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This Is Your Answer WHY!

14 Jun

This Is Your Answer WHY!


You may have walked in the darkness where shadows haunted you

But at the speed of sound, you come to yourself

When The Light came crashing through.


You may have walked in shame and guilt but hid them with a smile

But suddenly the hope of His freedom came,

His love ripped your disguise off.


You may have just stopped at times in wonder at the journey you’ve walked on

And had that great lightbulb moment where

You found that you were never alone.


There were times you have been weakened by thoughts and convinced of untruth

But the One who is Love,  loved you to wholeness until

You finally caught a glimpse of the real you.


Have you not realized by now your enemy the oppressor of your soul

The one who has come to hinder you

By schemes, he continues to dole


He goes about imitating a lion as he steals, kills, and destroys

Ah, your adversary stops at nothing,

Deception he employs


Yet here you are still standing, after all, he’s tried to deny

Because The Real LION of JUDAH has roared your destiny

This is your answer WHY! 


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Christine Gilliam Hornback

Wife, Mother, #1 Bestselling Author, Spiritual Midwife/Coach, Inspirational Speaker, Creator of Inspirational Programs and Authorship Programs, Artist and Art Instructor!

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He’s in the Waiting

6 Mar

He’s in Your Waiting!


He’s in the Waiting! Another day has passed and do you find yourself anxious, wondering if God is going to come through for you this time?  We all have worried and have been concerned when things seemingly fall apart, especially when it is out of our ability to fix it!  Hold on because your answer is on its way. God is in the waiting! Yes, while we are waiting upon God, honestly He is waiting on us! He patiently waits for us to come to Him and realize that He is our answer.

Have you just had an issue and you lost night after night of sleep trying to solve it? Have you thrown money at a problem that seemed to suck you dry?  Have you told everyone your problem to see if they could come up with a solution?  Have you found yourself being critical of others when they are being blessed, while you strive to try to make your circumstances change?  Have you worried yourself into anxiety attacks to where you were physically ill?  Finally, when you couldn’t solve your problems and no one else could help you, did you find yourself angry at God and accusing Him of withholding from you?

How did I know to ask all of these questions?  Well, my friend, I’ve been there!  My answer was yes to every question, however, I have more questions to ask that are even more important!  Have you ever gone through all of the above and then suddenly you saw something or heard something about God’s word or His promises and like a lightbulb being flipped on, you could see the light?  Have you ever literally gone to Father God and asked Him to teach you how to trust Him.  Has He ever then reminded you of all the things you’ve already been through and helped you to realize that you’ve gone through much but you’re still standing and the reason you’re standing was that you trusted Him?  You may feel like you’re standing on weakened legs right now, but you’re still standing.   Or better yet, maybe you are kneeling, as you realized that all of the times you stood strong in the past, was when you were kneeling and waiting upon God.  Do you remember when all other times when you were waiting and He met you there?  Do you remember how sweet His presence was?  God hasn’t changed, so if you’re having to wait upon Him, be steadfast and unmovable for He is in your waiting.  He will come again to meet you and strengthen you as He has done in the past.  Suddenly you will see a solution, or He will just totally take care of that situation with one brush of your tear.  He is here, waiting, won’t you come? He is in the waiting!


I would love for you to have my FREE EBOOK Inspiring One Dreamer at a Time, Know the Seasons that You’re in.  CLICK HERE TO GET IT FREE!

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Christine Gilliam Hornback

Wife, Mother, #1 Bestselling Author, Spiritual Midwife/Coach, Inspirational Speaker, Creator of Inspirational Programs and Authorship Programs, Artist and Art Instructor!

Hello Friends!  I do Live Webinar and Facebook Live Events to Coach and Encourage! If you have been stuck or overwhelmed in pursuing your passions and God-given purpose, I would love to help you to go forward!   If this is something that you know you need in 2018, I would love to be your coach!  Please click the link below for more information on how I can help you! 

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Beat the Crunch with Guest Author, Terry Palmer

30 Nov

Beat The Crunch !

What one Christian author learned from the NFL.

When one sees this headline, I’ll bet many of you groan and put on a disgusted look. “Oh no, another article about how the players kneel down during the national anthem, and etc…, on and on until you look for the puke bucket or simply walk away as you shake your head. Hey, after years of watching as an NFL fan, I’m at week seven dry. So that is two family groups, three young ones, who are tuned out to all of that expensive advertising, the noise of the games, and the disgusting parts too. I’m happy to say that I don’t miss it. But, that isn’t it…

While waiting in the dentist office with my wife for her next treatment, my eyes caught on an NFL article. Nope, it wasn’t a cry my eyes out failure story or even a negative sounding playback of a season long gone due to injuries, another common discussion. This next article contained a forward thinking team, a team which made the transition from loser to winner by implementing a four step winning philosophy and the players to move it forward. That team is the Rams and the part is called the flywheel.

