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Part 29 If Oak Trees Could Talk!

3 Feb

Part 29 If Oak Trees Could Talk!

Wow, can you believe that we are in February already? What does your mind automatically go to when someone says “It’s February.” When I think of February I automatically think of spring being on its way and Love being in the air!  I hope that if you are reading along or “tuning in” each week to my video blogs, that you’ve realized that If Oak Trees Could Talk is truly a love story. Maybe it is sometimes the story may seem a little too mushy and sentimental, but I honestly know real people who love each other like my characters Henry and Helen love!

True Romance and unconditional love does exist! It hasn’t died. Because love is alive, I choose to pursue it with a passion! After all, what were we put on this earth for? My answer is….So that we can love and be loved.

Today we will finish Chapter 14 The Family Gathering and continue to cruise right into Chapter 15 The Cruise!


Chapter 14 The Family Gathering!

“Lovely, it will be just lovely.” Helen agreed.

Henry was right! As he visited the Oak tree it was as though a flood of pleasant memories came rushing back to him. He found himself pushing the swing gently as he remembered his little Amelia shouting “Higher, Daddy, higher!” He smiled with the remembrance of how brave she was. Then he whispered, “She’s still a brave little thing!” He also remembered the day that Amelia walked him to the tree and told him about Robert. She sat in the swing once again and her Daddy pushed her gently. She was so confident and sure that Robert was the one for her. When Henry stopped pushing her in the swing and walked around in front of her, he looked straight into those pool blue eyes.   He saw the same sparkling light that was in his Helen’s eyes. He could never put that light out, so as heartbreaking as it was to admit that his little Amelia had grown up, he realized at that moment that she had grown up right before his eyes and was in love! Henry’s only wish was that she would find the kind of love that he and his Helen had found. He knew it was a rare kind of love, but when he looked into Amelia’s innocent face that day, he was assured that she had found it! He went on to remember her beautiful wedding in the gardens and how it was so hard for him to turn her over to Robert that day. He was so afraid that Robert would whisk Amelia away to some other state and that they wouldn’t get to see much of her. But that wasn’t the case, instead Robert and Amelia went in partners with him at the Hardware store and Amelia helped him run it every day. As the swing made a gentle creaking sound it reminded him of the day that he placed Dylan in the swing for the first time, then Robbie. So many of the life events that were precious to Henry happened right here, right under the old Oak tree. While Henry’s memories came flooding back he became so overwhelmed with gratitude. He stopped to honestly thank the one who he felt was responsible for his breakthrough!

“Now God, it’s me Henry William Tyler. Now I know that you haven’t heard from me as often as you should have, but Lord I am grateful to you. I am grateful for my Dear sweet Helen’s recovery and my loving Daughter’s family. Dear Lord, I am also grateful for my old friend here! I’m sure glad that you helped me make my get away to come to see her. I ask that you help me to come back home soon. I thank you for the memories that my old friend helps me to remember! You have always been here for me and my family and again Sir I am grateful. I thank you that my old friend here is like one of your angels, if I may say such things.   She has been stationed on this property for over a century guarding this place. Thank you for keeping her strong for my family to enjoy. Only you know what will happen when I return back to Glenview so I won’t worry about the future. I just want to thank you for now, so Lord, thank you in Jesus name!”


Chapter 15

The Cruise!

Amelia went to the garage to pull the car out when Henry and the boys came around to the front of the house. When Henry saw the car he was elated. He was totally under the assumption that Amelia intended for him to drive them to Glenview. When Amelia had gotten out of the car to tell all of her goodbyes to the boys and Robert, she then helped her mother to get down the steps. She walked her mother down the walkway and helped get her into the passenger side of the car.   In the meanwhile, Henry moved quickly as well.

