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Part 15 If Oak Trees Could Talk

27 Aug

Source: Part 15 If Oak Trees Could Talk

Part 13 If Oak Trees Could Talk

12 Aug

Part 13 If Oak Trees Could Talk.

Part 12 If Oak Trees Could Talk

6 Aug

Part 12 If Oak Trees Could Talk.

Part 12 If Oak Trees Could Talk

3 Aug

Part 12 If Oak Trees Could Talk!

Wow! Welcome back to Part 12 If Oak Trees Could Talk!” We are moving right along and I am so honored that you’ve chose to spend this time with me each week.

Even though If Oak Trees Could Talk is a fictional story I feel as if by actually telling it to you that I am opening a very private door to a personal place in my heart each week! This is a place of wonderful childhood memories of living on a farm in Kentucky with two exceptional parents and five sisters! My main characters in If Oak Trees Could Talk, are Henry and Helen Tyler that remind me so much of my loving parents!

As we read today and finish Chapter 5 A Gift of Hope, it is indeed my hope that you will continue to let me share my heart with you through this book each week!

Chapter 5

A Gift of Hope


When Helen and Amelia knocked on Henry’s door they could hear Henry talking with someone. However, once entering the room, neither of them saw anybody.

“Who was you talking too Henry?” Helen questioned.

“Oh I was just chatting with an old friend.” Henry replied, once again with that mischievous grin upon his face.

“Amelia has something special for you Henry!”

“Oh yeah?” Henry perked up like a little boy. “What is it?”

Amelia handed her Daddy the journals first. He stared blankly at them as if to ask, what are these books for, but then he chuckled out loud.

“Do you like them Daddy?”

Henry never answered Amelia. She proceeded to give him the picture that she had framed.

“There you are!”   Henry replied and chuckled out loud again.

“You’ve not changed a bit.” He continued as if he really was talking with an old friend. Then tears filled his eyes as he took notice of the ladies in the room.

“Come here my daughter.” Henry said as he motioned for Amelia to come.

She did as she was told and Henry hugged her tightly and kissed her forehead.

“No better gift could I have ever received my sweet. I love them and I will use them to get out of here. I promise you my dear.”

“Why are you standing way over there?” He said as he turned to Helen. “Get over here and lay one on me!”

Helen too obeyed and did as Henry commanded. He held her tightly, kissed her square on the lips and whispered softly. “Soon, my Dear, soon I promise, we’re breaking out of this joint!”

Helen smiled tenderly. She knew that Henry never promised her anything that he did not fulfill.   She knew how soon she was to leave Glenview, but when she looked into Henry’s face, she became convinced that he knew more about it than even she did. So she too chuckled with him and hugged him tightly.

Before Amelia left to go home, she was able to get Henry’s picture hung on the wall directly in front of his bed. She had much hope that as Henry seen his “old friend” that the empty journals would be filled, but most importantly her Daddy’s memory would be completely restored and he, along with her mother would be home.


Thank you once again for spending this time with me. I hope that you are able to read or “tune in each week, however if you’ve missed any of the story, please check out my blog archives or my Youtube Video Blogs of If Oak Trees Could Talk!

Please keep the comments coming! I’ve so enjoyed and appreciated them.   I hope that you will continue to read along or “tune in” each week to If Oak Trees Could Talk.

Inspiring One Dreamer at a Time!

Part 11 If Oak Trees Could Talk

30 Jul

Part 11 If Oak Trees Could Talk

Welcome back to Part 11 If Oak Trees Could Talk. I hope that you have been enjoying my latest Romance/Suspense Novel. When I began Video Blogging my book, I wasn’t for sure if it was a good idea or not, however I have really enjoyed sharing it with you. I didn’t know if anyone had ever shared their books like this, but hey I’m a little “out there” sometimes, so I’m going for it. I hope that you will continue to go along for the ride.

Today we begin in Chapter 6 A Gift of Hope

Chapter 6

A Gift of Hope

When Amelia left her Dad, she went straight to the closest office supply store and bought her Dad the biggest, thickest journals that she could find and many pencils, erasers, and sharpeners.   She prayed as she paid for them that the Lord would help her Dad fill each page with memories of his life that he so desperately needed to remember. She also went home, got her camera and took a picture of the old Oak tree. Amelia hoped that seeing his old friend would help jar her Daddy’s memory. She was determined to do anything to help her parents come home. After she had taken the picture, she had it blown up to poster size and framed, so that her Dad once again could see his old friend anytime he wanted to.

