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Part 8 If Oak Trees Could Talk

8 Jul

Part 8 If Oak Trees Could Talk.

Part 8 If Oak Trees Could Talk

8 Jul

Part 8 If Oak Trees Could Talk!

Hello friends, thank you for visiting my Video Blog of my Romance/Suspense Novel ~ If Oak Trees Could Talk!

It is truly my pleasure and joy to be able to Video blog this book each week and present it to you!  I hope that you are following along and either listening or reading!  We are picking up this week in Chapter 4 Daddy’s Little Girl!


Chapter 4

“Daddy’s Little Girl!”


Although Amelia could have gone to the finest schools, she like her Daddy had very simple dreams.  She traveled once she was out of college all around the world secretly hoping that she would find someone like her Daddy.  She prayed to meet someone who would sweep her away in a romantic lifelong love affair so that she could have what she witnessed in her parent’s lives.   While travelling, Amelia never found love.  However, once her feet hit United States soil, she was bowled over by a handsome stranger who literally knocked her off of her feet and right onto her bottom side at the Airport. When she finally was able to catch her breath, she looked right into those apologetic eyes which were pleasantly inset in the most handsome face that Amelia had ever seen.  As the stranger extended his hand to help her to her feet, she noticed how tall and muscular he was.  Although embarrassed because she was knocked right on her butt, Amelia was pleasantly surprised that the person who slammed into her was very gentle as he tenderly picked her up.  Amelia’s heart pumped wildly and her cheeks became flushed as she gazed into his eyes.  She knew from that very moment that she had found the love of her life.  His named was Robert Arron Steele.  The couple immediately fell into a whirlwind romance and soon they were married.

The newlywed couple bought a wonderful house where they settled down right across the street from Amelia’s parent’s home.  Amelia was contented to be a doting mother of two boys and a loving housewife.  When her boys went off to school, she would help her Daddy in his hardware store.  Eventually she and Robert went in partners with Henry.  It was what made Amelia perfectly happy. This was the life that she chose, which was the most satisfying choice Amelia could have ever made.

“I know who you are dear, come here and let me hug you!  Did you bring the youngsters? Have you already seen your mother?”   Henry asked with more excitement than Amelia had seen from him in a long time.  “Do you know what has been happening to me, Amelia?”  Henry asked impatiently.  “I’ve been remembering things that I’ve not been able to remember for a long time!”  Henry said with a smile upon his face.

“That’s wonderful Daddy!”  Amelia replied.  “Tell me some of what you can remember.”

“Well let’s see.”  Henry began.  “I remembered when I first met your dear sweet Momma.  She had little pigtails and I fell in love with her at first glance.  I had never seen such golden hair in all my life.  But of course I don’t think she felt the same way about me.  Nah, I’m sure she didn’t feel that way about me.  I had to woo her with a swing that my Daddy put up in an old Oak tree in our side yard.  That old Oak tree was my dearest friend.  Did I ever tell you about me and that old Oak tree daughter?”

“Yes Daddy, do you not remember that I grew up with that same old Oak tree?  I swung in that same old swing and you pushed me many times.  Do you remember how you used to wind that swing around and around and then let it go?  I had so much fun!  I would become so dizzy that I thought I would throw up.  I giggled and giggled though.  Yes Daddy, I remember a lot of things that you told me that happened to you because of that old Oak tree. I also remember a lot of things happening there with us Daddy.   Do you know that that old tree is still standing?  She is waiting for you to come and visit her!”

“Daughter, when my time comes to leave this old earth, I want to be buried underneath those outstretched limbs that I remember so fondly. I want to be buried right beside my Dear Sweet Momma.  Do you understand me Amelia?  I want you to know also that as I remember bits and pieces of my life that I’ve been trying to write them down.  I know that it might sound crazy, but hey, I’ve been known to be a little crazy.  It’s ironic that I have what the doc calls “Amnesia that is making me even crazier huh. I guess the bright spot is that I don’t remember that I’m crazy most of the time” Henry said as he laughed out loud.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed “tuning in” or reading along today to If Oak Trees Could Talk!  Again I would love to hear from you.  All of my videos are archived both on my Youtube channel if you would like to Subscribe, or on my Blogs! Feel free to comment on either site.  Thanks again, “Tune in” next week!