He hugged the boys, shook Robert’s hand and yelled to them, “Will see you soon!”   He stood on the driver’s side of the car as he had reached the car before Amelia and Helen did

“Love you boys! Your old Gramps and Gramma will be back really soon. So I’m not going to say good-bye but instead I’ll see you soon!” Henry said as he climbed into the driver’s seat of the car. He might have forgotten a lot of things but he was sure that he could remember how to drive.   The thoughts of driving his car into Mason Creek thrilled him. He thought of all the places that he would like to drive to. The first stop would be to his Hardware store. It just dawned on him that his Amelia had probably been running the place since he had left. It would be good to drop in the store to see some old friends he had not seen in the past months. He smiled as he remembered how the crowd used to gather around the counter to hear his wild and embellished stories.

When Amelia saw her Daddy get into the car, she glanced quickly at Robert. He just smiled and shrugged his shoulders. Robert knew that this was between Amelia and her Daddy.

“Now Daddy, I am not for sure that you should be trying to drive. I really think that I need to drive. I will take you anywhere you would like to go okay?” Amelia said desperately knowing that she was probably wasting her breath.

“Amelia, I’ve been driving ever since I was nine. Do you remember when I told you about me driving my father to that house that time when I was little and he hit that deer? Now I think if I drove at nine years old that I can drive now, don’t you?”

“Yes, but Daddy…..that was….” Amelia stopped. She couldn’t bring herself to say it. She wanted to say “but Daddy that was when you were well,” but she knew that he wasn’t as ill as he had been. Maybe he was well for all she knew.

“Momma, what do you think?” Amelia asked.   She thought if Helen objected than Henry would surely listen to her. However, Helen did not back her up at all. Instead she scooted right up against Henry like they were teenagers on a date and waited for him to cruise them down the road!

“I think it will be fine, Sweetie. Just sit back and enjoy the beautiful ride!” Helen commanded.

Amelia just stood beside the car totally speechless. She couldn’t believe what was happening but knew that she had lost. She looked over at Robert and mouthed to him “Pray for us!”

“Come on Daughter! Don’t worry, get in the car! I could drive this car with my eyes closed.   Have you forgotten that I am the one who taught you to drive? I think a cruise through town will not be too awfully dangerous for any of us, now will it?” Henry argued so convincingly.

“No I guess not…” Amelia mumbled as she slowly entered the backseat of the car.

“Okay, everyone in?” Henry asked as he simply was beaming like a teenager taking his first drive. He put the car in gear and off they went. He backed the car up just fine and proceeded forward.

“See nothing to it!” He assured Amelia.


Thank you once again for “tuning in” or reading along with me! It is my hope that you have been enjoying my Romance/Suspense novel, If Oak Trees Could Talk!, for it has been my pleasure to share it with you! As always I would love to hear from you. I want to thank all of you that have begun following my WordPress blogs. Please continue to “tune it” as we are moving right along through the book.

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Part 27 If Oak Trees Could Talk!

20 Jan

Part 27 If Oak Trees Could Talk

Hello everybody! Welcome back to my video blogs of If Oak Trees Could Talk! I hope that you’ve had a great holiday season and that your New Year is off to a great start. If you’ve been following along, I appreciate your patience as I’ve taken a few weeks off. But as we jump right back into my video blogs, we will pick back up in Chapter 14 The Gathering!

