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Part 24 If Oak Trees Could Talk!

3 Dec

Part 24 If Oak Trees Could Talk

Welcome back! I hope that you’ve had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! Mine was special as my two oldest sisters from Ohio and Kentucky came to visit with some of their families! As we gathered around our Thanksgiving feast of abundance, I was grateful and blessed to have this time with them.

If you’ve been following along with my Video blogs, then you already know how important family is to me by listening to If Oak Trees Could Talk! Today we are continuing in Chapter 13 The Picnic!

Chapter 13

The Picnic!

She spread out the blanket on the ground and placed the hamburgers and onion rings inside the picnic basket along with a couple of wine glasses. She also placed the bottle of wine in an ice bucket. She propped the radio beside the basket along with the bathrobe that she found for her Daddy. As she had gotten her Mom’s attention, she pointed to the house and whispered to her that that was where she was going to be if her mother needed anything.   Just as she was ready to walk away, a Sheriff’s car came barreling into the driveway with flashing lights and a siren screaming.

Robert walked quickly toward the driveway to meet the Sheriff’s car and Amelia and the boys followed as well to prevent them from interrupting her parents. When they had arrived at the driveway, Eugene Perkins stepped out of the police car.

“Robert, Ms. Amelia, I am sure you know why I’m here, right?” Eugene asked.

“Hello Eugene, how are you? How are your parents?” Amelia asked hoping to change the subject. Helen taught Amelia to be polite and sociable. There wasn’t any reason to be rude; after all, Amelia had gone almost thirteen years of school with Eugene if you count kindergarten. She knew every member of his family and his parents were close friends to hers.  

“My folks are fine, Ms. Amelia. Speaking of folks, Ms. Amelia, How are yours doing?” Eugene probed as he looked toward the old Oak tree.

“Well, Eugene, I am sure that they’ve been better, but they’re not doing badly!” Amelia stated.

“Now Ms. Amelia, we’re going to have to quit beating around the bush here, now you know why I am here, right?” Eugene once again asked as he looked Amelia right in the eyes.

“Well, I honestly don’t know why you’re here Eugene.” Amelia answered. “I don’t understand exactly. Are we in some kind of trouble?”

“Well, I guess you can say that Ms. Amelia, I’ve got to take your parents back to Glenview. I had gotten a call from Mr. Hodges, accusing you of taking your parents out of the home illegally. Is this true?” Eugene once again probed as he kept looking down toward the Oak tree. By this time a sound of music was coming from the tree and Eugene became more and more curious as to what was going on down there.

“I didn’t know that I had done anything illegal, Eugene. It wasn’t like they are imprisoned at Glenview. I am the one, with their permission of course, that had signed them into Glenview. I didn’t think it would be illegal to take them out.”

“Well, Ms. Amelia, Mr. Hodges disagrees. He says that your parents are liable for a lot of expenses and that you were not advised by the staff as to whether or not they were able to leave Glenview. I think it would be best if I just took your parents back, and then maybe you do things differently if you choose to take them out again. Mr. Hodges is pressing charges of kidnapping against you.”

“Now, Eugene, you know that is not the truth. You have parents that are getting older, if your father decided to leave a facility on his own accord, mine you, like Glenview, wouldn’t you want to help your mother find him? By the way, do you still live at home with your parents? Amelia stalled.

“Yes, Ms. Amelia I still live with my parents. Do you know how often I am asked that question?” Eugene asked as he obviously was embarrassed.

“I’m asking you as a friend, Eugene, please just give us some more time. Momma thinks that she might be able to reach Daddy so that he will come back to us.   Eugene I’m telling you and Mr. Hodges right now, if they refuse to go back into Glenview, then there is nothing that I can do about it but stand by what they want!”

“Okay, Ms. Amelia, I’m going to turn my back on what I’ve seen here today. I will give your mother until morning to see what happens with Mr. Henry. I believe that I can hold Mr. Hodges off until then, but after that, I cannot promise you that I can help you.” Eugene said while cocking his head at a certain angle to look in Amelia’s eyes because the sun was starting to set and was shining right in Eugene’s face.