When Amelia returned back to Glenview with gifts in hand, she first went into her mother’s room to show her what she had gotten for her Dad. When she had shared with her mother, there was a knock on Helen’s door.   It was her physical therapist and her doctor.

“Mrs. Tyler, we have great news!” The doctor said with a huge smile on his face.

“We feel that your therapy has been a huge success and that you’re ready to go home in a few weeks. We can continue to give you physical therapy in your home!”

“What about Henry?” Helen asked immediately.

“Well now, Mrs. Tyler, Mr. Tyler’s condition is something different altogether than yours. As we both know, his is not a physical problem as much as it is ….. Well, you know Mam what I’m trying to say.”

“Yes, I know what you’re trying to say.” Helen repeated, with absolutely no joy over the fact that she was on her way out of Glenview.

When her visitors left, she and Amelia looked at each other with much concern.

“Well, out with it Momma! I already know what you’re thinking. I think so too!”

“Henry will not stay in this place without me! If he has too, he’ll dry up and die, and I will not allow that to happen!” Helen said with heartbreak in her voice.

“I won’t either Momma, we’ll work it out somehow, don’t worry.” Amelia consoled, but she too was very concerned and did not really have a viable solution.

“Don’t worry Momma.   We’ll come up with something. Who knows, maybe this will be what Daddy needs. He followed you in here; maybe he’ll come to himself and follow you right back out! Momma, it’s great that you’re doing so well, we need to rejoice about you.”

“I suppose so.” Helen agreed, but still she was not going to leave Henry in Glenview by himself.

“Come on Dear; let’s go give your father his gifts. I know that he will be excited about them.”

“When do we let him know about you Momma? He needs to know that you’re doing well doesn’t he?”

“He already knows that I’m much better.   Now we have to work on him.”

“Just tell me what and when Momma and I’ll do whatever you say. Nobody knows Daddy like you do. Mom, he was so much better this morning when I talked with him. He was like his old self. This is why I bought him all of this stuff. Do you know he’s writing down what he remembers so that he won’t forget it again?”

“You’ve done good Amelia, let’s go see him!”

When Helen and Amelia knocked on Henry’s door they could hear Henry talking with someone. However, once entering the room, neither of them saw anybody.

“Who was you talking too Henry?” Helen questioned.

“Oh I was just chatting with an old friend.” Henry replied, once again with that mischievous grin upon his face.

Thank you once again for spending this time with me. When I first began the Youtube Video Blogs of If Oak Trees Could Talk I was only recording about a minute or two. However, it seemed as though I wasn’t really making a lot of progress into the story, so I increased them to around five minutes. I wanted to make the video segments short and sweet as I know people are busy!

Part 9 If Oak Trees Could Talk!

16 Jul

Part 9 If Oak Trees Could Talk

Wow!  I am so overwhelmed with the response that I’ve been getting to my Video Blogs of If Oak Trees Could Talk!  Truly it has been so encouraging to me.   Thank you to all who have taken the time to follow along!  I know that your time is valuable and the fact that you take the time to either listen or read along with me each week is so priceless to me.   As I’ve stated before I feel as though you could be sitting across from me at my kitchen table!  Once again I hope that you’re sipping your coffee or tea as I continue the story of If Oak Trees Could Talk!  We will continue in Chapter Four Daddy’s Little Girl! I will actually read the last paragraph from last week as I had ended in a middle of a conversation between Henry and Amelia.

Chapter Four

Daddy’s Little Girl!

“Daughter, when my time comes to leave this old earth, I want to be buried underneath those outstretched limbs that I remember so fondly. I want to be buried right beside my Dear Sweet Momma.  Do you understand me Amelia?  I want you to know also that as I remember bits and pieces of my life that I’ve been trying to write them down.  I know that it might sound crazy, but hey, I’ve been known to be a little crazy.  It’s ironic that I have what the doc calls “Amnesia that is making me even crazier huh. I guess the bright spot is that I don’t remember that I’m crazy most of the time” Henry said as he laughed out loud.