  The Gathering!
She asked Sheriff Eugene, “So, what are you going to do Eugene? I would do what I done last night again and again. I would go with my mother from Glenview to search for my father a million times if I had to. I am not apologizing for my behavior to Mr. Hodges or to anyone else. He can kiss my….well never mind! My parents are my main concern and their wellbeing. My mother was going to leave Glenview with or without me, so I went with her!”
“What do you mean Ms. Amelia? Was Ms. Tyler driving and you rode along as a passenger in her car?” Eugene questioned. “It was my understanding that you were driving and carried your Momma away from Glenview.” He continued to interrogate.
Amelia thought about the question and immediately without pondering answered, “No, I did not drive. So what you’re telling me is that Mr. Hodges had no clue how my parent’s left Glenview! I think it would be very interesting to see what Mr. Henderson down at the Mason Creek Times Newspaper would do with a story like this one, wouldn’t you?” Amelia asked as the idea just came to her that Mr. Hodges would not want the reputation of Glenview’s Residential Home for the Elderly to be tarnished. She also was telling the truth, she wasn’t the one who drove the getaway car, her husband Robert drove.
“As a matter of fact, Eugene, if you would let Mr. Hodges know…..No, that’s okay, I will tell him myself that I intend on reporting to Mr. Henderson that my parents simply walked out of his precious Glenview without the slightest resistance from Glenview’s staff! I think he would be more than glad to drop all of the charges. Wouldn’t you agree with me, Eugene?” Amelia said slyly as she knew that Eugene would drive like a maniac to Glenview’s Residential Home for the Elderly to tell Mr. Hodges what she was threatening.
“Now, Ms. Amelia, think about what you’re saying. You don’t really want to hurt anyone now do you?” Eugene stated rather pathetically, for it had been rumored that he had been used to do Mr. Hodges’ dirty work for several years.
“Well, I will have to think about it long and hard before I contact Mr. Henderson, but I am considering paying him a little visit.” Amelia continued to threaten as if she pretended not to know that the Sheriff was somehow in cahoots with Mr. Hodges and every other type of dirty dealings that went down in Mason Creek. She knew that the only reason that he was being nice to her was that his parents had been friends with Amelia’s parents for years. Also he always had a flame burning for Amelia when they were growing up, but never asked her out. Eugene’s mother would not stand for him being anything but nice to the Tyler family.
“Okay then, Ms. Amelia, we will expect you to carry your parents back to Glenview in a little while.” Eugene stated. “I will assure Mr. Hodges that your parents will be back as soon as they eat a decent breakfast.”
When Amelia had gotten off the telephone with Eugene, she immediately called Robert. She told Robert about speaking to Eugene and about threatening to go to Mr. Henderson with a story if Mr. Hodges insisted on pressing charges against her.
“I just feel like there is something that is very wrong going on at Glenview. Mr. Hodges is so worried about his reputation. Oh well, forget about all that stuff, now on to more important things! Will you please bring my parents a good breakfast from Elma’s Biscuit Barn?” Amelia asked with a chuckle.
Elma’s Biscuit Barn was just a little Country restaurant but Elma Simpson was a third generation owner and one of the best Southern cooks in Mason Creek. No one made homemade biscuits and sausage gravy like Elma or real Southern grits oozing with butter and bacon. Going to Elma’s Biscuit Barn was Henry’s thing to do when he was well. He would go and buy breakfast almost every Saturday morning for the whole family. It was a normal Saturday routine, so Robert knew exactly what to order and pick up for each of them.
“Crazy question, but do you want the usual?” Robert asked also with a little chuckle.
“Yes, Sir, I can’t wait until Daddy and Momma gets a good whiff of what you’ve brought them this time to eat! I am sure that the smile on Daddy’s face will be even bigger than it was last night when he was eating his favorite hamburger and onion rings.” Amelia whispered with a chuckle so as not to spoil the surprise for her parents. “Also we can all gather around the dining room table and eat the way that we used to. It will be wonderful! Thank you Babe!” She continued.
“Good morning my sweet Daughter,” Helen said as she was practically beaming. She walked from the gardens, straight through the house, to the kitchen and was barely using her walker at all. Dear I believe we have some ground coffee in the big freezer, if you would like to go get. I will get the coffee pot ready for us.
“Good morning Momma! How did you and Daddy sleep?” Amelia asked as she noticed again that her mother was so chipper.
“Oh, like little babies! It was simply heaven on earth! I am sorry to be so joyous when obviously you’ve not had too much sleep. Stop worrying Amelia, everything is going to be alright!” Helen ordered.
“Will it be alright Momma?” Amelia asked to be reassured.
“Things are good Amelia. Your sweet Daddy and I will return home in a few weeks. We will have our lives back and our family will be complete again. What is there to worry about?” Helen explained just as Henry came walking through the kitchen.
“Well, look at these beautiful girls in the lunchroom. Boy I am sure glad that I came today!” Henry said with an ornery little grin,
“Stop it Henry, Amelia is really worried about us!” Helen ordered.
“Yes Dear, I was just teasing sweet Amelia!” Henry said with a wink.
“Daddy, so you meant to call us girls. Did you mean to call the kitchen the lunchroom too?” Amelia asked in total surprise that he was sound enough in his mind to tease her like this. For this is the way he had talked for months now.
“Yes my sweet Daughter. It’s the Tyler sense of humor. I am sorry, I will be more serious.” Henry said apologetically.
Henry reached out to Amelia with open arms and she ran to get into them. She loved the comfort of her Daddy’s arms. They always made her feel loved and safe. As she embraced him tightly she finally believed that he was indeed almost back to his old “normal self.”

