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16 Sep

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Beat the Crunch with Guest Author, Terry Palmer

30 Nov

via Beat the Crunch with Guest Author, Terry Palmer

Beat the Crunch with Guest Author, Terry Palmer

30 Nov

Beat The Crunch !

What one Christian author learned from the NFL.

When one sees this headline, I’ll bet many of you groan and put on a disgusted look. “Oh no, another article about how the players kneel down during the national anthem, and etc…, on and on until you look for the puke bucket or simply walk away as you shake your head. Hey, after years of watching as an NFL fan, I’m at week seven dry. So that is two family groups, three young ones, who are tuned out to all of that expensive advertising, the noise of the games, and the disgusting parts too. I’m happy to say that I don’t miss it. But, that isn’t it…

While waiting in the dentist office with my wife for her next treatment, my eyes caught on an NFL article. Nope, it wasn’t a cry my eyes out failure story or even a negative sounding playback of a season long gone due to injuries, another common discussion. This next article contained a forward thinking team, a team which made the transition from loser to winner by implementing a four step winning philosophy and the players to move it forward. That team is the Rams and the part is called the flywheel.

  1. Learn from disappointments.
  2. Learn to throw.
  3. Build a better scheme.
  4. Momentum energized by results.

The entire idea is based on these four points as a circle which keeps going as you grow and learn. But… Hey, these are pro athletes and football. How does it fit for a Christian author?

The Rams changed the way they approached the game, how they played the game, and what they expected from the game. How about you, Christian author? Are you lost in a losing season without much hope of developing, playing, or winning, in the big marketing game that we all have to play?

Here is the next key question. Do you think spiritual warfare is real? Whew, I have a business group of some warrior ladies, who, before the Lord, can testify to the real threat of darkness to hinder our plans, our writing, our walk with the Lord; all as a means to kill, maim, or destroy our testimony, our writing, and our lives.

Perhaps you are already so wounded in your spirit, that the season is lost for you, and you doubt that you’ll ever get published and marketed? That wound is well known among us and it has another side which ends at the feet of Jesus. You see, we know the tears, the pain, the gut wrenching sob of rejection and defeat – and we know where it leads. Your despair, as a Christian, flows along a well traveled course of other authors. That road, so well traveled, takes you to the safest spot in the universe – right on your hands and knees before the Savior and creator of the world, who loves and cares so much for you, that He died for the sin which so easily wants to kill, maim, and destroy. But that isn’t the end of the story. Right behind the scene, away from the tears and sadness, Jesus has a showroom for you to walk through with Him as a guide, sort of like the hall of fame for Christians – way better than an NFL hall of fame.

Right at the door to His hall of fame is a plaque with verses from Hebrews 12: 1-2

Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us,

Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith; who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God.



Jesus nods at your tear stained face and points forward. “Your tears are your pass. I have a few things to show you. Here is one who is very dear to me. Recognize it?”

As you lean forward, you stop in awe. “Yes, little one, this is the spiritual armor that Moses wore as he stood in the courts of Egypt, just as it was back then when I brought him home to me.” The dented and stained armor stands now in a place of honor.

Jesus nods as you can’t move from the spot. “See this and that dent? “Hard blows from darkness, the witchcraft of his day. Oh, the battle raged as the evil reach of darkness wanted to keep my people locked away in slavery to the rulers of the world and to the darkness of sin.”

He points ahead. “Might be few more to see. Both ladies and men of faith.

See these, all lined up in a row? You’ve read about them and here they are. The spiritual armor of Abraham and Sarah, Isaac, Jacob, Ruth, Naomi, and so on.” The line stretched down the hall as a testament of His faithfulness to those gone before. Every piece of armor bore the stain and dent of battle. Some barely hung together, so great the battle, yet here they stood, proof of the mighty victory of Jesus.

Jesus pointed to a cluster of armor, still a bit shiny and something else. I had to step closer to see, and what is this? Water slowly dripped from the edge of each piece, gathered into a spot on the marble floor, and seeped away. “Yes, that is Noah and his family. Still the most laughed at pieces in the history of the world. I let them drip here for all these years as a memory of those days. I know that you feel a bit laughed at too.”


He pointed at another with a soft smile. “My dear friend, King David. A man with a big heart for the things of my kingdom. A few dents here too.” You gasp again, for the armor is a shamble of dent after dent upon dent. “See? David fought for more than his country. He fought bigger giants than Goliath. He fought darkness, just like you are doing.”

He pointed to the next rows. “Ah, my prophets. Each of these thought that they stood alone against the darkness of their day, each one battered and torn, yet see how the armor held together in spite of the hard press of darkness?”

You gasp again as Truth dawns in your spirit. “Now I get it. I think that no one else understands my battle, that I fight alone, and yet…”

Jesus points ahead. “Just like my disciples here, and Paul too. Yes, they’re worn a bit too. What else do you see?”

You catch a glimmer of what? What is it? You step closer as a faint trail flows from ancient armor to ancient armor. Like a smoky vapor, you see how the trace isn’t faint at all, but widely flows from piece to piece. “What? What is this wonder?”

Jesus nods. “It flows through you too. It’s the river of faith.” He nods forward. “A few more that I sent out in my name.”

Now you step ahead as the spiritual armor of missionaries and pastors line the great hall. “See? They too are battered and torn by the fight with darkness. Darkness that wanted to stop their message of love, joy, hope, and peace.”

You stop and stare. “Whew. Those are my four key words. How did yo…”

His loving eyes looked ahead. “Would you like to see your armor?”

You look ahead, looking for another pedestal of armor. “Look again.”

What you see is an ornate full length mirror. Two angels stand around it in full armor of battle. Each nods. “We’re with you all the way.” They pivot the mirror as you gasp. What you see isn’t very pretty. What you see is your reflection inside of a worn and torn suit of armor.

He points to a recent dent in the side of the suit. “Here is the recent crush of darkness which prompted you to take your eyes from me to only see the lost world of darkness and despair. But, um…”

You turn from side to side. I’m all in one piece, just like the others. The crush didn’t pierce through my soul and spirit like I felt it did?” Both angels reached around and handed me shiny objects. “Here, we polished these up for you.” They handed me my renewed shield of faith and my sharp sword of the spirit.

Jesus put his hand on my shoulder. “I’m sending you back into the fight. Some desperate people need to read what I placed in your heart to write. Will you go and fight for me? Finish the course? Waver not until your book is written, edited, and published as a fervent, effective tool for me to use to gather people out of darkness?”


