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Part 36 If Oak Trees Could Talk

13 Apr

Part 36 If Oak Trees Could Talk!

Hello Dear Friends I am glad that you chose to join me again today for another Video Blog! I so appreciate that you take your time to read or “tune in” with me as I read my novel If Oak Trees Could Talk! I truly hope that you are enjoying the story and that you’re being entertained!

Today we pick back up in Chapter 17 The Tyrant! 

“Eugene, don’t you dare try to arrest her!” Amelia stepped forth and ordered. Then she pulled Sheriff Eugene to the side. She quietly began talking to Eugene then pointed to Mr. Hodges. “If anyone needs to be arrested, arrest him Eugene! He is a lunatic who is cruel to some of the residents in this place. Do you know who you are helping Eugene? He is abusing these patients and probably drugging them so that he can lord over them!” Amelia pleaded. “Please Eugene do not side with him. Do the right thing!”

“Now, Ms. Amelia, you and your folks have already been in a heap of trouble. Now why do you want to try to hinder me from doing my job?” Sheriff Eugene asked.

“If your job is throwing innocent older ladies in jail for speaking their minds and the truth, then I feel sorry for you Eugene. You are not the sweet soul I grew up with! Nurse Wanda is only being bullied because Mr. Hodges is trying to get even with my parents for leaving his precious Glenview. He is embarrassed and now he is after revenge. Are you going to help him get it?” Amelia kept drilling.

“Now Amelia I suggest you stay out of this, or I might have to take you down to the jail as well. You need to drop all the accusations against Mr. Hodges and let me do my job. I will arrest you for hindering a police officer in the line of duty!” Sheriff Eugene warned.

“Well, then Eugene, by all means, I will step aside and you do your duty! Shame, that’s what you are, a shame!” Amelia stated with disgust.

Eugene turned to Nurse Smith and commanded that she either leave Glenview now or he would take her down to the Sheriff’s office. She refused to go without saying good-bye to her patients who became her dear friends. It was fortunate for Nurse Wanda, because she raised such a loud ruckus most of all the visitors and abled patients were standing out in the hallway listening to and watching all of the events. All of the patients that were standing in the hallway began chanting! “We want Nurse Wanda! We love Nurse Wanda! We want Nurse Wanda! We love Nurse Wanda!”

Mr. Hodges was beside himself. He wanted to keep up appearances for the patient’s visiting guest, however he was furious with the Tyler’s, Mrs. Steele, and now Nurse Smith. He raged and spewed out threats even to Sheriff Eugene! He did his best to shout louder than the crowd! “Sheriff, do your job now!   Get this woman out of here before we have a riot on our hands! Do it now or I’ll have your job!”

Sheriff Eugene walked toward Nurse Wanda and once again told her to come with him. This time he gave her no choice as to come with him or leave on her own. He grabbed her by her arm and began leading her toward the entrance to his sheriff’s car. She turned to the crowd who was still chanting that they wanted her and loved her. She shouted back with tears running down her face, “I love all of you! It has been my joy and my pleasure to have known you! I will miss you dearly! Don’t take Mr. Hodges drugs! Mr. Tyler, don’t dare take them!”

The crowd continued to stand out in the hallway chanting! Soon, however, Mr. Hodges took back the control that he was used to having. He shouted to all, “The shows over, go back to your suites immediately! I ask that all visitors please leave at this time! We apologize for the disgruntled employee who had caused such a stressful event. For the health and safety of your loved ones, I ask that you please leave so that we can bring a calm back into Glenview! We apologize for your inconvenience but you are free to visit again tomorrow!”

Amelia and her parents stood in disgust of what they had just witnessed. Amelia was determined that she would not let Mr. Hodges by with anything. She intended to go to Mr. Henderson the moment she left her parents. However, with the whole event of the day, she feared leaving Henry and Helen at all.

As the hallway cleared with Mr. Hodges command, Amelia and her parents still stood in the front waiting for a “new suite” to be given to her parents. Soon Mr. Hodges glared at them once more and said nothing else. He stomped away and around the corner. Amelia could only assume that he was heading back to his office and feeling very smug that he had gotten in another blow to her and her parents. Her heart was broken over Nurse Wanda, but also over her parents. She did not want to leave them in this place any longer. She turned to them and said, “Let’s get you out of here! You can’t stay here with this tyrant! He is after blood and revenge! I cannot feel good about leaving you here for one more minute. You cannot endure three more weeks of this! Come on let’s go!” Amelia pleaded.

“Now Amelia, we are not naive to what Mr. Hodges wants to do and why. We, however, have to do everything legally or we give him more ammunition. He will not try anything right away because he knows that we are on to him. So I think we will be perfectly safe!” Helen convinced.