“Fair enough Eugene! Thank you. We will see what we can do! Tell your parents hello for us.” Amelia said with a sigh of relief.


Eugene got in his police car, and Amelia could hear him talking on his radio. “That’s a negative on Mr. Henry Tyler’s twenty. We’ll just have to check back later!”

He then started his car and sped off.

The sun had gone down rather quickly and it seemed as though the moon was in a hurry to shine forth.   When Amelia looked toward the Oak tree she could see the silhouette of two people. She watched in awe as her parents swayed softly in an embrace to faint sounds of music. Amelia sighed once again because she knew that only her Momma could have gotten her Daddy down from the tree without breaking any bones.   The radio continued to play softly and she could hear soft laughter coming from her parent’s direction. From a distance everything appeared as it should be. Both of her parents seemed as though nothing had robbed them of their past year’s happiness, but Amelia wondered how it would be if she drew closer?  

Amelia loved what she was witnessing. However, she knew that it was going to come to an abrupt end. Although Eugene Perkins gave them a break this time, Amelia knew his reputation of being ruthless at times. He was a Sheriff who thought more of himself than anyone else did and quite frankly he let the job go to his head. He liked to throw his weight around and lord over people when he had an opportunity. Amelia considered the situation with her parents to be an awesome opportunity for him.


Thank you once again for “tuning in” or reading along with me! It is my hope that you have been enjoying my Romance/Suspense novel, If Oak Trees Could Talk!, for it has been my pleasure to share it with you! As always I would love to hear from you. I want to thank all of you that have begun following my WordPress blogs. Please continue to “tune it” as we are about half way through the book.

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Part 23 If Oak Trees Could Talk!

20 Nov

Part 23 If Oak Trees Could Talk!

As I begin this Monday morning I want to say that my prayers and thoughts go out to the people of Paris, France this morning as they are mourning the loss of at least 129 people following the brutal and cowardly terrorist attacks last Friday! It is heart wrenching to see the pain on the faces of those who are in shock that such a thing could happen! As an American, we remember all too well of having the same feelings of disbelief as our eyes were glued on our televisions during the 911 attacks of our own country. We pray for courage, unity and resolve to the citizens of all of France this morning!


Wow! It’s hard to believe that next week is Thanksgiving! This year seems to have flown by, but I wanted to let you my readers and followers know that I count you as one of my many blessings to be thankful for! Thank you for taking the time to read or “tune in” each week to If Oak Trees Could Talk! I appreciate that you sacrifice your time to read, listen, or comment, for this I am truly grateful!

Today we pick back up in Chapter 12 No Place Like Home and will continue reading a bit into Chapter 12 The Picnic!

Chapter 12

No Place Like Home

“Mom let’s go out the garden way! Can we please?” Dylan pleaded.

“Sure, why not!” Mom agreed.

They walked through a hallway into a vestibule or a very narrow room that housed a grand staircase. This area of the house did not hold lots of furniture with the exception of a few fancy side tables and a huge curio cabinet with beautifully curved wooden carved legs. This room displayed precious relics of past generations of Grandparents and Great Grandparents and even Great Great Grandparents. The boys loved to go into this area of the house because it was like a museum of many treasures that painted a history of the families past.  

