Part 32 If Oak Trees Could Talk!

25 Feb

Part 32 If Oak Trees Could Talk!

Welcome! I am so glad you’ve joined me to either read or “tune in” in my Video Blog of my Romance/Suspense novel If Oak Trees Could Talk! Today we start in Chapter 16 Glenview’s Return!

Chapter 16

Glenview’s Return

            When the doors swung open Henry patted Helen on her shoulder. They had such a wonderful time being on the onside of Glenview and at their home. The dread suddenly hit them of how dull and depressing it was at Glenview. They both took a deep breath and walked inside. Amelia walked slowly behind them as she too was sickened with dread of leaving her parents in this place one more time.

            “Well, Look what the cat drag in! Hey you all, Come and look who’s here!” Nurse Wanda shouted as she came running to welcome the Tyler’s back. “Man, Mr. Tyler, you sure are in a powerful heap of trouble with Mr. Hodges. He is not at all happy with you or you either Ms. Helen.” Nurse Wanda warned.

            “I am sure everything will be fine, Nurse Wanda.” Amelia said as she patted her on the shoulder. “Thank you so much for all you’ve done for my parents. I know that they truly love you,” Amelia continued.

            “Ms. Amelia, don’t be so sure that things will be fine, Mr. Hodges is not a nice man, he is really upset. Keep an eye on your little Daddy, for he crossed over a line with Mr. Hodges….and…” Nurse Wanda said. She was going to continue when all of sudden Mr. Hodges walked around the corner.

            “Nurse Wanda, I think you should have plenty to keep yourself busy, am I wrong?” Mr. Hodges barked.

            “Now, Mrs. Steele and the Tyler’s I will see you in my office!” Mr. Hodges commanded rather rudely.

            “Excuse me, Mr. Hodges, but I am the one you should speak with.” Amelia stated.

            “Oh, I beg your pardon, Mrs. Steele, but do you pay your parent’s bill here? I think not. You can actually stay out in the hallway.   I do not really need to talk with you until I am ready to!” Mr. Hodges stated.

            “Oh, but excuse me, Mr. Hodges, you will talk to me along with my parents!” Amelia stated rather sternly back.

            “Very well, please follow me.” Mr. Hodges ordered

The three followed Mr. Hodges as he led them around the corner to an elevator. On the second floor he then led them down a long hallway. His office was at the end. He practically ran to his office but it took Helen and Henry a little longer to get there. When inside, Mr. Hodges shut the door behind them and also shut the blinds so none of the other residents or staff could see or hear what he would say. He became very angry in his appearance and bent over his desk. He proceeded to put his finger right in Amelia’s face and with his teeth clinched began to bark words at her.

“Mrs. Steele, as you know I have sworn out a warrant for your arrest for kidnapping. You must understand the reasons that I have done so. I find your behavior to be reckless when it comes to the health and wellbeing of your parents. We here at Glenview have taken excellent care of Mr. and Mrs. Tyler since both of them have made their residents with us.   I will, however, consider dropping all the charges against you based on the following terms: You will no longer have the right to visit your parents without special permission and supervision. Also you will no longer be able to take your parents outside or away from this facility for any reason. Am I understood?”

Henry and Helen sat quietly and listened to Mr. Hodges as he spoke to their daughter in a hateful rude manner and accused her falsely of kidnapping. Amelia had not taken Henry away from Glenview, he walked away of his own free will, all by himself, without one person trying to stop him. She did help Helen by helping her to get into their car, but like Henry, Helen was leaving one way or the other with or without Amelia’s help. Amelia had not driven one vehicle to or from Glenview. Just as Amelia had cleared her throat and was going to speak, Henry motioned for her to stay silent.

“Mr. Hodges, We have sat here patiently and listened to you speak to our daughter in the rudest manner possible and accuse her falsely of things that obviously you know nothing about. Now you just let me tell you something. We agree that we have had excellent care in your facility, but, we signed ourselves in to Glenview freely and we both left this joint freely. I left on my own accord and Mrs. Tyler was going to leave on her own accord if my Daughter had not come to assist her. You want to have attitude toward her, then Sir, you are backing way up. I will sue this place and you for not having enough common sense to know that you have patients walking out of here anytime they have half a mind to. Speaking of half a mind that is about all I had, but thanks to my trip I am much better now. I am not fully recovered but I’m better.   I’m putting you on notice. If you ever point your finger in my Daughter’s or to Mrs. Tyler’s face again like you’ve just done, Sir, you will be picking your nose with your elbows because I am going to break your hands off and cram them up your …..Well, let’s just leave it up to your imagination. I will be going home when my wife is released in a few weeks regardless of what you think, Get the papers for release ready.” Henry demanded directly and very loudly. Patients could hear Henry’s voice echoing down the long hallway regardless of the fact that Mr. Hodges intentionally shut his doors.

Mr. Hodges was left speechless and stunned that Henry was so boisterous and that he appeared to be perfectly sane in his thinking and speech. He heard Henry’s threats loud and clear and immediately cleared his throat. Finally he spoke again.


Thank you once again for “tuning in” or reading along with me! It is my hope that you have been enjoying my Romance/Suspense novel, If Oak Trees Could Talk!, for it has been my pleasure to share it with you! As always I would love to hear from you. I want to thank all of you that have begun following my WordPress blogs. Please continue to “tune it” as we are moving right along through the book.

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