“But Momma, please, I do not want you to be at risk for a moment! I think you should come with me now! We will go see a lawyer for the legal stuff in the morning!” Amelia begged.

“No Amelia Dear,” Henry finally spoke. “Amelia, I am much better now. I am not saying that I am a hundred percent. Heck there may be things I may never remember. I am feeling pretty confident that I will get back to where I was. I know that I still get confused and go in and out a little bit, but I am getting there! Well it’s occurred to me that this Mr. Hodges fellow does not know how much better that I am. It seems to me that therein lies a plan! I’ll be your inside man!   Because he doesn’t know that I am better, this also tells me that I have an advantage over the Dictator! We have friends and people we love in here, we owe them to stay. Remember that I was a soldier in the service. We never left anyone behind! We can’t just forsake them. We need evidence against Mr. Hodges to do anything about our suspicions. When he tries to slip us the old mickey, we will pretend to take the drugs but we will stash them and smuggle them out with you. I figure you can have them analyzed to see what they are and if we are supposed to have them. We will be fine, Daughter.”

“Daddy, of all of the times that I have really wanted you to make good sense and you chose now? I just don’t feel good at all about this!” Amelia continued.

“We’ll be fine,” Helen and Henry said in unison.

Thank you once again for “tuning in” or reading along with me! It is my hope that you have been enjoying my Romance/Suspense novel, If Oak Trees Could Talk for it has been my pleasure to share it with you! As always I would love to hear from you. I want to thank all of you that have begun following my WordPress blogs. Please continue to “tune it” as we are moving right along through the book.

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Part 33 If Oak Trees Could Talk!

9 Mar

Part 33 If Oak Trees Could Talk!   Welcome to my video blogs of my Romance/Suspense novel If Oak Trees Could Talk! This story was given to me as I sat on my front porch early one morning just being…

Source: Part 33 If Oak Trees Could Talk!

Part 32 If Oak Trees Could Talk!

25 Feb

Part 32 If Oak Trees Could Talk!

Welcome! I am so glad you’ve joined me to either read or “tune in” in my Video Blog of my Romance/Suspense novel If Oak Trees Could Talk! Today we start in Chapter 16 Glenview’s Return!

Chapter 16

Glenview’s Return

            When the doors swung open Henry patted Helen on her shoulder. They had such a wonderful time being on the onside of Glenview and at their home. The dread suddenly hit them of how dull and depressing it was at Glenview. They both took a deep breath and walked inside. Amelia walked slowly behind them as she too was sickened with dread of leaving her parents in this place one more time.

            “Well, Look what the cat drag in! Hey you all, Come and look who’s here!” Nurse Wanda shouted as she came running to welcome the Tyler’s back. “Man, Mr. Tyler, you sure are in a powerful heap of trouble with Mr. Hodges. He is not at all happy with you or you either Ms. Helen.” Nurse Wanda warned.

            “I am sure everything will be fine, Nurse Wanda.” Amelia said as she patted her on the shoulder. “Thank you so much for all you’ve done for my parents. I know that they truly love you,” Amelia continued.

            “Ms. Amelia, don’t be so sure that things will be fine, Mr. Hodges is not a nice man, he is really upset. Keep an eye on your little Daddy, for he crossed over a line with Mr. Hodges….and…” Nurse Wanda said. She was going to continue when all of sudden Mr. Hodges walked around the corner.

            “Nurse Wanda, I think you should have plenty to keep yourself busy, am I wrong?” Mr. Hodges barked.

            “Now, Mrs. Steele and the Tyler’s I will see you in my office!” Mr. Hodges commanded rather rudely.

            “Excuse me, Mr. Hodges, but I am the one you should speak with.” Amelia stated.

            “Oh, I beg your pardon, Mrs. Steele, but do you pay your parent’s bill here? I think not. You can actually stay out in the hallway.   I do not really need to talk with you until I am ready to!” Mr. Hodges stated.

            “Oh, but excuse me, Mr. Hodges, you will talk to me along with my parents!” Amelia stated rather sternly back.

            “Very well, please follow me.” Mr. Hodges ordered

The three followed Mr. Hodges as he led them around the corner to an elevator. On the second floor he then led them down a long hallway. His office was at the end. He practically ran to his office but it took Helen and Henry a little longer to get there. When inside, Mr. Hodges shut the door behind them and also shut the blinds so none of the other residents or staff could see or hear what he would say. He became very angry in his appearance and bent over his desk. He proceeded to put his finger right in Amelia’s face and with his teeth clinched began to bark words at her.

