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Part 31 If Oak Trees Could Talk

19 Feb

Part 31 If Oak Trees Could Talk!Books

Hello again dear friends! Welcome back to my video blogs of If Oak Trees Could Talk! I am so glad that you chose to join me again today. I hope that you are having a wonderful week. Can you believe that we are already into the middle of February? When I began doing the video blogs of my Romance/Suspense novel If Oak Trees Could Talk last summer, I really had no idea how long they would take or how many, so I am so grateful that many of you have hung in here with me to read or “tune in” each week! This week we finish up Chapter 15 The Cruise!

Chapter 15

The Cruise!

Henry looked carefully before backing up. He looked both ways and then pulled out, but just as he did, he could see the Sheriff coming right toward him.

            “Get down loves, Get Down!” Henry shouted.

            Helen and Amelia obeyed but weren’t for sure why? They could only assume that Henry saw Eugene, which he did. When Henry passed the Sheriff, he looked down a little as to not look him straight in the eye and threw up one finger from the steering wheel as to speak when passing. This was the right thing to do because, again this was the South. Every one speaks whether they know you or not. So Henry actually did this to keep the Sheriff from becoming suspicious. It had been a long while since Henry had even seen Eugene, so they hoped that Sheriff Eugene wouldn’t recognize him. As far as Henry was concerned, he had no clue as to who Eugene was either. He only knew he was the Sheriff because he had seen Eugene’s sheriff’s car. He kept driving and tried to not cause suspicion but all of a sudden in his rear view mirror, he could see the Sheriff do a U-turn in the middle of Harper Street! This could only mean one thing and even Henry knew what it meant. They were recognized!   The Sheriff knew who they were or at least who Henry was. Henry had a decision to make, either to stop or to drive faster!

            “Hold on Loves, we’ve been made!” Henry Shouted!

            “What do you mean, Daddy…..What in the world are you doing? You have to stop! You can’t out run a Sheriff. We are in enough trouble the way it is! Pull over Daddy and stop the car!” Amelia shouted as if her Dad couldn’t hear her yelling at him.

            “Calm down Dear Amelia, he is not deaf. He just does not remember every event in his life yet?” Helen said rather calmly considering that she was in the front seat with a man who may or may not even know where he’s going.

            “Okay, this has gotten crazy! Daddy you have to pull over somewhere! Let me take over the driving! I am the one who promised I would get you both back this morning. I should have insisted that I drive to begin with!” Amelia demanded as she could feel herself panic. When she glanced back she saw that Sheriff Eugene was still quite a distance behind them, but still he was back there. By this time the Sheriff’s lights and siren were flashing and blaring so that every citizen of Mason Creek would know that there was a Sheriff in hot pursuit of criminals.   Rarely did an occurrence like this one escape the attention of the Mason Creek’s residents, for there was very little that happened in this lazy Southern town!

            “Amelia, sweetie, just stay calm, I know exactly where I am and where I am going! Let him follow me, I bet it will be the first Police Escort ever to Glenview’s Residential Home for the Elderly!” Henry said as both he and Helen chuckled.

            “Are you telling me that you both find this to be humorous?” Amelia asked as she realized that this scenario could only end badly. “We’ve got to pull over and let the Sheriff know that we are on our way back to Glenview. He needs to know that we are not trying to escape again Daddy!” Amelia spoke sternly. However, it was to no avail. She watched her Daddy wink and then he smiled at her Momma with that all too familiar impish grin that Amelia had seen thousands of times. Henry cranked up the radio that was playing some country song by George Jones and patted the dashboard of his car.

