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God’s Not Through With Me Yet!

12 Mar

God’s Not Through With Me Yet!.


Lakeview Times Online Paper

15 Jan

Lakeview Times Online Paper

I am so excited about my blogs being published in the Lakeview Times Online Paper!  In order to read my blog, you must click the link and scroll down!   Please Check out the paper with Greg Hetherington.  My new blogs will be posted every Wednesday!  

….Lakeview Times is a great online paper that has great resources that will inform and encourage.  The paper features many local community events and helps to promote them, great ideas to promote community in your town, city, school, church etc. The paper also has encouraging short stories, poems, great classifieds at very reasonable prices. 

I actually have my latest Juvenile Fiction book listed in the classifieds! If you are an author, artist or have items to sell, the classified ads are a valuable resource!  Check out the papers low advertising fees!


Guest Blogs and Friends!

29 Jun

I have been asked to do a guest blog for a wonderful author whom I have never met personally, but feel like I have so much in common with that we could become close friends! Don’t you love it when you make connections with others that just enrich your life.
I feel that most people come into your life for basically 2 reasons, to Take something that you have to give to them or….., To Add something that they have to give to you!
Best Friends are those who have come to do both…….

Loving Life, hope that you are!.

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