The two angels rise up into the full glow of readiness for battle. “Just like every one in this great hall of witnesses. You’ll never be alone. Though darkness might seem to be too big, or the fight too strong, know that I AM, with you every step of the way.”



So now you’re back in front of your worn keyboard, wondering how to put it all together for yourself and your readers. Remember the four parts of the wheel?

  1. Learn from disappointments.
  2. Learn to throw.
  3. Build a better scheme.

    8) Momentum energized by results.

You’re the quarterback. You call the play.

Learn from your disappointments. So, you found out what doesn’t work. Join the team of all of the great inventors like Bell and Einstein, who had to first discover what didn’t work, before they found out what did work. Learn from that. Don’t try those routes again. Lean on Jesus to give you the insights to new and greater things. As He created the world and universe, he can certainly give you the creativity to find the way that works for you. Reach down around your waist and feel the tug? That’s the river of faith that you witnessed in the hall of faith. See how strong it is. Experience and hard times have made it strong, ready to hold you up in the wind of deceit.


Learn to throw. What? It’s called giving your pitch, you know, like what is your book about? Not the pitch that didn’t work, but a new style, with passion and creativity. I’ll give you an idea that worked for me. On a recent visit to our dentist office with my wife, I struck up a conversation with the two receptionists about grandchildren. Oh, how they perked up with a smile and quick funny story. You see, as I listened, I found the key. It wasn’t so much what I wanted to say, but instead what came out as their greatest interest – children. As an author of a Christmas children’ book, that became my cue. “Really? That’s cute. I write children’ books. Even have a new one for Christmas.” That resulted in two on-the-spot impulse sales. See… I had to learn to throw in a way that the audience could catch.



Respond in their voice.


We did the same thing for a Cyber Monday throw. Instead of the old numbers of two or three, we threw and caught 267 times.


Build a better scheme. In order to accomplish a better scheme, take a good look at what didn’t work. Take that stinker and give it a good shake. Some parts held up and others fell away. Now, build a better scheme. Write a new playbook. Surround yourself with players who also wear worn armor for Jesus. They’ll not just understand the play, but will help you knock down darkness and make the right throw for the score! In this manner, when one of you scores and wins, you all do. It takes hours of research, hours of reading, hours of prayer, hours of dedicated communication. As part of that plan, this ol’ author had to gather a team of marketing professionals who were experienced, passionate, and creative. Now, we bounce plays off of each other, step up to the line together, and away to battle we go in the name and team of Jesus!


Momentum energized by results. We called the signal. Darkness hurried to defeat us. We snapped and threw the ball – and scored big! You can do it too. The score didn’t happen on first down. No way. On first down, we were thrown for a loss. Loss of yards, loss of equipment, loss of funds, loss of connections, loss of cohesion.

So we got up, scraped off the grit and sod, for second down. We called the play and ran around the end for some good hard fought yards. It’s possible to move your writing ball against darkness. Resist the devil and he must flee from you.

So we faced third down and long. Sound familiar? The situation called for a new play. A play we rehearsed and planned for but hadn’t actually played in a real game. The results are on the scoreboard. 267 to 0. That is the number of books that are in the hands of our new customers from a single afternoon of a sales promotion.

Do you think we have momentum now? Yes we do and so can you! Now we’re back in the huddle. Not with frowns of defeat, but with a smile and determined look of understanding. We are energized by results. The entire team is. As we approach the kick off and new series, we know how to play and score. We know how to defeat darkness in Jesus name.

But wait. There is room on our team for more players. We’re looking for a few more authors who wear dented armor and know what it takes to win against darkness. We have a few trick plays to teach you and expect the same from you. Contact Terry at Fictionbypalmer@gmail.com. Call with your helmet on, shield up and ready, sword ready to strike, and a good book to sell in Jesus name.

Take a look at my play book at this link. You’ll see the book that made the play work. If you have little ones at home or know someone who does, please buy a copy and share with them. Sure, it looks like a Christmas book, but it’s actually a new generation gospel track, complete with three pages of ‘how to’ accept Jesus Christ. In this manner, you can ‘throw’ the text to the children and see if they’ll run with it. When they do accept Christ, it will be for all of eternity. That’s a game well played for Christ. Here is the link. GET IT HERE >>> https://goo.gl/7JkxMK

If Oak Trees Could Talk! Last FREE day!

2 Sep

Hey Everyone Thanks for being Awesome!

I wanted to remind you that today Friday September 2, 2016 will be the last day to GET YOUR FREE COPY

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If Oak Trees Could Talk!  


Romance/Suspense Novel If Oak Trees Could Talk!

Written by: Best Selling Author, Christine Gilliam Hornback

If Oak Trees Could Talk what stories could they tell? If she were the old Oak tree in Henry William Tyler’s side yard she would tell humorous and heartwarming romantic stories, but unfortunately all stories told by the old Oak tree cannot always be humorous or romantic. When Helen, the love of Henry’s life winds up in a nursing home, Henry becomes heartbroken and lonely. Unfortunately, in order to deal with his emotions, he develops temporary amnesia and winds up in the same nursing home. The couple, determined to leave Glenview’s Residential Home for the Elderly will do anything to resume their passionate pursuit of love and reclaim their lives.   Henry discovers a key to unlocking his memory bank by revisiting the old Oak tree in his mind, as well as a few other unexpected ways. Who better to help him find his way home than the old Oak who knew all there was to know about Henry?


Part 51 If Oak Trees Could Talk the FINALE! & A FREE GIFT!

30 Aug

Part 51 If Oak Trees Could Talk! FINALE & A FREE GIFT!

Yay! Everybody, I am so excited and yet a little saddened that this week, we are concluding the Video Blogs of my Romance/Suspense If Oak Trees Could Talk!  I want to thank all of you who have “tuned in” each week or read along with me.  I never realized how long the process would be but I love you for being faithful and showing up!  As I told the story I’ve tried to imagine you sitting across the table from me as if you were an old friend! This video blog is a little longer this week as I felt it necessary to get the rest of the story in, but it is the grand finale of If Oak Trees Could Talk!  So being true to my word, I want to give you the surprise gift that I mentioned in the last Video Blog for being here today and in the past weeks!

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We are picking up in Chapter 22 The Ghost, and will finish the book in Chapter 23!

They rushed out of the door and down the hallway going as fast as Helen could with her walker.  Soon they rounded the corner to the nurse’s station.  When Nurse Warren saw them she immediately ran to them as she could see that they were very upset.

            “Is everything okay, Mrs. Tyler?” Nurse Warren asked.

            “No not at all, it is urgent that we call our Daughter!”  Helen said. 