“Oh baby, don’t fail me now!” He shouted, when all of sudden he pushed the gas pedal as far down as he could and peeled down the street burning his tires. The smell of rubber burning filled the car.   A huge cloud of smoke boiled behind them. It wasn’t long until Amelia could hear the sound of a siren getting closer.   Henry drove like he had done this many times. He squealed tires as he made a sharp turn into a side street that lead down past The First Baptist Church of Mason Creek. He darted into another side street that lead down the street that Glenview was on. As he sped down this street to where Glenview’s Residential Home for the Elderly was, Henry whipped the car into the parking lot which was practically empty. He proceeded to squeal tires and wheel his car around in circles until the image of several figure eights had been burned into the parking lots pavement. After making such an entrance, Henry suddenly whipped his car into a parking space. He put the car in park while quickly handing Amelia the keys!

“And that my Dears is how it’s done!” Henry boasted.

             Amelia was in total disbelief at what had just happened!   She was speechless and as pale as a sheet. Her Daddy got out of the car and went around the side of the car to open the door for her mother. He acted the perfect gentleman as he helped Helen out of the car. He pushed the lever to the back seat so that Amelia could peel herself out of the car as well. Just as they were all out of the car, they heard more tires squealing as a car barreled into the parking lot where they all stood.   Sheriff Eugene’s sirens rang out and lights flashed while he practically fell out of his police car and raced toward them!

            “Ms. Amelia, what in the world do you think that you are doing? Do you know that you could have gotten someone killed driving like that? Oh excuse my manners, hello Mr. and Mrs. Tyler.” Eugene shouted as he took his sheriff’s hat off to be polite. He was shouting quite loudly because his siren was still blaring. In the south it is an understood rule that you are to always respect your elders! He then ran back to his car to turn the siren and lights off.

            Amelia listened as the Sheriff was scolding her, but then suddenly she looked at her watch. It was exactly twelve noon. She answered him without letting on that it was her Daddy instead of she that was doing the driving.

            “Well, Eugene, I promised I would get my parents back to Glenview this morning! It is just now noon so I kept my promise. We’ve been here about five minutes or so, wouldn’t you say Momma?” Amelia asked with Henry’s same wink and smile.

            “Now Ms. Amelia, when I was behind you with my lights and my siren going you should have pulled over. You can’t just go speeding in and out of these side streets like you have just done!” Eugene stated.

            “Excuse me for interrupting you Eugene, I know that you’re trying to do your job, but I wanted to ask about your folks before we go back inside. How are Ed and Immagene doing?” Helen asked. “It has been entirely too long since we’ve seen them. The next time we spend time at home we really should have them over for some of Henry’s famous Barbeque.” Helen continued.

            “Uh thank you Mrs. Tyler. My parents are doing fine. They would truly enjoy Mr. Tyler’s delicious Barbeque. It is surely famous around these parts, Mam.” Eugene replied. He was holding his Sheriff’s hat in his hand as he showed respect to Mr. Tyler.     

            “Well, no since prolonging our return. Thank you, young man for escorting us to Glenview. We really appreciate it Sheriff.” Henry said as he grabbed Eugene’s hand and shook it.

            Eugene didn’t know what to do as the Tyler’s and Amelia left him standing in Glenview’s parking lot holding his sheriff’s hat.

            “Dang, I am sure going to hear about this when I get to the sheriff’s office!” Eugene said as he could see Mr. Hodges watching the shenanigans from his office window.


Thank you once again for “tuning in” or reading along with me! It is my hope that you have been enjoying my Romance/Suspense novel, If Oak Trees Could Talk!, for it has been my pleasure to share it with you! As always I would love to hear from you. I want to thank all of you that have begun following my WordPress blogs. Please continue to “tune it” as we are moving right along through the book.

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Part 23 If Oak Trees Could Talk!

20 Nov

Part 23 If Oak Trees Could Talk!

As I begin this Monday morning I want to say that my prayers and thoughts go out to the people of Paris, France this morning as they are mourning the loss of at least 129 people following the brutal and cowardly terrorist attacks last Friday! It is heart wrenching to see the pain on the faces of those who are in shock that such a thing could happen! As an American, we remember all too well of having the same feelings of disbelief as our eyes were glued on our televisions during the 911 attacks of our own country. We pray for courage, unity and resolve to the citizens of all of France this morning!


