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Part 41 If Oak Trees Could Talk!

18 May

Part 41 If Oak Trees Could Talk

Welcome back to my video blog of my Romance/Suspense Novel If Oak Trees Could Talk!  Today I am excited because I have just finished the first draft of a brand new book!  I love it when your passion and your work can collide!  I feel very fortunate to be able to do what I love.  Thank you for being a part of my next dream!  I am inspired by you and the different lives that all of you live! It is my desire to “Inspire One Dreamer at a Time, Spirit, Soul, and Body! We may all come from different walks of life, but we all have one thing in common and that is that we were born to communicate with one another!  My blogs are one way I have found to do that!

If you have enjoyed my blogs and the reading of my book, I would love to give you  as my free gift, one of my free Ebooks entitled Tell the Enemy to Scat!”  The paperback retails for $7.99 on Amazon, but I would love to simply bless you with a free download when you click here! Once again thank you!

Today we begin in a new chapter of If Oak Trees Could Talk!

Chapter 19

Henry the Spy

 Henry had awakened to his sweet Helen lying next to him.  He smiled at her and gently removed his arm from underneath her.  He could see that it was beginning to get dark and wondered how long they had slept.  Their room was strange to Henry and he became a little disoriented again.  He hated the feeling of panic that overwhelmed him.  He walked to the window and could see that it had been raining.  He looked outside to the beautiful gardens and at first he thought that he could have been home, but nothing else seemed familiar.  He needed his old friend to help him.

            He sat down at the end of the small couch and pictured the old Oak tree in his mind.  Immediately he was there under her branches, safe and carefree.  Suddenly the flood of memories of the past few days came back to him.  He smiled as he relived the beautiful time spent with Helen under the Oak tree and then in the sanctity of their home.  He also thought of Amelia, Robert, and the grand boys as they were his heart.  Suddenly as if a candle was lit in a dark room, Henry remembered Mr. Hodges and what he threatened to do and even attempted to do to them. He was angered and intended on doing something about it.

A plan, Henry thought, I have to come up with a plan.  Henry tried to remember the time he spent in the service.  His job was to be somewhat of a spy, in that he had to secretly locate the enemy’s location in order for his battalion of soldiers to plan their attacks.  Henry was nicknamed “The Ghost” by his fellow comrades and friends in the service. He had gotten so good at his job that he could practically walk into the enemy’s camp and listen to what they were saying.  Of course, he could not understand all of it because of the differences in the language that was spoken, however many times he understood enough to help his battalion win many battles.  As he continued to think about what he had to do in the service he tried to apply the same knowledge to Glenview or Mr. Hodges to be more precise.  Mr. Hodges was the enemy.  Henry needed to scope out the perimeter without being caught and plan his attack!

Helen suddenly rose up in the bed.  She was crying out Henry’s name! 

“I am right here dear!”  Henry said as he rushed to comfort her.  “You were just having a bad dream!”  He continued.

“Oh, no I wasn’t Henry.  We need to get out of this place!  We need to go home as soon as possible.”  Helen cried.

“Now, now dear, everything is going to be alright.  Look at how far we’ve both already come.  We have not come this far to be stopped by some crazy maniac on a power trip! I will not allow him to harm you in any way my sweet Helen.”  Henry promised.

“Henry I do not want you to go near Mr. Hodges.  I seriously believe that he would love to kill you!”  She explained as she trembled.

“Now, Helen, that may be so, but Mr. Hodges does not know that The Ghost is here.”  Henry said with his little crooked smile.

Helen thought that Henry had reverted back in his mind.  She had no idea what Henry specialized in when he was in the service.  All she knew was that it was the longest years of her life being without him.  Helen felt that being in Glenview without Henry being in his right mind felt almost the same as when he was in the service.  The only exception was that she could touch him and see him every day whether he remembered it or not.   “Henry are you doing okay?”  Helen asked very gingerly as she did not want to upset him.  “What or who is the Ghost? I don’t believe in ghost Henry.”  Helen stated as she looked into Henry’s eyes to see if he was with her. 

“Honey you may not believe in ghost, but you will dear, you will!”  Henry said again with a crooked smile.

“Henry what are you up to?  I recognize that look when you’re up to something! I don’t want you to go near Mr. Hodges.   He is a dangerous man! Promise me Henry!”  Helen ordered, but Henry just acted as though he did not hear her or understand. 

“Henry, promise me!” Helen once again demanded. 

“Okay, Henry promised.  I will just let the Ghost handle it!”

Henry took Helen’s face into his hands and kissed her gently.  I love you my Helen.  There is no one that is going to steal anymore time from us.  We will be home very soon.  We’ve worked hard to get back what was lost to us.  I refuse to lose it again!” 