            “Okay, but is there anything that I can do to help you?”  Nurse Warren asked.

            “No, please, I just need to talk with my Daughter immediately!”  Helen stated.

            “Nurse Warren went around the desk and placed the telephone onto the counter.  Do you know your Daughter’s telephone number, Mrs. Tyler?” 

            “Yes I do!” Helen answered as she dialed Amelia’s number as fast as she could while Henry held the phone.  “Here Henry, tell her what you told me!”  Helen ordered,

            The telephone rang once, twice, three times and still no answer, then on the fourth ring Amelia answered the phone.

            “Hello, Steele Residents” she said,

            “Amelia, it’s your father!  Something is terribly wrong.  Mr. Hodges and Sheriff Eugene are going to commit murder if they haven’t already.  I heard them say it needed to be done immediately to a Mr. Stapleton.  We need you to convince someone that I am not making this up!  Something has to be done!”  Henry said very directly.  “Do you understand me, Amelia?  I heard them say they that they were going to do it. I also saw what they were going to do it with.  The Sheriff is dirty, so I do not know who to call.  Please tell Robert.  We would like to get out of here as soon as possible!”

            “Daddy, Mr. Howard and Mr. Henderson are here.  They will know what to do.   Go back to your room immediately and we will come after you!  Lock the door! We will be there after you. Hurry, go back to your room and wait on us to get there! Do not open the door until you hear mine or Robert’s voice,” Amelia pleaded.

Amelia ran immediately into the front room where her company was.  She told them what her Daddy overheard and seen.   Mr. Howard used Amelia’s telephone and immediately called the counties District Attorney and the regular police department since Glenview is in the city limits.            Mr. Howard and Mr. Henderson left immediately to go to Glenview.  Robert called his sister and dropped the boys off, as Nurse Melba Applegate and Amelia drove on to the Glenview.

            When Amelia had gotten to Glenview, the police was already there.  She pressed through with Nurse Applegate after convincing the police that it was her parents that had called.  She ran through the entrance past the nurse’s station to the hallway where her parent’s room was.  She knocked urgently and told them to please open up. 

            Immediately Henry opened the door and Amelia fell in his arms.  He was obviously shaken, but strong.  Amelia then ran to her Momma, “are you okay?”

            “We’re fine Dear, just upset that Mr. Hodges is so evil.   I feel sorry for poor Ed and Immagene Perkins.   Bless their hearts.  How their hearts must break to have a son like Sheriff Eugene.” Helen sighed sadly.

            “Daddy the police are going to want to talk with you.  Are you ready for this?”  Amelia asked.

            “Yes, Dear, I am ready! You do believe me don’t you Amelia?”  Henry asked rather pathetically.

            “Of course I believe you Daddy!”  Amelia reassured.

            When Amelia and her parents walked around the corner, Mr. Hodges was pressed up against the wall in handcuffs.  Henry couldn’t believe what he saw. He feared that they would think he was just a senile old man because it was his word over Mr. Hodges but they took him seriously. 

            “Mr. Tyler, Sir, may we speak to you, please? 

            “Absolutely Police officer, Henry said as he followed the police officer and signed papers promising that all the things he had witnessed and heard were true. Mr. Howard was by Henry’s side.

            “Oh and Mr. Tyler, Good news, you saved Mr. Stapleton’s life.  He is in very serious condition, but he is alive.  It seems that what was in the syringe was some kind of allergens that Mr. Hodges knew that he was allergic to.  It would have been fatal if you had not called when you did.  We will ask more questions later, go home and get some rest.”  The Policeman said.

            “Let’s go home, Helen!  Are you ready?”  Henry asked as he pulled her in to him and kissed her hard on the lips!

            “I have never been more ready in my life, my Hero!”  Helen said with a huge smile! 

            “Oh it was just a Ghost!”  Henry said with that familiar little impish grin.

            Nurse Melba smiled as she stood in the distance and watched Amelia’s parents.  Robert and Amelia were standing beside her.  “Your parents are the real deal aren’t they?”  Melba asked.

            “Yes, my dear friend, they are the real deal! You must really get to know them!” Amelia answered as she watched her parents with tears of joy and admiration in her eyes.

Chapter 23

Home Sweet Home

            Henry and Helen walked out of their bedroom into the kitchen.  Helen put them on a pot of coffee.  She couldn’t wait for it to finish brewing though for her heart longed to see the sun come up.  She walked out of the French doors onto the patio and sat down.  It was a brand new life and as the sun came up, Helen was grateful for the second chances.  Soon Henry came out with coffee in hand. 

            “Here, my love! Just the way you like it!”

            “You are here and sharing it with me! That’s the way I like it!”  Helen commented.

            “I want to make a toast!  This is to a long, healthy and happy life together!” Henry said as they clicked their cups gently together.   They sat peacefully as the sun rose and Henry and Helen’s new life had begun. 

Henry and Helen lived their life with even more passion and purpose the second time around.  They lived it with more awareness of all the tiny things that were so important.   They realized that all of those tiny things in their lives that they used to take for granted, when added up were the sum of all the big things that were the most important.  Henry and Helen had a second chance at being parents, grandparents, neighbors and friends and even great grandparents!

            They truly pursued love.   The love they pursued wasn’t the generic kind of love that was based on condition.  No they learned the true unconditional kind of love.   They enjoyed the giving of it and the receiving of it.  Henry and Helen found out that the difficult things that come are not supposed to tear apart but are meant to bind together. 

            As soon as Henry was well enough, he went back to work at his hardware store.  When he went back the business more than doubled.   It wasn’t because people needed more hardware, but because the people crowded in for the entertainment of hearing Henry tell his stories again!  He told new stories of a man who went into a nursing home with memory loss but when he wanted to remember things, he sat under an old Oak tree in his mind.  He could then remember again.   The people thought that he was sure telling some whoppers!  Henry thought how life reads like a good fiction.   As people pressed him for more and more stories, He decided to pen his own story to see if anyone would take the time to read it.  He entitled his story If Oak Trees Could Talk.

            Henry and Helen lived and loved until they were Ninety Eight years old. That was almost Twenty-five years after they walked out of Glenview.  They were married Eighty years. They both died within two days of each other and were buried in one grave under the old Oak tree. Their monument read “They Passionately Pursued Life and Love!” 

Everything they owned of course went to Amelia’s family with only one exception.  Henry and Helen wanted all of the proceeds of the sales of Henry’s book If Oak Trees Could Talk to go to some folks who couldn’t afford their bills at the Glenview Residential Home for the Elderly in Mason Creek, Georgia.