Wow! It’s hard to believe that next week is Thanksgiving! This year seems to have flown by, but I wanted to let you my readers and followers know that I count you as one of my many blessings to be thankful for! Thank you for taking the time to read or “tune in” each week to If Oak Trees Could Talk! I appreciate that you sacrifice your time to read, listen, or comment, for this I am truly grateful!

Today we pick back up in Chapter 12 No Place Like Home and will continue reading a bit into Chapter 12 The Picnic!

Chapter 12

No Place Like Home

“Mom let’s go out the garden way! Can we please?” Dylan pleaded.

“Sure, why not!” Mom agreed.

They walked through a hallway into a vestibule or a very narrow room that housed a grand staircase. This area of the house did not hold lots of furniture with the exception of a few fancy side tables and a huge curio cabinet with beautifully curved wooden carved legs. This room displayed precious relics of past generations of Grandparents and Great Grandparents and even Great Great Grandparents. The boys loved to go into this area of the house because it was like a museum of many treasures that painted a history of the families past.  

The boys walked slowly through this narrow area only to keep going forward into their Gramma’s favorite room, which was originally designed and presented to her by Henry himself on their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary!  This room was the only new edition to the original Victorian.   One usually gasped in awe when entering this bright and cheerful hide-away. This room served as a prelude to what was to come if one chose to continue to walk out the French doors onto the beautiful patio and formal gardens. However, it was difficult to leave this eye pleasing room.   The edition was Helen’s own indoor gardens. This exquisite tropical room was Helen’s very own oasis, which displayed beautiful mosaic tiled flooring in bright vivid artistic patterns. Huge marble columns stood royally and held up huge pediments of artistry scroll works. The room was laden down with green lush tropical plants delicately planted in beautiful mosaic pots where they flourished in this room. Loads of sunshine beamed through the French Doors and the specially designed window panels that seem to magnify the warmth of the rays. Of course, in the corner of this exquisite room was what Helen considered one of her most exquisite and valued material treasures that Henry had ever purchased for her. It was a stunning three tiered mosaic water fountain imported from Italy that Henry found on one of his Home Show buying expeditions for the Hardware store. He had surprised her with this stunning piece of glory that weighed so much that Henry had to use special lifters and levels to get the fountain in place. As with anything Henry had done, he presented it to her with a grand gesture.   He hired a band that knew how to play authentic Italian ballads and marched his Helen blindfolded into the room that stole her heart. The acoustics of the room rang out with the wonderful sounds of cascading waterfalls and sweet ballads of romance and love.

“This room doesn’t feel the same either does it Momma? Rob asked.

“No, Honey, I’m afraid not. I try to take care of Momma’s plants and of course the fountain is off now. No, sweetie, I am sure nothing is going to be the same until Gramma and Gramps come home.” Amelia replied rather quietly almost at a whisper as if she never wanted the living plants to hear such sad news.

“Come on, we’ve got to get these things to Gramma!” Dylan said as he opened the French doors and proceeded out the door with the picnic basket in his hand. The others followed. Their timing was to be perfect as Robert pulled up into the drive with the food that Helen had ordered for her and Henry’s picnic at the same time. The boys ran around the wrapped porch to meet their Daddy around front and Amelia followed.

“Well, let’s hope your mother knows what she is doing,” Robert said.

“If anyone knows what to do to help Daddy, it’s Momma. Let’s just get this stuff to her and find out what else she wants us to do.” Amelia said as she headed toward the Oak tree.


Chapter 13

The Picnic

When the family had walked slowly toward the tree, they could hear her Helen singing softly while she was pushing Henry in the swing. As they drew closer, Helen nodded up and down so that they knew it was okay for them to come down to the tree!   They obeyed. Amelia showed Helen all that they had gotten for her from the house and she motioned again, so as to go unnoticed by Henry, with one hand for them to set everything up. She continued pushing Henry with her other hand. Occasionally they heard Henry let out a whoop and then he would yell, “Higher, higher!”