“Mrs. Steele, as you know I have sworn out a warrant for your arrest for kidnapping. You must understand the reasons that I have done so. I find your behavior to be reckless when it comes to the health and wellbeing of your parents. We here at Glenview have taken excellent care of Mr. and Mrs. Tyler since both of them have made their residents with us.   I will, however, consider dropping all the charges against you based on the following terms: You will no longer have the right to visit your parents without special permission and supervision. Also you will no longer be able to take your parents outside or away from this facility for any reason. Am I understood?”

Henry and Helen sat quietly and listened to Mr. Hodges as he spoke to their daughter in a hateful rude manner and accused her falsely of kidnapping. Amelia had not taken Henry away from Glenview, he walked away of his own free will, all by himself, without one person trying to stop him. She did help Helen by helping her to get into their car, but like Henry, Helen was leaving one way or the other with or without Amelia’s help. Amelia had not driven one vehicle to or from Glenview. Just as Amelia had cleared her throat and was going to speak, Henry motioned for her to stay silent.

“Mr. Hodges, We have sat here patiently and listened to you speak to our daughter in the rudest manner possible and accuse her falsely of things that obviously you know nothing about. Now you just let me tell you something. We agree that we have had excellent care in your facility, but, we signed ourselves in to Glenview freely and we both left this joint freely. I left on my own accord and Mrs. Tyler was going to leave on her own accord if my Daughter had not come to assist her. You want to have attitude toward her, then Sir, you are backing way up. I will sue this place and you for not having enough common sense to know that you have patients walking out of here anytime they have half a mind to. Speaking of half a mind that is about all I had, but thanks to my trip I am much better now. I am not fully recovered but I’m better.   I’m putting you on notice. If you ever point your finger in my Daughter’s or to Mrs. Tyler’s face again like you’ve just done, Sir, you will be picking your nose with your elbows because I am going to break your hands off and cram them up your …..Well, let’s just leave it up to your imagination. I will be going home when my wife is released in a few weeks regardless of what you think, Get the papers for release ready.” Henry demanded directly and very loudly. Patients could hear Henry’s voice echoing down the long hallway regardless of the fact that Mr. Hodges intentionally shut his doors.

Mr. Hodges was left speechless and stunned that Henry was so boisterous and that he appeared to be perfectly sane in his thinking and speech. He heard Henry’s threats loud and clear and immediately cleared his throat. Finally he spoke again.


Thank you once again for “tuning in” or reading along with me! It is my hope that you have been enjoying my Romance/Suspense novel, If Oak Trees Could Talk!, for it has been my pleasure to share it with you! As always I would love to hear from you. I want to thank all of you that have begun following my WordPress blogs. Please continue to “tune it” as we are moving right along through the book.

If you are interested in obtaining your own copy of If Oak Trees Could Talk or any of my other books, please visit my Amazon Author Page here! Also If you are new to my Video Blogs and would like to catch up on the story from the beginning please check out the archives in this blog or simply subscribe to my Youtube Videos as they are numbered and in order! I am also a weekly contributor to The Lakeview Times.   All of my videos are published each week at http://www.lakeviewtimes.com

Part 31 If Oak Trees Could Talk

19 Feb

Source: Part 31 If Oak Trees Could Talk

Part 31 If Oak Trees Could Talk

19 Feb

Part 31 If Oak Trees Could Talk!Books

Hello again dear friends! Welcome back to my video blogs of If Oak Trees Could Talk! I am so glad that you chose to join me again today. I hope that you are having a wonderful week. Can you believe that we are already into the middle of February? When I began doing the video blogs of my Romance/Suspense novel If Oak Trees Could Talk last summer, I really had no idea how long they would take or how many, so I am so grateful that many of you have hung in here with me to read or “tune in” each week! This week we finish up Chapter 15 The Cruise!

Chapter 15

The Cruise!

Henry looked carefully before backing up. He looked both ways and then pulled out, but just as he did, he could see the Sheriff coming right toward him.

            “Get down loves, Get Down!” Henry shouted.

            Helen and Amelia obeyed but weren’t for sure why? They could only assume that Henry saw Eugene, which he did. When Henry passed the Sheriff, he looked down a little as to not look him straight in the eye and threw up one finger from the steering wheel as to speak when passing. This was the right thing to do because, again this was the South. Every one speaks whether they know you or not. So Henry actually did this to keep the Sheriff from becoming suspicious. It had been a long while since Henry had even seen Eugene, so they hoped that Sheriff Eugene wouldn’t recognize him. As far as Henry was concerned, he had no clue as to who Eugene was either. He only knew he was the Sheriff because he had seen Eugene’s sheriff’s car. He kept driving and tried to not cause suspicion but all of a sudden in his rear view mirror, he could see the Sheriff do a U-turn in the middle of Harper Street! This could only mean one thing and even Henry knew what it meant. They were recognized!   The Sheriff knew who they were or at least who Henry was. Henry had a decision to make, either to stop or to drive faster!