“Yes, Henry, you’ve had to come further than I think I have, but we are here aren’t we!”  Helen said with a smile.  Just as she had gotten those words out of her mouth there was a knock on the door.  She looked at Henry with a frightened look and the color drained out of her face. 

“Stay calm dear, do not let on that we suspect a thing!” Henry warned.

 Before when someone knocked on the door it was always either Amelia or Nurse Wanda, or possibly Helen’s doctors or her therapist. Now she, like Henry was in very unfamiliar territory and realized how frightened he must have been the past months. 

            Henry ran and got into bed.  He stared straight ahead as he did before when he wasn’t well.  Helen didn’t like it but again the knock came at the door!

            “Come in!”  Helen answered.  Soon the door opened and it was Nurse Applegate. 

“Good evening, Mr. and Mrs. Tyler. Nurse Applegate said as she acted very friendly.

How was your rest?  I peeked in on you earlier and you seemed to be resting very well.  I didn’t want to disturb you.  I just wanted to see if you wanted to order something from the cafeteria before it closed?  It will close in the next half hour or so as it is just now Seven-thirty.”  She informed.               

  “We had a good rest dear, thank you!  Helen said sincerely. She then looked at Henry who was still staring forward as if he were in deep thought.  He never answered or said anything to Nurse Applegate about what he wanted, so Helen did as she had been doing

.           “Yes, Sweetie, could we get a couple of banana sandwiches please, one with peanut butter the other one with mayonnaise and maybe some lemon tea?” Helen asked as she placed both her and Henry’s order. 

            “Is Mr. Tyler okay?”  Nurse Applegate asked.  “I understand that he is doing better than what he was when he first come in?  I would hold in there Mrs. Tyler, sometimes these things have a way of working themselves out.”  Nurse Applegate encouraged.

            “Yes, he is somewhat better.  Helen answered.  “We just want to be well and home.  I needed to ask you for a favor dear.  Could you make for sure that our things from our other rooms will be brought to us right away?  There is a huge picture of an old Oak tree framed and hanging on the wall that Henry has to have immediately.”  Helen said as she stressed the picture’s importance to Nurse Applegate. 

            “When I leave here, I will go immediately and check on your things. I will make for sure that the cleaning staff takes his picture from the wall and packs it with the rest of your things.  Is there anything else I can do for you?”  Nurse Applegate asked as she acted as if she was more than willing to serve Henry and Helen.

            “No Sweetie that is all we need.” Helen answered.

            “Well, I will return shortly with your meal and your medications. I know that you probably have not had any medications today unless you had some with you when you left yesterday.  Did you have any with you?”  Nurse Applegate asked. 

            “Yes, we had our medication, yesterday, before we went home, but none today.”  Helen said. She was very hesitant to say anything, as she suspected what Mr. Hodges had been using medications for.

            “May I get you anything else Mr. and Mrs. Tyler? 

            “No, Nurse Applegate, that is all, thank you.” Mrs. Tyler said, but all of a sudden Henry spoke up and said “Good morning, yes I want to go and see my old friend.  Let’s go!”


Thank you once again for “tuning in” or reading along with me!  It is my hope that you have been enjoying my Romance/Suspense novel, If Oak Trees Could Talk, for it has been my pleasure to share it with you!  As always I would love to hear from you.  I want to thank all of you that have begun following my WordPress blogs.  Please continue to “tune it” as we are moving right along through the book.

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Part 36 If Oak Trees Could Talk

13 Apr

Part 36 If Oak Trees Could Talk!

Hello Dear Friends I am glad that you chose to join me again today for another Video Blog! I so appreciate that you take your time to read or “tune in” with me as I read my novel If Oak Trees Could Talk! I truly hope that you are enjoying the story and that you’re being entertained!

Today we pick back up in Chapter 17 The Tyrant! 

“Eugene, don’t you dare try to arrest her!” Amelia stepped forth and ordered. Then she pulled Sheriff Eugene to the side. She quietly began talking to Eugene then pointed to Mr. Hodges. “If anyone needs to be arrested, arrest him Eugene! He is a lunatic who is cruel to some of the residents in this place. Do you know who you are helping Eugene? He is abusing these patients and probably drugging them so that he can lord over them!” Amelia pleaded. “Please Eugene do not side with him. Do the right thing!”

“Now, Ms. Amelia, you and your folks have already been in a heap of trouble. Now why do you want to try to hinder me from doing my job?” Sheriff Eugene asked.