  1. Learn from disappointments.
  2. Learn to throw.
  3. Build a better scheme.
  4. Momentum energized by results.

The entire idea is based on these four points as a circle which keeps going as you grow and learn. But… Hey, these are pro athletes and football. How does it fit for a Christian author?

The Rams changed the way they approached the game, how they played the game, and what they expected from the game. How about you, Christian author? Are you lost in a losing season without much hope of developing, playing, or winning, in the big marketing game that we all have to play?

Here is the next key question. Do you think spiritual warfare is real? Whew, I have a business group of some warrior ladies, who, before the Lord, can testify to the real threat of darkness to hinder our plans, our writing, our walk with the Lord; all as a means to kill, maim, or destroy our testimony, our writing, and our lives.

Perhaps you are already so wounded in your spirit, that the season is lost for you, and you doubt that you’ll ever get published and marketed? That wound is well known among us and it has another side which ends at the feet of Jesus. You see, we know the tears, the pain, the gut wrenching sob of rejection and defeat – and we know where it leads. Your despair, as a Christian, flows along a well traveled course of other authors. That road, so well traveled, takes you to the safest spot in the universe – right on your hands and knees before the Savior and creator of the world, who loves and cares so much for you, that He died for the sin which so easily wants to kill, maim, and destroy. But that isn’t the end of the story. Right behind the scene, away from the tears and sadness, Jesus has a showroom for you to walk through with Him as a guide, sort of like the hall of fame for Christians – way better than an NFL hall of fame.

Right at the door to His hall of fame is a plaque with verses from Hebrews 12: 1-2

Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us,

Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith; who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God.



Jesus nods at your tear stained face and points forward. “Your tears are your pass. I have a few things to show you. Here is one who is very dear to me. Recognize it?”

As you lean forward, you stop in awe. “Yes, little one, this is the spiritual armor that Moses wore as he stood in the courts of Egypt, just as it was back then when I brought him home to me.” The dented and stained armor stands now in a place of honor.

Jesus nods as you can’t move from the spot. “See this and that dent? “Hard blows from darkness, the witchcraft of his day. Oh, the battle raged as the evil reach of darkness wanted to keep my people locked away in slavery to the rulers of the world and to the darkness of sin.”

He points ahead. “Might be few more to see. Both ladies and men of faith.

See these, all lined up in a row? You’ve read about them and here they are. The spiritual armor of Abraham and Sarah, Isaac, Jacob, Ruth, Naomi, and so on.” The line stretched down the hall as a testament of His faithfulness to those gone before. Every piece of armor bore the stain and dent of battle. Some barely hung together, so great the battle, yet here they stood, proof of the mighty victory of Jesus.

Jesus pointed to a cluster of armor, still a bit shiny and something else. I had to step closer to see, and what is this? Water slowly dripped from the edge of each piece, gathered into a spot on the marble floor, and seeped away. “Yes, that is Noah and his family. Still the most laughed at pieces in the history of the world. I let them drip here for all these years as a memory of those days. I know that you feel a bit laughed at too.”


He pointed at another with a soft smile. “My dear friend, King David. A man with a big heart for the things of my kingdom. A few dents here too.” You gasp again, for the armor is a shamble of dent after dent upon dent. “See? David fought for more than his country. He fought bigger giants than Goliath. He fought darkness, just like you are doing.”

He pointed to the next rows. “Ah, my prophets. Each of these thought that they stood alone against the darkness of their day, each one battered and torn, yet see how the armor held together in spite of the hard press of darkness?”

You gasp again as Truth dawns in your spirit. “Now I get it. I think that no one else understands my battle, that I fight alone, and yet…”

Jesus points ahead. “Just like my disciples here, and Paul too. Yes, they’re worn a bit too. What else do you see?”

You catch a glimmer of what? What is it? You step closer as a faint trail flows from ancient armor to ancient armor. Like a smoky vapor, you see how the trace isn’t faint at all, but widely flows from piece to piece. “What? What is this wonder?”

Jesus nods. “It flows through you too. It’s the river of faith.” He nods forward. “A few more that I sent out in my name.”

Now you step ahead as the spiritual armor of missionaries and pastors line the great hall. “See? They too are battered and torn by the fight with darkness. Darkness that wanted to stop their message of love, joy, hope, and peace.”