            “Hold on Loves, we’ve been made!” Henry Shouted!

            “What do you mean, Daddy…..What in the world are you doing? You have to stop! You can’t out run a Sheriff. We are in enough trouble the way it is! Pull over Daddy and stop the car!” Amelia shouted as if her Dad couldn’t hear her yelling at him.

            “Calm down Dear Amelia, he is not deaf. He just does not remember every event in his life yet?” Helen said rather calmly considering that she was in the front seat with a man who may or may not even know where he’s going.

            “Okay, this has gotten crazy! Daddy you have to pull over somewhere! Let me take over the driving! I am the one who promised I would get you both back this morning. I should have insisted that I drive to begin with!” Amelia demanded as she could feel herself panic. When she glanced back she saw that Sheriff Eugene was still quite a distance behind them, but still he was back there. By this time the Sheriff’s lights and siren were flashing and blaring so that every citizen of Mason Creek would know that there was a Sheriff in hot pursuit of criminals.   Rarely did an occurrence like this one escape the attention of the Mason Creek’s residents, for there was very little that happened in this lazy Southern town!

            “Amelia, sweetie, just stay calm, I know exactly where I am and where I am going! Let him follow me, I bet it will be the first Police Escort ever to Glenview’s Residential Home for the Elderly!” Henry said as both he and Helen chuckled.

            “Are you telling me that you both find this to be humorous?” Amelia asked as she realized that this scenario could only end badly. “We’ve got to pull over and let the Sheriff know that we are on our way back to Glenview. He needs to know that we are not trying to escape again Daddy!” Amelia spoke sternly. However, it was to no avail. She watched her Daddy wink and then he smiled at her Momma with that all too familiar impish grin that Amelia had seen thousands of times. Henry cranked up the radio that was playing some country song by George Jones and patted the dashboard of his car.

“Oh baby, don’t fail me now!” He shouted, when all of sudden he pushed the gas pedal as far down as he could and peeled down the street burning his tires. The smell of rubber burning filled the car.   A huge cloud of smoke boiled behind them. It wasn’t long until Amelia could hear the sound of a siren getting closer.   Henry drove like he had done this many times. He squealed tires as he made a sharp turn into a side street that lead down past The First Baptist Church of Mason Creek. He darted into another side street that lead down the street that Glenview was on. As he sped down this street to where Glenview’s Residential Home for the Elderly was, Henry whipped the car into the parking lot which was practically empty. He proceeded to squeal tires and wheel his car around in circles until the image of several figure eights had been burned into the parking lots pavement. After making such an entrance, Henry suddenly whipped his car into a parking space. He put the car in park while quickly handing Amelia the keys!

“And that my Dears is how it’s done!” Henry boasted.

             Amelia was in total disbelief at what had just happened!   She was speechless and as pale as a sheet. Her Daddy got out of the car and went around the side of the car to open the door for her mother. He acted the perfect gentleman as he helped Helen out of the car. He pushed the lever to the back seat so that Amelia could peel herself out of the car as well. Just as they were all out of the car, they heard more tires squealing as a car barreled into the parking lot where they all stood.   Sheriff Eugene’s sirens rang out and lights flashed while he practically fell out of his police car and raced toward them!

            “Ms. Amelia, what in the world do you think that you are doing? Do you know that you could have gotten someone killed driving like that? Oh excuse my manners, hello Mr. and Mrs. Tyler.” Eugene shouted as he took his sheriff’s hat off to be polite. He was shouting quite loudly because his siren was still blaring. In the south it is an understood rule that you are to always respect your elders! He then ran back to his car to turn the siren and lights off.

            Amelia listened as the Sheriff was scolding her, but then suddenly she looked at her watch. It was exactly twelve noon. She answered him without letting on that it was her Daddy instead of she that was doing the driving.

            “Well, Eugene, I promised I would get my parents back to Glenview this morning! It is just now noon so I kept my promise. We’ve been here about five minutes or so, wouldn’t you say Momma?” Amelia asked with Henry’s same wink and smile.

            “Now Ms. Amelia, when I was behind you with my lights and my siren going you should have pulled over. You can’t just go speeding in and out of these side streets like you have just done!” Eugene stated.

            “Excuse me for interrupting you Eugene, I know that you’re trying to do your job, but I wanted to ask about your folks before we go back inside. How are Ed and Immagene doing?” Helen asked. “It has been entirely too long since we’ve seen them. The next time we spend time at home we really should have them over for some of Henry’s famous Barbeque.” Helen continued.

