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Are you a Secret Writer?

24 Aug

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Christine Gilliam Hornback

Wife, Mother, #1 Bestselling Author, Spiritual Midwife/Coach, Inspirational Speaker, Creator of Inspirational Programs and Authorship Programs, Artist and Art Instructor!

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Stuck Loser?

5 Apr

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Attitude Adjustments, Do you React or Respond?

30 Mar

Attitude Adjustments, Do you React or Respond?

Glass half empty or full

I am a firm believer that the kind of life we live depends solely on our attitude.  Please don’t roll those eyes…Yes, this is another blog post talking about your attitudes, but also mine.   Many people are “the glass is half empty” types of people, whereas I am one of the “the glass is half full” types.  Unfortunately, I tend to grate on the last nerve of those half empty types, but really the only difference between me and them is my attitude, right?

I think the differences between the two types of people I mentioned above, is mainly our attitudes toward life.  Our attitude has to do with how we do life in general.  For instance, when unexpected things hit our lives, do we respond to them, or to we react?  I want to describe the difference between a person who lives in response to life, and those who may live in reaction to life.   Please note this is not to say one type is better than the other…my point in it all is simply attitude!   We are never one hundred percent a responder or a reactor.  I think if you’ve read this article to this point, then you will agree with me that we all need attitude adjustments at times so that we can go forward and live life better!

If you are a responder (half full type) to life, when negative things happen, you tend to be able to step back a little and look at the overall situation.  In looking at the whole picture, you then rationalize, “Hey, this thing happened and it wasn’t good, but at least, I am still here and can use by learning from it!” The responders are generally thankful and grateful for what the experience has taught them and can generally move on rather quickly.

The people, who react to life (half empty type) when negative things happen, tend to believe that they should have been able to control or prevent them.  However, when they realize that the negative things came and there wasn’t anything they could do about it, most of the time they take it as a huge loss and as a personal failure. Because of their attitude toward whatever the negative thing was, they tend to become stuck in that place.  Instead of being thankful for what the experience could possibly teach them they become bitter. Some people can never move on.

Nobody has a positive or negative attitude all the time.   However, it is generally our attitudes that determine how long it takes us to go forward in life!


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Christine Gilliam Hornback

Wife, Mother, #1 Bestselling Author, Spiritual Midwife/Coach, Inspirational Speaker, Creator of Inspirational Programs and Authorship Programs, Artist and Art Instructor!

Hello ,Friends!  I do Live Webinar Events, and now Facebook Live to Coach and Encourage! If you have been feeling stuck or overwhelmed in pursuing your passions and God given purpose, I would love to help you to go forward!   If this is something that you would be interested in please click below for more information!


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Christine is a weekly contributor to www.lakeviewtimes.com.

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My Spring Gift For You

20 Mar

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You’re Invited to Go Forward Into Your Dream!

16 Mar


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Christine Gilliam Hornback

Wife, Mother, #1 Bestselling Author, Spiritual Midwife/Coach, Inspirational Speaker, Creator of Inspirational Programs and Authorship Programs, Artist and Art Instructor!

Christine does Live Webinar Events to Coach and Encourage! If you have been feeling stuck or overwhelmed in pursuing your passions and God given purpose, I would love to help you to go forward!   If this is something that you would be interested in please click below for more information!  Blessings, Christine


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Christine is a weekly contributor to www.lakeviewtimes.com.


Moving Forward or Staying Stuck?

3 Feb

Moving Forward or Staying Stuck?


Are you moving forward or are you stuck?  For many I’ve talked with, their answer to me has been that they are stuck.  For whatever reason, life hit them out of nowhere it seems and they have become immobile.

I do not pretend to know the answer to everybody’s woes, but the only advice I try to help with is this:  If you keep doing the same thing over and over again, you are going to get the same results!

When someone is stuck, it requires a change of some kind to move.  For instance I live in Georgia where we have Georgia red clay.  This clay when wet is so slick that if you accidently get into it, unless someone comes and pushes or pulls you out, you can forget about getting unstuck!   If you try to get out yourself, you will spin and spin. The clay causes you to bury down deeper and even more stuck.  This is how many live their lives.  They just spin their tires hoping to get out of the place or situation that they are in, when in reality the spinning is just causing them to bury down deeper and become even more stuck.  You may be using a lot of energy but you’re not getting anywhere.

What is the solution you may ask?

My number one suggestion that I would offer to you is that you must change your mind!  Again you cannot think things are going to change if you don’t! I know for many this is why you are stuck.  You have a difficult time making decisions.  However, if you choose not to make a decision, really you have!  You’ve decided to stay stuck!