Thank you once again for “tuning in” or reading along with me! It is my hope that you have been enjoying my Romance/Suspense novel, If Oak Trees Could Talk!, for it has been my pleasure to share it with you! As always I would love to hear from you. I want to thank all of you that have begun following my WordPress blogs. Please continue to “tune it” as we are about half way through the book.
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Part 26 If Oak Trees Could Talk

20 Jan

Part 26 If Oak Trees Could Talk!

Welcome and thank you for visiting my blog. This will be my last video blog of If Oak Trees Could Talk for the year as Christmas is next week and then Wow, the ringing in of a brand new year!

I wish every one of you the Happiest and Healthiest New Year Ever! Thank you so much for being such a wonderful part of this year for me! I’m excited about the year to come as I’ve been working on several new book projects and can hardly wait to go forward with them. I hope that you will continue to join me and come along for the ride.

Today we begin reading in a new Chapter 14 The Family Gathering!


Chapter 14

The Family Gathering

            Amelia sighed with dread of the very thought of her parents going back into Glenview’s Home for the Elderly.   Even though she knew that they had really thought everything out and made the decision for themselves, it would not be easy, but she would drive them both back in the morning.   She had no idea what Mr. Hodges had planned for her parents upon their return. Henry had explained to her that it was Mr. Hodges who had told him about her mother’s early release in the first place. Surely, as the head of Glenview, Mr. Hodges should have known the reason that her father had come to be at Glenview’s Home for the Elderly to begin with. The thoughts of Mr. Hodges telling her Daddy about her Momma just did not sit well with Amelia, but again she would honor her parent’s wishes.

            She helped her parents rise up from the picnic blanket to their feet.   Between her and Robert they helped walk both Henry and Helen up the long front lawn to the house. She sent the boys down to get all of the picnic supplies. Amelia waited until they came into the house before making the announcement that she was driving her parents back to Glenview the following morning.   Although both of the boys were very crushed and upset, they pretended all was well. Through everything the boys had become brave and strong young men. Their grandparent’s house felt like home again just because Henry and Helen were there. It didn’t matter that they were down at the Oak tree having their own private picnic the whole time, the boys still found comfort in knowing that they were on the property.

            Amelia kissed Robert and the boys good night as she stayed with her parents through the night. She checked on them several times by peeking through their bedroom door which she was very cautious to do considering the most recent romantic encounters that her parents had while at Glenview. When Amanda peeked in, she saw two peaceful parents cuddled together sleeping safe and sound in their bed. It was a precious sight to behold. This was an image that Amelia would carry with her to help her focus on getting them back home permanently, once they were back at Glenview.

            The morning came way too soon. Amelia had not slept but a little while before the sun came up. The first thing she felt she needed to do was to talk with the Sheriff.   However, it was as though the morning was ordered with all of the most wonderful things that a summer day would hold. She postponed her plans just briefly to take in the wonderful day.   Amelia found herself opening up the French doors leading to the Gardens and several more windows throughout the beautiful house she felt she was home. The birds sang their beautiful songs of praise to the one that made them. A soft breeze blew gently through the gardens and aromatic scents of Lilac and Lavender filled the air and blew through the opened windows. The house was beginning to once again smell like her parent’s home.

Amelia thought that she was the first to arise, but she then heard voices in the gardens. When she walked outside onto the patio, her parents were down in the gardens and her mother was carrying a beautiful bouquet of fresh cut flowers in her hand. Amelia also watched as her Daddy who was fully dressed, placed a beautiful flower in her Momma’s free flowing hair.   As they meandered through the gardens holding hands, laughing, and talking, Amelia knew without doubt that this was what they needed. Her parents needed one another. Henry and Helen also needed their family, their home and even their beautiful gardens, to get well.