 Robert, Amelia and their family still had a crowd of regulars at Tyler’s Hardware store.  People would still gather around to hear Henry tell his stories for years after he had died.  At Amelia’s suggestion he had physically recorded himself reading his story of If Oak Trees Could Talk as well as his other embellished tales. Folks would come in as usual.  They would get them an ice cold soda pop along with a brown paper sack of fresh hot boiled peanuts cooked with Henry’s very own recipe.  As they pulled themselves up a chair and listened to Henry’s whopper tales, they continued to enjoy Henry’s company!     

Thank you once again for “tuning in” or reading along with me!  It is my hope that you have enjoyed my Romance/Suspense novel, If Oak Trees Could Talk, for it has been my pleasure to share it with you!  As always I would love to hear from you.  I want to thank all of you that have begun following my WordPress blogs.  Please continue to check in often as I have had some very exciting things happening that I would love to share with you! If you are interested in obtaining your own copy of If Oak Trees Could Talk in paperback format or any of my other books, please visit my Amazon Author Page here!  Also If you are new to my Video Blogs and would like to catch up on the story from the beginning please check out the archives in this blog or simply Subscribe to my blogs or to my  Youtube Videos as they are numbered and in order!  When you Subscribe to my WordPress Blogs, I have a wonderful free gift for you as my thank you! I am also a weekly contributor to The Lakeview Times.   All of my videos are published each week at http://www.lakeviewtimes.com


Part 50 If Oak Trees Could Talk!

24 Aug

Part 50 If Oak Trees Could Talk!

I am so excited to have you join me for another video blog of my Romance/Suspense Novel If Oak Trees Could Talk!  I am excited to announce that because you have stuck in here with me that I am going to do something special for you!  At the final Video Blog which should be in a couple of weeks or so, I will be giving you a free gift as a thank you gift for being who you are and coming along beside of me for all of these videos!

In other exciting news my brand New book released last week  5 Steps to Birthing Your Dream A Spiritual Midwife’s Manual  It has been ranked #1 Best Seller in 3 Categories and #1 Hot New Seller!  I want to thank you if you went in and got your copy!  I am so thrilled because when you work hard and it pays off, it is worth all of the effort!  Let me encourage you that if you have had dreams and haven’t seen them yet, don’t give up!  Maybe you might have failed at doing something, don’t just give up on them, get back up and try a different approach but don’t let your dream die!

Okay, yes, it’s time to get on with the this week’s blog!  We pick back up in

Chapter 22 The Ghost!

Soon there was a loud knock on Mr. Hodge’s door.  Henry listened intently to hear every detail clearly 

            “It’s about time!”  Mr. Hodges’ said.  “Did anyone see you come up here?”  He continued.

            “What if they did?  I am the Sheriff of this little one horse town.  Who would stop me or with all of these old retards living here who would even know that I was here? Heck they don’t even know that they are here!  Sheriff Eugene said as he laughed. “Oh, Maybe Mr. Henry Tyler would see me!”  He said again as he continued to laugh.  “That goofy man was sitting in a limb of a tree like a squirrel only he was naked!  What do you think he is going to say?” Eugene asked as he continued laughing uncontrollably while he made fun of the residents of Glenview.

            “Okay, you’ve made your point.  Now let’s get down to business. Mr. Stapleton needs to go into a coma and then pass away in peaceful sleep!”  Mr. Hodges stated plainly.  “His wife just died, bless her heart, and he has no more relatives.  We stand to get all of his life insurance which I might say is a substantial amount.  Here is the syringe with what you will need to do it.  Don’t come back until I call for you. Do I make myself clear?”  Mr. Hodges ordered.  “There will be a huge big fat bonus in this one for you, Sheriff.” He said with an evil smile. 

            “Mr. Stapleton will meet his maker ASAP.”   Eugene promised as he went out the door.  Mr. Hodges waited about twenty minutes until he see Eugene out in the parking lot.  Mr. Hodges signaled him and thumbs up and then walked out of the office.  Henry moved quickly to get back through the duct and back to the cafeteria.  He made it back in record time.  He rushed down the ladder and had just gotten in rolled back in front of the high pantry shelf which is where he got it when he heard a noise.  He quickly dropped and went behind a counter.  It was Nurse Warren getting her a soda pop out of a vending machine.  She then turned and went back down to the nurse’s station.  Henry rushed to put everything back just as though he hadn’t touched a thing.  He pushed the cafeteria door open, ran back to the Stair door and pushed it open.  He ran through the stairwell and quickly opened the door slightly to see if it was clear.  Henry then ran and got back into his room just in time.  All of a sudden there a soft knock at the door.  He quickly got into bed, clothes and all. He covered up, closed his eyes and acted as though he were sound asleep when Nurse Warren peeked in.  Everything seemed as it should have.  The “Ghost” was in bed! Henry took in a deep breath as he tried to figure out what to do next.

            He needed to contact someone with the information that he found out.  But who could he contact?  The sheriff was dirty and as Henry thought about what Sheriff Eugene had said about the residents of Glenview, and especially about him, he realized that the Sheriff was probably right.  If he told what he knew, who would believe him? Who but Helen would even believe him, with the exception of maybe Amelia?  He couldn’t sleep knowing that Mr. Stapleton was going to be murdered. Sheriff Eugene had already left.   He may have already used the syringe on Mr. Stapleton.  He had to do something even if people did think he was crazy. 

            He woke up Helen.  “Helen, Sweetheart, wake up.  I need you to wake up?” 

            Helen rolled over immediately to see why Henry was so upset. 

            “What is wrong, Henry?  Why are you so upset?”  Helen drilled.

            “Quick I need for you to get up.  I’ve got to tell you something and I need for you to believe me okay.  I need you to know that I am not crazy and that I am perfectly sane in what I going to tell you.

            Helen sat up and looked right into Henry’s eyes. “Okay, honey, what is it?”

            “Mr. Hodges and Sheriff Eugene are going to murder someone.  His name is Mr. Stapleton.  They may have already done it.  I heard them planning it.  I heard Mr. Hodges tell the Sheriff that it needed to be done and how to do it.  He gave him a syringe full of something and told him that it had to be done immediately.  Sheriff said it would be done “ASAP.”  What do we do Helen?”

            “Let’s go to the nurse’s station and call Amelia right now.  She will know what to do! We will have her to come and get us.  What time is it?

            “It is about Eight-thirty. I heard them talking about Eight o’clock this evening.” Henry explained.

 “I’ll get dressed!” Helen said as she moved as quickly as she could. 

            “What if they just think I am crazy? Henry questioned.