You stop and stare. “Whew. Those are my four key words. How did yo…”

His loving eyes looked ahead. “Would you like to see your armor?”

You look ahead, looking for another pedestal of armor. “Look again.”

What you see is an ornate full length mirror. Two angels stand around it in full armor of battle. Each nods. “We’re with you all the way.” They pivot the mirror as you gasp. What you see isn’t very pretty. What you see is your reflection inside of a worn and torn suit of armor.

He points to a recent dent in the side of the suit. “Here is the recent crush of darkness which prompted you to take your eyes from me to only see the lost world of darkness and despair. But, um…”

You turn from side to side. I’m all in one piece, just like the others. The crush didn’t pierce through my soul and spirit like I felt it did?” Both angels reached around and handed me shiny objects. “Here, we polished these up for you.” They handed me my renewed shield of faith and my sharp sword of the spirit.

Jesus put his hand on my shoulder. “I’m sending you back into the fight. Some desperate people need to read what I placed in your heart to write. Will you go and fight for me? Finish the course? Waver not until your book is written, edited, and published as a fervent, effective tool for me to use to gather people out of darkness?”


The two angels rise up into the full glow of readiness for battle. “Just like every one in this great hall of witnesses. You’ll never be alone. Though darkness might seem to be too big, or the fight too strong, know that I AM, with you every step of the way.”



So now you’re back in front of your worn keyboard, wondering how to put it all together for yourself and your readers. Remember the four parts of the wheel?

  1. Learn from disappointments.
  2. Learn to throw.
  3. Build a better scheme.

    8) Momentum energized by results.

You’re the quarterback. You call the play.

Learn from your disappointments. So, you found out what doesn’t work. Join the team of all of the great inventors like Bell and Einstein, who had to first discover what didn’t work, before they found out what did work. Learn from that. Don’t try those routes again. Lean on Jesus to give you the insights to new and greater things. As He created the world and universe, he can certainly give you the creativity to find the way that works for you. Reach down around your waist and feel the tug? That’s the river of faith that you witnessed in the hall of faith. See how strong it is. Experience and hard times have made it strong, ready to hold you up in the wind of deceit.


Learn to throw. What? It’s called giving your pitch, you know, like what is your book about? Not the pitch that didn’t work, but a new style, with passion and creativity. I’ll give you an idea that worked for me. On a recent visit to our dentist office with my wife, I struck up a conversation with the two receptionists about grandchildren. Oh, how they perked up with a smile and quick funny story. You see, as I listened, I found the key. It wasn’t so much what I wanted to say, but instead what came out as their greatest interest – children. As an author of a Christmas children’ book, that became my cue. “Really? That’s cute. I write children’ books. Even have a new one for Christmas.” That resulted in two on-the-spot impulse sales. See… I had to learn to throw in a way that the audience could catch.



Respond in their voice.


We did the same thing for a Cyber Monday throw. Instead of the old numbers of two or three, we threw and caught 267 times.


Build a better scheme. In order to accomplish a better scheme, take a good look at what didn’t work. Take that stinker and give it a good shake. Some parts held up and others fell away. Now, build a better scheme. Write a new playbook. Surround yourself with players who also wear worn armor for Jesus. They’ll not just understand the play, but will help you knock down darkness and make the right throw for the score! In this manner, when one of you scores and wins, you all do. It takes hours of research, hours of reading, hours of prayer, hours of dedicated communication. As part of that plan, this ol’ author had to gather a team of marketing professionals who were experienced, passionate, and creative. Now, we bounce plays off of each other, step up to the line together, and away to battle we go in the name and team of Jesus!


Momentum energized by results. We called the signal. Darkness hurried to defeat us. We snapped and threw the ball – and scored big! You can do it too. The score didn’t happen on first down. No way. On first down, we were thrown for a loss. Loss of yards, loss of equipment, loss of funds, loss of connections, loss of cohesion.

So we got up, scraped off the grit and sod, for second down. We called the play and ran around the end for some good hard fought yards. It’s possible to move your writing ball against darkness. Resist the devil and he must flee from you.

So we faced third down and long. Sound familiar? The situation called for a new play. A play we rehearsed and planned for but hadn’t actually played in a real game. The results are on the scoreboard. 267 to 0. That is the number of books that are in the hands of our new customers from a single afternoon of a sales promotion.

Do you think we have momentum now? Yes we do and so can you! Now we’re back in the huddle. Not with frowns of defeat, but with a smile and determined look of understanding. We are energized by results. The entire team is. As we approach the kick off and new series, we know how to play and score. We know how to defeat darkness in Jesus name.

