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Part 30 If Oak Trees Could Talk!

12 Feb



Part 30 If Oak Trees Could Talk!

Hello again! I hope that you’ve had a great and productive week since the last video blog post of my Romance/Suspense novel If Oak Trees Could Talk. My week has been very productive! I am thrilled to say that I have been making some really great progress on a sequel to my Juvenile fiction novel Caleb’s Cereal!   People ask me all the time about being a writer. Probably the number one question is “Why do you write?” I would love to have some deep answer for them, but honestly my main reason is that I personally get to go on journeys and do things through my characters that I probably would never get to do in real life! That is why I am doing these videos blogs each week! I hope to take you with me on a few of my characters adventures. It is my hope that you will come along with me and enjoy the journey!

Today we pick back up in Chapter 15 The Cruise!

Chapter 15

The Cruise!

Henry began whistling, Amelia had not heard her Dad whistle since before her Momma’s fall. He was truly coming back, Helen thought and a peace like a robe simply came over her. She listened to her Mom and Dad talk about this neighbor and that neighbor as he drove them down their neighborhood street. He honked the horn at this one and at that one when he would see them out in their yards.   He knew perfectly well where he was going and had no problem maneuvering the car. He then turned right onto Harper Street. His face beamed when he saw his beloved Hardware store. He whipped the car into the side street and threw it into park.

“Let’s just drop in here for a minute okay Amelia?” Henry said.

Amelia knew that this trip was totally out of her hands. What could she do about it anyway? She only prayed that Sheriff Eugene would not see them out on their cruise through the town when they needed to be back at Glenview.

Amelia and Robert ran the Hardware store very efficiently. With everything that had happened with Amelia’s parents they hired a very loyal worker to help them out in the store. Mr. Dewey Thomas was a close friend to Henry and loved helping the family out. He was an older gentleman and appreciated the fact that he could go to work and be useful. He had been a good neighbor who had grown up on the same street as Amelia and her parents. When Amelia was busy outside of the store with her parents or children, Mr. Dewey Thomas helped keep things running. When Henry, Helen, and Amelia walked into the store, Henry was very surprised to see his friend and neighbor behind the counter. His old friend was just as surprised to see Amelia and her parents walk through the door. He ran from behind the counter and shook Henry’s hand and hugged Ms. Helen.

“Oh my, when I saw you people coming through that door, I thought I was hallucinating. It made my legs get all wobbly. Man, my old friend you are looking good! When are you coming back to work?” Mr. Thomas went on. “Goodness, where are my manners ladies? Hello Ms. Amelia, please, you and Ms. Helen come behind this counter and have yourselves a sit down right here. I will visit with my old buddy!”

Henry was a little overwhelmed with Dewey. He knew him, but yet he didn’t know him.

“Amelia didn’t tell me that we had someone helping out in the store.” Henry stated. “I am glad that she does though.” Henry continued as he stared intently at Dewey. He was trying to place who he was. He wondered how he knew him. Had he worked at the store before when he ran it? The answers seemed not to come.

“Ah, it’s nothing Henry. I was glad to do it. How are you Ms. Helen? You sure are looking fit?” Dewey stated. He still had not realized that Henry didn’t know who he was.

“I am just wonderful Dewey. How about Dolores, how is she faring these days?” Helen asked.

“Oh she is doing pretty well. We can’t complain. The Lord’s been good to us Ms. Helen.” Dewey replied.

“Yes, he’s been good to us as well, Dewey.”   Helen stated. Finally Helen thought she would try to refresh Henry’s mind about who Dewey was.

“Henry, do you remember when you and Dewey were in the service together? You were the two locals from Mason Creek that were placed together. He and Dolores always come over to our house and played Canasta. Do you remember?”

“Yes, I think I might, at that! Weren’t you the one that bought that old motorcycle with the sidecar? When we were in the service, they let you drive that old thing and I could ride in the sidecar. I remember all of the dust you made me eat because of that piece of junk! Thank the Lord we had on a helmet and goggles or I would probably be blind today!”

“Yep, Henry that was me!” Dewey said with a deep chuckle. “Man, I had not thought of that cycle for ages!”