            “What if they do and this Mr. Stapleton dies.  What if they believe you and he is saved from those mad men?” Helen said.  “This will just have to do,” Helen said as she slicked down her shiny gray hair. “Come on let’s go.”      

Thank you once again for “tuning in” or reading along with me!  It is my hope that you have been enjoying my Romance/Suspense novel, If Oak Trees Could Talk, for it has been my pleasure to share it with you!  As always I would love to hear from you.  I want to thank all of you that have begun following my WordPress blogs.  Please continue to “tune it” as we are moving right along through the book.

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Part 47 If Oak Trees Could Talk!

20 Jul

Part 47 If Oak Tree Could Talk     

I don’t know about you, but time seems to be marching way to fast on this end of the screen!  Here we are in the middle of summer already! As always I am so grateful  that you’re here, and with all of my heart I want to thank you again for either reading along with me or listening to my Video Blog of my Romance/Suspense novel If Oak Trees Could Talk each week.   We will be winding the novel up in a few weeks, so my hope is that you will continue to stick in here with me until the end!

I am excited because I’ve been working on a brand new book entitled:

5 Steps to Birthing your Dream (A Spiritual Midwife’s Manual)!  As an author, this for me is such a release of creativity and overwhelming joy!  I pour my heart and soul into each of my books. The expectancy of them really touching the hearts of my readers is something that is difficult to explain!  I once heard it said and I am sure I am not quoting it exactly, “Being a writer is both an egotistical and a humbling thing, it is an egotistical person who would think people would actually want to read what they write, but again, it is also a humbling experience to think of people actually wanting to read what I write!”   I know I probably botched that quote, but my point is that I am truly humbled that many of you have followed my blogs every week.  I honor you as my guest today and wish I could set across from you and sip on a tall glass of sweet tea or maybe a cup of coffee and simply visit with you.  I would love to hear what you aspire to be, or what you’ve already achieved.  Maybe as we shared with one another, we would realize that we both bring a lot to that table and can really help one another!

Today we pick up back up in Chapter 21 The Final Plan

Another knock at the door came on the heels of Mr. Hodges leaving.  Amelia again answered it.  This time it was Nurse Applegate.

            “Hello, Nurse Applegate, Amelia said rather loudly so if perhaps Mr. Hodges was listening she did not want to let on that she knew Nurse Melba on a first name basis. 

            When Nurse Applegate was inside, Amelia shut the door.  She immediately asked Nurse Melba if she could meet with her and Mr. Henderson at her house.  Melba agreed.

“Oh, Mrs. Tyler, before I forget, therapy is looking for you. I did not want you to be alarmed when someone knocked on your door.”  Nurse Applegate stated.    “They went into your old room several times yesterday.  I think they assumed that you had gotten released to go home since you have just a few more sessions to go.”  Nurse Applegate explained.  “It is okay Mrs. Tyler they are the same therapist that you’ve always had!”

            “Momma and Daddy, I have some more errands I need to run before this evening.  If you need me I will be home around Six o’clock.  She then turned to Nurse Melba, if you’re off early, then who will take over for you?”  Amelia said with concern. 

            “I will order their dinner and medication before I leave.  Nurse Warren will be at the desk again, so if they need anything, all they will need to do is buzz her via their on-call button and she will assist them.  Will you be okay with that Mr. and Mrs. Tyler?”  

            “Whew, finally Helen, some alone time if you know what I mean!” Henry said as he winked at his sweet Helen.  What’s the sense in having our own room and double bed if we can’t use them?”  He continued with that familiar grin.

            Nurse Applegate just smiled.  She thought that Henry was talking out of his head.  She never knew anyone that still had relations after they were senior citizens. 

            Helen flashed Henry a gentle smile, however she was weary. She wanted this to come to an end.  She, like Henry found something at home that she had lost.  She was ready to reclaim it.  She remembered back again when Henry was in the service.  He was wounded as he rescued many men from his battalion.  In return for his bravery, he received the Purple Heart for his service, but Helen didn’t want Henry to prove he was a hero again.  He was her hero already.  She just wanted both of them home where they could enjoy and really live the rest of their lives together. She never wanted to waste one more moment being in Glenview. 

            Amelia seen something in her mother’s face that she had never seen before. Not even when she first had her stroke and had to work so hard to regain her speech and mobility.  No this was something else altogether.

            “What is it Momma?”  Amelia asked as she was very concerned.  Go see the lawyer Amelia. I am ready to leave this place now! I’ve changed my mind about being in here.  I don’t want to wait.  We can do what we have to do on the outside.”  Helen stated.  When she was that direct, Amelia knew that her mother meant it, so she determined to see Mr. Howard, her parent’s lawyer on the way home.

            Henry in the meantime thought it a wonderful thing that Nurse Applegate or no other nurse would be checking on them.  He felt like tonight was the night that the Ghost did his thing!  He had rehearsed what he was going to do.  He mentally memorized all of the details down to even the black uniforms that were lying on the shelf in the cafeteria’s supply closet.

            “I will see you later on in the evening Mr. and Mrs. Tyler to get your dinner orders! If you need anything before then, just buzz me!”  Nurse Applegate said as she headed toward the hallway.  “I will see you after while Amelia.”  She whispered as she was now in the hallway.

            “Daughter, please stay with your mother for just a little while longer.   I need to go somewhere really quickly. I will be right back!” Henry ordered.

            “Daddy, I don’t want you out where Mr. Hodges can see you.  If you get into more trouble, I hate to think what he would do to you!”  Amelia tried to convince. Listen, I know that you both feel like you’re in imprisoned, but why don’t you go to the activity center and visit with some of your friends.  At least get out of this room and try to enjoy yourself a little.

            “I’ll be right back, gals.  It won’t take me but a second.  Now stop treating me like I am a little boy Amelia!”  Henry scolded.

            “Henry, there is no sense in speaking to Amelia that way!” Helen said. “I don’t want you to go out there either!  I know that you are the hard headed man that I love, not some little boy.  We are concerned for you!”  She continued as she softened up every harsh word.