            “Uh thank you Mrs. Tyler. My parents are doing fine. They would truly enjoy Mr. Tyler’s delicious Barbeque. It is surely famous around these parts, Mam.” Eugene replied. He was holding his Sheriff’s hat in his hand as he showed respect to Mr. Tyler.     

            “Well, no since prolonging our return. Thank you, young man for escorting us to Glenview. We really appreciate it Sheriff.” Henry said as he grabbed Eugene’s hand and shook it.

            Eugene didn’t know what to do as the Tyler’s and Amelia left him standing in Glenview’s parking lot holding his sheriff’s hat.

            “Dang, I am sure going to hear about this when I get to the sheriff’s office!” Eugene said as he could see Mr. Hodges watching the shenanigans from his office window.


Thank you once again for “tuning in” or reading along with me! It is my hope that you have been enjoying my Romance/Suspense novel, If Oak Trees Could Talk!, for it has been my pleasure to share it with you! As always I would love to hear from you. I want to thank all of you that have begun following my WordPress blogs. Please continue to “tune it” as we are moving right along through the book.

If you are interested in obtaining your own copy of If Oak Trees Could Talk or any of my other books, please visit my Amazon Author Page here! Also If you are new to my Video Blogs and would like to catch up on the story from the beginning please check out the archives in this blog or simply subscribe to my Youtube Videos as they are numbered and in order! I am also a weekly contributor to The Lakeview Times.   All of my videos are published each week at http://www.lakeviewtimes.com

Part 30 If Oak Trees Could Talk!

12 Feb



Part 30 If Oak Trees Could Talk!

Hello again! I hope that you’ve had a great and productive week since the last video blog post of my Romance/Suspense novel If Oak Trees Could Talk. My week has been very productive! I am thrilled to say that I have been making some really great progress on a sequel to my Juvenile fiction novel Caleb’s Cereal!   People ask me all the time about being a writer. Probably the number one question is “Why do you write?” I would love to have some deep answer for them, but honestly my main reason is that I personally get to go on journeys and do things through my characters that I probably would never get to do in real life! That is why I am doing these videos blogs each week! I hope to take you with me on a few of my characters adventures. It is my hope that you will come along with me and enjoy the journey!

Today we pick back up in Chapter 15 The Cruise!

Chapter 15

The Cruise!

Henry began whistling, Amelia had not heard her Dad whistle since before her Momma’s fall. He was truly coming back, Helen thought and a peace like a robe simply came over her. She listened to her Mom and Dad talk about this neighbor and that neighbor as he drove them down their neighborhood street. He honked the horn at this one and at that one when he would see them out in their yards.   He knew perfectly well where he was going and had no problem maneuvering the car. He then turned right onto Harper Street. His face beamed when he saw his beloved Hardware store. He whipped the car into the side street and threw it into park.

“Let’s just drop in here for a minute okay Amelia?” Henry said.

Amelia knew that this trip was totally out of her hands. What could she do about it anyway? She only prayed that Sheriff Eugene would not see them out on their cruise through the town when they needed to be back at Glenview.

Amelia and Robert ran the Hardware store very efficiently. With everything that had happened with Amelia’s parents they hired a very loyal worker to help them out in the store. Mr. Dewey Thomas was a close friend to Henry and loved helping the family out. He was an older gentleman and appreciated the fact that he could go to work and be useful. He had been a good neighbor who had grown up on the same street as Amelia and her parents. When Amelia was busy outside of the store with her parents or children, Mr. Dewey Thomas helped keep things running. When Henry, Helen, and Amelia walked into the store, Henry was very surprised to see his friend and neighbor behind the counter. His old friend was just as surprised to see Amelia and her parents walk through the door. He ran from behind the counter and shook Henry’s hand and hugged Ms. Helen.

“Oh my, when I saw you people coming through that door, I thought I was hallucinating. It made my legs get all wobbly. Man, my old friend you are looking good! When are you coming back to work?” Mr. Thomas went on. “Goodness, where are my manners ladies? Hello Ms. Amelia, please, you and Ms. Helen come behind this counter and have yourselves a sit down right here. I will visit with my old buddy!”

Henry was a little overwhelmed with Dewey. He knew him, but yet he didn’t know him.

“Amelia didn’t tell me that we had someone helping out in the store.” Henry stated. “I am glad that she does though.” Henry continued as he stared intently at Dewey. He was trying to place who he was. He wondered how he knew him. Had he worked at the store before when he ran it? The answers seemed not to come.

“Ah, it’s nothing Henry. I was glad to do it. How are you Ms. Helen? You sure are looking fit?” Dewey stated. He still had not realized that Henry didn’t know who he was.