While watching her parent’s behavior since being home, Amelia resolved at that moment to bring them home regardless of the consequence. She turned from such a beautiful picture of her parents in the garden to go back into the house. Her parents had decided to go back to Glenview and Amelia would honor their wishes and take them.   However, before she took them back, she was determined to make it clear to Mr. Hodges that it was a temporary arrangement this time. She immediately telephoned Sheriff Eugene that her parents had chosen to return to Glenview temporarily.   Amelia also informed him that she would be driving them back after they had eaten a good breakfast. She let him know that she was bringing both her parents back to their home as soon as she could, regardless if Mr. Hodges from Glenview agreed with her decision or not.   Sheriff Eugene agreed to her plans and simply cautioned her that Mr. Hodges was still insisting that she be arrested for kidnapping.


Thank you once again for “tuning in” or reading along with me! It is my hope that you have been enjoying my Romance/Suspense novel, If Oak Trees Could Talk!, for it has been my pleasure to share it with you! As always I would love to hear from you. I want to thank all of you that have begun following my WordPress blogs. Please continue to “tune it” as we are about half way through the book.

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Part 25 If Oak Trees Could Talk!

10 Dec

Part 25 If Oak Trees Could Talk!

Welcome back to my video blogs! I can hardly believe how fast the year 2015 has zoomed by! As Christmas is fast approaching, I hope that everyone who has followed my blogs or visited will have a wonderful and blessed holiday!

I want to take this time once again to express my heart felt appreciation for all of my followers and for all of you that have taken the time to “tune in” or read along to my Video Blogs of my Romance/Suspense Novel If Oak Trees Could Talk! I appreciate that even though my reading of my novel is highly unconventional; you continued to “tune in” or read along with me! I also thank you that you have been patient with me as I have fumbled my way through the learning of how to do the videos.   Hopefully in the future, as I finish up my novel, I will continue to learn how to do the videos much better!

Today will be a little longer than usual as we will finish reading Chapter 13 The Picnic!

Chapter 13 The Picnic!

She walked up to the house to find her husband and boys sitting on the porch. Robert knew that she was concerned about her parents so he sent the boys around the back of the house to play. There were lots of things that the boys could find interesting back there, Gramps made sure of that!

“Honey, it’s going to be alright!” Robert said as he reached out for Amelia. She sat with him on the swing. He gently pushed the swing with his foot as he held her hand to reassure her.

“I don’t really know what to do? Momma and Daddy have minds of their own. If they do not want to go back to Glenview, I refuse to force them. I probably couldn’t force them anyway, even if I wanted to. When Momma is released legally in a few weeks and Daddy isn’t, he will die. I seriously believe that he will grieve himself so, that he will just give up and die!” Amelia said with desperation in her voice. “I can’t help but wonder if someone told him that Momma was being released? I know Momma asked Glenview’s staff not too, but someone could have told him accidently thinking it was just good news. I don’t know. Why would he just take off all of a sudden?   He was doing so much better. Every day I could see such an improvement in him. He actually had that sparkle in his eyes that had not been there since Momma had her stroke. He was coming back to us!”

“He was in such bad shape when he went in. I know he has made a lot of progress! I agree with you that someone must have told him about your Mom accidently. I agree something had to happen.” Robert consoled. “Let’s contact your Daddy’s nurse, maybe she will know what happened.”

“Yes, I know Daddy was coming back to us, but honestly, his improvement wasn’t because of Glenview. I seriously believe it was because Momma was getting well and was able to spend more time with him. I am convinced that is all he needs, is to spend time with Momma without being separated. I know Glenview has rules, but it was so obvious to everyone that Daddy lit up and was more himself every time he was with Momma.   I would think that there is an exception to every rule when it comes to married couples in Elderly Homes. They should be allowed to stay together, especially when you can obviously see that they do far better together, than they do apart. Wouldn’t you think so?” Amelia probed for answers.