But wait. There is room on our team for more players. We’re looking for a few more authors who wear dented armor and know what it takes to win against darkness. We have a few trick plays to teach you and expect the same from you. Contact Terry at Fictionbypalmer@gmail.com. Call with your helmet on, shield up and ready, sword ready to strike, and a good book to sell in Jesus name.

Take a look at my play book at this link. You’ll see the book that made the play work. If you have little ones at home or know someone who does, please buy a copy and share with them. Sure, it looks like a Christmas book, but it’s actually a new generation gospel track, complete with three pages of ‘how to’ accept Jesus Christ. In this manner, you can ‘throw’ the text to the children and see if they’ll run with it. When they do accept Christ, it will be for all of eternity. That’s a game well played for Christ. Here is the link. GET IT HERE >>> https://goo.gl/7JkxMK

Taste and See that the Lord is Good!

10 Aug

Taste and See that the Lord is Good!


Psalms 34:8 O taste and see that the Lord is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him.

This life changing story may sound like a fairytale because of the of times we are now living in. When I was young, speaking of God was a common practice and something that was reverenced.  However, now many people think that to be a Christian is just a person following a bunch of religious rites.  Don’t get me wrong there are many “religious people “in the world and I say that not to put them down, but rather to say I have experienced something far better than a religion.  I’ve experience the person Jesus Christ who hates religion.   I have discovered a real and living God who adores me and loves me with a passion.  He is a living and life changing God.

You may be asking, “How can you say that for sure?”  My answer to you is experience.  For instance people can say to you, “Try this piece of delicious cake,” but until you actually taste the cake you do not know whether it is delicious or not, right?”  It is the same way with a true and loving God, if you only go by what people tell you about him or what you believe to be true without actually tasting to see if He is good yourself, how will you know if He is truly good?  Below is just one of the earliest memories and true stories of my life changing experiences with a Living and Loving God.   This was not the religious God that people talk about and try to exploit to justify their actions of manipulation and control of other people.   No this was a real encounter and experience that I had as an innocent little child whose life was radically changed by a real God who came to heal our family.

Once upon a time when I was a little girl around four-years-old, barely old enough to climb into a church pew, my parents took my sisters and me to a little country church.  Even though as a child I never understood all of what I was experiencing or all of who I was experiencing I would feel the wonderful presence of God that sent chills all through me. I would hear beautiful songs that were uplifting and praised God.  When His Presence would come, I felt peaceful and hopeful that all things were going to be good.  I would watch my Mom and Dad, as tears streamed down their faces.  I never understood why they were tearful, but again I never felt alarm as though I needed to be upset.  The Presence of God  comforted me.   I somehow knew that it was a good thing that was happening. I saw my family one by one dedicate their lives to the Lord, especially my oldest sisters and I can remember them getting baptized as the church family gathered on the banks of a nearby creek.  So what did that experience of that Presence do for us?

I believe the greatest experience and evidence of God’s real goodness to us, was when my Dad was radically changed.  He used to party and drink with his friends and other members of his family, while he left my Mom and Six girls home waiting on him.  When he would finally come stumbling through the door, I remember how the whole atmosphere of our home would change.  He would be angry because we would be watching a T.V. show called “The Monkees.” I remember how he would rage when he came in until we scrambled to turn it off, his reasoning was because they were “Longhaired hippies!”  However, once my Dad experienced God’s Presence, he was never that same man, instead he became another man altogether.  He never touched alcohol again. He would say that God touched him and that he never missed it or desired so much as a drop of alcohol because God’s presence was enough to satisfy him. He knew how to humble himself before an almighty God but a loving Father to receive what he needed in life.   He was full of joy and laughed and teased with us.  He was a new Daddy. I remember that sometimes we would be at the church late, and my Daddy gently carrying me to the car, and then into our home.  This image of my natural Dad and my experience has helped me to experience a Loving Heavenly Father in such a personal way.

My Daddy from that point on was the strongest man I knew.  He protected us, loved us, took care of us and all of his grandchildren throughout the years, and never treated anyone differently than what he wanted to be treated.  Was he perfect, not at all, but He was humble and could be corrected when he needed to be. He could plainly see faults in people, but like his own life, he knew that God’s grace was available to help them. He was real, and not religious.  What you seen was what you got.   I realize that in the world we now live in, we have so many fatherless children who have never experienced a real loving Dad, so because of that, it is difficult for them to trust in a Heavenly Father.  Many also have had painful experiences because of their absent Dads and so again, to relate to a Loving Father is foreign to them.  The point of this blog is the same point I wanted to make earlier concerning  that delicious  cake, if you never  taste  of the Lord, how will you know if He is good or not?  I hope that you will take my word, as someone who has tasted of the goodness of the Lord and has experienced Him as being a Good, Good Daddy, taste for yourself.

