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Part 29 If Oak Trees Could Talk!

3 Feb

Part 29 If Oak Trees Could Talk!

Wow, can you believe that we are in February already? What does your mind automatically go to when someone says “It’s February.” When I think of February I automatically think of spring being on its way and Love being in the air!  I hope that if you are reading along or “tuning in” each week to my video blogs, that you’ve realized that If Oak Trees Could Talk is truly a love story. Maybe it is sometimes the story may seem a little too mushy and sentimental, but I honestly know real people who love each other like my characters Henry and Helen love!

True Romance and unconditional love does exist! It hasn’t died. Because love is alive, I choose to pursue it with a passion! After all, what were we put on this earth for? My answer is….So that we can love and be loved.

Today we will finish Chapter 14 The Family Gathering and continue to cruise right into Chapter 15 The Cruise!


Chapter 14 The Family Gathering!

“Lovely, it will be just lovely.” Helen agreed.

Henry was right! As he visited the Oak tree it was as though a flood of pleasant memories came rushing back to him. He found himself pushing the swing gently as he remembered his little Amelia shouting “Higher, Daddy, higher!” He smiled with the remembrance of how brave she was. Then he whispered, “She’s still a brave little thing!” He also remembered the day that Amelia walked him to the tree and told him about Robert. She sat in the swing once again and her Daddy pushed her gently. She was so confident and sure that Robert was the one for her. When Henry stopped pushing her in the swing and walked around in front of her, he looked straight into those pool blue eyes.   He saw the same sparkling light that was in his Helen’s eyes. He could never put that light out, so as heartbreaking as it was to admit that his little Amelia had grown up, he realized at that moment that she had grown up right before his eyes and was in love! Henry’s only wish was that she would find the kind of love that he and his Helen had found. He knew it was a rare kind of love, but when he looked into Amelia’s innocent face that day, he was assured that she had found it! He went on to remember her beautiful wedding in the gardens and how it was so hard for him to turn her over to Robert that day. He was so afraid that Robert would whisk Amelia away to some other state and that they wouldn’t get to see much of her. But that wasn’t the case, instead Robert and Amelia went in partners with him at the Hardware store and Amelia helped him run it every day. As the swing made a gentle creaking sound it reminded him of the day that he placed Dylan in the swing for the first time, then Robbie. So many of the life events that were precious to Henry happened right here, right under the old Oak tree. While Henry’s memories came flooding back he became so overwhelmed with gratitude. He stopped to honestly thank the one who he felt was responsible for his breakthrough!

“Now God, it’s me Henry William Tyler. Now I know that you haven’t heard from me as often as you should have, but Lord I am grateful to you. I am grateful for my Dear sweet Helen’s recovery and my loving Daughter’s family. Dear Lord, I am also grateful for my old friend here! I’m sure glad that you helped me make my get away to come to see her. I ask that you help me to come back home soon. I thank you for the memories that my old friend helps me to remember! You have always been here for me and my family and again Sir I am grateful. I thank you that my old friend here is like one of your angels, if I may say such things.   She has been stationed on this property for over a century guarding this place. Thank you for keeping her strong for my family to enjoy. Only you know what will happen when I return back to Glenview so I won’t worry about the future. I just want to thank you for now, so Lord, thank you in Jesus name!”


Chapter 15

The Cruise!

Amelia went to the garage to pull the car out when Henry and the boys came around to the front of the house. When Henry saw the car he was elated. He was totally under the assumption that Amelia intended for him to drive them to Glenview. When Amelia had gotten out of the car to tell all of her goodbyes to the boys and Robert, she then helped her mother to get down the steps. She walked her mother down the walkway and helped get her into the passenger side of the car.   In the meanwhile, Henry moved quickly as well.

He hugged the boys, shook Robert’s hand and yelled to them, “Will see you soon!”   He stood on the driver’s side of the car as he had reached the car before Amelia and Helen did

“Love you boys! Your old Gramps and Gramma will be back really soon. So I’m not going to say good-bye but instead I’ll see you soon!” Henry said as he climbed into the driver’s seat of the car. He might have forgotten a lot of things but he was sure that he could remember how to drive.   The thoughts of driving his car into Mason Creek thrilled him. He thought of all the places that he would like to drive to. The first stop would be to his Hardware store. It just dawned on him that his Amelia had probably been running the place since he had left. It would be good to drop in the store to see some old friends he had not seen in the past months. He smiled as he remembered how the crowd used to gather around the counter to hear his wild and embellished stories.

When Amelia saw her Daddy get into the car, she glanced quickly at Robert. He just smiled and shrugged his shoulders. Robert knew that this was between Amelia and her Daddy.

“Now Daddy, I am not for sure that you should be trying to drive. I really think that I need to drive. I will take you anywhere you would like to go okay?” Amelia said desperately knowing that she was probably wasting her breath.

“Amelia, I’ve been driving ever since I was nine. Do you remember when I told you about me driving my father to that house that time when I was little and he hit that deer? Now I think if I drove at nine years old that I can drive now, don’t you?”

“Yes, but Daddy…..that was….” Amelia stopped. She couldn’t bring herself to say it. She wanted to say “but Daddy that was when you were well,” but she knew that he wasn’t as ill as he had been. Maybe he was well for all she knew.

“Momma, what do you think?” Amelia asked.   She thought if Helen objected than Henry would surely listen to her. However, Helen did not back her up at all. Instead she scooted right up against Henry like they were teenagers on a date and waited for him to cruise them down the road!

“I think it will be fine, Sweetie. Just sit back and enjoy the beautiful ride!” Helen commanded.

Amelia just stood beside the car totally speechless. She couldn’t believe what was happening but knew that she had lost. She looked over at Robert and mouthed to him “Pray for us!”