“I don’t blame you, that fool thing was a death trap waiting to happen!” Henry said as he grabbed Dewey and gave him a big old hug. Henry became rather emotional because, again this just proved that he was coming back, he felt like he had just gotten another breakthrough.

Both of the veterans stood in the middle of the store until other folks started coming in. One by one the crowd lined up shaking Henry’s hand and welcoming him back. Some he recognized and some he didn’t. Henry fed on the atmosphere of his Hardware store. It gave him back some of his pride that he felt that he had lost.

            Amelia was getting nervous. Who else was going to walk through that door? She was sure that the word had gotten out that her Daddy was in the Hardware store.   She feared that Eugene would come walking through the door at any moment. If Sheriff Eugene came in, then what would happen? Would she be carted off to jail and her parents hauled back to Glenview? She loved seeing her Daddy in his element again, but knew that she had to get him out of the store as soon as possible. She told Eugene that she would have her parents back to Glenview this morning. Time was running out. It was almost Eleven o’clock and she had not produced them. She then told her mother about Eugene.

            “Oh, how are Eugene and his parents? They are such sweet people. They’re just like all of these folks coming in here today showing such love to me and Henry. We just live in a wonderful little town. Don’t we, Amelia?” Helen said as she watched the line of people gathering into the store to say hello to them.

            “Folks, Folks, I need to get your attention, please! Amelia shouted over the roar of men and women laughing and talking. Listen, I was ordered to get my parents back to Glenview before Noon today. If I do not get them back in time, I may possibly get into more trouble than I am already in. So, no offense to anybody, for we are so thankful that you all came out, but we need to cut this reunion short until next time okay?” Amelia shouted!

            “Yes Ms. Amelia, we understand!” The crowd all agreed! They then made a path, some on the right and some on the left of the main aisle to the door for Amelia and her parents to walk through to the front door. As they made their way through the aisle, the crowd smiled and patted them on the back as if they were heroes that had come home from a war. Amelia would not necessary describe what her parents had been though as a war, however, she would say that they had fought a fierce battle. They deserved every cheer and every pat on the back that their neighbors and friends had to give to them.

            “Well that was fun!” Helen said when the three of them had gotten back into the car.

            “Hurry get down, get down now!” Amelia shouted, as she saw Sheriff Eugene drive by. She prayed that he didn’t recognize Henry’s car. It had been a long time since it had been out of the garage. On the other hand, Amelia thought that Henry’s car may be the very thing that would stick out like a sore thumb and gain them the unwanted attention. She slowly raised her head up to see if she could see where the Sheriff had gone. She did not see him, but was sure that he would be back. There was way more cars parked in front of the Hardware store than usual which also drew suspicion.

            “Daddy, I hate to tell you this, but you’re going to have to get out of here rather quickly before the Sheriff circles around to check out why all of these cars are here! Would you please just let me drive us now?” Amelia pleaded.

            “Are you kidding me? I can surely out run the Sheriff if I had too. Let’s just hope that it will not be necessary.” Henry stated as if he weren’t the least bit concerned about going back to Glenview. Maybe he seriously wasn’t. He treated his escape from Glenview like it was a summer vacation. He had definitely had a busy twenty-four to thirty-six hours of freedom. If he kept a record of all he had done since walking out of Glenview’s doors it would read as follows: He walked naked up and down streets to get home, climbed an Oak tree, had a romantic picnic, danced with the love of his life in the moonlight, swung in a swing, walked through gardens and the yard, ate lots of his favorite food, slept in his own bed, spent time with his daughter, grandsons, and son-and-law, and finally, Henry was united and visited with most of his friends and neighbors at the hardware store which was one of his favorite places.   What better way to spend time on the outside of Glenview?

Thank you once again for “tuning in” or reading along with me! It is my hope that you have been enjoying my Romance/Suspense novel, If Oak Trees Could Talk, for it has been my pleasure to share it with you! As always I would love to hear from you. I want to thank all of you that have begun following my WordPress blogs. Please continue to “tune it” as we are moving right along through the book.