Romans 10:8-11 But what saith it? The word is nigh thee, even in thy mouth, and in thy heart: that is, the word of faith, which we preach;

9 That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.


10 For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.

11 For the scripture saith, Whosoever believeth on him shall not be ashamed.


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Simply Remember!

29 Dec


Simply Remember!

Have you ever gone through something that just seemed so horrific that it felt as though you weren’t going to make it this time!  Well, I have, more times than I can count!   Maybe you are still going through something like that.   Today, I hope to encourage you by pointing out the fact that you are still breathing in and out! It’s never too late for God to come riding in like the Savior that He is and save the day! I’ve made it through many trials by knowing God’s faithfulness. My husband and I are living proof of the miracle-working power of the Lord.  However, sometimes we forget what the Lord has done for us, especially when the thing we are facing seems impossible or way too difficult to walk through.  I want to encourage you, if we are making it, so can you.   You too can get to the other side! Sometimes, the easiest, but most effective thing we can do to begin seeing victory in our lives is to simply remember!

Our Pastor preached a message awhile back that really helped me and stirred my heart, as I was going through a devastating time in my life.  The message was basically this: “Miracles erase options for the believer!”  What he preached on was the fact that once the Lord performs a miracle in your life, that it is something that is concreted into your spirit.  You are never the same, and hopefully as Pastor preached “You will remember!”  You will remember the miracle when the next trail comes or the next obstacle comes, because if the Lord did it once for you, he’ll do it again….Always!  That settles it! There is no changing in God.   God is the same yesterday, today and forever.  What he has done, he will do again…

Recently, I thought that I would begin writing down all of the miracles that the Lord had performed for me.  Honestly, I became so overwhelmed. He had done so much that I had not even thanked him for or realized it was him!  It is our nature sometimes to forget, but as I began thinking back of all of the times when the Lord came through for us, I suddenly realized, if he did anything for me before, He is the same God!  He will do it for me again just as he had done it over and over again in the past!  So, I want to encourage you today, right now!    Take the time to REMEMBER what the Lord has already done for you.  You know all of those good things that happened before that we sometimes call coincidence!  Realize that those good things were not coincidences but God was working on your behalf.  Oh what a faith builder it is to take the time to simply remember!   It could be the very thing you need that will thrust you forward like a catapult and land you right into the miracle that you are believing the Lord for right now.

Thanksgiving Next Week Already?

16 Nov

Thanksgiving next week already?


I remember as a little girl that my Mom would tell me to quit wishing my life away!  Christmas would just end and I would wish spring would hurry up and arrive. Then, of course, I wanted summer to arrive so that we could swim and fish.  When summer rolled around I would wish for Thanksgiving and Christmas again.  When I was young, I would always wish for something else instead of enjoying where I was. This was my Mom’s point she wanted to make to me.  Time was ebbing away quickly and that I needed to enjoy life now, stop wishing for future happiness, find it now.

When I was a young girl, I had no concept of how fast time would fly by, even though my mom’s wisdom kept trying to slow me down.   However, now that I have been married for thirty-six years, have two boys, both growing up entirely too fast on me, I now try to savor every day!  And yes, here we are preparing to celebrate the Thanksgiving Holiday again already!  It’s difficult to understand how fast this year has gone by.

You know life just happens at warp speed!  We are but vapors on this earth!  I now know because of what I’ve experienced in life that it is so important to enjoy the little everyday events because when you are older and reflect, those seemingly little events were the most significant, meaningful, events that make up our lives!

So, may I gently suggest, take my Mom’s advice.  Stop wishing your life away! Get about enjoying your journey now!  Stop and breathe in today and its seconds, minutes, and hours, because there is someone right now at the end of their journey on earth and the only thing they have left are their wishes!

So yes, Praise God Thanksgiving is here again!  I am thankful and so grateful that I have another year to spend with my family and friends and that I have a good life that I am living now!




16 May

Your Mindsets determine what you get!IMG_1832

You’re My Everything!

26 Jun

You're My Everything

 You’re My Everything 

When I’m needy and I’m hungry

 I need your touch again

I just softly whisper your sweet name

You gently rush right in.


 As I worship in your presence

My strength you make new

Everything that I have desire of

Lord it’s only found in you


I find peace in your river

Life flows from your streams

 I mount up like an Eagle

And I ride upon your wings

Then I find You’re my everything.

You’re all Lord; You’re all that I need.

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