“If your job is throwing innocent older ladies in jail for speaking their minds and the truth, then I feel sorry for you Eugene. You are not the sweet soul I grew up with! Nurse Wanda is only being bullied because Mr. Hodges is trying to get even with my parents for leaving his precious Glenview. He is embarrassed and now he is after revenge. Are you going to help him get it?” Amelia kept drilling.

“Now Amelia I suggest you stay out of this, or I might have to take you down to the jail as well. You need to drop all the accusations against Mr. Hodges and let me do my job. I will arrest you for hindering a police officer in the line of duty!” Sheriff Eugene warned.

“Well, then Eugene, by all means, I will step aside and you do your duty! Shame, that’s what you are, a shame!” Amelia stated with disgust.

Eugene turned to Nurse Smith and commanded that she either leave Glenview now or he would take her down to the Sheriff’s office. She refused to go without saying good-bye to her patients who became her dear friends. It was fortunate for Nurse Wanda, because she raised such a loud ruckus most of all the visitors and abled patients were standing out in the hallway listening to and watching all of the events. All of the patients that were standing in the hallway began chanting! “We want Nurse Wanda! We love Nurse Wanda! We want Nurse Wanda! We love Nurse Wanda!”

Mr. Hodges was beside himself. He wanted to keep up appearances for the patient’s visiting guest, however he was furious with the Tyler’s, Mrs. Steele, and now Nurse Smith. He raged and spewed out threats even to Sheriff Eugene! He did his best to shout louder than the crowd! “Sheriff, do your job now!   Get this woman out of here before we have a riot on our hands! Do it now or I’ll have your job!”

Sheriff Eugene walked toward Nurse Wanda and once again told her to come with him. This time he gave her no choice as to come with him or leave on her own. He grabbed her by her arm and began leading her toward the entrance to his sheriff’s car. She turned to the crowd who was still chanting that they wanted her and loved her. She shouted back with tears running down her face, “I love all of you! It has been my joy and my pleasure to have known you! I will miss you dearly! Don’t take Mr. Hodges drugs! Mr. Tyler, don’t dare take them!”

The crowd continued to stand out in the hallway chanting! Soon, however, Mr. Hodges took back the control that he was used to having. He shouted to all, “The shows over, go back to your suites immediately! I ask that all visitors please leave at this time! We apologize for the disgruntled employee who had caused such a stressful event. For the health and safety of your loved ones, I ask that you please leave so that we can bring a calm back into Glenview! We apologize for your inconvenience but you are free to visit again tomorrow!”

Amelia and her parents stood in disgust of what they had just witnessed. Amelia was determined that she would not let Mr. Hodges by with anything. She intended to go to Mr. Henderson the moment she left her parents. However, with the whole event of the day, she feared leaving Henry and Helen at all.

As the hallway cleared with Mr. Hodges command, Amelia and her parents still stood in the front waiting for a “new suite” to be given to her parents. Soon Mr. Hodges glared at them once more and said nothing else. He stomped away and around the corner. Amelia could only assume that he was heading back to his office and feeling very smug that he had gotten in another blow to her and her parents. Her heart was broken over Nurse Wanda, but also over her parents. She did not want to leave them in this place any longer. She turned to them and said, “Let’s get you out of here! You can’t stay here with this tyrant! He is after blood and revenge! I cannot feel good about leaving you here for one more minute. You cannot endure three more weeks of this! Come on let’s go!” Amelia pleaded.

“Now Amelia, we are not naive to what Mr. Hodges wants to do and why. We, however, have to do everything legally or we give him more ammunition. He will not try anything right away because he knows that we are on to him. So I think we will be perfectly safe!” Helen convinced.

“But Momma, please, I do not want you to be at risk for a moment! I think you should come with me now! We will go see a lawyer for the legal stuff in the morning!” Amelia begged.

“No Amelia Dear,” Henry finally spoke. “Amelia, I am much better now. I am not saying that I am a hundred percent. Heck there may be things I may never remember. I am feeling pretty confident that I will get back to where I was. I know that I still get confused and go in and out a little bit, but I am getting there! Well it’s occurred to me that this Mr. Hodges fellow does not know how much better that I am. It seems to me that therein lies a plan! I’ll be your inside man!   Because he doesn’t know that I am better, this also tells me that I have an advantage over the Dictator! We have friends and people we love in here, we owe them to stay. Remember that I was a soldier in the service. We never left anyone behind! We can’t just forsake them. We need evidence against Mr. Hodges to do anything about our suspicions. When he tries to slip us the old mickey, we will pretend to take the drugs but we will stash them and smuggle them out with you. I figure you can have them analyzed to see what they are and if we are supposed to have them. We will be fine, Daughter.”