If you are interested in obtaining your own copy of If Oak Trees Could Talk or any of my other books, please visit my Amazon Author Page here! Also If you are new to my Video Blogs and would like to catch up on the story from the beginning please check out the archives in this blog or simply subscribe to my Youtube Videos as they are numbered and in order! I am also a weekly contributor to The Lakeview Times.   All of my videos are published each week at http://www.lakeviewtimes.com


Part 28 If Oak Trees Could Talk!

28 Jan

Part 28 If Oak Trees Could Talk

Hello Again! Well we are moving right along as we read If Oak Trees Could Talk! I hope that if you have been following along that you are enjoying the journey! If you’ve just found us, then it is my hope that you will take the time to either listen or read the archived blogs to where you do not feel like you’ve missed out on any of the mushy stuff! Today we are nearing the end of Chapter 14 The Family Gathering! However, we still have a little ways to go.   You might as well pour yourself a nice cup of coffee or tea and get all comfy as we continue reading.

Chaper 14

The Family Gathering!

“It’s wonderful, Daddy. I always love it when you tease me. I love your stories. The boys love them as well. Daddy, they have missed you so much. They were excited and thrilled to be at Gramps and Gramma’s last night because we were together again! They told me that you always did special things with them, such as your yard trips.   They miss all of those times with you. They had not been in this house for months, but last night when they were here, they really enjoyed it. It was only because you and Momma were home and down at the Oak tree. Both of you are the life of this house and this place. It’s you and Momma that makes this place a home.” Amelia said as she began to tear up.

Robert and the boys pulled up in the driveway just as Amelia was speaking of them. The boys flung open the car doors and ran into the house. They ran to Gramps and hugged him and then on to Gramma. Amelia stepped out to see if Robert needed a hand with the food. He was so prepared he had paper plates and plastic forks, the works just so that they could spend time together instead of cleaning up the kitchen after the meal. He also had a thermos of piping hot coffee just in case there was none.

“Baby, you thought of everything! I love you so much, let me take that thermos.” Amelia said as she leaned in and gave Robert a quick kiss. “Momma and Daddy are going to love this!”

When Robert stepped inside the house, Helen grabbed him and squeezed him tightly. He still had his hands full of food when Henry moved forward and extended his hand for a warm hand shake, but then he just grabbed Robert and gave him a big bear hug.   Robert unloaded all of the bags onto the counter and then shook Henry’s hand.   Everyone was so thrilled to be back together.

“Oh man, I smell Elma’s don’t I?” Henry asked.

“Yep,” Dylan said as he began pulling food from the bags. “Sausage gravy, biscuits, eggs, grits, and bacon, yummy, breakfast is served! Just like you always served it for us Gramps!”

“Man I think I will run away more often,” Henry said with a smile.

“I wish you could Gramps!” Robbie said. “We have missed you and Gramma so much.”

“Don’t encourage him, Robbie,” Helen stated. “He would be over here every day when the nurses at Glenview turn their backs!”

All of the family chuckled, but deep down Helen knew Henry would escape again if he felt he had reason to. It was good for all of them to be together. They each took their regular places at the dining room table as they’ve done numerous times before. Even though this was Elma’s food, you would have thought it to be a home cooked Thanksgiving meal, which indeed it was! The table seated Gramps and Gramma side by side of course at one end, Amelia and Robert side by side at the opposite end and Dylan and Robbie in the middle of each side. As they ate, they laughed, and appreciated every second of the last minutes together before Henry and Helen went back to Glenview. Each of them pretended that the dread of the Patriarch and Matriarch of the family leaving wasn’t weighing heavy upon them. The time came, however, sooner than any of them wanted it to, for Gramps and Gramma to return to Glenview.

“Amelia do you want me to drive you and your parents back to Glenview?” Robert whispered while Amelia was cleaning up the dining room table.

“I really thought about it Honey. I think I will drive Daddy’s car. It probably needs to have someone drive it anyway. What do you think?” Amelia asked.

“Sounds good, but are you going to be okay?” Robert comforted.

“I will just have to be okay, now won’t I?” Amelia stated with a sigh.

