and I hope a little inspiration for you today!

It is a rainy Monday morning in Georgia as I am writing this! I simply love my times out on my front porch, in my wooded jungle of sorts, sipping my morning coffee and simply listening and watching as I spend time in His presence!

Autumn leaves are swirling around in the current of the wind until they slowly make their way to the ground! However, I’ve noticed one leaf this morning that seems to be rebellious, out into a current of its own, golden in color, swirling and dancing in the wind! It seemed that it too would hit the ground as it came swirling downward. Then suddenly it would catch another current and soar up into the air again! I couldn’t take my eyes off of that leaf until finally after what seemed like the longest while of it dancing and prancing through the air, it finally swirled down and around and around until it lay down so ever gently on the only bear place on the ground!

I thought how weird that leaf was but then I felt as though the Lord was speaking to me in what I had just witnessed. He has made us as unique as this beautiful swirling leaf. He has called us to come out from among the crowd and do something uniquely designed for us to do, that we alone have been created to do! What I thought was rebellion, was simply obedience, one seemingly out on its own dancing and catching the wind of His breath and Spirit as He directed the current! It was a precious moment for me this morning as I seem to struggle sometimes with the fact that I’m out here feeling very alone sometimes with my hopes and dreams. It’s not like I do not have supporters and those that cheer me or encourage me, but what the Lord puts in your heart of hearts sometimes seems allusive at times and the self-doubt as to whether you’re chasing a pipe dream kicks in!

Ah…… I breathe in a peaceful sigh as the Lord always sends the little assurances like only He can to encourage me! This morning was a great pick me up as I am soaring high under the power of His breath!

Thank you for spending this time with me! Be encouraged that you’re always under the watchful eye of the One who created you! Blessings to you my dear friends! As always I would love to hear from you! If you have recently began reading along or have found my video blogs and would want to hear more please Subscribe to my Youtube Video Blogs!

Part 13 If Oak Trees Could Talk

12 Aug

Part 13 If Oak Trees Could Talk

Welcome back to Part 13  If Oak Trees Could Talk! Once again it is my pleasure to bring my story to you each week! I am excited as I do these blogs each week as I am working on another Inspirational Romance Novel along with a sequel to a Juvenile fiction entitled Caleb’s Cereal.   I would love to complete at least one of them in time for Christmas! In the meantime let’s read or listen to Chapter 7 A Father’s Love!

Chapter 7

A Father’s Love

Once Henry was alone he looked at the journals that Amelia had left him. He then stared at the old Oak tree hanging before him and with pencil in hand began once again to fill pages with memories. This time the memories of his Dad came to life.

Henry’s father, Russell William Tyler was a very hard worker. His philosophy was if you’re going to do a job, do it right or don’t bother. He sometimes come off very rough and short tempered and so Henry felt like he wasn’t pleasing unto his father. However, there was an event between Henry and his Dad that changed Henry’s life forever.

Both Henry and his Dad were driving to Crawford County one afternoon to pick up some automobile parts for Henry’s Dad’s car, when a deer came barreling out of the woods and stood right in front of the car.   Henry’s Dad was driving and before he could steer the car in any direction, the deer lunged right into the windshield. Henry wasn’t hurt; however Mr. Tyler was knocked completely out and was bleeding profusely. Henry tried to wake his Dad with no response. He then realized that he had to get help, so he was able to scoot his father over enough for him to get into the driver’s seat. Henry drove his Daddy’s car for about two miles to the nearest house to summons help. Henry was only nine years old at the time and acted very mature and responsibly. Mr. Tyler suffered a concussion and had several stitches in his face but was fine because of Henry’s quick response. Henry remembered the gentle way that his Dad patted his hand as he was being loaded into an ambulance. He smiled at Henry in a way that Henry had never seen or never noticed before. Henry had the assurance that he needed from that afternoon that he was well pleasing unto his Dad.

While Henry penned the memories of his Dad, he found himself once again exhilarated. He stared intently at the picture of the old Oak tree hanging before him and a floodgate of memories came back to him.  

“It’s out of here!” Henry yelled, as he recalled hitting a baseball completely over the fence when he was only seven. He was on the Tigers pee wee team where he had a baseball glove that seemed entirely too large and a cap to match.   He remembered the proud look upon his Dad’s face when he looked up in the stands.

“It wasn’t at all what I thought it was! My Dad was always pleased with me wasn’t he old friend?”