Even a baby knows that when it takes its first step that it has to turn loose of whatever it thinks was keeping it balanced.  May I suggest that in order for you to take a first step forward that you too will have to let go of whatever you think is propping you up.  When the baby takes its first steps it is wobbly and may even topple over a few times, but babies do not give up.  They just climb right back up and try again!  Again, may I suggest that if you’ve tried to move and fell down, that you get right back up, get your balance, and try again.  It may take you a few times, but I know that you can do it!


Christine Gilliam Hornback is a wife of 36 years and a Mom to two young sons. She is a home school Mom, a # 1 Bestselling Author, Artist, Art Instructor and an Inspirational Speaker as well as a Spiritual Midwife/Coach!  Christine is a blogger, and a weekly contributor to Lakeview Times. www.lakeviewtimes.com

Christine Gilliam Hornback has six books published which includes her #1 Bestseller.

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Happy New and Grateful Year!

19 Jan

Happy New and Grateful Year!


Well, we are into the third week of January already! How is your year going so far?  Do you already seem to be over the New Year’s Resolutions? I’ve read several articles stating that most people that make resolutions usually give up on them around the third week of January.  If you are one of them, please don’t beat yourself up!  Can I just give you a helpful suggestion?  Maybe you can do a New Year in a totally different and new way.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to go into a New Year without guilt and shame or feeling like a failure because you didn’t reach any of your goals?

When the ball drops on New Year’s Eve, I do not make resolutions.  “Why?”  You may ask.  My answer is because I don’t want to go out of a year feeling bad about what I did not accomplish, but rather I want to celebrate the steps that I made even if they were small.   I want to look back over the year and see all of the positive things in my life rather than focusing on all of the things that were negative.

May I suggest that you make a list of all the wonderful and positive things that happened to you in the year 2016.  Call it your grateful or thankful list. I personally keep a journal, which helps me.  When you begin your list, if you do not feel like life was so wonderful to you, may I simply state the obvious?

  1. Are you still breathing? Well, that is one big positive thing you can write down that you can be grateful or thankful for.   Let everything else hinge on this first thing.
  2. If you are indeed breathing, that must mean that you are still needed on the planet.  Do you have family or friends?  Do you have a job?  Roof over your head, food to eat, clothes, drinking water, a place to sleep, a job etc.
  3. Maybe you could write down what talent or gift you have been given. This could help you set some new goals in 2017.  What will you do with those gifts and talents to help others since you’re still alive and breathing?

If you have truly had a year to where you can’t see the good, I promise you I am not trying to be insensitive or harsh, but rather, I am hoping to make you realize, that even the bad years come and go.  However, every year that you are alive, you get another chance to hopefully see a better year.  May I make a few more final suggestions?  Instead of taking it a year at a time, maybe you can take a day at a time.  Maybe you could also keep an ongoing journal or notebook of all the good things that happened throughout the year.  This will help you and go a long way to encourage you on those days when it seems nothing is going right.   If you keep a journal all year long, when you get to New Year’s Eve, unlike past years, all you will have to do is look at your journal to see all of the wonderful things that happened to you.  Do you want to know something?  If you can have one good year, then the next year could be even better!

I have found that even in my worse year, there is always reason to be grateful.  I also find when I focus on the positive blessings instead of the negative things that happened, I am constantly being blessed.  If my heart is still beating, that means I still have purpose and time to fulfill that purpose.  It is time to look forward and not back my dear friend!  Happy New and Grateful Life!



Simply Remember!

29 Dec


Simply Remember!

Have you ever gone through something that just seemed so horrific that it felt as though you weren’t going to make it this time!  Well, I have, more times than I can count!   Maybe you are still going through something like that.   Today, I hope to encourage you by pointing out the fact that you are still breathing in and out! It’s never too late for God to come riding in like the Savior that He is and save the day! I’ve made it through many trials by knowing God’s faithfulness. My husband and I are living proof of the miracle-working power of the Lord.  However, sometimes we forget what the Lord has done for us, especially when the thing we are facing seems impossible or way too difficult to walk through.  I want to encourage you, if we are making it, so can you.   You too can get to the other side! Sometimes, the easiest, but most effective thing we can do to begin seeing victory in our lives is to simply remember!

Our Pastor preached a message awhile back that really helped me and stirred my heart, as I was going through a devastating time in my life.  The message was basically this: “Miracles erase options for the believer!”  What he preached on was the fact that once the Lord performs a miracle in your life, that it is something that is concreted into your spirit.  You are never the same, and hopefully as Pastor preached “You will remember!”  You will remember the miracle when the next trail comes or the next obstacle comes, because if the Lord did it once for you, he’ll do it again….Always!  That settles it! There is no changing in God.   God is the same yesterday, today and forever.  What he has done, he will do again…

Recently, I thought that I would begin writing down all of the miracles that the Lord had performed for me.  Honestly, I became so overwhelmed. He had done so much that I had not even thanked him for or realized it was him!  It is our nature sometimes to forget, but as I began thinking back of all of the times when the Lord came through for us, I suddenly realized, if he did anything for me before, He is the same God!  He will do it for me again just as he had done it over and over again in the past!  So, I want to encourage you today, right now!    Take the time to REMEMBER what the Lord has already done for you.  You know all of those good things that happened before that we sometimes call coincidence!  Realize that those good things were not coincidences but God was working on your behalf.  Oh what a faith builder it is to take the time to simply remember!   It could be the very thing you need that will thrust you forward like a catapult and land you right into the miracle that you are believing the Lord for right now.