“Well, if you get there and need me, I am going to stick around the house today with the boys. I think it will be good for the boys just to have a day with their old Dad.”

“That sounds great. You can make the day a fun day for them. I wish I could spend the day with you guys,” Amelia replied. “But soon, we will all be together again.”

Helen walked into the kitchen. She did not appear to be half as upset about going back to Glenview as Amelia was. She and Henry had resolved to go back and do what they needed to do.

“Well, Daughter, let’s get this show on the road! Your Daddy and I have decided to take Glenview by storm Sweetie! They won’t know what hit them! We will be home in a few weeks and all will be well! Are you ready?” Helen asked impatiently.

“Yes, Momma, I guess I am ready if you and Daddy are. Where’s Daddy?” Amelia asked.

“Oh, he and the boys have gone out in the yard for a bit,” Helen said with a tender smile at having mentioned the boys.   “He probably just wants to reassure them that we will be a family again. We do love those two more than life!” Helen said softly. “He also wanted to go see his friend one more time before we left today. He thought maybe that the Oak tree could help him remember a little more before he left!”

“Well, okay, I will go get the car out of the garage. I thought we would drive Daddy’s car if that is okay. It really needs to be driven and this beautiful Sunny morning would be a perfect opportunity. What do you think?”

“Lovely, it will be just lovely.” Helen agreed.


Thank you once again for “tuning in” or reading along with me! It is my hope that you have been enjoying my Romance/Suspense novel, If Oak Trees Could Talk!, for it has been my pleasure to share it with you! As always I would love to hear from you. I want to thank all of you that have begun following my WordPress blogs. Please continue to “tune it” as we are moving right along through the book.

If you are interested in obtaining your own copy of If Oak Trees Could Talk or any of my other books, please visit my Amazon Author Page here! Also If you are new to my Video Blogs and would like to catch up on the story from the beginning please check out the archives in this blog or simply subscribe to my Youtube Videos as they are numbered and in order! I am also a weekly contributor to The Lakeview Times.   All of my videos are published each week at http://www.lakeviewtimes.com

Part 26 If Oak Trees Could Talk

20 Jan

Part 26 If Oak Trees Could Talk!

Welcome and thank you for visiting my blog. This will be my last video blog of If Oak Trees Could Talk for the year as Christmas is next week and then Wow, the ringing in of a brand new year!

I wish every one of you the Happiest and Healthiest New Year Ever! Thank you so much for being such a wonderful part of this year for me! I’m excited about the year to come as I’ve been working on several new book projects and can hardly wait to go forward with them. I hope that you will continue to join me and come along for the ride.

Today we begin reading in a new Chapter 14 The Family Gathering!


Chapter 14

The Family Gathering

            Amelia sighed with dread of the very thought of her parents going back into Glenview’s Home for the Elderly.   Even though she knew that they had really thought everything out and made the decision for themselves, it would not be easy, but she would drive them both back in the morning.   She had no idea what Mr. Hodges had planned for her parents upon their return. Henry had explained to her that it was Mr. Hodges who had told him about her mother’s early release in the first place. Surely, as the head of Glenview, Mr. Hodges should have known the reason that her father had come to be at Glenview’s Home for the Elderly to begin with. The thoughts of Mr. Hodges telling her Daddy about her Momma just did not sit well with Amelia, but again she would honor her parent’s wishes.

            She helped her parents rise up from the picnic blanket to their feet.   Between her and Robert they helped walk both Henry and Helen up the long front lawn to the house. She sent the boys down to get all of the picnic supplies. Amelia waited until they came into the house before making the announcement that she was driving her parents back to Glenview the following morning.   Although both of the boys were very crushed and upset, they pretended all was well. Through everything the boys had become brave and strong young men. Their grandparent’s house felt like home again just because Henry and Helen were there. It didn’t matter that they were down at the Oak tree having their own private picnic the whole time, the boys still found comfort in knowing that they were on the property.