“I would think so,” Robert agreed!

“If my parents go back to Glenview this will be the only way that they will go and I know that.   I will call Nurse Wanda to see if she knows what may have happened with Daddy. Also I will talk to her to see if she knows who I need to speak with to get my parents placed together in one room! I should have insisted on this to begin with and maybe Daddy would have been well by now. I know with Momma, she had to have the therapy, but she could have possibly gotten it at home!” Amelia continued to reason being disgusted with herself that she didn’t do something differently to help her parents earlier.

“Amelia, you can’t sit around and play the “What if” game! What if you’re Daddy hadn’t left Glenview, would you be asking yourself these questions?” Robert asked.

“Honestly Robert, there is not a day goes by that I don’t ask what I could have done differently. I just feel like I failed Daddy by not getting him to where Momma was at the beginning when she was so sick. That’s when he left us all!” Amelia said, this time with tears in her eyes.

“Okay, looking back is not helping anything and will not change a thing Baby.   We need to move forward with a solution that will make this family whole again!” Robert said rather firmly as Amelia rested her head on his shoulder. “I am good with whatever you want to do. If you want to bring them home, we will care for them. If you want to continue to let Glenview take care of them, I am with you. We need to consult your Mother and see if she has suggestions.   We are going to get through this and your parents will be home and back together again soon! That is the goal, right?”

“That’s the goal Amelia agreed! I love you Robert, with all of my heart. I truly do!” Amelia said as she rested her head on Robert’s shoulder.

“I love you more!” Robert whispered as he pulled Amelia closer.

“I hate to disturb Momma and Daddy, but I really need to talk with her before Eugene comes back in with his lights and siren blaring again! He said he would give me until morning, but I don’t trust him.” Amelia said with dread in her voice.

“Yes, it needs to be done. The boys and I will wait up here. They are really enjoying this time. It’s good being back at their Grandparent’s home!” Robert stated.

Amelia stood to her feet and took a deep breath. She began walking toward the old Oak tree. She could see that her parents were not dancing or swinging any longer. She assumed that they were having their food from Speedy’s Grill and Shake. As Amelia drew closer she saw her parents sitting on the blanket side by side. Her mother must have had some kind of time getting down on the ground. Her Daddy, however, was sitting in a robe with his legs crossed Indian style. He appeared to be perfectly content and at home.   She couldn’t help but chuckle at the site. Finally she made her way to them.

“How’s everything going? Is the food good?” Amelia asked to start the conversation.

“Delicious, simply delicious,” Helen answered, but Henry never said anything. He simply smiled.

“Momma, do you think that I can talk with you for a minute?” Amelia asked subtly. She was very concerned as to whether her Daddy knew the seriousness of the situation. She could only pray that because he made his way back home that it meant something good and positive. However, until she knew for sure, Amelia did not want to speak about her concerns in front of Henry because she did not want to upset him.

“Sure Honey, what is it?” Helen asked. “I meant privately Mom,” Helen replied.

“Amelia Dear, Henry can hear everything that you have to say to me,” Helen said directly.

“Well, Momma, I just didn’t want to upset you both, but you know the Sheriff came earlier. He said that Mr. Hodges at Glenview is very upset that both of you left. He also said that Mr. Hodges is considering pressing charges against me for kidnapping if you both do not return to Glenview.   I am not concerned about me. I am however, concerned about you and Daddy. How is Daddy? Is he well enough not to need Glenview? What do you think we need to do? Momma, I am prepared to stand behind whatever decision you make. For I know it will be what is best for you and Daddy,” Amelia stated as she looked at her little Daddy sitting there still eating his Hamburger and Onion rings in his bathrobe.

“Amelia, we know that it has been really difficult for you. We are sorry to be big old pains in your…. neck. We’ve already decided to go back Honey. We will go back first thing in the morning. Henry thought if he could just see the Oak tree that he could remember everything. He does remember a lot more, but he is not completely well. Both he and I know this. We will go back until I finish up all my therapy. That should be a few more weeks and then come home. When I come home, he’s coming with me! Agreed?” Helen said rather sternly to stress her point.