“Daddy, please don’t say stuff like that, you’re not crazy.  Your condition is only temporary.  I’m so glad that you’ve been able to talk with me today, it amazes me how there are times when nothing seems wrong at all, but then there are times, well…you know.”

“Daughter, do you know that I proposed to your sweet Momma right underneath that old tree?  Yep, I sure did!   I asked your Momma a hundred times to marry me, but she really never took me seriously until one evening when I told her that I had a big surprise for her.  I picked her up and asked her to please let me blind fold her.  She must have had quite a bit of trust in me because she let me do it!  Anyway, I blindfolded her and drove her around and around so that she wouldn’t know where we were.  When we stopped I lead her to the surprise.  I had a dinner prepared for us from Mrs. Dooley’s Restaurant. I put it all in a picnic basket, along with a lot of candles and a nice big blanket.  I had everything ready when I seated your dear Momma underneath that old Oak tree.  I had bought her the most expensive engagement ring that I could afford at the time and I prayed to the dear Lord that she would accept my proposal this time.  I wanted her to know without a doubt that she was the only woman for me.  Well, low and behold, when I took the blindfold off and she seen all that I had done for her, tears filled those brilliant blue eyes and she finally said yes!  We played the car radio until the battery went dead and danced underneath the starry sky until morning.  Here we are all these years later and I love her more today than I did back then!”

“Helen, honey, now pull you up a seat over there and quit coddling me.   Standing up over me like that must hurt your back!  It sure looks like a beautiful day, what do you want to do today?”

Before Amelia could answer Henry, there was a knock on the door.

“Excuse me, Ms. Amelia, but Mr. Tyler’s breakfast is here. He also needs his medicine as well” The nurse interrupted.  “Would you like to take him outside on the terrace? Maybe, Ms. Helen would like to go as well. She loves the gardens!” The nurse suggested with a wink.

“Yes Mam.”  Amelia said sadly.  For she really thought that today was going to be it.  Amelia knew that her Daddy was sick; however she never lost hope that one day as she visited him that he would just come to himself and never leave again.   She always believed that if there were anyone who ever came out of this dreadful captivity of the mind that it would be her Daddy.   She never knew anyone who was more passionate about life and living than her father was.

“He will come home to live again!” Amelia finally concluded.  “If anyone can beat this, it will be Daddy!”

“Do you want to go outside Daddy?  Come on let’s get you outside in that beautiful sunshine.”  Amelia cheered.  “The sunshine will do you some good!  How would you like to see Momma?”

“We can go outside if you want to Helen.  Why not?  All we do is stay inside these days.  It makes a body grow weary and it seems one day runs into another.”  Henry answered.

Amelia wheeled her Daddy down the hall to her mother’s room, where the nurse helped her get both of them outside into the beautiful sunshine.  She couldn’t help but notice that both of her parent’s heads were now much more gray and glistened in the brightness of the warm sun.  Amelia grieved the time that she felt her parents were losing.

Thank you so much for “tuning in” or reading along today! I hope that you will subscribe to my Youtube Channel as all of my videos are archived in order!

 It is my hope that you will keep the comments coming for not only are they encouraging me but I know that they are encouraging others who take the time to read them as well! 


If you are interested in purchasing If Oak Trees Could Talk or any of my other books please go my Author Page Christine Gilliam Hornback on Amazon 

Or my website http://www.covenantessentials.com

“Tune in” next week for Part 10 If Oak Trees Could Talk!

Part 8 If Oak Trees Could Talk

8 Jul

Part 8 If Oak Trees Could Talk.

Part 6 If Oak Trees Could Talk!

24 Jun

Part 6 If Oak Trees Could Talk!.

