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Happy New and Grateful Year!

19 Jan

Happy New and Grateful Year!


Well, we are into the third week of January already! How is your year going so far?  Do you already seem to be over the New Year’s Resolutions? I’ve read several articles stating that most people that make resolutions usually give up on them around the third week of January.  If you are one of them, please don’t beat yourself up!  Can I just give you a helpful suggestion?  Maybe you can do a New Year in a totally different and new way.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to go into a New Year without guilt and shame or feeling like a failure because you didn’t reach any of your goals?

When the ball drops on New Year’s Eve, I do not make resolutions.  “Why?”  You may ask.  My answer is because I don’t want to go out of a year feeling bad about what I did not accomplish, but rather I want to celebrate the steps that I made even if they were small.   I want to look back over the year and see all of the positive things in my life rather than focusing on all of the things that were negative.

May I suggest that you make a list of all the wonderful and positive things that happened to you in the year 2016.  Call it your grateful or thankful list. I personally keep a journal, which helps me.  When you begin your list, if you do not feel like life was so wonderful to you, may I simply state the obvious?

  1. Are you still breathing? Well, that is one big positive thing you can write down that you can be grateful or thankful for.   Let everything else hinge on this first thing.
  2. If you are indeed breathing, that must mean that you are still needed on the planet.  Do you have family or friends?  Do you have a job?  Roof over your head, food to eat, clothes, drinking water, a place to sleep, a job etc.
  3. Maybe you could write down what talent or gift you have been given. This could help you set some new goals in 2017.  What will you do with those gifts and talents to help others since you’re still alive and breathing?

If you have truly had a year to where you can’t see the good, I promise you I am not trying to be insensitive or harsh, but rather, I am hoping to make you realize, that even the bad years come and go.  However, every year that you are alive, you get another chance to hopefully see a better year.  May I make a few more final suggestions?  Instead of taking it a year at a time, maybe you can take a day at a time.  Maybe you could also keep an ongoing journal or notebook of all the good things that happened throughout the year.  This will help you and go a long way to encourage you on those days when it seems nothing is going right.   If you keep a journal all year long, when you get to New Year’s Eve, unlike past years, all you will have to do is look at your journal to see all of the wonderful things that happened to you.  Do you want to know something?  If you can have one good year, then the next year could be even better!

I have found that even in my worse year, there is always reason to be grateful.  I also find when I focus on the positive blessings instead of the negative things that happened, I am constantly being blessed.  If my heart is still beating, that means I still have purpose and time to fulfill that purpose.  It is time to look forward and not back my dear friend!  Happy New and Grateful Life!



Thanksgiving Next Week Already?

16 Nov

Thanksgiving next week already?


I remember as a little girl that my Mom would tell me to quit wishing my life away!  Christmas would just end and I would wish spring would hurry up and arrive. Then, of course, I wanted summer to arrive so that we could swim and fish.  When summer rolled around I would wish for Thanksgiving and Christmas again.  When I was young, I would always wish for something else instead of enjoying where I was. This was my Mom’s point she wanted to make to me.  Time was ebbing away quickly and that I needed to enjoy life now, stop wishing for future happiness, find it now.

When I was a young girl, I had no concept of how fast time would fly by, even though my mom’s wisdom kept trying to slow me down.   However, now that I have been married for thirty-six years, have two boys, both growing up entirely too fast on me, I now try to savor every day!  And yes, here we are preparing to celebrate the Thanksgiving Holiday again already!  It’s difficult to understand how fast this year has gone by.

You know life just happens at warp speed!  We are but vapors on this earth!  I now know because of what I’ve experienced in life that it is so important to enjoy the little everyday events because when you are older and reflect, those seemingly little events were the most significant, meaningful, events that make up our lives!

So, may I gently suggest, take my Mom’s advice.  Stop wishing your life away! Get about enjoying your journey now!  Stop and breathe in today and its seconds, minutes, and hours, because there is someone right now at the end of their journey on earth and the only thing they have left are their wishes!

So yes, Praise God Thanksgiving is here again!  I am thankful and so grateful that I have another year to spend with my family and friends and that I have a good life that I am living now!



A Heart to Serve!

8 Nov

A Heart to Serve!

As long as I could remember, I literally served others.  I don’t say that like I’ve sacrificed something to do it.  I say it because that is who I am!   A sweet memory about my parents comes to mind as I think about serving others.  My parents and our neighbors, who were great friends, would get together on the weekends when I was just a little girl.  I think I was around nine years old.   They would play a card game called Canasta.  They played way up into the night, and I would stay up until I could barely keep my eyes open, but in order for me to stay awake I would volunteer to serve them water, soda, and coffee.   I never done it grudgingly, for it truly was my pleasure and it brought me joy. Both my parents are with Jesus now, so I love to think about memories and times when I truly served my parents as they sacrificed so much for my five sisters and me.

People who know me intimately will sometimes tease me by calling me a mother hen.   It probably is a good name, because it is how God made me to be.   I nurture and I feel that I am anointed to do it. It seems I’ve always mothered, but what was ironic was that when it came time for me to actually want to become a mother, my husband and I couldn’t have children right away.   As a matter of fact it took us a really long time.  We actually were married twenty years before we conceived and had our first child and then four years later our second son was born.  Let me just say this as a smile comes to my face, if you weren’t a servant before you had children, you quickly become one.

What brought up the idea of this blog post was the fact that Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away.  This is a time when I try to go all out! When I prepare our Thanksgiving meal, I labor to put my heart into making a feast fit for a King!  I usually have a house full of family and friends.  I honestly love it! With Thanksgiving coming up, I wanted to reflect upon gratitude and how fortunate that I am that I have the opportunity to serve my family and friends, yes and even strangers with a servant’s heart! As I write this, my thoughts go to a couple of wonderful friends that I love who sadly will no longer sit at my table for Thanksgiving meals.  I thank God that before they went to be with Jesus, that I gave them something that I was honored to be able to give to them.   I am not trying to be boastful or have false humility about what I do.    The point I am trying to make is that Jesus said that the servant who seems to be the lowest sometimes on the list by the world’s standards, is the greatest in the Kingdom of God! If I serve people with gladness, then I have pleased my Father in Heaven, and so I am overjoyed!

I send blessings to all who have taken the time read this.  I hope that you have a wonderful season of Thanksgiving!


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