“Come on Daughter! Don’t worry, get in the car! I could drive this car with my eyes closed.   Have you forgotten that I am the one who taught you to drive? I think a cruise through town will not be too awfully dangerous for any of us, now will it?” Henry argued so convincingly.

“No I guess not…” Amelia mumbled as she slowly entered the backseat of the car.

“Okay, everyone in?” Henry asked as he simply was beaming like a teenager taking his first drive. He put the car in gear and off they went. He backed the car up just fine and proceeded forward.

“See nothing to it!” He assured Amelia.


Thank you once again for “tuning in” or reading along with me! It is my hope that you have been enjoying my Romance/Suspense novel, If Oak Trees Could Talk!, for it has been my pleasure to share it with you! As always I would love to hear from you. I want to thank all of you that have begun following my WordPress blogs. Please continue to “tune it” as we are moving right along through the book.

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Part 2 If Oak Trees Could Talk

27 May

Inspiring One Dreamer at a Time!

Welcome Back to part 2 of If Oak Trees Could Talk.

If Oak Trees Could Talk

  I am excited to be doing the Video blogs.  I am learning a lot, from time to time.. If you prefer to read along, simply scroll down to find the section of If Oak Trees Could Talk that I will be sharing in this blog!
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If you missed Part 1 of If Oak Trees Could Talk, please look at the archives and click link!

VIDEO BLOG: https://youtu.be/LzmSXl-MB3I

Lets Continue:


Chapter One

Henry William Tyler

There were many things that Henry routinely looked at and tried to remember over the course of his life.  He tried to preserve the events and happenings that meant the most to him and quickly weeded out those times that would tend only to gender him pain or regret. Henry’s fondest and most important memories were always centered on three huge things in his life.  The first being His one and only true love, Helen Elaine Meyers Tyler.  The second of course, was his lovely daughter Amelia and her family, and lastly something that may have seemed mighty strange to most people was Henry’s best friend.  Henry was of a mind that one could find friends in just about anything.   Although Henry found many friends and was loved and respected by many, his best friend was not a person but instead it was an old Oak tree.  Yep, again it might seem strange but the old Oak tree had been every bit as much of a friend to Henry as any person could’ve been to him.  The Oak tree loomed tall and strong over the entire side yard of what used to be Henry’s folk’s place. She stood like a huge giant and always had her limbs extended in what Henry felt was a welcoming embrace.  She participated in just about everything of any significance in Henry’s life.  Henry would tell you, that she probably knew more about him than any person that he had ever met, with the exception of maybe his wife Helen.  No one could keep a secret like the old Oak could.   She kept all of Henry’s secrets from the time he was a young boy until he was well, of a mature age.             Sometimes Henry found that he would have times when he couldn’t quiet remember things like he used to.  He knew that the stories were all there, but somehow he just couldn’t seem to put them all together to make them make sense to anybody.  Sometimes the stories never made sense to him either.  He would become frustrated that he couldn’t figure everything out. He struggled to know the difference between what was real and what were figments of his imagination. He couldn’t quite make all the pieces come together properly. It was as though he had all of the puzzle pieces, which were persons, events and important times in his life, but they all wouldn’t fit where Henry thought they should have fit.  When he would try to share his thoughts with someone, well frankly, he just couldn’t make them make sense.  However, the old Oak tree knew all there was to know about Henry and when he would go back to visit her in his mind, it seemed as though she helped him fit the pieces together where they made a clearer picture.  Then Henry would remember what he wanted to remember.

“Well here I am old friend back under your outstretched branches and I was wondering do you remember the day of that fire at the city square? I heard someone mention the Fourth of July was coming and it just set my mind to thinking about that big fire at the city square.  You say that I’m the one who started that fire?  Now let me see, what happened again on that Fourth of July?  Oh, now I seem to recall that Mr. Davis from over in Scioto County came to Mason Creek to Old man Harper’s hardware store.  I remember that he had a whole delivery truck full of fireworks that were illegal in our county, but I being a young lad, I was somewhat curious to see how they worked.  Well anyway, I climbed on the back of Mr. Davis’ truck and helped myself to a goodly supply of those fireworks.  Old friend, do you remember what happened next?  Yep, it definitely turned in to a Fourth of July celebration that Mason Creek wouldn’t forget for years to come.  How was I to know that those fireworks were real explosives?  I could’ve killed my fool self.  I remember after the fire was started that I ran to you like a scared rabbit.  I climbed up in your branches and hid until the sparks stopped flying and the smoke cleared.  I thought my Dad would thrash me a good one if he found out that it was me what started that fire, but nothing, not the first lick.  I was sure he and my Momma knew it was me.  What do you think?  Yep they knew… hee hee, and so did old man Harper.

“Hello Mr. Tyler, it’s time for your medicine.”  Nurse Wanda interrupted.  “What was so humorous?”  She probed.

“Oh it’s a secret between me and an old friend!”  Henry answered with a chuckle.

“It must have been some secret.”  Nurse Wanda replied.

Then suddenly silence filled the room as if Henry physically left, but he was not gone, he just seemed to fade away to some place no one could go except for him.

“Mr. Tyler?  Mr. Tyler?  Nurse Wanda continued to call, but to no avail.

Henry offered no more conversation as he stared forward with just the slightest grin upon his face.

“Well, I’ll be back later Mr. Tyler to check on you okay?  Maybe, you can tell me your dirty little secret then.”  Nurse Wanda teased as she left Henry alone in his nursing home room.

Please Tune in next time for Part 3 and the continuing story of If Oak Trees Could Talk!  I would love to hear from you if you have any comments!   covenantessentails@gmail.com    

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Triumph Out of Tragedy!

21 Aug

Triumph Out of Tragedy!.

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