Amelia noticed her little Momma who normally needed a walker at Glenview to stabilize herself, standing as straight as she could muster to push Henry as high as he desired to go. Again as she watched her parents, she witnessed more of the great love that her mother had toward her father.

“Always put your spouse first.” Amelia heard in her thinking as she relived the conversation that she had with her Momma in the hospital about how to love with passion. She was witnessing what her mother meant. She watched her mother putting her father’s needs above her own. Tears stung Amelia’s eyes as she hurried to try to fulfill her mother’s wishes.


As always thank you so much for either reading along or “tuning in”! I want to wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving! May you have lots of Living, Laughing, and Loving!

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Part 20 If Oak Trees Could Talk

7 Oct

Part 20 If Oak Trees Could Talk

Hello from Georgia! Just as I welcome the Sunshine on this beautiful sunny fall day, let me extend a hearty welcome to ya’ll as well!   Don’t you just love the change of the seasons? There is something about the changing of the seasons that excites me to know that changes are occurring in our lives as well! Frankly that is why I began doing the Video Blogs of my latest Romance/Suspense novel If Oak Trees Could Talk because I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and experience something new! I am so grateful I’ve ventured out to do these Videos as I have loved the interaction and response I’ve gotten!

Please pull you up a comfy chair, pour you a sip of tea or coffee and join me today as we continue reading in Chapter 10 The Escapees and on into Chapter 11 The Return!

Chapter 10

The Escapees!

Nurse Wanda watched Mr. Hodges’ eyes narrow and his angered expressions come upon his face as he told her the story of Mr. Tyler. Because she knew Mr. Tyler so well, the story of why he escaped became clear. Mrs. Tyler knew if anyone told Mr. Tyler that she was getting out of Glenview before he was allowed to go home that he would not stand for it.

“Mrs. Tyler told us that this would happen!” Nurse Wanda stated

“What would happen, that two old mental cases would run off into the night and put all of our jobs at risk!” Mr. Hodges barked.

“Well Sir, I know you won’t understand this and probably won’t even try to understand it, but Mr. and Mrs. Tyler are unlike any couple that I’ve ever met. I seriously think that if you cut one of them that the other would bleed. They are that close and that much in love. This is where you went wrong Sir, because Mrs. Tyler asked all the nurses not to say anything to Mr. Tyler about her early release, because she knew that he would not be left behind at Glenview without his Helen. That’s the reason he came to Glenview to begin with because Mrs. Tyler left him when she had her stroke!”

“Well that is ridiculous and crazy! Is it any wonder that Mr. Tyler is mental? Yes this just leads me to think that Mr. Tyler is crazier than I thought. So medications will be justified! Thank you Nurse Wanda, you have enlightened me more than you can imagine!” Mr. Hodges said with those same narrow eyes and that evil smirk!

“Oh Lord, what have I done?” Nurse Wanda whispered as she realized that she just made things worse instead of better. She went quickly behind the nurse’s station and began looking for Ms. Amelia’s phone number. She knew that she probably would not be at her home but she felt so desperate to let Amelia know that Mr. Hodges was not going to help her parents. Instead he was going to keep Mr. Tyler medicated to where what memory he had gained would be lost forever! As she dialed the number, the telephone rang and rang, but no answer….

Chapter 11

The Return


“Hello my Little Darlings how are you?” Helen said rather calmly when she got into the car. She was always thrilled to see her grandchildren.

“We’re fine Gramma. Did Gramps escape from the Home?” Dylan asked, as he was the one most like Henry. He found humor in so much of life as Henry had.

“Yes Dear, I’m afraid he has, but no worries, I am sure he has made it home by now!” Gramma answered.

            “Way to go Gramps!” Dylan cheered and so did his brother Robbie.

            “Well at least he knows his way home, right?” Robbie asked rather concerned.

            “Of course he does, children, don’t fret, I am sure he is just fine!” Gramma reassured. She seriously was at total peace as she somehow knew that this was the way things were going to work themselves out. Amelia on the other hand was typical Amelia, who was trying to keep herself from having a panic attack.