“I am totally in agreement with whatever you decide Momma. So you’re saying to me that Daddy is better but not a hundred percent yet? Is he well enough to know that he is going back to Glenview?” Amelia asked.

“Amelia, ask your father, he’s not deaf.” Helen once again said rather sternly.

“Daddy, do you understand what we are talking about?” Amelia asked cautiously.       “Will you be okay if both you and Momma go back to Glenview?”

            Tears began to fill Henry’s eyes as he looked up at his sweet Amelia who was so concerned about what they needed. He wondered when she became the parent in all of this mess they were in. He became overwhelmed when he considered the burden that he placed upon her shoulders. For the first time, he could really see that it was a lot for her to have to carry.

            “My dear Sweet Amelia, come here!” Henry commanded with his arms wide open.

            Amelia obeyed and kneeled on the blanket in front of him. He pulled her in close, kissed her on the forehead and gently patted her back. He swallowed hard and began to speak.

            “Amelia, honey, I am so sorry. I sure did not mean to cause this much trouble. I see that you’ve really been worried about us. We are fine now. I just had to see if my old friend here could help me. She really did, but I still have a ways to go. When that man that runs Glenview told me that your Momma was on her way out of there without me, I just went into a panic. I cannot live without your Momma close to me! So I came home to see if I could find what I had lost. I found a lot, but I have not found everything I needed to find. I will though, Daughter, I will.” Henry promised convincingly. As Amelia listened to her Dad, she could not believe that he wasn’t totally back with them. He sounded perfectly sound.

            “But, Daddy, you act….I mean you sound so much better! Are you and Momma sure that you want to go back to Glenview. Are you sure that you would not want to just try to stay here and see what else you may find? I would be happy to help take care of you both.   I am sure we can get Momma the therapy that she needs at home!” Amelia pleaded as she became desperate to convince her parents to stay home. She wanted them home more than anything. She and her boys needed them. Much like her Daddy, she and her family had lost something precious as well, and Amelia felt as though they would never have it back until Henry and Helen returned home for good.

            “We are sure dear, all is well.   We will be fine at Glenview. We will be home again soon, I promise.” Henry said while pulling Amelia close to him like he used to do when she was a little girl. He kissed her once again on her forehead and smiled. “Tell that husband of yours that we said thanks for the Speedy’s Grill and Shakes. That was some of the best food that I’ve had in I cannot remember when. Wow, getting to have a picnic with your Momma, I would run away every day if I could to do that!” Henry said as he nudged Helen’s shoulder. He then smiled a sheepish grin.


Thank you once again for “tuning in” or reading along with me! It is my hope that you have been enjoying my Romance/Suspense novel, If Oak Trees Could Talk!, for it has been my pleasure to share it with you! As always I would love to hear from you. I want to thank all of you that have begun following my WordPress blogs. Please continue to “tune it” as we are about half way through the book.

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Part 23 If Oak Trees Could Talk!

20 Nov

Part 23 If Oak Trees Could Talk!

As I begin this Monday morning I want to say that my prayers and thoughts go out to the people of Paris, France this morning as they are mourning the loss of at least 129 people following the brutal and cowardly terrorist attacks last Friday! It is heart wrenching to see the pain on the faces of those who are in shock that such a thing could happen! As an American, we remember all too well of having the same feelings of disbelief as our eyes were glued on our televisions during the 911 attacks of our own country. We pray for courage, unity and resolve to the citizens of all of France this morning!


Wow! It’s hard to believe that next week is Thanksgiving! This year seems to have flown by, but I wanted to let you my readers and followers know that I count you as one of my many blessings to be thankful for! Thank you for taking the time to read or “tune in” each week to If Oak Trees Could Talk! I appreciate that you sacrifice your time to read, listen, or comment, for this I am truly grateful!

Today we pick back up in Chapter 12 No Place Like Home and will continue reading a bit into Chapter 12 The Picnic!

Chapter 12

No Place Like Home

“Mom let’s go out the garden way! Can we please?” Dylan pleaded.