“I am just wonderful Dewey. How about Dolores, how is she faring these days?” Helen asked.

“Oh she is doing pretty well. We can’t complain. The Lord’s been good to us Ms. Helen.” Dewey replied.

“Yes, he’s been good to us as well, Dewey.”   Helen stated. Finally Helen thought she would try to refresh Henry’s mind about who Dewey was.

“Henry, do you remember when you and Dewey were in the service together? You were the two locals from Mason Creek that were placed together. He and Dolores always come over to our house and played Canasta. Do you remember?”

“Yes, I think I might, at that! Weren’t you the one that bought that old motorcycle with the sidecar? When we were in the service, they let you drive that old thing and I could ride in the sidecar. I remember all of the dust you made me eat because of that piece of junk! Thank the Lord we had on a helmet and goggles or I would probably be blind today!”

“Yep, Henry that was me!” Dewey said with a deep chuckle. “Man, I had not thought of that cycle for ages!”

“I don’t blame you, that fool thing was a death trap waiting to happen!” Henry said as he grabbed Dewey and gave him a big old hug. Henry became rather emotional because, again this just proved that he was coming back, he felt like he had just gotten another breakthrough.

Both of the veterans stood in the middle of the store until other folks started coming in. One by one the crowd lined up shaking Henry’s hand and welcoming him back. Some he recognized and some he didn’t. Henry fed on the atmosphere of his Hardware store. It gave him back some of his pride that he felt that he had lost.

            Amelia was getting nervous. Who else was going to walk through that door? She was sure that the word had gotten out that her Daddy was in the Hardware store.   She feared that Eugene would come walking through the door at any moment. If Sheriff Eugene came in, then what would happen? Would she be carted off to jail and her parents hauled back to Glenview? She loved seeing her Daddy in his element again, but knew that she had to get him out of the store as soon as possible. She told Eugene that she would have her parents back to Glenview this morning. Time was running out. It was almost Eleven o’clock and she had not produced them. She then told her mother about Eugene.

            “Oh, how are Eugene and his parents? They are such sweet people. They’re just like all of these folks coming in here today showing such love to me and Henry. We just live in a wonderful little town. Don’t we, Amelia?” Helen said as she watched the line of people gathering into the store to say hello to them.

            “Folks, Folks, I need to get your attention, please! Amelia shouted over the roar of men and women laughing and talking. Listen, I was ordered to get my parents back to Glenview before Noon today. If I do not get them back in time, I may possibly get into more trouble than I am already in. So, no offense to anybody, for we are so thankful that you all came out, but we need to cut this reunion short until next time okay?” Amelia shouted!

            “Yes Ms. Amelia, we understand!” The crowd all agreed! They then made a path, some on the right and some on the left of the main aisle to the door for Amelia and her parents to walk through to the front door. As they made their way through the aisle, the crowd smiled and patted them on the back as if they were heroes that had come home from a war. Amelia would not necessary describe what her parents had been though as a war, however, she would say that they had fought a fierce battle. They deserved every cheer and every pat on the back that their neighbors and friends had to give to them.

            “Well that was fun!” Helen said when the three of them had gotten back into the car.

            “Hurry get down, get down now!” Amelia shouted, as she saw Sheriff Eugene drive by. She prayed that he didn’t recognize Henry’s car. It had been a long time since it had been out of the garage. On the other hand, Amelia thought that Henry’s car may be the very thing that would stick out like a sore thumb and gain them the unwanted attention. She slowly raised her head up to see if she could see where the Sheriff had gone. She did not see him, but was sure that he would be back. There was way more cars parked in front of the Hardware store than usual which also drew suspicion.

            “Daddy, I hate to tell you this, but you’re going to have to get out of here rather quickly before the Sheriff circles around to check out why all of these cars are here! Would you please just let me drive us now?” Amelia pleaded.

            “Are you kidding me? I can surely out run the Sheriff if I had too. Let’s just hope that it will not be necessary.” Henry stated as if he weren’t the least bit concerned about going back to Glenview. Maybe he seriously wasn’t. He treated his escape from Glenview like it was a summer vacation. He had definitely had a busy twenty-four to thirty-six hours of freedom. If he kept a record of all he had done since walking out of Glenview’s doors it would read as follows: He walked naked up and down streets to get home, climbed an Oak tree, had a romantic picnic, danced with the love of his life in the moonlight, swung in a swing, walked through gardens and the yard, ate lots of his favorite food, slept in his own bed, spent time with his daughter, grandsons, and son-and-law, and finally, Henry was united and visited with most of his friends and neighbors at the hardware store which was one of his favorite places.   What better way to spend time on the outside of Glenview?

