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Building A Wall

16 Jul

Building A Wall.


Nothing says “FALL” like Homemade Applebutter!

12 Oct

Because I was raised a little country girl in Kentucky, I have learned the value of a harvest.  There were Eight of us altogether sitting around my Momma’s table for three meals a day.  What labor my Mom put in each day to just prepare meals and to keep us all fed!  She taught each of us how to cook from scratch, but I remember all of the harvesting of our huge gardens each year and especially our fruit trees!  One of our favorite foods was my Mom’s homemade  applebutter.  There was nothing better to eat then a hot biscuit smothered in butter and lathered down with all of that fruity cinnamon applebutter goodness!  I could eat this for three meals  a day!  Well, my sweet Momma has gone to be with the Lord now, but she left me something that truly in this day is a lost art and such a gift.  I know how to cook from scratch, and make homemade Applebutter for my friends and my own family just like she had done!

Above is a picture of a quart of my applebutter! Not only is the contents delicious to eat, but it is beautiful in fall color and makes a gorgeous centerpiece for your table! Happy Fall Ya’ll!

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