If Oak Trees Could Talk Videos

20 May
Inspiring one Dreamer at a time!

If Oak Trees Could Talk



  • Okay I know that this blog is probably turning a little different, okay maybe a little weird,  but at the suggestion of my dearest friend and husband, I am going to share my latest Inspirational Romance Novel with you!  Every week I will post a new portion of my book until I’ve finished it.  I hope that you will enjoy it.  If you miss a week, that portion or chapter will be archived.    As both  my husband and I were born in the Sixties we remembered when radio would play stories that if you wanted to hear the rest of the story,  they would say, “TUNE IN NEXT TIME!” Well my hope is that you will stayed tuned in until the end and that we can live out this story together!
    Also for those who may not have time to read it, I will also be posting the portion in Youtube videos!  So maybe you can take the time to listen!  Again they will be archived as well so that you can go in and listen to a portion if you happened to miss  a week for whatever reason…..say like LIFE Happens!
    What do I get it out of this you may ask?  Well, if you like the story, maybe you can recommend it to your friends and maybe you will look forward to others that I’ve written or will write in the future!  If you sign up to follow this blog, you will also get free insights and notices of my latest books.  I will also run contest for my followers to win my books or other things that I feel would be a great way to say I appreciate you!  I would love to hear from you as we go on this journey together!  Blessings and Happy Reading or Listening!
  • Book Cover for If Oak Trees Could Talk
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    I know that this is all new, so if my videos are amateur I ask that you bare with me I learn how to do them.  Right now I just wanted to strike while the iron was hot, and I hope that you will enjoy going on this journey with me!
  • My Latest Inspirational Romance “If Oak Trees Could Talk” written by Christine Gilliam Hornback all images and copy are copyrighted 2014
  •    Okay, here we go with the first Video that will cover the following! I hope that you have a cup of coffee or tea and are ready to visit with Henry William Tyler in the small southern town of Mason Creek, Georgia!    Chapter 1   Henry William Tyler    
  • https://www.youtube.com/embed/eIVgRCmDumc“>
  •            His name was Henry William Tyler.  He was a true Southern gentleman in every sense of the word.  Born and raised in Mason Creek, Georgia he was well known and thought of rather highly by everyone who knew him in his small rural community.  He had a beautiful wife, daughter, son-and-law and two wonderful grandsons.  He had a life that was full of treasures that you could not put a price on. Henry’s Father was a Salesman who could sell a bathing suit to an Eskimo.  Folks say that the gift of being a salesman was definitely passed on to Henry.  Henry was kind and pleasant, had an impish smile that curved into deep dimples and bright eyes that danced whenever he would go into to one of his long drawn out stories.  He claimed his stories were all passed down from generation to generation. Most of the people who heard his stories thought that what Henry said must have been true based on how long it took him to tell them.   However, most of the folks in Mason Creek didn’t seem to mind how long Henry’s stories took to tell as everyday they would gather at Henry’s Hardware store to hear him tell the same stories over and over again.  They knew that every story, regardless if they heard a similar version of it before was going to be different the next time they heard it.   Henry knew how to embellish his tales.  He dressed them up much like bright rhinestones on a country western singer’s blazer. He caused them to dazzle and sparkle a little more with every telling of them.  Whether the story was really that long or if it was the southern drawl or perhaps the way Henry turned phrases was questionable, however again it didn’t much matter as it was free entertainment in a small town with not much else to do but shoot the breeze.    Every day, friends, family and even a few occasional strangers would gather around the counter at Henry’s hardware store when he would begin one of his elaborate tales.  They listened in anticipation of being thoroughly entertained, but not before they buried their arms down into a huge barrel full of ice cold soda pop and bought a greasy brown paper sack of Henry’s famous hot boiled peanuts.  They sipped their colas and ate their peanuts while listening to Henry and watching every lively expression!  When they left the Hardware store they usually walked away from the experience having bought several hardware items that they really didn’t have need of.  However, they also left his store with huge smiles on their faces and their heads shaking in disbelief as the stories got a little wilder with the telling of them!  Henry was of a senior age.  How senior I couldn’t really tell, but when Henry looked into the mirror, the person looking back at him sure told it all. It seemed strange to Henry though, because the man he saw in the mirror looked more like his Dad than it did himself.  What Henry saw was a tall thin man with white hair and white whiskers.  If he had not known better, Henry would’ve sworn that it was his father.  When Henry smiled, he could see slight wrinkles not quite as deep as the ones he remembered his Father having, but wrinkles none the less around the corners of his eyes.  He also saw his father’s forehead and nose, which were strong characteristic traits throughout the Tyler’s family tree. As Henry continued to gaze at his image in the mirror, he whispered softly to himself, “Yep with this forehead and this nose, I can be assured that I am indeed a Tyler. But when did I get to be so darn old?”  Henry questioned, “Where did the time fly off to?”

Christine Gilliam Hornback Author, Artist, Inspirational Speaker


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