            Henry was determined to do what he felt needed to be done.  He opened the door to look out.  He spanned the hallway.  He stepped outside and instead of taking a left to go toward the front desk he took a right in the opposite direction.  Henry needed to find a way to get to the cafeteria without having to walk past Nurse Warren.  He really didn’t want to run the risk of running into any of the staff.  The staff, however knew that Henry was an amnesia patient and could be a wanderer.  After all, he had just come back from a trip where he wandered all the way home.  He walked down to the end of the long empty corridor.  At the last door was a sign in bold red letters that read stairs.  Henry opened the door and went inside.  It was a stairwell to every hallway on that floor.   When Henry followed it through to the end, he realized that the hallway actually ended a door down from the cafeteria.   He needed, however, to check out where it ended if he went up a flight of steps to the next floor which is where Mr. Hodges’ office was located.  While Henry was climbing the steps he realized just how noticeably out of shape he had gotten because he was breathing very heavily.  He thought to himself when he got back home he would fix that problem.  He would start working in the gardens or mowing lawn again.  Henry would get back into shape not only physically but also mentally as he loved his gardens for they were good for his soul. When at the top of the steps there was an exit door to the second floor.  Henry opened it slightly and looked out.  This hallway was much busier.  As he continued to watch he saw Mr. Hodges.  He was standing at another nurse’s station.  There wasn’t anyone down at the end of the hallway where Henry was so he opened the door just slightly more to get a better view.   He noticed that this floor seemed to be busier than the floor he and Helen were on.  As he continued watching he realized that this was the floor that the really sick residents lived.  When he moved to the extreme left he could see a patient who was hooked to several machines that beeped. He watched Mr. Hodges until he moved from the nurse’s desk.  He walked to the end of the hallway until he disappeared into a room to the right.  Henry concluded that this was Mr. Hodges office.  It was as he had estimated earlier on his trip with Nurse Applegate.  Mr. Hodges’ office runs parallel with the cafeteria.

             Henry quickly found his way back to his room after he was satisfied that he knew the layout of Glenview’s building and most importantly where Mr. Hodges’ office was located.  He would move tonight as soon as the cafeteria closed.  He too was ready to leave Glenview, but he wanted to leave knowing that he had done all that he could to help his friends and neighbors that had  no choice but to stay at Glenview. 

            When Henry returned to his room Amelia was obviously upset that he took so long.  “Now, Daddy, you are worrying me and Momma. Please forget about what you think you need to do.  I will take care of everything, I promise.”  Amelia pleaded, but she and Helen knew that it was a waste of good time and energy.  When Henry set his mind to doing something, he was going to do it or die trying, no matter what he ran up against. Amelia just hushed and squeezed her Momma’s hand. 

            “Okay, now that you are both back together I am going to say good-bye.  Do you need anything before I leave or do you need me to bring you back anything?”  Amelia asked. I sure wish you were coming with me, she said in all sincerity.

            “We will be home very soon dear!”  Helen whispered. “We will!”

            Henry shook his head in agreement as Amelia hugged them both.  She looked at Henry, and ordered, “Daddy, please stay out of trouble.”          

Thank you once again for “tuning in” or reading along with me!  It is my hope that you have been enjoying my Romance/Suspense novel, If Oak Trees Could Talk, for it has been my pleasure to share it with you!  As always I would love to hear from you.  I want to thank all of you that have begun following my WordPress blogs.  Please continue to “tune it” as we are moving right along through the book.

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Part 46 If Oak Trees Could Talk!

14 Jul

Part 46 If Oak Trees Could Talk!

Welcome! I’m so glad that you have chosen to join me as I continue my Video Blogs of my Romance/Suspense novel If Oak Trees Could Talk! We only have a couple of chapters to finish.  I cannot stress enough how grateful I am that many of you have stuck in here with me with each posting!

We continue to today in Chapter 21 The Final Plans

“So I see they brought in all of the things from the other room!  It looks nice in here.  I love the fact that both of you are together. It makes me feel a little better about things.” Amelia stated alluding to Mr. Hodges threats.  “How do you like the room?  “How do you like Nurse Applegate?”  Amelia asked as she found her to be very sweet and attentive to her parents needs the day before.

            “We like it. Of course it sure wasn’t like being home!  It is a little confusing for your Daddy as it has the gardens out back.  He sometimes thinks he might be home, but then he realizes that he’s not. Oh and Nurse Applegate seems to be really sweet.   She’s not Nurse Wanda.  Nurse Wanda knew us and we never had to ask for anything, or order anything.  Nurse Wanda knew what we liked.  We know that this new little nurse has big shoes to fill and she is trying.   We feel good about her.  She let Henry go with her last night to the cafeteria.  He also went to his old room and found his old friend.”  Helen answered.

            “I like her to. I feel bad for her though.  She has sadness in her eyes.”  Henry commented. 

            “Is the enemy here?” Henry asked knowing that Amelia would know exactly who he was speaking of.  I have to give you something Daughter.”  Henry whispered.  He was referring to the new medication that had been assigned to him.  He wanted Amelia to take it and find out what it was. Neither Henry nor Helen was willing to take any new medications until they found out what they were for. 

            “Yes, He was in the lobby with some poor souls who doesn’t know how evil he is.   He stared me down after I pushed Sheriff Eugene out of the entrance way to even get into the building. I don’t like that man or trust him.  I don’t like this Glenview at all either!  I want to know why you insist on staying here.  We can go see a lawyer and deal with the legal issues of leaving.  You have the right to leave this place.  You are not prisoners for God’s sake.  Will both of you just consider coming back home.  Daddy you are so much better. I know that you will get completely well if you come home!”  Amelia convinced. “I don’t like this place anymore.  It is not safe.”

            “Give me a little time Amelia.  The Ghost is going to do his work and then I will be ready to leave.”  Henry stated again with his impish grin. 

            “Daddy, are you okay?” Amelia asked because she honestly thought that Henry was talking out of his head again. She looked at her mother to see if she had anything to add as to why he was saying what he was saying.   She then asked about their medications.  “Has any new medications been subscribed to either of you?” Amelia whispered.

            Helen answered, “Show her Henry.  Hurry, before someone comes in!”  Helen ordered.

            “Henry pulled a little bag out of his pocket.  On the inside was a small pill cup that had two white pills.  He whispered, “I’ve never taken these before.  I don’t know what they are or what they are for! I thought you could take them and get them checked. I pretended to take them.  I am not going to take anything else. If I never needed it when I was really bad, surely I do not need them now!”  Henry concluded. 

            “I agree Daddy, hurry give them to me!”  Amelia ordered.  “So Nurse Applegate has already been in this morning?” Amelia asked casually because she really wanted to speak with her about coming to her house to meet Mr. Henderson.

            “Yes she was in this morning.  She ordered our breakfast and gave us our medications.  She said that normally she would take us outside and let us enjoy the gardens but it was written on our charts that Glenview has recently discovered that Mr. Tyler has horrible allergies and that he is being treated.   Now who do you think wrote such lies on our charts?  Everybody who knows us knows that we have beautiful gardens at home. If we were allergic to everything, would we have gardens?”  Helen asked.