            Amelia kissed Robert and the boys good night as she stayed with her parents through the night. She checked on them several times by peeking through their bedroom door which she was very cautious to do considering the most recent romantic encounters that her parents had while at Glenview. When Amanda peeked in, she saw two peaceful parents cuddled together sleeping safe and sound in their bed. It was a precious sight to behold. This was an image that Amelia would carry with her to help her focus on getting them back home permanently, once they were back at Glenview.

            The morning came way too soon. Amelia had not slept but a little while before the sun came up. The first thing she felt she needed to do was to talk with the Sheriff.   However, it was as though the morning was ordered with all of the most wonderful things that a summer day would hold. She postponed her plans just briefly to take in the wonderful day.   Amelia found herself opening up the French doors leading to the Gardens and several more windows throughout the beautiful house she felt she was home. The birds sang their beautiful songs of praise to the one that made them. A soft breeze blew gently through the gardens and aromatic scents of Lilac and Lavender filled the air and blew through the opened windows. The house was beginning to once again smell like her parent’s home.

Amelia thought that she was the first to arise, but she then heard voices in the gardens. When she walked outside onto the patio, her parents were down in the gardens and her mother was carrying a beautiful bouquet of fresh cut flowers in her hand. Amelia also watched as her Daddy who was fully dressed, placed a beautiful flower in her Momma’s free flowing hair.   As they meandered through the gardens holding hands, laughing, and talking, Amelia knew without doubt that this was what they needed. Her parents needed one another. Henry and Helen also needed their family, their home and even their beautiful gardens, to get well.

While watching her parent’s behavior since being home, Amelia resolved at that moment to bring them home regardless of the consequence. She turned from such a beautiful picture of her parents in the garden to go back into the house. Her parents had decided to go back to Glenview and Amelia would honor their wishes and take them.   However, before she took them back, she was determined to make it clear to Mr. Hodges that it was a temporary arrangement this time. She immediately telephoned Sheriff Eugene that her parents had chosen to return to Glenview temporarily.   Amelia also informed him that she would be driving them back after they had eaten a good breakfast. She let him know that she was bringing both her parents back to their home as soon as she could, regardless if Mr. Hodges from Glenview agreed with her decision or not.   Sheriff Eugene agreed to her plans and simply cautioned her that Mr. Hodges was still insisting that she be arrested for kidnapping.


Thank you once again for “tuning in” or reading along with me! It is my hope that you have been enjoying my Romance/Suspense novel, If Oak Trees Could Talk!, for it has been my pleasure to share it with you! As always I would love to hear from you. I want to thank all of you that have begun following my WordPress blogs. Please continue to “tune it” as we are about half way through the book.

If you are interested in obtaining your own copy of If Oak Trees Could Talk or any of my other books, please visit my Amazon Author Page here! Also If you are new to my Video Blogs and would like to catch up on the story from the beginning please check out the archives in this blog or simply subscribe to my Youtube Videos as they are numbered and in order! I am also a weekly contributor to The Lakeview Times.   All of my videos are published each week at http://www.lakeviewtimes.com

Part 15 If Oak Trees Could Talk

27 Aug

Source: Part 15 If Oak Trees Could Talk

Part 6 If Oak Trees Could Talk!

24 Jun

Part 6 If Oak Trees Could Talk!.