Free Christmas Bundle

13 Dec

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Blessed to be a Blessing!

19 Oct

Blessed to be a Blessing!

I believe with all my heart that we are blessed to be a blessing.   I personally have much to be grateful for.   When I take the time to be thankful, it causes me to realize that I have much to give!  I am not talking about money although sometimes if it is needed and I have it, I do try to be generous.  What I am really talking about is giving what money alone cannot buy! I can give a smile, a helping hand to a neighbor, I can give a meal, I can visit the sick, I can reach out to someone who needs to be encouraged over the phone etc.  The possibilities are endless.  I am a firm believer in paying kindness forward!  I wanted to share a story about paying kindness forward! I apologize it is a little lengthy but well worth the effort.  May we all do the same as Eric!

Recently I heard a story of a man who went undercover. For the sake of this sharing I am going to call the undercover gentleman Eric.  Eric wanted to see what would happen if he blessed a real homeless man with some money and other much needed items.    He and a camera crew had been secretly watching a homeless gentleman who was sleeping on a park bench for a few nights.  The homeless gentleman only had a duffle bag for his possessions that he used as a pillow while he slept. 

As the crew spied out the gentlemen, they all decided they wanted to participate in being a blessing to him!  Because it was late October, the nights were getting pretty cold so the crew had a meeting of the minds to discuss what they believed the homeless man needed immediately.   Each of the crew took their part of a list they devised.  Together they purchased gifts like a winter coat, socks, flannel shirts, a sleeping bag, toiletries, and gift cards to the local motels and restaurants in the area. The crew also started a money fund and shared their plans with many of their friends who shared with their friends and so on.  To Eric and the crew’s amazement they were able, though the generosity of friends and strangers, to raise around twenty thousand dollars. 

 Early one morning, after about a week of spying on the gentleman, Eric and his friends decided it was time to try to befriend the homeless gentlemen. Eric went to a local bakery and bought breakfast both for himself and for the gentlemen.   When he approached the park bench, he gently shook the homeless gentleman to awake him.  As the two men’s eyes met, Eric looked deep into the face of the homeless gentleman.  Through his eyes and the hard lines upon his face, Eric knew that this man had had a lot of pain and needed a break.  Eric hoped that he and the crew even if it was temporary could help bless him for this moment in time!

The homeless man being startled rose up rather quickly with fear in his eyes.  Eric immediately extended his hand to shake the stranger’s hand.  Eric assured him that everything was okay. He just wanted to share his breakfast with him.  When the gentlemen sat upright, he continued to look rather mistrusting into Eric’s face in disbelief that someone just wanted to do something nice for him.  Eric introduced himself very quickly and handed the gentleman a hot cup of coffee.

 “What’s your name?”  Eric asked. The gentleman’s eyes suddenly seemed to come alive. “Artie,” the man answered. 

Eric asked if he could share the bench, as the gentleman slide over.

When seated Eric opened up the bag with the food and handed the gentlemen a hot breakfast sandwich and took out one for himself and began to talk.

 “Well, Artie, it is great to meet you, I hope you like hot breakfast sandwiches.  I have a ham, egg, and cheese for you!”

 The man quickly unwrapped the sandwich and practically devoured it.  The men sat silently as Eric wanted to give the homeless man a chance to eat his food while it was still warm.  After the sandwiches, Eric reached back into bag and pulled out some warm donuts for dessert.  The homeless man then smiled and shook his head in delight when he saw Eric present him with something else.  In the meantime the camera crew, with video rolling, was already in tears as they witnessed what was happening before them.  They witnessed a face full of despair and saddened eyes come alive as Eric simply reached out in kindness with a simple gesture of sharing breakfast.  They couldn’t wait to see the look on the gentleman’s face once Eric presented him with all of the other gifts they wanted to bless him with. 

After breakfast, Eric then asked the gentleman “If it is not too much to ask, how did you fall on such hard times as to be homeless?” 

Artie freely began sharing his heartbreaking story of him and his wife Sharon living a “normal life.” They were childhood sweethearts growing up in Brooklyn. They married strait out of high school and worked to get through college.  Sharon was a school teacher and he was a skilled maintenance technician at a plant. One day as his wife was coming out of the school where she taught, a gang that had it in for one of the high school students opened fire outside in the parking lot and emptied their guns as bullets riveted cars.  One of the stray bullets immediately hit his wife Sharon in the head and lodged in her brain.  She was placed on life support where Artie tried to keep her alive for as long as he could.  Almost six weeks later, sadly his wife died.  He explained that something in him died too.