As Henry sat alone in his room it was as if he heard his old friend saying “Yes, Henry, your Dad was always pleased with you!”

As one event after the other played in Henry’s mind, the memories of Henry’s Dad smiling at him flooded Henry’s heart. It was as if Henry could feel those gentle pats of assurance from his Dad once again as in the evening of the deer accident. Henry gently smiled as he penned every emotion and tears stained the journal’s pages.

As his fingers stiffened to the demand that Henry placed upon them, he felt almost as desperate as he felt that night that his Dad hit the deer. He felt that the freedom he was trying to achieve challenged him to do things that were scary but necessary, as in the time he drove his Daddy’s car in the night to get help for his Dad. In Henry’s thoughts he was even more desperate to get help for himself and his dear Helen. As another page was completed and the tears seemed fewer, Henry tenderly closed the journal. He then found himself giggling as joy of discovering that his Father loved and was pleased with him seemed to free him even more. He could feel guilt and condemnation of the past loose it’s hold and roll away. Henry took a deep breath, while winking at his old friend. Placing the journal back inside the bedside table, once again, he closed his eyes in sweet sleep.


Thank you for reading or “tuning in” today. I have so enjoyed sharing If Oak Trees Could Talk!   As you can tell I have quite the imagination so it is not difficult to imagine myself sitting across the table from you my readers as if we’ve been friends for a long time!

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Part 8 If Oak Trees Could Talk

8 Jul

Part 8 If Oak Trees Could Talk.

Part 8 If Oak Trees Could Talk

8 Jul

Part 8 If Oak Trees Could Talk!

Hello friends, thank you for visiting my Video Blog of my Romance/Suspense Novel ~ If Oak Trees Could Talk!

It is truly my pleasure and joy to be able to Video blog this book each week and present it to you!  I hope that you are following along and either listening or reading!  We are picking up this week in Chapter 4 Daddy’s Little Girl!


Chapter 4

“Daddy’s Little Girl!”


Although Amelia could have gone to the finest schools, she like her Daddy had very simple dreams.  She traveled once she was out of college all around the world secretly hoping that she would find someone like her Daddy.  She prayed to meet someone who would sweep her away in a romantic lifelong love affair so that she could have what she witnessed in her parent’s lives.   While travelling, Amelia never found love.  However, once her feet hit United States soil, she was bowled over by a handsome stranger who literally knocked her off of her feet and right onto her bottom side at the Airport. When she finally was able to catch her breath, she looked right into those apologetic eyes which were pleasantly inset in the most handsome face that Amelia had ever seen.  As the stranger extended his hand to help her to her feet, she noticed how tall and muscular he was.  Although embarrassed because she was knocked right on her butt, Amelia was pleasantly surprised that the person who slammed into her was very gentle as he tenderly picked her up.  Amelia’s heart pumped wildly and her cheeks became flushed as she gazed into his eyes.  She knew from that very moment that she had found the love of her life.  His named was Robert Arron Steele.  The couple immediately fell into a whirlwind romance and soon they were married.

The newlywed couple bought a wonderful house where they settled down right across the street from Amelia’s parent’s home.  Amelia was contented to be a doting mother of two boys and a loving housewife.  When her boys went off to school, she would help her Daddy in his hardware store.  Eventually she and Robert went in partners with Henry.  It was what made Amelia perfectly happy. This was the life that she chose, which was the most satisfying choice Amelia could have ever made.

“I know who you are dear, come here and let me hug you!  Did you bring the youngsters? Have you already seen your mother?”   Henry asked with more excitement than Amelia had seen from him in a long time.  “Do you know what has been happening to me, Amelia?”  Henry asked impatiently.  “I’ve been remembering things that I’ve not been able to remember for a long time!”  Henry said with a smile upon his face.

“That’s wonderful Daddy!”  Amelia replied.  “Tell me some of what you can remember.”

“Well let’s see.”  Henry began.  “I remembered when I first met your dear sweet Momma.  She had little pigtails and I fell in love with her at first glance.  I had never seen such golden hair in all my life.  But of course I don’t think she felt the same way about me.  Nah, I’m sure she didn’t feel that way about me.  I had to woo her with a swing that my Daddy put up in an old Oak tree in our side yard.  That old Oak tree was my dearest friend.  Did I ever tell you about me and that old Oak tree daughter?”