The boys walked slowly through this narrow area only to keep going forward into their Gramma’s favorite room, which was originally designed and presented to her by Henry himself on their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary!  This room was the only new edition to the original Victorian.   One usually gasped in awe when entering this bright and cheerful hide-away. This room served as a prelude to what was to come if one chose to continue to walk out the French doors onto the beautiful patio and formal gardens. However, it was difficult to leave this eye pleasing room.   The edition was Helen’s own indoor gardens. This exquisite tropical room was Helen’s very own oasis, which displayed beautiful mosaic tiled flooring in bright vivid artistic patterns. Huge marble columns stood royally and held up huge pediments of artistry scroll works. The room was laden down with green lush tropical plants delicately planted in beautiful mosaic pots where they flourished in this room. Loads of sunshine beamed through the French Doors and the specially designed window panels that seem to magnify the warmth of the rays. Of course, in the corner of this exquisite room was what Helen considered one of her most exquisite and valued material treasures that Henry had ever purchased for her. It was a stunning three tiered mosaic water fountain imported from Italy that Henry found on one of his Home Show buying expeditions for the Hardware store. He had surprised her with this stunning piece of glory that weighed so much that Henry had to use special lifters and levels to get the fountain in place. As with anything Henry had done, he presented it to her with a grand gesture.   He hired a band that knew how to play authentic Italian ballads and marched his Helen blindfolded into the room that stole her heart. The acoustics of the room rang out with the wonderful sounds of cascading waterfalls and sweet ballads of romance and love.

“This room doesn’t feel the same either does it Momma? Rob asked.

“No, Honey, I’m afraid not. I try to take care of Momma’s plants and of course the fountain is off now. No, sweetie, I am sure nothing is going to be the same until Gramma and Gramps come home.” Amelia replied rather quietly almost at a whisper as if she never wanted the living plants to hear such sad news.

“Come on, we’ve got to get these things to Gramma!” Dylan said as he opened the French doors and proceeded out the door with the picnic basket in his hand. The others followed. Their timing was to be perfect as Robert pulled up into the drive with the food that Helen had ordered for her and Henry’s picnic at the same time. The boys ran around the wrapped porch to meet their Daddy around front and Amelia followed.

“Well, let’s hope your mother knows what she is doing,” Robert said.

“If anyone knows what to do to help Daddy, it’s Momma. Let’s just get this stuff to her and find out what else she wants us to do.” Amelia said as she headed toward the Oak tree.


Chapter 13

The Picnic

When the family had walked slowly toward the tree, they could hear her Helen singing softly while she was pushing Henry in the swing. As they drew closer, Helen nodded up and down so that they knew it was okay for them to come down to the tree!   They obeyed. Amelia showed Helen all that they had gotten for her from the house and she motioned again, so as to go unnoticed by Henry, with one hand for them to set everything up. She continued pushing Henry with her other hand. Occasionally they heard Henry let out a whoop and then he would yell, “Higher, higher!”

Amelia noticed her little Momma who normally needed a walker at Glenview to stabilize herself, standing as straight as she could muster to push Henry as high as he desired to go. Again as she watched her parents, she witnessed more of the great love that her mother had toward her father.

“Always put your spouse first.” Amelia heard in her thinking as she relived the conversation that she had with her Momma in the hospital about how to love with passion. She was witnessing what her mother meant. She watched her mother putting her father’s needs above her own. Tears stung Amelia’s eyes as she hurried to try to fulfill her mother’s wishes.


As always thank you so much for either reading along or “tuning in”! I want to wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving! May you have lots of Living, Laughing, and Loving!

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Advice I Would Give My Younger Self

30 Jul

Advice I Would Give My Younger Self.

God’s Not Through With Me Yet!

12 Mar

God’s Not Through With Me Yet!.

Guest Blogs and Friends!

29 Jun

I have been asked to do a guest blog for a wonderful author whom I have never met personally, but feel like I have so much in common with that we could become close friends! Don’t you love it when you make connections with others that just enrich your life.
I feel that most people come into your life for basically 2 reasons, to Take something that you have to give to them or….., To Add something that they have to give to you!
Best Friends are those who have come to do both…….

Loving Life, hope that you are!.

Check out my new Community Page

10 Jun

Hello Fellow Bloggers, I appreciate that you’ve been taking the time to read my blogs and liking them.  I have begun a new Bloggers Community page with a link to my community at blog frog.  Check it out, it is a great resource especially for stay at home moms and Men there is a lot of communities for you as well! http//:blogfrog.com/2becreative

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