“Sure, why not!” Mom agreed.

They walked through a hallway into a vestibule or a very narrow room that housed a grand staircase. This area of the house did not hold lots of furniture with the exception of a few fancy side tables and a huge curio cabinet with beautifully curved wooden carved legs. This room displayed precious relics of past generations of Grandparents and Great Grandparents and even Great Great Grandparents. The boys loved to go into this area of the house because it was like a museum of many treasures that painted a history of the families past.  

The boys walked slowly through this narrow area only to keep going forward into their Gramma’s favorite room, which was originally designed and presented to her by Henry himself on their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary!  This room was the only new edition to the original Victorian.   One usually gasped in awe when entering this bright and cheerful hide-away. This room served as a prelude to what was to come if one chose to continue to walk out the French doors onto the beautiful patio and formal gardens. However, it was difficult to leave this eye pleasing room.   The edition was Helen’s own indoor gardens. This exquisite tropical room was Helen’s very own oasis, which displayed beautiful mosaic tiled flooring in bright vivid artistic patterns. Huge marble columns stood royally and held up huge pediments of artistry scroll works. The room was laden down with green lush tropical plants delicately planted in beautiful mosaic pots where they flourished in this room. Loads of sunshine beamed through the French Doors and the specially designed window panels that seem to magnify the warmth of the rays. Of course, in the corner of this exquisite room was what Helen considered one of her most exquisite and valued material treasures that Henry had ever purchased for her. It was a stunning three tiered mosaic water fountain imported from Italy that Henry found on one of his Home Show buying expeditions for the Hardware store. He had surprised her with this stunning piece of glory that weighed so much that Henry had to use special lifters and levels to get the fountain in place. As with anything Henry had done, he presented it to her with a grand gesture.   He hired a band that knew how to play authentic Italian ballads and marched his Helen blindfolded into the room that stole her heart. The acoustics of the room rang out with the wonderful sounds of cascading waterfalls and sweet ballads of romance and love.

“This room doesn’t feel the same either does it Momma? Rob asked.

“No, Honey, I’m afraid not. I try to take care of Momma’s plants and of course the fountain is off now. No, sweetie, I am sure nothing is going to be the same until Gramma and Gramps come home.” Amelia replied rather quietly almost at a whisper as if she never wanted the living plants to hear such sad news.

“Come on, we’ve got to get these things to Gramma!” Dylan said as he opened the French doors and proceeded out the door with the picnic basket in his hand. The others followed. Their timing was to be perfect as Robert pulled up into the drive with the food that Helen had ordered for her and Henry’s picnic at the same time. The boys ran around the wrapped porch to meet their Daddy around front and Amelia followed.

“Well, let’s hope your mother knows what she is doing,” Robert said.

“If anyone knows what to do to help Daddy, it’s Momma. Let’s just get this stuff to her and find out what else she wants us to do.” Amelia said as she headed toward the Oak tree.


Chapter 13

The Picnic

When the family had walked slowly toward the tree, they could hear her Helen singing softly while she was pushing Henry in the swing. As they drew closer, Helen nodded up and down so that they knew it was okay for them to come down to the tree!   They obeyed. Amelia showed Helen all that they had gotten for her from the house and she motioned again, so as to go unnoticed by Henry, with one hand for them to set everything up. She continued pushing Henry with her other hand. Occasionally they heard Henry let out a whoop and then he would yell, “Higher, higher!”

Amelia noticed her little Momma who normally needed a walker at Glenview to stabilize herself, standing as straight as she could muster to push Henry as high as he desired to go. Again as she watched her parents, she witnessed more of the great love that her mother had toward her father.

“Always put your spouse first.” Amelia heard in her thinking as she relived the conversation that she had with her Momma in the hospital about how to love with passion. She was witnessing what her mother meant. She watched her mother putting her father’s needs above her own. Tears stung Amelia’s eyes as she hurried to try to fulfill her mother’s wishes.


As always thank you so much for either reading along or “tuning in”! I want to wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving! May you have lots of Living, Laughing, and Loving!

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