“Yes Daddy, do you not remember that I grew up with that same old Oak tree?  I swung in that same old swing and you pushed me many times.  Do you remember how you used to wind that swing around and around and then let it go?  I had so much fun!  I would become so dizzy that I thought I would throw up.  I giggled and giggled though.  Yes Daddy, I remember a lot of things that you told me that happened to you because of that old Oak tree. I also remember a lot of things happening there with us Daddy.   Do you know that that old tree is still standing?  She is waiting for you to come and visit her!”

“Daughter, when my time comes to leave this old earth, I want to be buried underneath those outstretched limbs that I remember so fondly. I want to be buried right beside my Dear Sweet Momma.  Do you understand me Amelia?  I want you to know also that as I remember bits and pieces of my life that I’ve been trying to write them down.  I know that it might sound crazy, but hey, I’ve been known to be a little crazy.  It’s ironic that I have what the doc calls “Amnesia that is making me even crazier huh. I guess the bright spot is that I don’t remember that I’m crazy most of the time” Henry said as he laughed out loud.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed “tuning in” or reading along today to If Oak Trees Could Talk!  Again I would love to hear from you.  All of my videos are archived both on my Youtube channel if you would like to Subscribe, or on my Blogs! Feel free to comment on either site.  Thanks again, “Tune in” next week!


We Must Do the Work!

3 Jul

We Must Do the Work!.

Part 7 If Oak Trees Could Talk

2 Jul

Part 7 If Oak Trees Could Talk.

Part 4 If Oak Trees Could Talk

15 Jun

Part 4 If Oak Trees Could Talk.

Part 4 If Oak Trees Could Talk

15 Jun

Part 4 If Oak Trees Could Talk

If Oak Trees Could Talk!  Inspirational Romance/Suspense

If Oak Trees Could Talk!
Inspirational Romance/Suspense


Hello Everyone!  I’m so glad that you chose to take the time to join me again either to read or to listen today for

 Part 4 If Oak Trees Could Talk! 

I have just finished doing a local  Art show and a book signing event this past weekend of all my books!  I love getting out and meeting new friends!  I am doing this video blog in hopes of gaining new friends as well! 


Chapter 2


A Momma’s love!

As Henry lay upon his bed holding his precious Helen, she quickly drifted off to sleep.  Henry too should have been sound asleep by now especially after taking his medication, but he began to think of his daughter Amelia and then his little precious mother.  Suddenly tears filled Henry’s eyes as he once again visited the old Oak tree.

“Why should I even want to remember my Momma’s funeral?”  Henry questioned.  “I would much rather remember how loving and kind she was. It makes me sad that I can hardly remember what she looked like.  It’s been so long since she passed.  I remember she always smelled like vanilla, or lemon or one of those spices.  Bless her heart she probably had no choice as she lived her life in the kitchen cooking for folk.  I remember she was usually the first one to take food over to a neighbor if they needed something.  She was a Godly woman, she truly loved everyone.  I don’t recall her ever saying an unkind word about anybody.  These are the things old friend that I want to remember. Not the pain of my heart shattering into what felt like a million pieces when she left us.

Do you know what I remember old friend? One time I fell and scraped both of my knees up so badly that they bled and bled.   Every time I would bend them they bled even more.  My dear Momma carried me around for probably a week, with my Dad telling her all the while to let me down and let me grow up.  She took a lot because of me and my brother Gerald.  Gerald, I wonder where he is? I remember folks kept telling me to get her a wheelchair when she got so weak, but I insisted on carrying her where she wanted to go.  I guess it was because she carried me.  Anyway, yes old friend, I remember when we put my Momma in the ground, right underneath one of your outstretched branches.  God love her heart.  I ached all over with pain of missing her.  Yep, I came running to you over and over again just like I had always done. I was heartbroken and didn’t know how to deal with my Momma’s passing away. Do you know what old friend? I think I’ve always come to you because you’ve always been like my Momma.  You never done anything but listen to me regardless of what trouble I got myself into.  I always found comfort by telling you my thoughts when I was hurting.  It felt almost like the kind of comfort that my Momma gave me when I scraped my knees.  After we buried her beside you, I sort of felt like she was there every time I came to you.”

Thanks again for “Tuning in!” I would love to hear from you!  You can either contact me through my website http://www.covenantessentials.com/  or simply  comment after you watch the Youtube Videos of If Oak Trees Could Talk! Until next time, have a great week!

Part 3 If Oak Trees Could Talk

3 Jun

Part 3 If Oak Trees Could Talk.

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