Part 36 If Oak Trees Could Talk

13 Apr

Part 36 If Oak Trees Could Talk!

Hello Dear Friends I am glad that you chose to join me again today for another Video Blog! I so appreciate that you take your time to read or “tune in” with me as I read my novel If Oak Trees Could Talk! I truly hope that you are enjoying the story and that you’re being entertained!

Today we pick back up in Chapter 17 The Tyrant! 

“Eugene, don’t you dare try to arrest her!” Amelia stepped forth and ordered. Then she pulled Sheriff Eugene to the side. She quietly began talking to Eugene then pointed to Mr. Hodges. “If anyone needs to be arrested, arrest him Eugene! He is a lunatic who is cruel to some of the residents in this place. Do you know who you are helping Eugene? He is abusing these patients and probably drugging them so that he can lord over them!” Amelia pleaded. “Please Eugene do not side with him. Do the right thing!”

“Now, Ms. Amelia, you and your folks have already been in a heap of trouble. Now why do you want to try to hinder me from doing my job?” Sheriff Eugene asked.

“If your job is throwing innocent older ladies in jail for speaking their minds and the truth, then I feel sorry for you Eugene. You are not the sweet soul I grew up with! Nurse Wanda is only being bullied because Mr. Hodges is trying to get even with my parents for leaving his precious Glenview. He is embarrassed and now he is after revenge. Are you going to help him get it?” Amelia kept drilling.

“Now Amelia I suggest you stay out of this, or I might have to take you down to the jail as well. You need to drop all the accusations against Mr. Hodges and let me do my job. I will arrest you for hindering a police officer in the line of duty!” Sheriff Eugene warned.

“Well, then Eugene, by all means, I will step aside and you do your duty! Shame, that’s what you are, a shame!” Amelia stated with disgust.

Eugene turned to Nurse Smith and commanded that she either leave Glenview now or he would take her down to the Sheriff’s office. She refused to go without saying good-bye to her patients who became her dear friends. It was fortunate for Nurse Wanda, because she raised such a loud ruckus most of all the visitors and abled patients were standing out in the hallway listening to and watching all of the events. All of the patients that were standing in the hallway began chanting! “We want Nurse Wanda! We love Nurse Wanda! We want Nurse Wanda! We love Nurse Wanda!”

Mr. Hodges was beside himself. He wanted to keep up appearances for the patient’s visiting guest, however he was furious with the Tyler’s, Mrs. Steele, and now Nurse Smith. He raged and spewed out threats even to Sheriff Eugene! He did his best to shout louder than the crowd! “Sheriff, do your job now!   Get this woman out of here before we have a riot on our hands! Do it now or I’ll have your job!”

Sheriff Eugene walked toward Nurse Wanda and once again told her to come with him. This time he gave her no choice as to come with him or leave on her own. He grabbed her by her arm and began leading her toward the entrance to his sheriff’s car. She turned to the crowd who was still chanting that they wanted her and loved her. She shouted back with tears running down her face, “I love all of you! It has been my joy and my pleasure to have known you! I will miss you dearly! Don’t take Mr. Hodges drugs! Mr. Tyler, don’t dare take them!”

The crowd continued to stand out in the hallway chanting! Soon, however, Mr. Hodges took back the control that he was used to having. He shouted to all, “The shows over, go back to your suites immediately! I ask that all visitors please leave at this time! We apologize for the disgruntled employee who had caused such a stressful event. For the health and safety of your loved ones, I ask that you please leave so that we can bring a calm back into Glenview! We apologize for your inconvenience but you are free to visit again tomorrow!”

Amelia and her parents stood in disgust of what they had just witnessed. Amelia was determined that she would not let Mr. Hodges by with anything. She intended to go to Mr. Henderson the moment she left her parents. However, with the whole event of the day, she feared leaving Henry and Helen at all.

As the hallway cleared with Mr. Hodges command, Amelia and her parents still stood in the front waiting for a “new suite” to be given to her parents. Soon Mr. Hodges glared at them once more and said nothing else. He stomped away and around the corner. Amelia could only assume that he was heading back to his office and feeling very smug that he had gotten in another blow to her and her parents. Her heart was broken over Nurse Wanda, but also over her parents. She did not want to leave them in this place any longer. She turned to them and said, “Let’s get you out of here! You can’t stay here with this tyrant! He is after blood and revenge! I cannot feel good about leaving you here for one more minute. You cannot endure three more weeks of this! Come on let’s go!” Amelia pleaded.

“Now Amelia, we are not naive to what Mr. Hodges wants to do and why. We, however, have to do everything legally or we give him more ammunition. He will not try anything right away because he knows that we are on to him. So I think we will be perfectly safe!” Helen convinced.

“But Momma, please, I do not want you to be at risk for a moment! I think you should come with me now! We will go see a lawyer for the legal stuff in the morning!” Amelia begged.

“No Amelia Dear,” Henry finally spoke. “Amelia, I am much better now. I am not saying that I am a hundred percent. Heck there may be things I may never remember. I am feeling pretty confident that I will get back to where I was. I know that I still get confused and go in and out a little bit, but I am getting there! Well it’s occurred to me that this Mr. Hodges fellow does not know how much better that I am. It seems to me that therein lies a plan! I’ll be your inside man!   Because he doesn’t know that I am better, this also tells me that I have an advantage over the Dictator! We have friends and people we love in here, we owe them to stay. Remember that I was a soldier in the service. We never left anyone behind! We can’t just forsake them. We need evidence against Mr. Hodges to do anything about our suspicions. When he tries to slip us the old mickey, we will pretend to take the drugs but we will stash them and smuggle them out with you. I figure you can have them analyzed to see what they are and if we are supposed to have them. We will be fine, Daughter.”

“Daddy, of all of the times that I have really wanted you to make good sense and you chose now? I just don’t feel good at all about this!” Amelia continued.

“We’ll be fine,” Helen and Henry said in unison.

Thank you once again for “tuning in” or reading along with me! It is my hope that you have been enjoying my Romance/Suspense novel, If Oak Trees Could Talk for it has been my pleasure to share it with you! As always I would love to hear from you. I want to thank all of you that have begun following my WordPress blogs. Please continue to “tune it” as we are moving right along through the book.

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