“Can’t you go any faster, Honey?” Amelia pleaded.

“It’s okay Amelia, your Father’s okay. I know him. He is just going back to find what he has lost.” Helen stated rather calmly.

“Mom, you sound so sure that he’s okay, what if….”

“Now, now Amelia, we do not want to alarm the boys now do we?” Helen interrupted as Amelia’s voice was becoming more excited.

“Okay, we should be home any second. I just pray that you’re right!” Amelia stated still not convinced of her Daddy’s safety.

As Robert turned onto Eastman Street, the boys shouted, “Do you see him? Do you see him?” They hollered again.

Robert pulled the car up into Henry’s and Helen’s driveway. The boys bolted out of the car first, they proceeded to run toward the house, but Amelia helped her mother out of the car who proceeded toward the Oak tree! When they drew close, the swing that hung from the Oak tree for years was gently swinging. It could not have been the wind because in the South, in the middle of July, a stiff wind is hard to come by. A gentle breeze was blowing, however, Amelia and Helen was sure that it would take more than a gentle breeze to move the swing this hard.

“Henry, Are you here?” Helen called. “Henry, do you hear me?” Helen called again.

Just as she was going to get upset, suddenly she and Amelia heard a loud thrashing sound up above them.

“Oh my Lord,” Amelia shouted!

“Hush Daughter, he has climbed that fool tree a million times! Just don’t panic. Just act as though you’re not the least bit afraid!” Helen stated rather calmly.

Henry chuckled like he was nine years old again as he was seated on a huge limb that he sat on when he was younger. Maybe he had not climbed up that tree and sat on that limb a million times, but it was truly so many times that he knew every little crevice and every protrusion to grab onto so as to get up there fast and be seated safely. He was a site to behold as he dangled his long naked legs over the side of that limb. He had his back toward Helen and Amelia and all they saw was Henry’s backside shining brighter than most moonlights! Obviously he was in quite a hurry to leave Glenview because he didn’t take time to find clothes or maybe he didn’t remember that he even had clothes.   Did he care that he was streaking like a teenager at a football game, heck no! Henry honestly could have cared less even when he was completely sane, but now all shame was completely gone.   Helen wasn’t at all surprised with what she saw. It reminded her of the old Henry.


Thank ya’ll once again for letting me share my Romance/Suspense with you! It is my hope that ya’ll come back each week if you are enjoying If Oak Trees Could Talk!

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Part 16 If Oak Trees Could Talk

2 Sep

Part 16 If Oak Trees Could Talk

Welcome back to my video blog If Oak Trees Could Talk! Last week, I did a little Post Script of this week as Amelia takes her mother’s advice to pursue love with a passion! It is my hope that as you follow along to If Oak Trees Could Talk, that you would come to realize that this book is not just a book filled with romantic passions, but a book about life and how to live it with zest and gumption! My desire even in sharing the book through the video blogging each week is that it will inspire you to grab ahold of life with a passion and love unconditionally to the death!


I feel that this book is truly an Inspirational love story, however, in some of the following content, I wanted to state that for young readers or listeners the content may not be appropriate or may be rated PG.

We continue to read in Chapter 9!

Chapter 9

Pursuit of Love

“Well, if you are sure you want to know I will tell you, your Daddy and I made love all night long last night. We felt like the life that had been stolen from us was restored by our passion for each other last night. Nurse Wanda, actually had to wake us up this morning, we were sleeping so soundly!” Helen said with absolutely no shame or guilt. She let out a chuckle, that soon turned into laughter as she seen the look on Amelia’s face.

“Momma!” Amelia gasped as she was totally surprised at her Momma’s candidness.

“Well, my Dear Daughter, you said that you could handle it! That blush on your cheeks really says you lied! I am going to give you some free advice Amelia. Go home, love your husband passionately! Love him like you’ve never loved him before, love him like it could be your last time.   Surprise him with your willingness to be passionate for him. You will find the greatest response will be what you have found in your Daddy’s and my relationship. It’s called a passion for life! Go, get out of here! Go make wild passionate love to your husband!”

