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Why don’t you just lie down in surrender?

2 May

Why don’t you just lie down in surrender?

Sometimes do you wish you could just lie down in surrender?  You know, on those days, weeks, months or even years when everything within you seems like you are pressing and pushing yourself to make the effort.  Those times make you want to say, “I surrender!”  But why don’t you or why don’t I simply surrender and let life do what it is going to do to us?  Because there is something on the inside that says, “You’ve got this!  You are coming out of this event, this trial, this challenge, bolder and better, not bitter!”

The last entire year of my life has been a huge challenge.  It is a challenge that I took on myself to try to simply be stretched and to go to the next level of what I felt the Lord wants for me. He doesn’t just want us to survive, but to thrive in life! I’ve enrolled in online courses, I’ve been stuck to this computer like glue,  participating in online webinars, youtube videos, digging up resources etc…Everything that I could do to press forward into what I know that the Lord has called me into.  I am determined to thrive, and not just survive, and help others to thrive as well!

How about you?  The pressing that you’ve been doing, is it you, just trying to survive, or is it so that you can thrive?  I think the reason you do not simply surrender, again, is because you know that deep down, you are meant for so much more than just surviving and getting by in life.  God has placed big dreams and a big future in you.  But you may be asking, how do I live it?

Jeremiah 29:11 (KJV) For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.

May I suggest that the hustle of life begins to shift when your thoughts toward what you are doing shifts.  Yes, you may not like where you are right now in life, but you need to realize that this is simply a life lesson, a place where you’re passing through.  It came to pass, not to stay.   The choice is up to you as to whether you will linger where you are not happy, or pass the test and move on to the next challenge.  You must realize that life doesn’t always play fair, but that staying in a place, being upset at what life has thrown you, is not changing your circumstances.  Let’s be honest, maybe your circumstances may never change, but how you think of them, and how you grow in them and even let them change you can change!

Again, my friend, I know that the Lord has put it in you to make it!  To pass the test and move on to thriving, not merely surviving!


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I would love for you to have my FREE EBOOK Inspiring One Dreamer at a Time, Know the Seasons that You’re In.  CLICK HERE TO GET IT FREE!

Steps to Birthing Your Dream Live Conference Call!

6 Feb

Attention all Empty Nesters, Women who feel stuck, Baby Boomers….You are invited to my Steps to Birthing Your Dream Live Conference Call!  Tonight 7:00 p.m. Eastern…. Would love to reac…

Source: Steps to Birthing Your Dream Live Conference Call!

Steps to Birthing Your Dream Live Conference Call!

6 Feb

Attention all Empty Nesters, Women who feel stuck, Baby Boomers….You are invited to my Steps to Birthing Your Dream Live Conference Call!  Tonight 7:00 p.m. Eastern….

Would love to reach out to you and help you move forward!  If you would like to connect with me check out the Link Below!




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We Must Do the Work!

29 Jan

We Must Do the Work!.

We Must Do the Work!

29 Jan


  “Inspiring One Dreamer at a Time!” 

We Must Do the Work!     


Well here we are almost at the end of January, I was just wondering if you’ve made any resolutions at the beginning of the year? If so are you still working on them or have you already grown discouraged and gave up on meeting them this year?  I know how exciting it is to make New Year’s resolutions during such an emotional high!  However, when all of the celebrating and partying is over the real work must begin.  For many of us, we totally regret ever making those resolutions during the hype of all of the emotional clichés.

I am not writing this to try to discourage you further.  I am writing instead to encourage you to do the work.  Yes it is hard and grueling, but it is well worth every effort!  Do you know why?  Because when you made the resolution, emotionally or not, there was something that you wanted or desired on the inside so much that you said it out loud!  I am here to celebrate with you again!  Let’s pretend like the “ball” just now dropped at Time Square!  Do you remember the power you felt inside as the ball had dropped less than a month ago? Well feel that power again! It is what will spark your hope that you could make changes, dream new dreams or set new goals?  It is still with you, you haven’t lost it!  I am here to help you fan the flame as it were to cause the spark to erupt into a full blaze!  Come on you can do this thing!

Just wanted to give a brief update, my number one goal or resolution was that this year I wanted to do something with all of my stories “books” that I’ve written and left buried in my computer document files for many years?  I had to ask myself “what are you waiting for?”  So I began editing three of my stories and decided to do a little short story book entitled Mazy’s High Flying Adventure!  I am so excited to say that I finished the book and it is already available on Amazon, etc.  NO this is not a sales pitch where I am trying to sell my books, but I wanted to simply share that in order for our dreams to come, we have to put in the work! Even though I had already worked hard at writing the stories, to turn them into an actual book meant some long nights of editing, cropping pictures, etc.  Whether we feel like it or not, we must dig inside and find the reason that we desired to reach the goal in the first place.  I’ve just begun, but wanted to start my year off with success as soon as I could so that I could encourage myself to continue on!

I just wanted to encourage you to shake off all of the doubt and discouragement and go forward! Finish one of the goals that may take the least work so that you can see a measure of success! Prioritize!  Maybe you’ve been trying to do something to reach your goal that isn’t quite working!  Hey I’ve been there and done that many times, but the main thing is that you don’t give up on your dreams because what you tried didn’t work.  Go for it at another angle, or a different way!  The old adage “where there is a will, there is a way” applies here.  Come on my friend you can do it! I can hear the fireworks of celebration can you?





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