“I tried to keep it together for a little while, but I couldn’t stand going back to our empty home without Sharon.  Because I wouldn’t leave her side, I lost my job.  The hospital bills came rolling in and were thousands of dollars, so I sold our vehicles, and our home before I lost them, took what equity I had and paid as much of the bill as I could after I bought my wife one more gift.  Sounds crazy to call it a gift, but she loved angels! I bought her a proper headstone that looked like an angel.  That’s what she was to me, my angel.  She deserved at least that much,” Artie said as he swallowed hard to fight back the tears.  “We never had children, both of our parents have passed, I had no one else. It just seemed that I could get lost in this big ol city and who would care? ” Artie continued. “I think you are only the second person I’ve actually had a conversation with since last year sometime….Ah I don’t remember.”

“Artie, I am so touched by your story,” Eric said with tears in his eyes.  “Well, I want to be honest with you.  Have you ever heard of a thing called pay kindness forward, or pay it forward?”

Artie smiled gently and said, “Oh yeah, Sharon and I used to go to our local homeless shelters and volunteer to serve.  My wife especially tried to reach out to the children.  We again just did what we could. I still volunteer sometimes, as they will let me get a hot shower and a hot meal.”  Artie stated.

“Well, that is why I am here with you!  I must be honest, we’ve been spying on you for the past few days and nights to try to get a feel for what we could do to bless you.”

“Bless me, but why?” Artie asked. “Oh you’ve already done that.  Anytime I get to talk about my Sharon is blessing enough.  My story wasn’t always sad. No sir, Sharon and I loved each other passionately.  She was the most loving person I had ever known.  I guess being out here you just forget that people are just people, many just like me, just trying to deal!”  Artie continued.

“Artie, we believe you deserve a few gifts yourself!”  Eric said.  “Do you mind if I introduce you to my friends?” 

“Nah, I don’t mind.  Honestly, it just feels good to actually talk to someone.  Somehow it seems like if I could just talk about Sharon that she is not that far away!”  Artie said with a smile.

When Eric gave the signal the camera crew came out of hiding.  They smiled and each introduced themselves as they shook Artie’s hand. 

“Do you mind if we keep filming?”  Eric asked.

“Nah, I don’t guess so.”  Artie replied.

“Okay Artie, let’s begin by taking care of the obvious.  We see you have a duffle bag, Is this all of your possessions?”  Eric asked.

Artie answered, “Yes, I guess when your living out here you travel light!”  Then he smiled again.

“Well we know the nights are getting colder and we wanted to do something that was practical to help you so here are a few gifts for you.”  Eric said as one of the crew members handed him a garbage bag filled with gifts.  Eric then handed the bag to Artie who was just stunned.

“Go ahead Artie, everything in this bag is yours!”

When Artie took the bag he began opening up his gifts, the winter jacket, flannel shirts, blanket, socks, and toiletries.  He smiled as he shared with the crew.

“I just remembered packing the same kind of supplies when my wife and I volunteered at the homeless shelter.  I never realized then that I would be homeless and receive the same kind of compassion extended to me.   Thank you Eric and all of you, I am touched.”

“Wait, we’re just getting started, Eric said as the others nodded in agreement!”   Once again one of the crew members placed a huge envelope in Eric’s hand.  Who then opened the envelope himself and handed Artie what was inside.

One by One Eric handed Artie gift cards and certificates to restaurants and motels.

Artie becomes overwhelmed and was literally sobbing by this time.  He practically fell on Eric’s chest and sobs.  After he gets his composure Eric then pulls out the biggest surprise. 

“Artie, because people do have compassion and they want to see you do well, I have a final gift for you. People wanted to be kind and do something that could possibly make a difference in your life!” Eric said as he handed a check to Artie for Twenty Thousand Dollars.

“No man, this is not real!”  Artie said as his eyes were full of tears.  “Man this can’t be real, this can’t be happening to me!”  Artie continued as he looked Eric square in the eyes, which by this time was also in tears.

“Artie, we promise you this is real.  You are looking at real people that are gathered around you that care about you, and many more that made a contribution once they knew what we wanted to do for you.   We know that these gifts can never heal your heartbreak, but we want you to know that we care, man!  If you want to try to start all over,  hopefully this could get you started man.”

Paying kindness forward didn’t only bless Artie’s life but all who were involved in being the blessing.  This story although a little lengthy could be a true story.  Many people have painful, heartbreaking situations that knock them down in life!  I hope it has touched you enough to  spread a little kindness to people you meet as you go on your way today!  Blessings to you my friends! 





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