“Daddy, of all of the times that I have really wanted you to make good sense and you chose now? I just don’t feel good at all about this!” Amelia continued.

“We’ll be fine,” Helen and Henry said in unison.

Thank you once again for “tuning in” or reading along with me! It is my hope that you have been enjoying my Romance/Suspense novel, If Oak Trees Could Talk for it has been my pleasure to share it with you! As always I would love to hear from you. I want to thank all of you that have begun following my WordPress blogs. Please continue to “tune it” as we are moving right along through the book.

If you are interested in obtaining your own copy of If Oak Trees Could Talk or any of my other books, please visit my Amazon Author Page here! Also If you are new to my Video Blogs and would like to catch up on the story from the beginning please check out the archives in this blog or simply subscribe to my Youtube Videos as they are numbered and in order! I am also a weekly contributor to The Lakeview Times.   All of my videos are published each week at http://www.lakeviewtimes.com.

Part 34 If Oak Trees Could Talk!

24 Mar

Part 34 If Oak Trees Could Talk!

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted a video blog, but here I am again and so glad that you chose to join me today! I appreciate you so much and am thrilled to be able to share my Romance/Suspense story If Oak Trees Could Talk with you. Today we begin in Chapter 17 entitled The Tyrant!

Chapter 17

The Tyrant!

Amelia’s gut told her that nothing about Mr. Hodges was pleasant or genuine. She didn’t trust him and had intended on making even more visits to Glenview in the next few weeks. As she and her parents left his office they went straight to the nurse’s station as they waited for a new room to be prepared. They felt like they won a little victory today by Mr. Hodges allowing Henry and Helen to at least stay in the same room. When Nurse Wanda saw them she immediately ran and hugged them. She was sorry that Mr. and Mrs. Tyler had to return, but she was delighted to see them.

“Mr. Tyler, you sure did give us all a scare!” She scolded, now why did you go and do that to this old nurse, don’t you know I’m not getting any younger. How are you Mrs. Tyler, you are simply in bloom with the color in your cheeks. You both sure are looking good. Yes, real good!” Nurse Wanda stated as she let out a giggle!

“Nurse Wanda, we apologize for putting you in this awkward situation, but Henry has been like a caged bird. Going home to be in familiar surroundings was the best possible medicine for him. He is doing so much better. He’s coming back to us.   Thank you so much for all that you’ve done for us. We truly love you sweet lady!” Helen replied as she grabbed Nurse Wanda’s hand and patted it gently.

“Now that is the best news we’ve heard around these parts in, Lord, I don’t even know how long! Both you and Mr. Tyler are getting better, that’s the important thing!” Nurse Wanda continued. She started to warn the Tyler’s once again, but just as she began to whisper the words, “You all keep an eye out for Mr.”

“Nurse Smith, may I speak to you immediately, please?” Mr. Hodges interrupted.

“Yes, Sir, I’ll be right there, Sir!” Nurse Wanda yelled as she squeezed Ms. Amelia’s hand. She then whispered. “Watch, Ms. Amelia!”

Amelia, of course, was confused but at the same time she somehow knew that Nurse Wanda was warning her to keep an eye out on Mr. Hodges. Again, Amelia did not trust him and felt like he would try to retaliate against her parents for putting Glenview’s reputation at risk, but Amelia really had no idea how evil Mr. Hodges really was.

            Mr. Hodges told Nurse Wanda to go to a patient’s room several rooms down while he spoke once again to Mr. and Mrs. Tyler.

            “Come with me, please!” He commanded.

            The Tyler’s followed obediently along with Amelia by their side. Mr. Hodges led them down several long corridors to the very end room. As he walked rather quickly in front of them, Helen was having a little difficulty keeping up, but still she pressed on without uttering the first complaint. When all of them were finally at the end of the hall, Mr. Hodges said with a defiant smirk, “Viola! Here is your suite Mr. and Mrs. Tyler! Oh, and sadly, I must inform you that because of the new suite arrangements, it will no longer be possible for Nurse Smith to be your attending nurse. Nurse Melba Applegate will be your attending nurse on this floor of Glenview from now on. I am sure she will serve you very well.”

            Amelia’s face burned with anger as she seen the obvious revengeful attitude that Mr. Hodges had toward her parents. She became very alarmed that he would even try to harm them in some way. She however, held her tongue while in her parent’s presence. As Henry and Helen entered their new suite, they were not surprised in its appearance. They too felt that Mr. Hodges would go to any lengths to try to punish them for their behavior, but they truly did not expect what they saw.