            “Momma, it was Mr. Hodges, he said that you would not be able to go outside because he is afraid that you and Daddy would try to escape again.  That is why I feel he has someone watching you guys.  He may not, but it would surprise me if he didn’t.  So Daddy, I ask that you please do not do anything with this ghost thing that you’re talking about. Okay, I don’t want us to spoil our visit by talking about Mr. Hodges all day.  Tell me how you felt being at home!”  Amelia said.

             Helen and Henry told her how liberated they felt.  They felt young again and knew that they gained back something that they could not find while being cooped up here at Glenview.  Henry said that he knew he could not or would not stay at Glenview when Helen went home.  When Mr. Hodges told Henry that he would not be able to go home for a long while, Henry then panicked and went home to visit his old friend. 

            “I know it sounds crazy Amelia, but when I look over there on the wall at my old friend.  I know that I have everything I need to get better!  I am coming out of here.  In a few days or it might not be that long!”  Henry stated plainly because he knew his plans for Mr. Hodges.  He needed to tweak his plan just a little and then the Ghost was ready to move! 

            “Well, again I don’t like it Daddy, but I’ve never tried to force you guys into doing what I thought was best.  Just know that I have a plan as well.  We are going to get this guy!”

            Just as the words came out of her mouth, there was a hard knock at the door.  Amelia walked over to see who it could be.  When she opened it, she was surprised to see Mr. Hodges. 

            “Yes, may I help you?”  Amelia asked.

            “Yes, I wanted to clear up our little misunderstanding from yesterday!”  Mr. Hodges replied.

            “Which misunderstanding are you referring to, Mr. Hodges?  Amelia questioned as she saw evil in the face.  She knew that he was up to something.  She never trusted him.

            “I hope that you realize that it is highly out of the ordinary that we let husband and wife stay in the same room.  I was going to put your parents further away only because I did not want the other patients or their relatives to find out about them staying in the same room.  If I show favor to one, than you must understand that others will want to stay together as well.”  Mr. Hodges tried to convince.

            “Very well, I guess I can understand your reasoning.”  Amelia said to appease him.  “I appreciate that they have this room now.”   

            “Yes, well, I just thought that we needed to bury the hatchet so to speak so that we can continue to provide your parents with the best care that Glenview has to offer.  It was unfortunate that Nurse Smith had to be dismissed, but she was very negligent in her duties.  How is Nurse Applegate working out for you?”  Mr. Hodges continued to ask as though he really cared.   He may have totally deceived Henry and Helen once, but it would never happen again.

            “Nurse Applegate is doing a good job, she just doesn’t know my parents yet the way that Nurse Wanda did.   But in time, I am sure that she will be wonderful.”  Amelia said as to convince Mr. Hodges that she had not gotten to know Nurse Melba or that she was going to meet with her again as soon as possible to try to indict him.   Amelia also led Mr. Hodges to believe that her parents were going to stay at Glenview for a while, but they weren’t.  She actually decided to leave Glenview early and go see her parent’s lawyer before going back home.  She needed to make for sure that she had everything in order just in case that Mr. Hodges or any other Director at Glenview would try to keep her parents legally bound to Glenview.

            Mr. Hodges grinned and proceeded to tell the Tyler’s to have a nice day as he left their room.  He was feeling pretty confident that Amelia and her parents bought his apology.  He, however, was determined that Henry Tyler would pay for the embarrassment that he caused him and Glenview.  He was feeling pretty smug.

Thank you once again for “tuning in” or reading along with me!  It is my hope that you have been enjoying my Romance/Suspense novel, If Oak Trees Could Talk, for it has been my pleasure to share it with you!  As always I would love to hear from you.  I want to thank all of you that have begun following my WordPress blogs.  Please continue to “tune it” as we are moving right along through the book.

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Part 45 If Oak Trees Could Talk!

6 Jul

Part 45 If Oak Trees Could Talk! Have you just had something to come up that prevented you from doing something even though you really wanted to do it!  That was the past week when it came to doing…

Source: Part 45 If Oak Trees Could Talk!

Part 45 If Oak Trees Could Talk!

6 Jul

Part 45 If Oak Trees Could Talk!

Have you just had something to come up that prevented you from doing something even though you really wanted to do it!  That was the past week when it came to doing my regular Video Blog of   If Oak Trees Could Talk!  Both my husband and I ended up catching a mean head cold or a series of allergy attacks.   Needless to say I sounded like I was talking through my nose and was hoarse because my nose ran and I coughed so much.  I was sure that you wouldn’t have wanted to hear me squeak through as I whispered through the Video blog of my book!

So even though I have coughed and sneezed, and blew my nose a hundred or more times, I’m here and am determined that I am going to deliver another Video Blog so that we can ease closer to the final dot and tittle of  my Romance Suspense Novel  If Oak Trees Could Talk!    My sincerest gratitude goes out to all of you as you stick in here with me!  Today we began in a new Chapter!


Chapter 21

The Final Plans

The morning came in bright and cheery as Amelia’s feet hit the floor.  She paraded off to the shower to get her day started.  When she came out of the bathroom, Robert was still lying in bed asleep.  Amelia looked at him with such love.  He was her rock.  He supported her in everything that she had ever wanted to do.  As she stood just staring at him, he opened his eyes to her tender smile.  He yawned and stretched and smiled back.

“Good morning, was I drooling or something?  What’s so funny that you were looking at me with that Henry Tyler grin of yours?”  Robert asked as he chuckled a little.

Amelia walked over to the bed and climbed in.  She sprawled him as she bent over and kissed him. Robert shivered as her long cold dripping hair touched his chest.  She laughed out loud as Robert let out a yell.  He then rolled her over onto her back and tickled her unmercifully until she begged him to stop. He tenderly kissed her.  He rolled back off of her and lay beside her.  They held hands as she told him of her plans for the day.  She was going to go immediately to check on her parents.  After that she was going to speak to Mr. Henderson about coming to their house.  She was going to invite Nurse Melba Applegate to come to their house as well. Amelia wanted Melba to be able to share with Mr. Henderson about all that she knew about Mr. Hodges and the Scioto County Nursing Home in private.

“What time will you come home, then?”  Robert asked.  “I would like to be here to hear all that is said, so that I can help us figure out our next move!”  He continued.