Thank you once again for “tuning in” or reading along with me! It is my hope that you have been enjoying my Romance/Suspense novel, If Oak Trees Could Talk, for it has been my pleasure to share it with you! As always I would love to hear from you. I want to thank all of you that have begun following my WordPress blogs. Please continue to “tune it” as we are moving right along through the book.

If you are interested in obtaining your own copy of If Oak Trees Could Talk or any of my other books, please visit my Amazon Author Page here! Also If you are new to my Video Blogs and would like to catch up on the story from the beginning please check out the archives in this blog or simply subscribe to my Youtube Videos as they are numbered and in order! I am also a weekly contributor to The Lakeview Times.   All of my videos are published each week at http://www.lakeviewtimes.com


Part 11 If Oak Trees Could Talk

30 Jul

Part 11 If Oak Trees Could Talk.

Part 11 If Oak Trees Could Talk

30 Jul

Part 11 If Oak Trees Could Talk

Welcome back to Part 11 If Oak Trees Could Talk. I hope that you have been enjoying my latest Romance/Suspense Novel. When I began Video Blogging my book, I wasn’t for sure if it was a good idea or not, however I have really enjoyed sharing it with you. I didn’t know if anyone had ever shared their books like this, but hey I’m a little “out there” sometimes, so I’m going for it. I hope that you will continue to go along for the ride.

Today we begin in Chapter 6 A Gift of Hope

Chapter 6

A Gift of Hope

When Amelia left her Dad, she went straight to the closest office supply store and bought her Dad the biggest, thickest journals that she could find and many pencils, erasers, and sharpeners.   She prayed as she paid for them that the Lord would help her Dad fill each page with memories of his life that he so desperately needed to remember. She also went home, got her camera and took a picture of the old Oak tree. Amelia hoped that seeing his old friend would help jar her Daddy’s memory. She was determined to do anything to help her parents come home. After she had taken the picture, she had it blown up to poster size and framed, so that her Dad once again could see his old friend anytime he wanted to.

When Amelia returned back to Glenview with gifts in hand, she first went into her mother’s room to show her what she had gotten for her Dad. When she had shared with her mother, there was a knock on Helen’s door.   It was her physical therapist and her doctor.

“Mrs. Tyler, we have great news!” The doctor said with a huge smile on his face.

“We feel that your therapy has been a huge success and that you’re ready to go home in a few weeks. We can continue to give you physical therapy in your home!”

“What about Henry?” Helen asked immediately.

“Well now, Mrs. Tyler, Mr. Tyler’s condition is something different altogether than yours. As we both know, his is not a physical problem as much as it is ….. Well, you know Mam what I’m trying to say.”

“Yes, I know what you’re trying to say.” Helen repeated, with absolutely no joy over the fact that she was on her way out of Glenview.

When her visitors left, she and Amelia looked at each other with much concern.

“Well, out with it Momma! I already know what you’re thinking. I think so too!”

“Henry will not stay in this place without me! If he has too, he’ll dry up and die, and I will not allow that to happen!” Helen said with heartbreak in her voice.

“I won’t either Momma, we’ll work it out somehow, don’t worry.” Amelia consoled, but she too was very concerned and did not really have a viable solution.

“Don’t worry Momma.   We’ll come up with something. Who knows, maybe this will be what Daddy needs. He followed you in here; maybe he’ll come to himself and follow you right back out! Momma, it’s great that you’re doing so well, we need to rejoice about you.”

“I suppose so.” Helen agreed, but still she was not going to leave Henry in Glenview by himself.

“Come on Dear; let’s go give your father his gifts. I know that he will be excited about them.”

“When do we let him know about you Momma? He needs to know that you’re doing well doesn’t he?”

“He already knows that I’m much better.   Now we have to work on him.”

“Just tell me what and when Momma and I’ll do whatever you say. Nobody knows Daddy like you do. Mom, he was so much better this morning when I talked with him. He was like his old self. This is why I bought him all of this stuff. Do you know he’s writing down what he remembers so that he won’t forget it again?”

“You’ve done good Amelia, let’s go see him!”

When Helen and Amelia knocked on Henry’s door they could hear Henry talking with someone. However, once entering the room, neither of them saw anybody.

“Who was you talking too Henry?” Helen questioned.

“Oh I was just chatting with an old friend.” Henry replied, once again with that mischievous grin upon his face.

Thank you once again for spending this time with me. When I first began the Youtube Video Blogs of If Oak Trees Could Talk I was only recording about a minute or two. However, it seemed as though I wasn’t really making a lot of progress into the story, so I increased them to around five minutes. I wanted to make the video segments short and sweet as I know people are busy!

Part 9 If Oak Trees Could Talk!