            There was nothing new whatsoever other than the location of the room that Mr. Hodges called a suite. At first glance the pale soiled gray walls boasted some similitude of a stenciled Fleur De Lis design pattern throughout. The design had probably been placed onto the walls when the facility had been built. There were not any windows to let any natural light shine through from the outside. The only light source with the exception of a lame floor lamp that had a dingy beige shade in the corner was one florescent light fixture mounted to the ceiling that held two long while parallel light bulbs. The furniture décor consisted of one high back worn upholstered chair that was pushed into a corner to the left of the room. Opposite the high back upholstered chair was two straight back side chairs that slide under a small wooden table. The table set to the right of the bed. The bed which might have been full size, from all appearances seemed to be older than the wall paper. The heavy metal frame sprawled out like a spider in the middle of the room. The bed had two legs on each side that was placed on the floor, however the bed also had two more legs on each side that were equipped with casters and wheels that locked. Finally built into the wall there was a wooden wardrobe and a chest of drawers. Once inside the tiny room, only then could a small door be seen behind the entrance door that led to a rest room.

As Henry and Helen looked over the dismal room, Amelia became more and more enraged. She looked at her precious parents who had done nothing but help neighbors and friends their whole entire lives and became sickened that Mr. Hodges chose such a room for them to recover in while they were at Glenview. How dare he try to belittle and punish her parents with such open detest and think he would get by with it.

“Mr. Hodges, may I see you in the hallway? Now please!” Amelia demanded as her heart began beating faster and she could feel her face burning. She trembled inside with anger at the thoughts that Mr. Hodges would stoop so low.   She tried to calm herself down as to speak to him without screaming. When Mr. Hodges looked at Amelia, he obeyed immediately and met her demands.

“Mr. Hodges, I do not know what you are trying to prove at Glenview, but this so called suite is totally unacceptable. I will not stand by and let you make a mockery out of my parents! I will have Mr. Henderson in this place so quickly that you will not know what hit you! Do I make myself clear?” Amelia spewed.

“Now, Mrs. Steele, you must realize that we do not honor the request of spouses’ cohabitating in the same room here at Glenview. We are trying to accommodate your request. Unfortunately, this suite is the only one that is available.” Mr. Hodges lied.

            “Well, you better make something else become available. Mr. Hodges, you will not humiliate my parents in any way, do I make myself clear. I just wonder if you would do this to my parents, whose others parents are you mistreating at Glenview. Wouldn’t it be interesting to find how who else is privileged to get these kinds of luxury suites?” Amelia threatened.

Mr. Hodges angry himself, cleared his throat and glared at her with pure evil in his eyes. He then whispered in a tone that almost sounded like a growl to Amelia, “Don’t you ever threaten me again lady. You, Mrs. Steele, do not know who you are dealing with, and neither does your kooky senile old parents! Go tell your Mr. Henderson anything that you want to tell him, but let me forewarn you, that it will be your parents that pay the ultimate price! Do I make myself clear, Mrs. Steele?”

“Perfectly clear indeed Mr. Hodges and obviously you do not know who you are dealing with either. I demand that you place my parents in a decent room with a window right now and that Nurse Wanda be reinstated as their nurse. She knows my parents and my parents trust her. I see what you’re trying to do by isolating my parents. I will not stand for it! I demand you do it now!” Amelia screamed.

“If I won’t give in to your demands, Mrs. Steele, how then shall you threaten me?” Mr. Hodges once again whispered.

“Watch me, Mr. Hodges. Watch me turn my threats into action!” Amelia boldly stated. “Obviously you do not know about all of the ties to Mason Creek and Mason Creeks residents that my parents hold. My father has owned and run the local Hardware store longer than I have been alive.   They know practically everyone in this little town, with the only exception being those who have possibly moved into town while they’ve been in Glenview. All I would have to do is to let my parent’s friends and neighbors know how they are being mistreated here! How many of their parents or relatives do you have in your facility Mr. Hodges? What affect do you think that might have on your little untainted reputation?” Amelia fired back.


Thank you once again for “tuning in” or reading along with me! It is my hope that you have been enjoying my Romance/Suspense novel, If Oak Trees Could Talk, for it has been my pleasure to share it with you! As always I would love to hear from you. I want to thank all of you that have begun following my WordPress blogs. Please continue to “tune it” as we are moving right along through the book.

If you are interested in obtaining your own copy of If Oak Trees Could Talk or any of my other books, please visit my Amazon Author Page here! Also If you are new to my Video Blogs and would like to catch up on the story from the beginning please check out the archives in this blog or simply subscribe to my Youtube Videos as they are numbered and in order! I am also a weekly contributor to The Lakeview Times.   All of my videos are published each week at http://www.lakeviewtimes.com

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