“Well, Mother….I’ve never….

“And that is the reason you doubt your love for your own husband, go and do it! Just go and have what you see you want out of life. If we’ve taught you nothing else in life, Daughter, it is to grab every moment as if it were your last! Live in passionate pursuit of love and embrace it, for love is the greatest treasure that you will ever find upon this earth. If you love with a passion, Daughter, no greater joy will you find with Robert, now what are you waiting for? Get on out of here like I told you to do! Go find love!”

“But Momma, I can’t just leave! I just got here!” Amelia stammered.

“I told you to go…., now get! Your Daddy and I are better than we’ve been in a long time, so get on out of here! Go do what I told you to do now! Are you going to disobey me?” Helen asked rather sternly.

Amelia shook her head no. She embraced her mother and smiled a smile that was a combination of both Henry’s and Helen’s. She felt nervous inside, but couldn’t wait to act on what her Mother had advised her. She longed for the life full of passion that she knew existed for her. Today her Momma gave her permission to go after it whole heartedly without shame. She ran down the hall to the elevator and quickly out the Glenview Home’s doors to her car. She sped through the lights and stop signs to get to her home as she prepared emotionally to be the most passionate version of herself. Her boys had baseball practices and then pizza, so Amelia knew that she and her husband would not be interrupted for several hours. Thoughts ran wildly through her mind as she considered how Robert might react to her behavior.

“Oh I feel so foolish and silly, why does this seem so difficult for me?” Amelia mumbled to herself. “My Lord, I’ve been married to the man for Eleven years, it’s not like we’ve never made love before?” She continued to give herself a pep talk.

Amelia’s face burned and became flush. She already felt embarrassed even before acting upon what her mother advised her to do. However, she knew that she longed to come out of her shell and be who she knew she was inside. She never wanted to live like other couples that she knew, just the status quo and settle for a life void of excitement and passion. No, Amelia determined in herself that from this point on, there would be no turning back.   She was going to have the kind of marriage and relationship with her husband as close to the love that her parent’s had modeled for her throughout her entire life.  

            When Amelia’s husband pulled in the driveway, Amelia heard the garage door open and shut as Robert pulled his car in. She heard his footsteps coming up the stairs and a tune of a song that he was singing ever so softly. He was a very handsome man and so sweet. Amelia was envied because Robert was the kind of man that would definitely make a woman swoon. What caught Amelia’s attention however was the little cleft dimple on his chin and an even bigger dimple that seemed to seal every smile. It reminded her of her Daddy’s mischievousness little grins and so she was attracted to him right away.

            When the door to the stairs finally opened and Robert stepped in, his dimpled smile caught Amelia’s eye and she gently embraced him. She lingered in his embrace and asked him if she could have a serious conversation with him. She took his hand and led him to their bedroom and shut and locked the door.

            “Did I do something wrong?” Robert asked.

            “No, I have just left my parent’s and Robert I am taking my mother’s advice!” Amelia whispered as she began unbuttoning Robert’s shirt.

            “Well, okay….” Robert whispered back, as he was surprised at Amelia’s behavior.

            Amelia, found Robert’s lips and kissed him hard and passionately. He responded back to her, but with slower actions as he wasn’t for sure what Amelia’s mother had advised her. The kisses became more passionate as Amelia walked Robert backward to their bed and gently pushed him until he was lying down. She followed him as her body pressed tenderly onto his. Amelia thought to herself, we have a great love and passion for each other, we just do not express it freely. She became even more determined that she was not going to hold anything back from Robert, but was going to trust love and abandoned herself to it.

Thanks again for reading along or “tuning in” each week to If Oak Trees Could Talk!

 P.S.I must post this again! If you truly love Passion and Romance…..I would not miss out on next week’s Videos as Amelia takes her mother’s advice and passionately pursues love!

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