“I will try to be home when you get home from the Hardware store! How’s that!  I need to make up a few appetizers for our company!  I just do not want to set the meeting in town in case Mr. Hodges has more people like Sheriff Eugene working for him.   I want this to be top secret until Mr. Henderson can present the evidence we have to the Attorney.  I am just hoping that we will have enough on Mr. Hodges to go forward and that he is immediately arrested.  If not, then my parents along with Nurse Melba’s father could be at great risk.  Robert, I can’t believe this is going on right here in Mason Creek.” Amelia said with a sad sigh.  “If I didn’t know it to be true, no one could have convinced me that this was happening.  One thing I can say about Mr. Hodges is that he knows how to direct Glenview very efficiently as to not draw any unwanted attention to himself.  He’s never presented Glenview as being anything other than a top of the line care facility which may be, until you cross him.  I guess I just wonder why others have never came forward?  Surely others suspected wrong doing at times.   I mean if suddenly my father who has never slept all the time, started sleeping or was zoned out all the time, I would be finding out what was going on?   I realize many of the older folks in there are really sick and weak.  Maybe their loved ones can’t tell the difference between their sicknesses or a medicated state.   It is a sad day in Mason Creek.    The news of Glenview is going to rock our little peaceful community. You know we’ve just always have had such loving and caring folks here!  Who would have imagined someone like Mr. Hodges living here under such pretense?

“Well Honey, unfortunately, I guess it is a sign of the times that we now live in.  Things have changed so much since we were youngsters.” Robert stated.

“Speak for yourself Old Man Steele, but I am still a youngster!” Amelia teased.

“Your parents are still youngsters for sure! Heck, they’re younger than we are!” Robert said with a chuckle. “I need to learn some of your Daddy’s romantic tricks if you know what I mean!”  Robert said as he gently stroked down Amelia’s wet hair and then her bare shoulder.  He gently pressed against Amelia and kissed her passionately.

“Oh Baby, believe me, you have all of the tricks that you need!  Amelia stated,” but I am so sorry dear, you won’t get a chance to use any of them this morning!  I’ve got to get up out of this bed and get dressed.  I’ve got to get the kids up for school and drive to Glenview early.  Maybe you can think of some romantic tricks to use on me later!  I’ll look forward to them!  Amelia promised with another kiss as she sprung up out of the bed and ran to the bathroom. 

“See, I obviously do not have the kind of Romantic tricks that your Daddy has.  He is how old?  He always has your Momma smiling!”  Robert continued to tease.

Amelia came and stood in front of Robert at the foot of the bed. She then smiled ear to ear!  She laughed out loud as she ran to the bathroom to dry her hair. 

“I am determined that I will make that smile of yours real!”  Robert promised.

          Amelia didn’t style her hair.  She just blew it dry and let it go natural.  She rushed to get dressed so that she could drink at least one cup of coffee before waking the boys.

          “Do you want anything for breakfast?”  She asked as she was rushing toward the hallway.  “I’m putting on coffee before I wake the boys!” 

          “Nope, thank you, coffee is fine. I have an early meeting at the Hardware Store with Joe Bentley from Bentley Farm Supply this morning around Nine o’clock. Thought I would bring in Elma’s Biscuits.   Meet you down stairs in a few!”  Robert answered.

          Amelia loved being a wife and a mother.  She also loved working at the Hardware store while her boys were at school. It gave her great joy to hear so many of their customers who were mostly neighbors and friends speak adoringly about her parents.  She appreciated Mr. Thomas helping out while she was taking care of her parents.  Closing the store was never an option with Amelia.  She grew up in the hardware store. When she was little, her father had built a nice little cubby or nook for her.  He built it right under the stairs.  It was her little secret thinking place, or at least when she was small she thought of it as a secret. Amelia wanted to pass the Hardware store on to her children and grandchildren, but as Robert said times were changing so with the world, she only hoped that the boys would want the business when they were grown.

          Amelia woke the boys up and pulled out some cereal from the cabinet.  She placed the milk and some fresh fruit on the table and waited for the men in her life to come into the kitchen.  In the meantime, she opened the kitchen window over the sink and listened to the glorious sounds of the birds singing.  It was already quite warm outside.  It was sure to be another scorcher today in Mason Creek.  Amelia however, had no idea just how hot things were going to get until she went to Glenview. 

          When the boys came in, she kissed them all.  She ran to her car, so that she could get ahead of all the elementary buses.  When she got to the Glenview’s parking lot, low and behold who was there but Sheriff Eugene. The thoughts of having to deal with him made Amelia sick to her stomach.  She however, refused to be intimidated by him.  As she walked up the sidewalk to the entrance of Glenview, Eugene acted as if he would block the entrance.  She looked him straight in the eye and continued to walk forward.  He just barely moved out of the way, but not before blowing cigarette smoke in her face.   Amelia’s face burned as she had never wanted to punch someone so hard in her life.  She was furious, but held her tongue and pushed by him. She felt sorry for his parents. She wondered to herself if Eugene knew about all that Mr. Hodges has been doing and if he was party to it.

          When she walked into the lobby of Glenview, immediately she saw Mr. Hodges as he was undoubtedly lying to some unsuspecting family about a precious loved one.  She wanted to run to them and scream for God’s sake take them somewhere else.    She totally refused to look into his evil eyes although she could feel his eyes glaring at her.  Amelia walked around the corner to the hallway where her parents were.  She knocked on the door to hear a sweet voice on the inside say, “come in please!”

          “Good morning sweetheart.  How are you this morning?”  Helen asked as she held out her arms for Amelia to hug her. Both of her parents were sitting at their little quaint bistro table drinking coffee and eating breakfast.

          Amelia walked to her parents and hugged them both!  I am fine.  What are you having for breakfast?”  She asked, “Yummy, it smells like grapefruit and what else?”

          “Oatmeal and toast for Henry, just the fruit and toast for me.” Helen answered.

          “How are you Daddy?  Did you sleep well?”  Amelia asked as she noticed Henry was smiling at her. 

          “I’ve got something for you, Amelia!”  Henry said, “But I can’t give it to you yet.  The nurse is supposed to be back in here in a minute and I don’t want her to see anything.”  Henry continued.

          “Oh okay Daddy, Amelia said.  She had no clue what he was speaking of.  As she looked around she noticed Henry’s old friend was hanging on the wall.  She also saw a special quilt that once belonged to her grandmother that was lying across the foot of their bed.  The bed was all made up and her parents seemed to be alert and fairly well considering all of the changes that they had gone through in the past few days.         

Thank you once again for “tuning in” or reading along with me!  It is my hope that you have been enjoying my Romance/Suspense novel, If Oak Trees Could Talk, for it has been my pleasure to share it with you!  As always I would love to hear from you.  I want to thank all of you that have begun following my WordPress blogs.  Please continue to “tune it” as we are moving right along through the book.

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