If Oak Trees Could Talk Videos

20 May
Inspiring one Dreamer at a time!

If Oak Trees Could Talk



  • Okay I know that this blog is probably turning a little different, okay maybe a little weird,  but at the suggestion of my dearest friend and husband, I am going to share my latest Inspirational Romance Novel with you!  Every week I will post a new portion of my book until I’ve finished it.  I hope that you will enjoy it.  If you miss a week, that portion or chapter will be archived.    As both  my husband and I were born in the Sixties we remembered when radio would play stories that if you wanted to hear the rest of the story,  they would say, “TUNE IN NEXT TIME!” Well my hope is that you will stayed tuned in until the end and that we can live out this story together!
    Also for those who may not have time to read it, I will also be posting the portion in Youtube videos!  So maybe you can take the time to listen!  Again they will be archived as well so that you can go in and listen to a portion if you happened to miss  a week for whatever reason…..say like LIFE Happens!
    What do I get it out of this you may ask?  Well, if you like the story, maybe you can recommend it to your friends and maybe you will look forward to others that I’ve written or will write in the future!  If you sign up to follow this blog, you will also get free insights and notices of my latest books.  I will also run contest for my followers to win my books or other things that I feel would be a great way to say I appreciate you!  I would love to hear from you as we go on this journey together!  Blessings and Happy Reading or Listening!
  • Book Cover for If Oak Trees Could Talk
  • https://www.youtube.com/embed/3F_aCHJ83Fs“>
    I know that this is all new, so if my videos are amateur I ask that you bare with me I learn how to do them.  Right now I just wanted to strike while the iron was hot, and I hope that you will enjoy going on this journey with me!
  • My Latest Inspirational Romance “If Oak Trees Could Talk” written by Christine Gilliam Hornback all images and copy are copyrighted 2014
  •    Okay, here we go with the first Video that will cover the following! I hope that you have a cup of coffee or tea and are ready to visit with Henry William Tyler in the small southern town of Mason Creek, Georgia!    Chapter 1   Henry William Tyler    
  • https://www.youtube.com/embed/eIVgRCmDumc“>
  •            His name was Henry William Tyler.  He was a true Southern gentleman in every sense of the word.  Born and raised in Mason Creek, Georgia he was well known and thought of rather highly by everyone who knew him in his small rural community.  He had a beautiful wife, daughter, son-and-law and two wonderful grandsons.  He had a life that was full of treasures that you could not put a price on. Henry’s Father was a Salesman who could sell a bathing suit to an Eskimo.  Folks say that the gift of being a salesman was definitely passed on to Henry.  Henry was kind and pleasant, had an impish smile that curved into deep dimples and bright eyes that danced whenever he would go into to one of his long drawn out stories.  He claimed his stories were all passed down from generation to generation. Most of the people who heard his stories thought that what Henry said must have been true based on how long it took him to tell them.   However, most of the folks in Mason Creek didn’t seem to mind how long Henry’s stories took to tell as everyday they would gather at Henry’s Hardware store to hear him tell the same stories over and over again.  They knew that every story, regardless if they heard a similar version of it before was going to be different the next time they heard it.   Henry knew how to embellish his tales.  He dressed them up much like bright rhinestones on a country western singer’s blazer. He caused them to dazzle and sparkle a little more with every telling of them.  Whether the story was really that long or if it was the southern drawl or perhaps the way Henry turned phrases was questionable, however again it didn’t much matter as it was free entertainment in a small town with not much else to do but shoot the breeze.    Every day, friends, family and even a few occasional strangers would gather around the counter at Henry’s hardware store when he would begin one of his elaborate tales.  They listened in anticipation of being thoroughly entertained, but not before they buried their arms down into a huge barrel full of ice cold soda pop and bought a greasy brown paper sack of Henry’s famous hot boiled peanuts.  They sipped their colas and ate their peanuts while listening to Henry and watching every lively expression!  When they left the Hardware store they usually walked away from the experience having bought several hardware items that they really didn’t have need of.  However, they also left his store with huge smiles on their faces and their heads shaking in disbelief as the stories got a little wilder with the telling of them!  Henry was of a senior age.  How senior I couldn’t really tell, but when Henry looked into the mirror, the person looking back at him sure told it all. It seemed strange to Henry though, because the man he saw in the mirror looked more like his Dad than it did himself.  What Henry saw was a tall thin man with white hair and white whiskers.  If he had not known better, Henry would’ve sworn that it was his father.  When Henry smiled, he could see slight wrinkles not quite as deep as the ones he remembered his Father having, but wrinkles none the less around the corners of his eyes.  He also saw his father’s forehead and nose, which were strong characteristic traits throughout the Tyler’s family tree. As Henry continued to gaze at his image in the mirror, he whispered softly to himself, “Yep with this forehead and this nose, I can be assured that I am indeed a Tyler. But when did I get to be so darn old?”  Henry questioned, “Where did the time fly off to?”

Christine Gilliam Hornback Author, Artist, Inspirational Speaker


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