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He’s in the Waiting

6 Mar

He’s in Your Waiting!


He’s in the Waiting! Another day has passed and do you find yourself anxious, wondering if God is going to come through for you this time?  We all have worried and have been concerned when things seemingly fall apart, especially when it is out of our ability to fix it!  Hold on because your answer is on its way. God is in the waiting! Yes, while we are waiting upon God, honestly He is waiting on us! He patiently waits for us to come to Him and realize that He is our answer.

Have you just had an issue and you lost night after night of sleep trying to solve it? Have you thrown money at a problem that seemed to suck you dry?  Have you told everyone your problem to see if they could come up with a solution?  Have you found yourself being critical of others when they are being blessed, while you strive to try to make your circumstances change?  Have you worried yourself into anxiety attacks to where you were physically ill?  Finally, when you couldn’t solve your problems and no one else could help you, did you find yourself angry at God and accusing Him of withholding from you?

How did I know to ask all of these questions?  Well, my friend, I’ve been there!  My answer was yes to every question, however, I have more questions to ask that are even more important!  Have you ever gone through all of the above and then suddenly you saw something or heard something about God’s word or His promises and like a lightbulb being flipped on, you could see the light?  Have you ever literally gone to Father God and asked Him to teach you how to trust Him.  Has He ever then reminded you of all the things you’ve already been through and helped you to realize that you’ve gone through much but you’re still standing and the reason you’re standing was that you trusted Him?  You may feel like you’re standing on weakened legs right now, but you’re still standing.   Or better yet, maybe you are kneeling, as you realized that all of the times you stood strong in the past, was when you were kneeling and waiting upon God.  Do you remember when all other times when you were waiting and He met you there?  Do you remember how sweet His presence was?  God hasn’t changed, so if you’re having to wait upon Him, be steadfast and unmovable for He is in your waiting.  He will come again to meet you and strengthen you as He has done in the past.  Suddenly you will see a solution, or He will just totally take care of that situation with one brush of your tear.  He is here, waiting, won’t you come? He is in the waiting!


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Mama’s DIY Maple Sweetened Cookies!

6 Jul

Mama’s DIY Maple Sweetened Cookies!.

This recipe would be wonderful for Christmas Cookies!

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