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Heartfelt Inspiration!

21 May

Heartfelt Inspiration!

Hilton Head Island

People may ask me, why do you love to go to the ocean?  I never have just a simple answer.  I usually answer them with another question such as follows: Don’t you just love it when you can see something with your own eyes that inspires you?

The ocean’s great expanse overwhelms me every time I get a chance to go and stand on its wonderful sandy shores.  As I stand there I become awestruck by the ever-changing hues of greens, blues, and grays!  The beauty of the ocean is so breathtaking to me that I can’t help but think about the Lord! Although as a child of God we are to walk by faith and not by our senses, it is my opinion that the Lord created such wonderful things for us to see so that we are without excuse to know that He is! He is the creator of all that is! As I stand there gazing at the wonder of His creation, then I feel that I am even more a Believer in what He has done and will continue do to help me! After all, if He could create all of what my eyes behold, then surely He can create whatever I need Him to create for me!

All of my senses come alive when I stand at the ocean! I feel the gentle breezes as they brush gently across my face, but then more violently as the winds blow my long hair into a tangled mess. As I step down into the oceans warm water barely over my knees I feel the force of the waves as they buffet against me nearly knocking me down with the sheer power of them!  I hear the roaring sounds as the ocean’s waves crash against the shoreline.  I am amazed at the white caps of the waves as they peak from what seems like miles out to sea! My sense of smell is heightened as I breathe in the odor of seaweed, fish and salt. I can almost taste the salt upon my lips.  My mind is charged with creative thoughts and my Spirit is lifted to a new height as I become inspired and moved with emotion! I try to compare the beauty and splendor of what I see with the Great Creator, but in my heart I know that it doesn’t or couldn’t began to compare to His Beauty. I become totally overwhelmed with His presence and feel a tear trickle down my cheek as I just stand in awesome wonder!

I’ve known His power as He has moved swiftly on my behalf to change circumstances to bless me.  However, I stand in pure amazement as I suddenly realize what gentleness He must have toward mankind.  When another wave roars toward me with such force and power, it causes me to have understanding of what restraint that He chooses toward us.  He truly shows us His tenderness and compassion!  He is more powerful than the force of all the waves, but gingerly touches us with His presence!  My heart and soul has been refreshed as I peer out into the great vastness!  I break out into a song of praise as I lift my voice, “How Great thou Art!  How Great thou Art!”

Navigating Summer!

7 Jun

I am a home school Mom of two boys. We’ve just finished Home School for the year last week Yahoo!  Normally I’ve already got  a game plan as to what our (my 2 boys and my summer) looks like.  However, this year has sort of threw me for a loop, because our summer fun usually involves a lot of pool time.  My youngest broke his leg back in April, finally got rid of the huge cast this past Monday June 4th, but….still has to wear a boot for the next 5 weeks.   So, our pool time is limited at best, so on to something else!

My boys are all boys, they like sports, riding bikes, and running and romping outside.  They usually go on several fishing trips through the spring and summer with their Dad as we had an older RV that we liked to take to a nice RV park where there is a gorgeous lake for fishing and swimming, But…….Our plans for the rv’s use was wiped out also in April of this year as you can see!

Well, being a Mom who has been fortunate to be able to stay  home with  my boys all of  their lives, I’ve always taken them to the Mall with me.    Unlike most little boys, they love it, because they grew up going to the Mall every week.  We would go eat at our favorite place in the food court and then go play in the arcade where they would rack up on tickets to turn in on little army men, yoyos and whoopee cushions.  We’ve loved our time there and it was special Mommy and son time.  It was funny, one time  my oldest use to have one of the stick horses as he was all into cowboys and horses.  He was about 4 years old, and was dressed in his little  PJs and a cowboy hat, he  was riding his stick horse hard and fast  all over the house as the horse’s stick made a thudding sound on  the floor.   I asked him where he was going in such a quick hurry on his horse and , his reply “I’m going to the Mall!”  Priceless moment  that I will never forget.

Anyway with  all of that said every year our local Mall features summer fest and shows $1 movies on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, so we’ve been taking full advantage of them!  How many know  though that by the time you’ve bought popcorn and drink for $12.50, you can really rack some bucks. We have to be inventive, we only do the popcorn on Tuesday because we can get discounted. When we go, we stay pretty much all day, unfortunately with the times we are living in most of our most popular places we always went when they were very small  have closed their doors, but we still love going and hanging out there as it brings back a lot of wonderful memories for all of us.

So what to do for the rest of the our summer has turned into a dilemma.  I know that our local libraries always have story time and summer reading programs going, but after finishing up School, my boys are not to hip to get right back into reading if you know what I mean!  They are one another’s shadows, so what one does and the other will insist on doing!  So I am so open to suggestions, what would you do to entertain  2 boys for the summer on a budget?  My oldest just turned 12 years old  Tuesday, and my youngest one is 8.

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