Part 18 If Oak Trees Could Talk

23 Sep

Part 18 If Oak Trees Could Talk

Welcome to my Video Blog of my Romance/Suspense Novel, If Oak Trees Could Talk! If you’ve been following along each week or maybe you just now found my blog, let me just say to you personally that I’m truly honored and grateful that you are taking the time to “tune in” or read along with me. I’ve tried to keep the Video’s shortened as I know everyone’s time is valuable!

I hope that you have you a nice cup of coffee or tea in hand and that you have about 5 minutes or so to spend with me today as I continue reading If Oak Trees Could Talk!

Today we are repeating the last couple of paragraphs in Chapter 9 Pursuit of Love, as I felt it necessary to lead into Chapter 10.

Chapter 9

Pursuit of Love!

Robert chuckled and teasingly said, “Amelia, the next time you go to see your mom, please ask her if she has any more advice for her Daughter and favorite Son-and-law? Tell her we will try to follow it to the tee!”

As the couple continued embracing one another, they talked and laughed until several hours had passed. They needed to go and pick up the boys. Both knew in their hearts, however, that from this day forward, although it may not be easy, that they would make every effort to put the other one first and live their lives passionately pursuing love.


Chapter 10

The Escapee!

Like an alarm clock, suddenly the phone rang.

“You get it while I take a shower! It’s probably Coach wondering why we have not picked up the boys yet. Do you mind going and getting them yourself?” Amelia asked as she searched for her bathrobe.

“Hello,” Robert said, as he answered the phone.

Robert listened in silence until it was his turn to speak, “Yes, I understand, we will be there as soon as we can get there. How is Mrs. Tyler doing?” Amelia heard Robert ask as she immediately stepped out of the bathroom.

“What is it, Robert? Is everything okay? What is it?” Amelia drilled as she could read on Robert’s face that something terrible had happened.

“Yes Mam, we will be there as soon as possible, thank you.” Robert concluded as he hung up the phone and reached for Amelia.

“What’s wrong, Oh my God is Momma okay? Is Dad? Tell me!”

“Amelia, Honey, calm down and come here! That was Nurse Wanda at Glenview. As far as she could tell your parents were okay, however there is something that has happened or rather is happening that you have to know.”

“What? Tell me Robert, what is it?”

“Well,” Robert began very slowly and softly, “it is your Dad. It seems he decided to go exploring and Nurse Wanda said that they fear he has left Glenview altogether. They do not know how or when he was able to leave but they have searched all over and have not been able to find him. She said that you need to come to Glenview because of course your Mother is beside herself. She is threatening to go look for him herself if they do not produce him soon! They really have no clue as to how long he has even been gone.”

“Oh my goodness, Mom will do it too! What could Dad be thinking? Bless his heart.   He has been doing so much better! I pray he is all right! We should have seen this coming, but I sure never!” Amelia spoke as she ran around the room gathering up her clothes that were randomly misplaced by their earlier life changing event.

“Are you okay, Amelia? I will drop you off at Glenview and go get the boys. I will meet you back at Glenview once I’ve got the boys and we will go from there.   Are you okay?” Robert drilled because Amelia just stopped and wasn’t moving toward the door or anything. She stood with this confused blank look on her face.

“Amelia!” Robert shouted. “Are you okay?”

Startled as Robert’s abruptness, Amelia stared into her husband’s face.  

“Yes, Yes, I heard you; I was just trying to figure out what my poor little Daddy could be thinking that he was so desperate to leave Momma alone in Glenview. He must be terribly lost Robert, we have to hurry! Yes I am good with being dropped off at Glenview.   Let’s hurry so that Momma will not become so desperate that she would go after him.”

When the automatic doors to Glenview had swung open, immediately Amelia could see her little Mother. She was sitting right in front of the doors in case they opened and Henry walked back in. She had her head down in her hands and her beautiful graying hair was all askew. When Helen looked up to see Amelia, she immediately tried to get up out of her chair.

“It’s okay Momma, I am here and we will find him!” Amelia tried to comfort, but her Mother wanted no part of it.

“Come on let’s get out of this place!” Helen ordered. “I am pretty sure I know where Henry is. Now what are we waiting on? Let’s go!” She continued.

“Now Momma, listen to yourself, you can’t just walk out of here, you’re not ready yet…..” Amelia tried to once again console and convince, but again she was interrupted by Helen.

“Why not, they were going to let me out in a few weeks anyway? Why can’t I walk right on out of here, Henry did! Obviously no one tried to stop him! Why would they dare try to stop me? Now are you going to help me to the door or will I have to do this thing by myself?”

“But Momma…..Please….!”

“Please nothing Amelia…..times a wasting, come on!”

“Well Momma, where are we going?”

“Now where do you think your Daddy would run off to? Think about it!” Helen was certain that she knew where Henry was going if perhaps he had not already made it there.

“Home!” Amelia shouted, “He has gone to see his old friend!”

“Yep, now let’s go!” Helen continued to order impatiently.

“Wait a minute, Mrs. Amelia!” Nurse Wanda shouted as the swinging doors once again flung open. “Mrs. Tyler, you can’t do …….Oh good Lord! They’ve gone and done it for sure, they’ve escaped out of Glenview!”


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