16 Jul

Part 9 If Oak Trees Could Talk

Wow!  I am so overwhelmed with the response that I’ve been getting to my Video Blogs of If Oak Trees Could Talk!  Truly it has been so encouraging to me.   Thank you to all who have taken the time to follow along!  I know that your time is valuable and the fact that you take the time to either listen or read along with me each week is so priceless to me.   As I’ve stated before I feel as though you could be sitting across from me at my kitchen table!  Once again I hope that you’re sipping your coffee or tea as I continue the story of If Oak Trees Could Talk!  We will continue in Chapter Four Daddy’s Little Girl! I will actually read the last paragraph from last week as I had ended in a middle of a conversation between Henry and Amelia.

Chapter Four

Daddy’s Little Girl!

“Daughter, when my time comes to leave this old earth, I want to be buried underneath those outstretched limbs that I remember so fondly. I want to be buried right beside my Dear Sweet Momma.  Do you understand me Amelia?  I want you to know also that as I remember bits and pieces of my life that I’ve been trying to write them down.  I know that it might sound crazy, but hey, I’ve been known to be a little crazy.  It’s ironic that I have what the doc calls “Amnesia that is making me even crazier huh. I guess the bright spot is that I don’t remember that I’m crazy most of the time” Henry said as he laughed out loud.

“Daddy, please don’t say stuff like that, you’re not crazy.  Your condition is only temporary.  I’m so glad that you’ve been able to talk with me today, it amazes me how there are times when nothing seems wrong at all, but then there are times, well…you know.”

“Daughter, do you know that I proposed to your sweet Momma right underneath that old tree?  Yep, I sure did!   I asked your Momma a hundred times to marry me, but she really never took me seriously until one evening when I told her that I had a big surprise for her.  I picked her up and asked her to please let me blind fold her.  She must have had quite a bit of trust in me because she let me do it!  Anyway, I blindfolded her and drove her around and around so that she wouldn’t know where we were.  When we stopped I lead her to the surprise.  I had a dinner prepared for us from Mrs. Dooley’s Restaurant. I put it all in a picnic basket, along with a lot of candles and a nice big blanket.  I had everything ready when I seated your dear Momma underneath that old Oak tree.  I had bought her the most expensive engagement ring that I could afford at the time and I prayed to the dear Lord that she would accept my proposal this time.  I wanted her to know without a doubt that she was the only woman for me.  Well, low and behold, when I took the blindfold off and she seen all that I had done for her, tears filled those brilliant blue eyes and she finally said yes!  We played the car radio until the battery went dead and danced underneath the starry sky until morning.  Here we are all these years later and I love her more today than I did back then!”

“Helen, honey, now pull you up a seat over there and quit coddling me.   Standing up over me like that must hurt your back!  It sure looks like a beautiful day, what do you want to do today?”

Before Amelia could answer Henry, there was a knock on the door.

“Excuse me, Ms. Amelia, but Mr. Tyler’s breakfast is here. He also needs his medicine as well” The nurse interrupted.  “Would you like to take him outside on the terrace? Maybe, Ms. Helen would like to go as well. She loves the gardens!” The nurse suggested with a wink.

“Yes Mam.”  Amelia said sadly.  For she really thought that today was going to be it.  Amelia knew that her Daddy was sick; however she never lost hope that one day as she visited him that he would just come to himself and never leave again.   She always believed that if there were anyone who ever came out of this dreadful captivity of the mind that it would be her Daddy.   She never knew anyone who was more passionate about life and living than her father was.

“He will come home to live again!” Amelia finally concluded.  “If anyone can beat this, it will be Daddy!”

“Do you want to go outside Daddy?  Come on let’s get you outside in that beautiful sunshine.”  Amelia cheered.  “The sunshine will do you some good!  How would you like to see Momma?”

“We can go outside if you want to Helen.  Why not?  All we do is stay inside these days.  It makes a body grow weary and it seems one day runs into another.”  Henry answered.

Amelia wheeled her Daddy down the hall to her mother’s room, where the nurse helped her get both of them outside into the beautiful sunshine.  She couldn’t help but notice that both of her parent’s heads were now much more gray and glistened in the brightness of the warm sun.  Amelia grieved the time that she felt her parents were losing.

Thank you so much for “tuning in” or reading along today! I hope that you will subscribe to my Youtube Channel as all of my videos are archived in order!

 It is my hope that you will keep the comments coming for not only are they encouraging me but I know that they are encouraging others who take the time to read them as well! 


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“Tune in” next week for Part 10 If Oak Trees Could Talk!

Part 6 If Oak Trees Could Talk!

24 Jun

Part 6 If Oak Trees Could Talk!.

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