If Oak Trees Could Talk Videos

20 May
Inspiring one Dreamer at a time!

If Oak Trees Could Talk



  • Okay I know that this blog is probably turning a little different, okay maybe a little weird,  but at the suggestion of my dearest friend and husband, I am going to share my latest Inspirational Romance Novel with you!  Every week I will post a new portion of my book until I’ve finished it.  I hope that you will enjoy it.  If you miss a week, that portion or chapter will be archived.    As both  my husband and I were born in the Sixties we remembered when radio would play stories that if you wanted to hear the rest of the story,  they would say, “TUNE IN NEXT TIME!” Well my hope is that you will stayed tuned in until the end and that we can live out this story together!
    Also for those who may not have time to read it, I will also be posting the portion in Youtube videos!  So maybe you can take the time to listen!  Again they will be archived as well so that you can go in and listen to a portion if you happened to miss  a week for whatever reason…..say like LIFE Happens!
    What do I get it out of this you may ask?  Well, if you like the story, maybe you can recommend it to your friends and maybe you will look forward to others that I’ve written or will write in the future!  If you sign up to follow this blog, you will also get free insights and notices of my latest books.  I will also run contest for my followers to win my books or other things that I feel would be a great way to say I appreciate you!  I would love to hear from you as we go on this journey together!  Blessings and Happy Reading or Listening!
  • Book Cover for If Oak Trees Could Talk
  • https://www.youtube.com/embed/3F_aCHJ83Fs“>
    I know that this is all new, so if my videos are amateur I ask that you bare with me I learn how to do them.  Right now I just wanted to strike while the iron was hot, and I hope that you will enjoy going on this journey with me!
  • My Latest Inspirational Romance “If Oak Trees Could Talk” written by Christine Gilliam Hornback all images and copy are copyrighted 2014
  •    Okay, here we go with the first Video that will cover the following! I hope that you have a cup of coffee or tea and are ready to visit with Henry William Tyler in the small southern town of Mason Creek, Georgia!    Chapter 1   Henry William Tyler    
  • https://www.youtube.com/embed/eIVgRCmDumc“>
  •            His name was Henry William Tyler.  He was a true Southern gentleman in every sense of the word.  Born and raised in Mason Creek, Georgia he was well known and thought of rather highly by everyone who knew him in his small rural community.  He had a beautiful wife, daughter, son-and-law and two wonderful grandsons.  He had a life that was full of treasures that you could not put a price on. Henry’s Father was a Salesman who could sell a bathing suit to an Eskimo.  Folks say that the gift of being a salesman was definitely passed on to Henry.  Henry was kind and pleasant, had an impish smile that curved into deep dimples and bright eyes that danced whenever he would go into to one of his long drawn out stories.  He claimed his stories were all passed down from generation to generation. Most of the people who heard his stories thought that what Henry said must have been true based on how long it took him to tell them.   However, most of the folks in Mason Creek didn’t seem to mind how long Henry’s stories took to tell as everyday they would gather at Henry’s Hardware store to hear him tell the same stories over and over again.  They knew that every story, regardless if they heard a similar version of it before was going to be different the next time they heard it.   Henry knew how to embellish his tales.  He dressed them up much like bright rhinestones on a country western singer’s blazer. He caused them to dazzle and sparkle a little more with every telling of them.  Whether the story was really that long or if it was the southern drawl or perhaps the way Henry turned phrases was questionable, however again it didn’t much matter as it was free entertainment in a small town with not much else to do but shoot the breeze.    Every day, friends, family and even a few occasional strangers would gather around the counter at Henry’s hardware store when he would begin one of his elaborate tales.  They listened in anticipation of being thoroughly entertained, but not before they buried their arms down into a huge barrel full of ice cold soda pop and bought a greasy brown paper sack of Henry’s famous hot boiled peanuts.  They sipped their colas and ate their peanuts while listening to Henry and watching every lively expression!  When they left the Hardware store they usually walked away from the experience having bought several hardware items that they really didn’t have need of.  However, they also left his store with huge smiles on their faces and their heads shaking in disbelief as the stories got a little wilder with the telling of them!  Henry was of a senior age.  How senior I couldn’t really tell, but when Henry looked into the mirror, the person looking back at him sure told it all. It seemed strange to Henry though, because the man he saw in the mirror looked more like his Dad than it did himself.  What Henry saw was a tall thin man with white hair and white whiskers.  If he had not known better, Henry would’ve sworn that it was his father.  When Henry smiled, he could see slight wrinkles not quite as deep as the ones he remembered his Father having, but wrinkles none the less around the corners of his eyes.  He also saw his father’s forehead and nose, which were strong characteristic traits throughout the Tyler’s family tree. As Henry continued to gaze at his image in the mirror, he whispered softly to himself, “Yep with this forehead and this nose, I can be assured that I am indeed a Tyler. But when did I get to be so darn old?”  Henry questioned, “Where did the time fly off to?”

Christine Gilliam Hornback Author, Artist, Inspirational Speaker


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