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Tomorrow is September 23, 2014-Official First Day of Fall and a Mother’s True Confession!

24 Sep

Tomorrow is September 23, 2014-Official First Day of Fall and a Mother’s True Confession!.

Tomorrow is September 23, 2014-Official First Day of Fall and a Mother’s True Confession!

24 Sep

Tomorrow Septemeber 23, 2014-Official First Day of Fall and a Mother’s True Confession!

Caleb and Colin Fall 2006

It is amazing to me that a few short weeks ago, we were enjoying the swimming pool and looking forward to the July Fourth fireworks! My children and I were going to the summer movie festival at our local cinema every Tuesday and Wednesday and milking every minute of summer that we could as we knew that the “dreaded” Fall season was right around the corner!

We love the season of Fall for all of the obvious reasons which include the cool crisp air, the beautiful foliage, hot cocoa, pumpkins,hay rides, fall festivals, hoodies, football, and for my boys Soccer and Basketball! Our dread comes in ending our summer vacation with no home school and moving forward to the work load!  If you’ve been following my blogs then you know that I am a home school Mom.  There is nothing like having my children home and watching them become who they are going to be. I love having the freedom in playing a vital role in that process! However, there are always flip sides to every coin and for us it is really getting a mindset to plow through the work load as it becomes heavier every year, especially for my oldest son who is now in the Ninth grade.  His home school curriculum is pretty intense, so of course, it is more time-consuming and more involved than my Fifth graders schooling.  As I encourage my Ninth grader every day to press in to finish his day’s assignments, we talk more and more about life and responsibility! We talk often of him driving, which I honestly do not want to think about, his first job, etc.  In saying all of that, I have a true confession to make!  I think somehow with each summer that passes that in my heart of hearts the real “dread” of going into another fall season, is not the season itself, it is also not the work load of home school,  but it is that I know that my children are getting older.  Yes, they are not little babies any longer and with each passing season they are growing older and seemingly further away from home!

Now this is not an excuse, but I waited twenty long years before I could conceive children. When I finally got to hold that first little bundle in my arms, I couldn’t believe how much love my heart could hold!  Four long years later, I finally got to experience that kind of love again. I have never found more satisfaction in anything than I have in being a wife and a mom.  I was and still am smitten with these two boys! Even though they are fourteen and ten now, I still stand in the doorway of their bedroom as they sleep and feel hot grateful tears fill my eyes! I have cherished every precious moment with them.  Yes, even the times when it felt as though we were at war. I am being real, there are times when we go at it like junk yard dogs! But…… We’ve learned valuable life lessons in those times as well. We’ve learned to quickly forgive and move on and to keeping loving, no matter what!

Like any loving parents, my husband and I, of course, want only the best for our children.  Our hope is that they will become the people who God has created them to be. Our prayer is that they find out while they are young what their passionate about, so that they will not waste time pursuing wrong avenues that will cause them frustration and pain.  We want them to enjoy life with a passion, not simply muddle through life while wishing that they would have made better choices! I, however, as their home school Mom, am being taught a few lessons about trying to live in the moment while still letting them go.  This blog is my confession, so that I can put this hidden season sadness behind me and snap out of the “dread” of what is to come and enjoy the time with them now, this very day!  After all, I will always have the precious gift of being their Mom, regardless of where they are or what they are doing, that is one thing that will never change with any season!

Nothing says “FALL” like Homemade Applebutter!

18 Sep

Nothing says “FALL” like Homemade Applebutter!.

Sitting on the Edge!

10 Sep

Sitting on the Edge!.

Good-Bye Summer!

4 Sep

Good-Bye Summer!

Fall leaf that is dying

 James 1:17 (KJV) Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.

Good morning! As I sit on my front porch sipping my morning cup of coffee, there is a very warm breeze gently blowing.  Obviously, the heat of summer has not yet realized that we have gone through the Labor Day Weekend which is the general consensus that summer is officially over!  Saying good-bye to the summer is not something I am actually relishing at the moment! The summer season of warm weather actually never lasted very long in Georgia this year as we had a really long, cold winter and mild summer! Somehow, my mind does not want to focus on our beautiful fall seasons, but rather, the thoughts of going into another long winter which is not really appealing to me if you know what I mean.  As usual, though, we will suck it up and deal with it when it comes!  The key is knowing that God is always trying to bless us as we let go of the old and embrace the new!

I do love the fall season in Georgia, the weather is spectacular and the North Georgia Mountains are breathtaking when they are in full color!  I love cooking hearty soups and bake goods for my family.  I especially love making pumpkin rolls, and homemade Apple butter.  As I look out past my front yard today, I do believe we are having an early fall season in Georgia this year.   Already the Dogwood leaves in the past week or so have turned to a light golden and orange.  There is something about the seasons changing that causes anticipation in me to know that seasons in my life are changing as well.   One thing I have learned, whether things are good or bad, they will pass.  The key is to know when to let the change happen.  When do we let things fall away from our lives like the fall leaves that tumble down ever  so gracefully? I believe we know when things must fall.  We become very discontent and begin searching for newness.   It amazes me that even when things seem wonderful, that the Lord is always trying to bless us with better. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to hold on to things that are dead or dying like fall leaves, but rather I want the Lord to be able to bless me with newness!




via Good-Bye Summer!.

Ms. Suzy HomeMaker

5 Mar

Ms. Suzy HomeMaker.

Ms. Suzy HomeMaker

5 Mar

I am so glad that I turned into Suzy HomeMaker!  Still loving this recipe for Homemade Detergent, read my update at the bottom of the original post!

Sunflowers in the Fall!

14 Sep

Sunflowers in the Fall!.

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